Manmarziyan – Valentines Day (Episode 2)

” True Friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable. ”

First of all I want to say sorry for the delay in updating the episode. I would like to inform you all that from the next episode onwards the ff name will be Dosti + Pyaar = Zindagi instead of VALENTINES DAY.
Guys I am introducing a new character in this story .
Arav Mehra -Radhika s and Arjun s son. Piyas younger brother. But he is no more in this world.He died when he was only 9 months old. He met with an accident and his death occurred.


Arjun comes to the reception and was enquiring about his interview.Radhika is shown coming to the reception but she collides with Tejh and her file falls down. She sits down to pick it up.The receptionist asked Arjun to go to Piyalis cabin.He thanked her. Radhika hears his voice and turns to see him by the time he left from there. She couldn’t see him.


Neil and Sam comes there .Mala brings Tea for them.
Sam:aunty where is Piya.
Mala:beta she is sleeping.
Sam:OK good.
Neil: aunty we want to talk to you about Arjun and Radhika.

Mala: kya hua beta.
Sam : aunty wo kya hay na.
Neil:Aunty Arjun is also joining in birdsong.
Mala : kya??????? Its a good news .lakein how will chotti react.
Sam: don’t know.
Mala: I know chotti very well she will difintely leave this job.
Neil: she can’t do like that.
Mala: why beta.
Neil: according to the contract she can’t leave birdsong for two years.And if she leaves from the job she can’t work anywhere in India and Abroad for the two years.
Mala : Why if Arjun leaves the job.
Sam : no aunty he cant same contract for both of them.
Mala: don’t know kya hoga.

Sam: we need to wait for their meeting.
Neil : and their decision.
Neil: aunty now we are leaving.
Mala: itne jalthi.
Neil: aunty mujhe office jaana hai. And I need to drop Sam also.
Mala : beta Sam ko kaha drop karna hai.
Mala: Sam keep updating me what is going on there in the office regarding Arjun and Radhika.
Sam: OK aunty.
Neil: bye aunty
Mala: bye beta.
Nesam went from there.


Arjun is in Piyalis cabin and Radhika is in Samrats cabin where both of them signs a contract for 2 years with BirdSong.Both of them were asked to come to conference hall as they are going to have a big meeting.
Arju,Zubin,Kritika,Tejh comes to the conference room.After that Samrat along with Piyali comes to the conference room.
Samrat introduces Arjun as their new Head of Operations.
And also says that their new CopyWriter is also joining today and here she comes Mrs Radhika Mehra.Piyali asks Radhika to come in and asks her to be seated.Arjun and Radhika are shocked seeing each other.Samrat says about their new project on Maybelline Newyork which will be handled by Arjun and Radhika will assist him in this project.After meeting Radhika stormed in to Sam’s cabin
Sam: Radhu kya hua
Radhika:tumne mera saath aisa kyum kiya.
Sam: kya hua woh tho bathawo.
Radhika: Sam tumne mujhse a kyum chuppayi ki Arjun is also joining in BirdSong.
Sam:mujhe nahi patha tha yaar.
Radhika:don’t lie to me.
Sam: please believe me yaar I really don’t know that Arjun is also joining here.

Radhika:agar mujhe patha hota ki Arjun is also joining here may yaha kabhi nahi aatha.
Sam: leave it yaar.abhi thumari mood good nahi hai. We will talk about it later now you just take a leave and go home.
Radhika : leave it what Sam how can I leave know everything na Sam and you are saying leave know na Sam how he took away everything from me. Because of him I lost
Arav( Arjun and Radhika s son ).I will never forgive Arjun , never.
By saying this Radhika leaves from Sam cabin.
Sam was watching Radhika leaving with a tensed face.


Guys I want to inform you all that I am going to change the ff name from VALENTINES DAY to Dosti + Pyaar = Zindagi. The change will be
done from the next episode onwards.

Keeping reading this ff and also post your valuable comments . pls pls pls guys.
I will be back with the next episode very soon.

Bye Bye .

Credit to: Irena


  1. Adia

    Hi mrng finally u updated.. But it is vry short dear…iniyenna nxt update?

  2. So much anger for arjun really sad πŸ™ may b some misunderstanding b/w them hope it ll clear soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ nice but I want all in english πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Are yaar don’t worry about title change…just continue…i thought u stopped after first chapter…happy to see u again…i liked ur concept…divorce n baby totally new…r u an old member of tu?? I thought I saw u at the time of mmz running…tc?

  4. aastha

    interesting story…………..ireena can you give me the link to previous chapter??????? I couldn’t find it………..plzzzzzzzzz ???????? by the by are you frm kerala ???????

  5. Gianna

    Just read the intro and both the chapters and I loved it pls don’t vanish now from the site I will be waiting for your next update.
    BTW my sister’s name is also Ireena

  6. Hey ireena dear…glad to see u back…very nice episode…really nesam did good job…sad for ardhika…pls update regularly dear…very nice pic..i loved it to the core…love u

  7. Anaya

    Nice episode.

    Hi all I am commenting here for the first time. I read all the ff based on DYM. I am from Kerala. Actually I am commenting here becaz I want to know about something so I need help from all of you . Actually I watch so many Hindi serials.While watching I noticed that many actress and child actress alway wearing black thread on their left / right legs. Can any one please tell me why they are wearing black thread on their legs.

  8. Roma

    Awesome irena, very interesting plot.n awesome episode. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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