Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 10 & 11

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Chapter 10

It was morning …Arjun called Ankush and told him that he might get to see Radhika today…he told him everything and that made Ankush happy but Ankush decided not to inform this to the family …Dadaji might tell Radhika…and the silly girl will again go into hiding. He decided to check with Arjun once he meets Radhika.

Sam was all enthusiastic about the party today …it was double treat for her she had decided she will ask Neil to marry her as soon as Arjun Radhika’s matter is settled. Piyali and Samrat were really happy about Sam’s choice for her life partner…they wanted to get Sam and Neil married as soon as possible. But there was someone who was not happy for Neil and Sam…Manya Sam’s younger sister she had always felt that she never got the attention she deserved from her parents because of Sam…she did not hate her sister yet she was jealous of her. Manya had a crush on Neil for years…but for Neil she was just a kid…she had tried so hard to get his attention…but Neil was always occupied with Sam’s thoughts…she decided to put all her strength to get him now …this was her last chance to have Neil in her life.

Neil was not able to understand why Manya was calling him every now and then. He had always maintained a safe distance from her as he felt weird the way she behaved around him…he did his level best to ignore her. He was enjoying his coffee with Sam on the terrace when again he saw Manya’s name flashing on the mobile. He turned his mobile off pulled Sam into a tight embrace and planted a kiss on her cheek. Sam looked at Neil and smiled…she felt content and she hugged him back tightly.

Radika was getting ready for the party when she thought that she forgot to ask Vicky who had thrown the party..but she was suddenly distracted by the beautician who had been ordered by Vicky to get Radhika ready…She shook her head and thought how impossible Vicky was…she instructed the beautician not to do too much and keep her natural. Vicky entered party with Radhika he looked around for Arjun and gang but could not find them. Suddenly pair hateful eyes saw Radhika and excused herself from Rishab on pretext of going to the wash room. Arjun and his gang entered the party with Samrat and Piyali when Neil shook Arjun’s shoulder and pointed in a direction across the hall. For Arjun time stopped that moment…the hall was full of people music and drinks but he could only see his life standing in the one corner least interested in her surroundings …she was dressed in pink gown and was looking as if she has just jumped out of a fairy tale…she had lost weight..she was leaner then before…but was looking angelic even now…she was nervous about something as she was rubbing her palms and playing with her finger ring, Arjun was so lost that he failed to notice when Neil asked Sam to initiate their plan. Vicky looked and Neil greeted him silently and he excused himself from Radhika to get a drink. Radhika after concluding it was JIA’s showcase was very nervous…she was scared what will happen if she comes face to face with Arjun…Radhika was brought out for the thought cloud when Sam hugged her showing surprise all over her face to find Radhika at the party…she dragged Radhika with her and introduced her to Rishab;’’ She is Radhika…the best brain of Bird Song and the brain behind the ad concept for JIA’’. Rishab was all surprised he could not imagine someone so young could deliver emotions so effectively …he scrutinized Radhika from head to toe and extended his hand for a hand shake, Radhika placed her hand on Rishab’s hand when he suddenly kissed her knuckles,

Sam and Radhika were shocked…Radhika searched around the room for Vicky to bail her out …but instead she caught the angry glare of Arjun…who was furious looking at Radhika’s hand in Rishab’s grip. Neil was the only calm one there he stopped Arjun from reacting and asked him to calm down and then Rishab’s announcement rubbed pepper on Arjun’s wounds…Rishab started; ‘’Ladies and gentlemen thanks for your valuable time today…let me introduce you to the mind behind today’s success …Ms.Radhika…her beautiful concept gave JIA the ability to expand the market…and now I will request Ms Radhika for a dance… I request others to join us too…Radhika finally found Vicky and gave him a pleading look…he nodded and asked her to go ahead with the dance… she felt Arjun will burn her down with his eyes…yet she went along to hurt him. Neil had watched Vicky giving thumbs up to Radhika for the dance with Rishab, he understood that they both are using same trick to unite Arjun and Radhika. Arjun…had griped the glass so hard that it was on the verge of breaking when Neil took it from his hand and asked; ‘’What are you staring at?”

Arjun replied irritated; ‘’ I am looking at Rishab’s hand on Radhika’s waist…if he moves it even a cm up or down…I am going to rip it off his body.’’ Sam was worried as Rishab was trying to get close to Radhika…and now her Chashni was really uncomfortable. Neil looked at Sam who was pleading him to end the drama..Neil decided it was enough for today he had stop this now…Rishab was only avenging the challenge he got at the Bird song meeting. Suddenly a waiter dashed and spilled the drink on Radhika…she excused herself to go to the washroom and Neil asked Arjun to follow…Neil was about to pay the waiter for this when he saw Vicky doing it…he looked at Neil and winked. Neil gave the waiter another thousand…poor lad was little confused but happy for the money. Neil happy about his work…dragged Sam to the dance floor and they got lost in each other . Between all this they failed to notice the one person who was looking for one chance to avenge her.

Radhika cleaned her dress and came out of the washroom when she was suddenly pulled in the balcony away from the party…a strong arm tightly held her waist and the other hand covered her mouth stopping her from screaming…as Radhika tried to free herself …her frightened eyes met Arjun’s possessive ones…he was holding her strongly in his grip and looking at her…her front was plastered to his’…Radhika’s heart raced, the touch…the intensity of his eyes was different from before it was kind of intimate ,possessive and full of madness. Arjun kept on staring at Radhika without blinking or losing his grip on her …he was staring as if he would soak her into his body so that no one can separate them. Arjun moved his face towards Radhika and without removing the barrier between their lips he kissed the other side the hand covering her lips …Radhika’s body reacted…she closed her eyes… her fingers dug deep into Arjun’s shoulder…she opened her eyes when Arjun slowly whispered ‘’Radhika…my Radhika … only mine’’….It wasn’t difficult for Radhika to make out the possessiveness in Arjun’s voice…she struggled to free herself…when Arjun loosen his grip, she tried to leave and he again pulled her into a hug from behind and kissed her neck Radhika was scared now , Arjun buried his face into Radhika’s thick hair and whispered ; ‘’come back to me Radhika…’’ Radhika after a minute asked; ’’Why?’’ Arjun kissed her ear shell and replied; “Because I need you’’. Radhika sadly replied; ‘’that’s not the answer I am looking for’’. She left Arjun bewildered to go back to the main hall.

Sam was all restless..she wanted to know how Arjun proposed Radhika…what did Radhika say…she was moving towards this balcony as it had been very long since couple was out. Sam was more curious than Arjun or anyone else…Sam saw Radhika coming towards the hall…but she saw someone moving towards Radhika she screamed ‘’Radhika’’..but before Radhika could understand her hand was slashed from the shoulder till the elbow…Radhika winced in pain and fell on the floor…Sam’s scream had already drawn a lot of attention…she ran towards Radhika to help her and so did the attacker but before the attacker could make a second attempt Arjun caught hold of her hand and pushed her aside..Vicky ran to Radhika and covered her wounded shoulder with his coat…Arjun and Neil were shocked to see the attacker…. it was Bonnie… She was held tightly by the waiters and security…she looked at Radhika and barked; ‘’Radhika Mishra you deserve to die…I lost my job because of you…you ruined my career…and you snatched Arjun from me…he was mine ’’ Arjun froze at that…he looked at Radhika who was still sitting on the floor…shocked…she gave Arjun a pained look…and pleaded Vicky to take her home. Arjun was distraught … he saw distrust in Radhika’s eyes…he knew she will not come back to him after today’s incident. Police arrived at the party to take Bonnie away…everyone was in shock …Rishab never imagined such a drama in his party but it fuelled his interest in Radhika. Neil rubbed his forehead …he gently touched Arjun’s shoulder and told Sam to carry on with her parents. Neil told Arjun that he will drop him home…as soon as they reached home Arjun collapsed on the floor…he hid his face between his knees and was sobbing…Neil felt bad for Arjun he called his mom and informed her that he will stay back with Arjun for the night.

Sam was standing near the window when Samarat came to her and said; ‘’Sam you should explain Radhika…whatever happened was the part of the past.’’ Sam thought and replied; ‘’Pa whatever it is I will not force Chashni to accept Arjun…for me Radhika’s happiness matters more.’’ She wished him night and went to her room , Samarat in his mind thought how to solve this issue now.

Vicky came to Radhika’s room…she was sitting on the bed with her eyes closed…he saw he bandaged arm and wanted to kill Bonnie…he came to her and asked; ‘’You want to stay with me in Mumbai or want to go back to Pune…” Radhika with her tear filled eyes looked at Vicky without uttering a word…he saw the pain in her eyes and opened his arms…Radhika jumped into his embrace…this was the safest place for her in the universe right now. Vicky kept Radhika’s head in his lap to make her sleep… she got up and said; ‘’I will not hide anymore Vicky…I will speak to Mom and dad tomorrow.’’ Vicky was happy to see the determination in Radhika but suddenly she surprised him…”Piyali mam asked me to rejoin Bird Song today …and I will do it once I am fine…I will face my fears.’’ Vicky understood Radhika wanted to make things hard for Arjun…he took a deep breath and thought that he should keep an eye on her now.

As week passed Neil noticed a change in Sam’s behaviour towards Arjun…she was a bit cold towards him. Neil went to Sam’s cabin and asked her; ‘’Why are you behaving this way….whatever happened was the part of his past we accepted him with it…he needs us Sammy…don’t do this.’’ Sam got up and replied;’’ I know we forgave him and all this was a part of the past..but he was with Bonnie when he was faking it with me…who knows he is faking with Chashni too…she saved me Neil…and I will not let any harm come on Radhika now..’’ Neil looked and Sam; ‘’You are again wrong…you were wrong about Chashni in the past and now you are wrong about Arjun…but I will not leave him alone to suffer this pain…I will do whatever it takes to unite him with Radhika.’’ Neil moved out of Sam’s cabin and saw Samrat standing who had heard the conversation between them…he lowered to gaze and went off. Samrat had never thought Arjun Radhika’s problem will divide their friends too…he knew Neil was right but his daughter was equally stubborn. Manya had noticed the friction between Sam and Neil due to Radhika and Arjun and she decided to use it in her favour.

Sam got a call and she rushed towards the lift…Sam welcomed Radhika with a warm hug. Piyali came out of the cabin and gave Radhika a motherly hug. Neil and Arjun were surprised to find Radhika in Bird song as they were not aware she was joining back….Neil gave Arjun an assuring nod and hugged Radhika….he pulled her cheeks and said; ‘’Next time you want to run…don’t leave a letter take me with you.’’ Radhika smiled and hugged him back. Sam took Radhika to her place and chatted with her for sometime before going back to her work. Arjun was watching everything from his cabin and was thankful that at least he will be able to see her daily. Radhika could feel Arjun staring at her but she decided not to pay any attention to him and went on with her work. Radhika was done with the day in the office, she packed he stuff and went down to get a taxi..She dint wanted to trouble Vicky for every small thing…he was already doing too much. Arjun saw Radhika waiting and stopped his car… he asked her to get in and he will drop her…Radhika without responding started walking away from him…Arjun tighten his fist and got off the car he moved quickly towards her, grabbed her wrist and turned her to face him and said ;’’ Do you want me to carry you the same way I did when we got married”. Radhika tried to free her hand…but Arjun pulled her close to him and growled;’’ you are my wife and no power can stop me from keeping you with me…you belong to me’’ Radhika still trying to free herself retorted angrily ; “ you just know how to get what you want…first Bonnie then Sam and now me…but I am Radhika…your tactics won’t work on me….and I signed those divorce papers so technically I am free of this relationship.’’ Arjun had tears in his eyes he still could not believe she was same Radhika…he gently kissed her hand in his grip and said;’’ I will fight for you Radhika Mehra…and get you back …stop me if you can’’. He left her hand and went…Radhika was still looking at her wrist which was red due to Arjun’s grip she faced him fearlessly…but truth was she was scared inside…she knew his determination and this time he wanted her and he will do anything to get her. She took a taxi and reached home.

Radhika reached home and saw a bouquet in the hall…she checked it was for her from Rishab…she froze…when Vicky asked her about it she lied stating that it was a welcome gift from Bird song. She went to her room and tried to sleep…she had thought it would be easy to face Arjun…but she felt she instigated a tiger now…she wanted to be brave but the madness she had seen in Arjun’s eyes was scaring her…she recalled All the moments spend with Arjun during her marriage…the party where Arjun had actually touched her so intimately and today when he almost forced her to be with him..She closed her eyes to wipe out everything…but all she could see was Arjun…she got up all frustrated and questioned herself; “Why Radhika Mishra…couldn’t you find someone normal to fall in love with…why him?’’…she knew he won’t give up…he will not stop till she agrees.

Chapter 11

Radhika spoke to her parents they asked her to visit Rishikesh with Arjun…she promised them she would come…but after disconnecting the call she was thinking…how to tell them that she was not with Arjun Sir. But she was not aware that her family knew everything…and all this drama was to get them together. She got ready and left for office Vicky dropped her and promised her that he will pick her up in the evening. He had seen that red finger mark on her wrist…and dint like it…he decided to be calm till things are under control.

Sam called Radhika when she was entering the building…they planned a girls day out over the weekend when suddenly Sam saw Radhika’s wrist which Radhika tried to hide with bangles…Sam went furious…she was about to blast Arjun when Radhika stopped her…she assured Sam that if she would need help…she will come to Sam without delay. Neil greeted Radhika and went to his cabin without greeting Sam…Radhika felt something was wrong as even Sam left for her cabin without looking at Neil. Manya had joined birdsong as a trainee on the pretext of learning saw this and immediately went after Neil. Arjun had been noticing Manya’s behaviour for a week now…he decided to speak to Neil…Neil proved his friendship now it was Arjun’s turn. He knew Sam had turned cold…but he won’t give up…he cannot afford to lose these relations now.

Arjun came to Neil’s cabin…Neil greeted him with a smile. Arjun asked; ‘’Can we go out somewhere?’’ Neil nodded picked his wallet and left with Arjun. They entered a restaurant and ordered lunch. Without losing a minute…Arjun said;’’Neil…the tension between you and Sam is visible to everyone around…please sought it out.” Neil looked at Arjun for some time and replied;’’ Arjun I can’t do or support wrong …it happened once with Chashni…but I won’t let this happen with you… Sam is again wrong and worst is she never listens to what others have to say…sometimes she is so blind..I don’t know how to explain this to her.’’
Arjun: ‘’ So what’s up with Manya …why is she tailing you everywhere…I don’t trust her intentions’’
Neil; ‘’I am training her…nothing more. But why are you saying this?’’
Arjun; ‘’She is infatuated by you she keeps on doing weird things to draw your attention…her intention is not right…I know she is Sam’s sister and I have no right to interfere…but I can’t see wrong happening to people I care about.’’

Neil smiled at his new friend and said ; ‘’Arjun…that is why I am fighting for you…don’t worry I will keep an eye on her.’’ They finished their lunch and went back to office. Arjun could not find Radhika at her desk he asked Zubin about her he said he saw her going to the terrace. Arjun went to the terrace and found Radhika enjoying the wind….he watched her lovingly… she was a like painting on the canvas of his heart …he started walking towards her…he smiled and then placed both his hands on the railing locking Radhika in between. Radhika turned to face him and suddenly froze she looked at him and blinked a couple of times. Arjun loved the innocence and nervousness written on her face she looked cute…Arjun whispered in her ear; ’’Radhika don’t lie…..when you were away did you ever feel that I was around…somewhere very close to you like this wind.’’ Radhika shivered but remained quite… Arjun again said; ‘’fine I got my answer…By the way sorry for yesterday I will not repeat that again…well I am not here to talk about us…this is about Sam and Neil.’’ Radhika went all alert and said;’’ What about them… Is everything fine?’’ Arjun told Radhika about recent fights between the couple and Manya’s attraction towards Neil. Radhika thought for a moment and said; ‘’First we need to make Sam and Neil talk and then about Manya…we need to speak to Samrat Sir about it.’’ Arjun Radhika decided to solve this matter together…they shook hands and as Radhika was about to leave Arjun suddenly pulled Radhika to him….she fell on him and when their eyes met…Arjun said; ‘’I miss my panoti…who use to talk non- stop…please bring her back…’’ He kissed her forehead and left. Radhika watched him walk away…a part of her wanted to run to him and hug him and the other part still was not ready to trust him or forgive him she turned her face away from him. Arjun stopped and turned to look at Radhika…he thought; ‘’today you don’t trust me and my love…but one day I will gain your trust…because without Radhika Arjun’s life has no meaning…. love you Radhika. ’

Radhika suddenly turned and they looked at each other…many unsaid words were exchanged between their eyes. Arjun smiled at her and left from there. Radhika came down when Krutika asked her to go to Piyali’s cabin. Piyali greeted Radhika and asked her to sit she said;’’ Radhika we are planning Sam and Neil’s engagement and I am depending on you.” Radhika smiled and replied;’’ Sure ma’am tell me what has to be done…I will start immediately.’’ Piyali said; ‘’first you will not call me ma’am …you can call me aunty…you are family Radhika so please no formalities.’’ Radhika was about to say something when her phone started vibrating; she saw the screen …It was Neil’s mom… and Prerna also allotted Radhika n no. of duties… Piyali hearing this looked at Radhika’s tensed face and started laughing.

A month was due for Neil and Sam’s engagement both were not even looking at each other. Neil was guiding Manya on a project when she pretended as if she got hurt..before Neil could check Radhika came in and said; ‘’It looks like sprain…Oh my God its even swelling let me take you to the doctor’’…Manya got irritated and got up to leave Neil’s cabin she pretended to limp when radhika innocently said.; ‘’Why are you limping on the left…I thought it was the right one.’’ Manya little scared left Neil’s cabin. Neil came to Radhika and patted her back and said; ‘’So Arjun told you everything and you trusted him then why can’t you trust his love…he is a good person’’ Radhika replied;’’I know he is good…but I want to spend my life with the best…by the way you are coming with me after office…Prerna aunty asked me take you shopping.’’ Radhika informed Arjun that she is getting Neil…he needs to get Sam…Arjun felt frustrated…Sam was cold him..why would she listen to him…Radhika told him it was his headache and walked out.

Radhika thought; ‘’with this I will make Neil and Sam together and mend the distance between you and Sam too’’. Arjun knocked the door of Sam’s cabin and entered Sam asked ; ‘’Something urgent…because I was about to leave for the day.’’ Arjun hesitated and said; ‘’Can we talk Sam…only an hour I know I am not even worth a minute of your life…but please.’’ Sam agreed. Radhika had already informed Arjun where to come…after the shopping Neil and Radhika went to a café when Arjun walked in with Sam…they pushed Neil and Sam to sit together and locked their way by sitting on the either side of the round sofa. Arjun started; ‘’Guys you are really lucky to have love between you …don’t spoil it because of me.” All the 3 were pained to hear that. Neil said; ’’Arjun don’t blame yourself… people make mistakes but never repent…you confessed and were ready to take all the punishment…you are a good man right Sammy.’’ Sam by now was embarrassed for her coldness towards Arjun and said;’’ Arjun I am sorry…I was so scared to lose Radhika again that I forgot…how you helped me and Neil to be together.’’ Radhika felt good to hear that Arjun had helped them earlier…after an hour of chatting…Neil said; ‘’Chashni Arjun will drop you home its late’’ Radhika was about to protest when she heard Vicky’s voice; ‘’that’s not required Neil…Radhika had already asked me to pick her up.’’ Radhika left with Vicky and Neil said; ‘’Arjun…this Vicky is the biggest bone in your love story “ They all laughed and left for their respective homes .

Arjun was waiting to park his car in the office when he saw Radhika in the rear view … she got down from Vicky’s car and gave him a hug and entered Bird Song, Arjun was filled with love affection happiness and pain. Radhika had decided that she will speak to Samarat today about Manya…but before that she should inform Neil about it…she entered Neil’s cabin without knocking and found Neil and Sam hugging and lost in each other oblivious to her presence…Radhika took a chair and watched them for 5 mins and then coughed. Both of them were suddenly pulled out of their heaven and they looked at smiling Radhika nervously… Sam showing some confidence ordered Neil to be ready with the presentation before leaving the cabin. Radhika finally turned to blushing Neil and both burst into a roaring laughter…after composing Neil said; ’’Chashni… Rishab from JIA is visiting Bird Song today…they want us to work on gold collection as well…so I want you to be away from him.’’

Radhika with confusion written all over her face asked;’’ I am not some beauty queen that he is coming for me…Neil sometimes you are too much.’’ Neil got up from the chair and walked towards Radhika he sat on the table and said; ‘’You are a challenge for him…the last project … our protectiveness towards you….then party… Bonnie hurting you for Arjun… you grabbed his attention…everything is fuelling his interest in you…” Radhika laughed and brushed aside Neil’s doubts…she informed him that she will be speaking to Samrat about Manya.

Radhika came to her desk and saw Arjun and Sam happily discussing on some client…he felt content looking at his smile, Arjun’s pain still mattered to her. She dialled Samrat’s intercom and asked for a suitable time to speak to him…they decided to speak after the presentation. Everyone had assembled in the Board room when Rishab walked in and greeted everyone…he checked out Radhika again while greeting and that made her uncomfortable and her friends furious .After the presentation Radhika made a suggestion to promote the light weight jewellery and JIA’s experiment with different colours of gold which would complement rising gold prices and changing style tastes and will give them an upper hand in the market. After the presentation was over Rishab said;”Ms Radhika you are one of the most talented person I have ever met…if you ever plan to leave Bird Song…come to me I will hire you without any interview or reference…and trust me you will enjoy your time with me..I mean working with JIA.’’ The last sentence did not go down well with Bird Song folks…Sam wanted to give back..but Radhika stopped her and she replied him politely; ‘’Bird Song is my second home…and people here are my family…I cannot leave them.’’ Samrat felt proud hearing that and said; ‘’Radhika you can carry on with your work…rest will be handled by me, Arjun and Neil.’’ Radhika walked out with Sam and others, Sam took Radhika to the cafeteria and ordered coffee…both were silent for some time and then Sam spoke; ‘’Chashni don’t worry we won’t let him come near you.’’ Radhika took a deep breath and answered; “I seriously don’t understand men…what kind of species is it…they run after things which don’t even belong to them. Sam don’t worry that pervert is just trying to instigate you guys…nothing more.’’ Sam nodded but she feared Arjun’s growing possessiveness towards Radhika…it was visible to everyone except Radhika.

Vicky had come to pick Radhika up…he was standing leaning on the car checking his phone when Arjun walked to him and greeted him; ‘’Hi Vicky’’ Vicky looked up and responded warmly with a hug. Arjun was little taken aback he wasn’t expecting this gesture from Vicky but he responded to the hug and said; ‘’I always felt you hate me.’’
Vicky: ‘’I don’t hate anyone…I just love Radhika too much…I want her to be happy.’’
Arjun:’’ and you feel…she will not be happy with me?’’
Vicky smiled looked at Arjun and replied; ‘’When you fall in love with someone …you just don’t fall for the good in them…you even accept the bad in them with full heart…you learn to forgive…and accept them the way they are….you and Radhika need to learn a lot…the day you understand love there will be nothing between you two’’

Arjun smiled and asked: ‘’You seem to understand love a lot.”’
Vicky looked at Arjun, something like pain flashed across his face but he quickly hid it and replied; ‘’May be…because I know what it takes to spend life without someone you truly love’’
Vicky saw Radhika approaching he wished Arjun and took the driver’s seat…Radhika gave one emotionless glance to Arjun and left. Arjun on his way was thinking what Vicky said…and thought maybe he was right we both need to understand each other first.

Samrat was worried about what Radhika had told him about Manya’s infatuation towards Neil…he could not believe on it but he knew Radhika…she will not say anything just like that. He decided he will keep Manya away from Neil tomorrow onwards. Sam was so excited about her engagement and he cannot let anything damage that.

Precap: Manya realizing her mistake…Radhika’s fear her to heart conversation with Neil…and some romance.

Credit to: Gauri


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