Manmarziyan <3 SwaLak SS (short story)


Manmarziyan <3 SwaLak SS (short story) The journey begins….. In a dark rainy night , I was all alone on the road as my car’s tyre was puncture , in hope of an aid I was praying to god , when I noticed a shadow lurking behind me. A thought came in my mind “Oh No!” This one word only comes when I see his face and listen to his stupid talks. I was not in the mood to see his face , but what can I do if destiny made me his. Yes , he was Lakshya , commonly known as Laksh. Laksh”Senorita , need my help?” I “Mr. Maheshwari , please I want to reach home ,pack my stuff and fly back to India , well I am happy that I will be staying away from you.” Laksh”Senorita , Laksh Maheshwari gets what he wants , and this is the case of true love” Yes , he loved me madly like anything , and I was fed up of his words which only said “I love u , Senorita!!!” Literally , 2 years these 2 years were like hell for me to tolerate this mad person , he knows I am going to get married to Sanskaar when I will reach India , but his madness , Uffff!!! Laksh continues”Senorita , aisay chotay chotay daishon mai aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehtein hain” And the most irritating thing of him was , he keeps on repeating SRK’s line and think himself of Raj from DDLG and me as his Senorita urf Simran. Ugghhhh!!!! Laksh ” Look , at least today accept my love , look you are leaving today, 4rever , I do not care you will be in my life or not , you will be my Simran or not , you marry me or someone else but just say you love me , please…” I know he is mad totally mad , crazy , stupid , idiot , psycho , whatever , but today I did not wanted to spoil my mood by shouting or fighting with him coz this is the last day of mine with him , then I will be free from him , so I was standing quietly and listening to his stupidity. Laksh pulled me closer , and asked me do I love him , I wanted to say no , but something was stopping me to do so, I did not know why? But then I realized I am someone’s fiancee , Sanskaar flashed in my mind and I pushed him. I started walking away , ignoring him. I heard him calling out my name but I had to control on my unknown emotions , which I felt today and what they meant I do not know and actually do not want to know. Laksh”Goooo! But if my love is true you will never leave me , today I am challenging God , My love will win or your commitment which you never made I turned to reply him back , but was left shocked at seeing the sight , he was pointing a pistol towards himself , leaving me shocked. I shouted “Laksh!!!” , he did not listened and was about to pull the trigger when the emotions which were hidden somewhere in my heart came on my lips. I shouted “I love you Laksh , I love you to the eternity , I love u!!” I broke down into tears , he left the pistol , stretched out his arms, I ran and hugged him , I felt peace in him , I found myself complete that day. Yes , it is my story , my love story , which makes me complete. I am Swara , Swara who came to study Textile Designing in Spain but she did not knew she will find his Prince . That rain made me fall in love with him and the trees of love grow each and every day at the plain of our heart. That rain , that night , that feeling I can never forget. Credit to: Barbie

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