Manmarziyan_heart 2 heart (intro)


Introduction of characters…..

Radhika – a sweet creative bubbly girl despite of being an orphan….she is adopted by her parents friends who were also their business friends….she is very associated with sports espeacially badminton….and wants to choose a career in a sports related field (most probably badminton cuz she loves badminton…)…..lives in rishikesh….

Samaira khanna (sam) – a very modern girl and loves her life….enjoys her life to the fullest….was a very special bff of radhika….

Raahul – sam’s brother…enjoys his life with his so called girl friends…a very cool person…nd loves to tease her sister…

Neil – a very best friend of sam….he have a secret crush on her…but can’t tell her about the hidden feeling to her….cuz he don’t spoil this special friendship…..enjoys his life….a very mischevious person….

Piyali khanna – sam’s mom and a business women (bird song)….

Samrat khanna – sam’s father and a business men (bird song)….

Arjun mehra – a very rude and bossy person….partner in bird song….always focused when comes to business…a very mysterious person….have a hidden past….revenge from sam….He is an orphan…

Aditiya kaul – a business man and best friend of radhika’s dad ( dileep)….adopted radhika when her parents died….

Riya kaul – aditiya kaul’s wife….a good house wife nd a good mother…. sweet friend of radhika’s mother (mala)…

Ananya kaul – daughter of aditiya and riya kaul….young sister of radhika….a very sweet and understanding person…loves singing….nd want to be a singer…..a very best friend of radhika….

Plz tell me if I should continue with this one….


Credit to: Guess who am I?❤

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  1. Hey.. I can’t guess who you are!!!!!! Please do tell us your real name.. That would be easy to command you. Anyways, buddy.. Another MMZ… Loved the introduction.. Do continue soon…

  2. Oh another mmz so cool yaar… and diff nice plzzz try to update regularly best of luck dr

  3. plz continue n update next part soon

  4. I think ameena

  5. Ameena !! It’s you isn’t it ?! Im sure its you !! You mischievous little thing !!

    I loved it dear !! Plz do continue … Why are you guys making Arjun rude ?! That’s alright however he is I’m fine with it ….

    Love you loads … Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug ..

    PS :if its not Ameena .. Then I’m sorry ya .. I’m sure I’m not wrong .. But still ..

  6. Nice yaar ,rads as badminton player totally different… Continue dear.I think u r ameena ,I’m sorry if my guess is wrong ,introduction of ur story is really nice continue with ur story.

  7. Whoever u r thanks . its really gud ,interesting.curious,updt soon

  8. “Guess who am i”…kidos to another mmz…lykd d my core….waiting 4 nxt part…

    .plzz..tell who u r…???

  9. M happy to see a new angle of manmarziyan, I still love this show a lot.

  10. I love the intro. Monica actually is a badminton player. I like the pic n the lines were too gud. Plz continue n regularly.

    1. Guess who am I?❤

      ae manha ki bacchiiii…..come on guess who m I???….kiya hamari friendship itni kamzoor hai ke tum mujhe phechan bhi nahi sakti ab….come on my girl….

      1. Hmmm. Actually i am more impressed with arjun as u see business deals n all. So naam bataungi toh kya milega. Woh batau pehle. Agar offer acha hain toh sochenge. Are yaar mmz ke fans hi kuch to alag honge. Lol. Take care my sweetu.

    2. Guess who am I?❤

      Hmm, manha bohot chalak ho tum…..

      Offer mein toh bohot kuch hai….❤❤❤

      Mera dil….❤❤….tum le sakti ho hamesha ke liye…❤❤…

      Mai hamesha ke liye tumhari hamdard ban gayogi…❤❤…

      Unlimited pyaar…❤❤…

      Ek dost hamesha ke liye…❤❤…

      Ek nahi musibat har rooz…❤❤…

      Ek nahi baat har rooz…merai saath…❤❤…
      Hmmm soch rahi hoon par abhi nahi batungi sab kuch….wo tumhe iss friendship ki journey mein khudh pata chal gayega… you….

  11. Wow mmz again in a different angle …. Awesome yar …..

    I HOPE u to B Mitty r happy …. But never mind as they r not to B seeen for a long time. …,.

    But with those flowers vagayra dhek ke toh ameena lagthi ho …. If not forgive me ….. U asked a guess and I said …. Sent mind if wrong …. Lol

    Atleast any particular hint abt u …..

    Love ya frnd ….

    1. Ok one doubt do u knw me or do V knw each other before ??
      So tht it WIL B easier to guess

  12. Please continue………lvd te lines……….
    so is sam wrkng in bird sng?????
    . hey r u Mandy ir Mansi???????

  13. Please update regularly na??????

  14. Hi nice one. Basic plot is d same. By d way who ever u r u r sweet. So plz tell me ur sweet name. ?.. Plz continue.

  15. hey ammu is it you coz you love this hearts or Who am I manha roma, hayathi, harani, mansi, tasnim well natasha also .

    Coz you all know the Who am I ????on naty ke pate par.

    Tell me I am very much sure it is one of them . tell tell tell.

    Well very interesting intro but I want to know. tell in next epi or in comments you little devil who am I . I will catch you anyhow.

    Love u by heart coz I think I know you keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

  16. Yeah it’s ur ameena..ur lil mischevious playful girl….wow u all can easily recognize me now….I did this this to test how well u can recognize ur friend…nd u all passed in this test….love u all 4ever….???
    One lovee?


    1. Hey ammu see ifound it…. haaaa baby where is hamdard yaar plzzzzz dr try to update regularly dr

  17. Am really missimg nemi kirti roma natasha…I don’t where r they….plzz if some1 finds them then tell them that their friend amu or ameena is missing them a lott….love u all 4ever…??
    One lovee?


    1. Mischievous lil girl

  18. Amu kyun bata diya itne jaldi. Thodi der aur khelte toh aur acha hota. Oh god itne saare gifts. Are yaar tab toh mi jaan bhi dedungi.

  19. So its u Ameena…well I’m late to guess…
    This is an awesooooooooome mischief..

    Are u going to start a new ff…if so then plzz continue dear..
    kEEp Smiling alwaaaaayzz

    Love u looooadzz

  20. Everyone thanquu sooo much….I will definitely continue this 1….And I’m sooo glad that u all liked the intro….I changed few things and added new characters….soo hope u will enjoy the rest chapters also…..and no nandini and saral in my story….nd arjun’s past is very mysterious…..I will update 2moro for sure…good night guyzz….love u all 4ever……???
    One lovee?


  21. How r u

    1. Hey hayathi dear, I’m fine dear……updated humdard chapter 5 but they didn’t post it……sorry for being sooo late… uuuuu….??
      One lovee?


      1. Its ok dr may be u r busy for some work…. keep smile buddy hey guys u know aham sharma already married

  22. hey ammu how r u dear. Very much miss u dear.

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm kmm



    Hey ammu feeling good now talking to u dear. I said so many things to you feeling light now.

    I know kuch samajh nahi aaya my sweet 17 friend. but really want to meet u dear. so much missing u and your beautiful heart . HOw r u dear.
    How’s your family, life college dear. I think you are in college won’t u or you are ???

    anyways I really want to meet you dear. love u meri jaan always.

    Keep smiling Once a friend always a friend. and yaa do update humdard soon. waiting eagerly.

    NOw can’t wait more.

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