Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

As planned, Radhika and Sam headed to Juhu beach to have some girls time together, Neil was aware about the plan as Sam had warned him not to call her, disturb her or follow her…she wanted to have some girl time Radhika. Neil’s naughty head suddenly gave him an idea he went to Arjun’s cabin and asked; ’’Are you busy…even if you are just leave everything and come with me…we desperately need some Boys time together”…he had stressed so much on the Boys time that Arjun cloud not help himself and laughed…Arjun knew Neil won’t give up so he agreed…but the real truth was…Neil was the only one who had trusted him with full heart…others doubted him even after accepting him but Neil refused to leave Arjun’s side…even his mom welcomed Arjun with open arms she would make sure that Arjun’s takes a good care of himself when Radhika vanished…after Radhika it was Neil who was most important for Arjun now.

Sam and Radhika were happily enjoying the waves when someone caught hold of Sam from the waist and whirled her round. Once Sam was free she turned around to face Neil…she was happy to see him but started hitting him with mock anger as she had warned him not to follow her…Neil was running around with Sam in pursuit…Radhika was watching them when she felt a sudden warmth behind her…she turned Around to come face to face with Arjun…who was in turn watching her with endless love in his eyes. Radhika greeted him with a smile…they sat next to each other watching Neil and Sam fighting like Tom and Jerry…Arjun broke the silence; ‘’so Radhika all preparations done for the engagement…make sure it should be good to match that of groom’s side.’’ Radhika gave him a frowning look and replied ; ‘’you just wait and watch…bride’s side would be the best…Sir’’ Ajun scratched his nose and Radhika mockingly said; ‘’ What happened Sir…you got scared so soon. Now don’t get angry if you lose.’’ Arjun smiled and replied; ‘’We will see that for sure…but for now I am angry on the person who coined this word Sir …want to kill him again even if he is dead..’’ Radhika couldn’t help herself and she laughed.

Neil watched them and then said; ‘’I came here to give Arjun this little moment…they are so incomplete without each other…even Chashni is not as she was before…things will not improve in a day we all have to work for it.’’ Sam smiled and said; ‘’that’s why I love you…you have a heart of gold.’’ Neil looked at her lovingly and kissed her forehead. Arjun waved to Neil Sam and asked them to join…he had bought ice-creams for all of them…they were happily enjoying when Neil said; ‘’Arjun since when have you started liking something sweet…?’’

Arjun smiled mischievously and replied;’’ You and Sam introduced me to the taste of Chashni…now it seems even I can’t resist.’’ Neil looked at Radhika…she was all embarrassed…Sam tried not to laugh just to give Radhika support…Neil again started; ‘’By the way when did you taste Chashni…you don’t hide such things from friends ’’ listening to this Arjun along with Neil burst into a roaring laughter Radhika was continuously looking for something to hit Neil…Sam tried a lot to control but she could not and finally she joined the two guys…Radhika picked a handful of sand and threw at Neil. Finally when Radhika had enough she was about to leave Neil caught hold for her hand made her sit and held his ears asking for apology. After spending good time together Neil asked Arjun to drop Radhika as he and Sam have a romantic dinner plan…Sam looked confused but she went along with what Neil said. Arjun drove off to Vicky’s place and when Radhika was about to get down he said; ‘’Radhika I bought you something…please take it.’’ Radhika showed her reluctance but Arjun insisted and said; ’’ If your final decision is not to come back to me …then you can give this back …but for now when you have not decided anything please keep it.’’ Radhika took the small bag from Arjun. He was about to leave when Vicky came from behind and asked Arjun to join him for dinner…Arjun agreed. Radhika glared at Vicky and he responded; ’’What…you keep going on a date with your husband pretending to be angry and I can’t even invite him for dinner…now go and prepare some nice dessert you are good at that.’’ Listening to word dessert brought a naughty smile to Arjun’s face recalling the evening at the beach.

Radhika stomped her foot and went inside. Radhika served dinner to Arjun and Vicky when her loving brother again dragged her into an embarrassing situation he said; ‘’Arjun someday I will ask Radhika to prepare gulab will lick your fingers after having them, Arjun looked at Radhika and replied; ‘’I would love to…in fact I love the chashni in which gulab jamoons are dipped ’’ Radhika went red she lost her appetite she had never thought Arjun could be so shameless…she got up on the pretext of cleaning her dress and left the table. Arjun before leaving thanked Vicky and said;’’ I will never forget the favour you did by bringing Radhika back…thank you.’’

Vicky smiled and replied; ‘’Arjun..she is my sister I know where her happiness lies …she is acting immature because she is hurt…I will always do what is right for her no need to thank me.’’ But little did both knew that Arjun will return Vicky’s favour with interest and very soon. Radhika went to her room and opened the bag given by Arjun…she found a beautiful bracelet in it she decided to try but then kept it back…she had made her mind up she will wear it the day she wants to go back to Arjun .

Sam was checking her outfits…Piyali had asked her to decide on what she would like to wear for engagement, she suddenly came across one of her favourite Sari torn from the middle…she could not believe it as she was very careful about her stuff. Radhika had told Vicky she would be going to Sam’s place before office he walked in towards Sam’s room she found her upset holding the torn sari in hand. Radhika shook Sam and said; ’’What happened Sam…Why are you so dull?’’ Sam; ‘’Radhika..this sari was gifted by Neil…I don’t know how it happened…I always took care of it..”
Radhika; ‘’Sam calm down…ok you select the outfits I will meet aunty and come’’ Radhika found Samrat in the library and told him what happened…Samart was really worried…confronting Manya head on would result in creating a rift between the sisters…he just wanted Sam to get married soon. Radhika assured him that she will take care of the matter…without letting anyone know about it. She left for office with Sam.

Sam went straight to Neil’s cabin…with tears in her eyes and a puppy face. She told Neil what had happened and started crying like a baby. Neil hugged Sam and tried to console her. Radhika was watching them from her place and so were the others…Radhika called Neil and told him to draw the curtains and Neil followed…She felt a kind of pain in her chest…she missed Arjun…controlled herself and thought what to do next regarding Manya she called Neil’s mom and told her everything and asked her to help her…Prerna readily agreed. Radhika walked towards Arjun’s cabin and knocked the door Arjun gestured her to come in. Radhika said; “ Sir You are going out with Prerna aunty today to decide on the marriage venue…take Manya with you…Prerna aunty knows what has to be done.’’

Arjun smiled and replied; ‘’I cannot handle that girl…. and what if she leaves Neil and catches hold of me.’’
Radhika; ‘’Then she can keep you…and I can live in peace.’’
Arjun lost his smile he got up from his place went close to Radhika ….she moved back and Arjun locked her to the wall ….he looked at her and she lowered her eyes he came close to her and whispered;’’ If you hate me so much tell me upfront…I will not show you my face again…I will go some place far…but don’t be so rude…I am sorry for hurting you again and again…I wish I could change all that..but I can’t ’’ Radhika looked into Arjun’s eyes they were sad…she hated herself for hurting him. Arjun could not control his feelings anymore being so close to her… he leaned, gently removed her hairs from the face and kissed her cheek … his lips slowly travelled to her neck and planted a warm kiss. Radhika closed her eyes…she wanted to stop him but she couldn’t …she cursed her heart…and thought why the hell Arjun had so much control on her. She opened her eyes and looked at Arjun…she knew if she stayed there for a second more all barriers between them will come crashing down. She removed his hand from her cheek and walked out his cabin where she was greeted by Neil with a teasing smile…Radhika blushed and left from there

Arjun took Manya with him…she was very happy she thought of impressing Neil’s mom which would make her path easy…little did she knew what was waiting for her. Radhika wanted Manya to understand the real meaning of love and marriage …it’s about accepting that one person with all he has in his life either roses or thorns…you learn to love them. Manya tried her level best to impress Prerna and outdo Sam Prena made Manya aware about the life after marriage ….but when Prerna started sharing the expectations as a mother in law..Manya was irritated…Arjun to control his laughter pretended to be busy over the phone or in helping Prerna. Prerna scared Manya stating she would like at least 3 grandchildren…and would expect one within a year of marriage and how sure she was that Neil will not refuse as for Neil his mother comes first and rest later, Manya felt even if Neil comes to her he will always be his mom’s son. Prerna made Manya work like anything…by the evening Manya was tiered and restless. Arjun after dropping Prerna drove off to Bird Song along with Manya…they had to work late today due to growing no. of clients. Manya after entering office went straight to Samrat’s cabin instead of Neil. Arjun and Radhika gave each other a winning nod and went about their work. Manya spoke to Samrat about her feelings and how she feels Sam got more attention than her. Samart explained;

’’Manya which eye do you love the most left or right?’’
Manya; “What kind of question is that…off course I need both…so I love them equally’’
Samart; ‘’Same is the case with Parents they love all their children equally…yes but sometimes children don’t understand that. Sam has go through a lot of pain since Jai died…which you never had to bear..then why do you feel you were neglected…Sam faced hatred of Piyali she left her house she started running away from people….did you suffer that…and you know what… you never loved Neil…you just wanted him as a possession…to show it off to Sam.’’
Manya;”I am sorry Pa….I will apologise to Neil and Sam.”

Manya without losing a minute went to Sam’s cabin and ask her to call Neil…She begged both of them to forgive her and confessed …what all she had done to be with Neil. Sam was shocked …but she finally …forgave Manya. Neil came to Radhika who was happily munching on chips…he dropped a bundle of blank papers on her desk… and gave silent thanks… Radhika understood. Radhika went on with her work and when she looked at her watch it was quite late almost everyone had left…and it was thundering outside…Sam had offered to drop her but she decided to wait for Vicky. Vicky called and told her that he was stuck in traffic for last 2hrs and asked her to hire a cab. Radhika came out of the office and found Arjun waiting in the car…her heart smiled at that she quietly went and sat next to him.

Arjun drove in silence for some time when his car broke down he got down to check…he fixed it and when he came back he found Radhika missing…he was worried he looked around and saw her dancing in the rain…she looked like a small delicate bird enjoying the first rain. Arjun couldn’t stop himself he walked towards Radhika and hugged her tightly…Radhika little surprised and scared said; ‘’Sir…’’Arjun without breaking their embrace replied; ‘’I am not asking you to come back to me or love me…but for now please stay like this for sometime…let me have this moment…please I will live my whole life in this moment.’’ Radhika had tears in her eyes…she pushed aside all the anger and hugged Arjun back tightly.’’ They stood there for some time holding each other when Arjun broke the hug…he said; ‘’Thank you Radhika…. for this…one moment…don’t worry I will not push you to accept your feelings…come its late I will drop you home.’’

Radhika changed for the night and was thinking about the moments she shared with Arjun today evening…she smiled and looked at the mirror and suddenly her smile faded as she recalled how he left her alone in the middle of the road…scared her by burning the bed…how she saw him trying to get intimate with Sam in the office washroom…Radhika’s mind was divided into 2 one was reminding her the bad Arjun did and the other side told her how he saved her every time…how he wiped her tears. She wanted to punish him for the pain she was carrying in her heart …she thought; ‘’Why should I trust him…he was with Bonnie I know that…he tried to get close to Sam…even being married to me…who knows all this goodness could be a drama to extract revenge for spoiling his sister’s plan.” Radhika loved him with her soul…but she was scared of his possessiveness too…she wiped the sweat on her forehead and went off to sleep.

It was morning when Sam went to pick Radhika up…she was greeted by Vicky who asked her to join them for the tea as Radhika was still getting ready. Radhika after dressing up came to the main hall and greeted Vicky and Sam…both of them gave Radhika a weird look and Vicky asked; ‘’Are you taking an off today’’
Radhika; ‘’No…but why do you ask that?’’
Vicky; ‘’Then why are you dressed like that …you don’t look good…it looks like …I don’t know how to say that.’’

Radhika gave a winning smile and replied; ‘’Great…even I don’t want to look good’’
Vicky wanted to say something but kept quite when Sam gestured that she will take care of the matter. Sam pushed Radhika back to her room and asked; ‘’What is this…who wears such clothes…I mean where did you find that…?’’ Radhika had pulled out one of her old faded chudidar…she was fed up of all the attention she got within a week…she just wanted to go unnoticeable. Sam went to her cupboard and pulled out a beautiful long skirt with a sleeveless top with a matching scarf…she dragged and pushed Radhika to the changing room and warned her to change. Radhika after few minutes came along with Sam to the hall, Vicky who was himself ready for office looked and Radhika and her pouting face…he tried not to smiled , he gave her a loving hug and wished them both for the day. Sam was driving she looked at annoyed Radhika and asked; ‘’Now tell me what made you dress up like that..?’’

Radhika; ‘’Because I am fed up of all the attention I am getting…ArjunSir ..Rishab…I mean what’s wrong with them….’’ Before Radhika could complete Sam applied quick brakes and she was laughing.
Sam; ‘’You are a piece Chashni….I have never met a girl who doesn’t like attention…Arjun is your husband…you deserve his attention…what is wrong in that? And by way if you think he will stop paying attention to you if wear those outdated clothes you are wrong…Rishab…don’t worry we will handle him.’’

Radhika; ‘’Rishab send me flowers …I had to lie to Vicky about them …I am scared if Arjun Sir or Vicky gets to know this how will they react.’’
Sam now was alert; ‘’What the hell…how can he do that…this is getting serious…you keep quite Chashni..let me talk to Neil first ok.’’

Radhika entered office and she got what she hated the most…attention…everyone was staring at her she looked at Zubin and he pointed towards her desk…it was full of bouquets… she looked around nervously and turned to look at Sam. Sam held Radhika’s hand her and took her to the cabin she closed the curtains and asked the office boy to clean Radhika’s desk asap. Sam was rubbing Radhika’s back to calm her down…she never thought a small plan to bring Radhika and Arjun together will land her Chashni into a bigger problem…she was more worried about Arjun’s reaction now. Neil was speaking to Arjun he told how he had planned to make Arjun jealous …just to bring him close to Radhika…but never knew it would go far. Arjun looked at Neil’s tensed face and gave him a glass of water and said; ‘’I know what you did and why…I am worried about Radhika…Rishab is a womanizer…and I don’t want him anywhere near my wife. He could never bypass me during previous assignments…I always had an edge over him so he decided to hit my weakest point …that’s Radhika…don’t worry I will handle him my way.’’ Arjun walked to Sam’s cabin and entered he found Sam consoling Radhika…but she stopped looking at Arjun. Arjun smiled and turned to Radhika and said;‘’We have to go for a client visit and you are coming with me Radhika…we are leaving in 30 min so be ready.’’ Radhika looked at Sam…today she didn’t wanted to be alone with Arjun…but she had no choice.

Sam was prowling in her cabin like a tigress…Neil watched her for time and asked the reason..
Sam; ’’It was your damm idea to introduce her to Rishab…Chashni is in trouble…and now she is alone with Arjun he will pour all his anger on her… poor girl.’’
Neil smiled; ‘’Arjun trusts her and loves her…don’t worry nothing will happen’’
Sam; ‘’Nothing should happen…if I find her crying…you are dead Neil’’
Neil smiled at Sam’s anger and kissed her tight on her lips…which left her blushing.

Arjun was driving and he watched Radhika rubbing her palms…he smiled and held her hands…Radhika looked at him and he said; ‘’Calm down…I am with you.’’ That one line was so soothing to her ears…she looked at him and gave him a thankful smile. After finishing the meeting Arjun asked Radhika for a coffee and she agreed…he took her to a beach café…and ordered for both. Arjun watched Radhika looking at the waves…still worried about something.. Arjun clicked her picture which made Radhika turn to him she asked; ‘’Sir why did you take my picture…’’
Arjun; ‘’You are looking very pretty and since you are not with me…I need to have some memories to live my life with…leave all that…tell me why were you so worried after looking at those flowers.’’
Radhika stiffened she lowered her gaze and asked; ‘’You are not angry?’’
Arjun; ‘’Why should I be…it’s your life…he admires you…who am I to be angry. Now why are you worried about my anger?’’

Radhika looked straight into his eyes; ‘’So it doesn’t matter to you…if I am with someone else?’’
Arjun smirked and replied; ‘’Why don’t you try…you will know it matters or not.’’ Radhika wanted to kill Arjun for his words…she got up and started walking Arjun made the payment and followed her…he caught hold of her hand pulled her to him…’’you matter to me the most Radhika Mehra…and no one takes what’s mine… go try being with someone else that person will curse the day he set his eyes on you….I am not pushing you to come to me…but this doesn’t mean you are free from me…you will never be…call me mad if you want to…but you are mine.’’ Radhika blinked…she was out of words…Arjun held by her waist and started walking towards the parking

Precap: Arjun questions Radhika on her fears…Rishab learns a lesson

Credit to: Gauri


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