Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 8

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Chapter -8

“Sam.,reduce the volume” Prena said walking towards the hall, and there Sam was jiving for rock n roll beats ..Sam pulled her hands to dance, Prena being reluctant at the beginning later enjoyed with Sam. Prena had tears of joy while settling on couch, she pulled sam to her side.. Prena felt her happiness increasing day by day.,and today she felt so energetic having a enthusiastic chirpy Sam around her for the whole day..

“When will di come home?” Sam asked checking her watch. Before Prena could reply, Samrat called Sam..

“Pops.. di still in office?” Sam asked instantly., she turned impassive listening Samrat..

Sam said worried, “Maa.. mom and di had a fight it seems.. di left office by’s 8 now”. Sam walked to and fro..

Prena convincingly said, “She will come Sam., you go home”

“Home..This is home..I won’t go from here.. ” Sam sat cross legged on the couch..

“Hmm.. lets wait.. And how was your first day in our company?” Prena asked as she side hugged Sam..

“Our company!! isn’t Maa..” Sam said low but grasping the power of the word.

“Yes dear.. and..what’s with you now?” Prena asked looking her face.

“Mom never thought me to be worthy enough.. you know?” Sam said leaning herself on prena’s left shoulder..

“And that’s y your cinderella di had made you enough worthy… ” Prena replied caressing Sam’s hair… Prena knew Piyali would have never agreed for such a tie-up to happen, she could imagine Piyali vent out her anger on Radhika..,Prena kissed her forehead saying, “Will you make your sister proud? ….Never make her regret on this decision..

“I will Maa..and..I will not let her down Maa”, Sam assured like a promise. But Prena thoughts traveled to the day,Radhika and Sam addressed her as ‘Maa’ for the first time.. It was,In this house,when she cried for the loss of her unborn daughter, after her miscarriage,Sam wiped her tears, “Maa!! don’t cry..You have 2 daughters now..” lil Radhika said wiping her own tears.. The girl too cried seeing Prena’s tears.. Shyam and Samrat smiled at the lil girl’s presence of mind..
She did accompany Prena,for her scan and stood next when she happily announced to Shyam,” My daughter will call me ‘Maa’., not ‘Mom'”. He nodded his head saying “Lets see that.. I will teach her the same way I did withNeil..” She shooked her head saying “No way”. Prena never thought, Radhika would try to soothe her pain, remembering that day’s talk…

And they continue calling her the same until the present.. she wiped her tear before sam could notice.

“Maa..I will stay here tonight,please” Sam said with her head in Prena’s lap..


She drove as fast and far she could go away from there.. from Birdsong.. But from Mumbai.. she couldn’t.. Piyali’s insults..Samrat’s silence… Sam’s innocence.. she felt like a deer caught in hunter’s trap.. Tears flowed without her knowledge.. she parked aside and cried her heart out thinking about her., her life., which turned topsy turvy after that day.. why things should repeat in my life.. that too so soon.. why everything can’t change… why can’t I be happy like every other people enjoying in this beach?..her sobs increased responding to her mind voice..

Self sympathizing is nothing but a sink hole..! She was slowly sinking in it without the knowledge of being inside the closed vehicle for more than a hour.. How long she has been crying.. she doesn’t know.. A past which bore more than 4 years of pain drained her completely… she felt her lids heavy as she tried to peep her mobile listening her ring tone.. Its was Samrat.. It rang again disturbing her moments to wail her pain out.. again!! She switched off .. Fresh tears tried to stream out but before that she saw a guy annoying a girl.. She wiped her tears..She noticed the girl while parking.. she got down immediately as the guy pulled her dupata when the girl tried to move away.. “How dare” her mind screamed. she realized she was too exhausted to handle the situation as she trod towards them.. she stumbled over the pebble sized stones there.. She picked few stones and threw aiming him.. 2 stones passed but third one hit right on his stomach.. next.. on his thigh ..she felt good now.. The girl felt relieved and happy for he left his hold on her hand.. Radhika moved forward throwing another one at his shoulder.. People standing before the chat vendors noticed this.. A girl who was almost stumbling stood for another girl.. he stepped back alerted by the sudden twist.. he stood rubbing his stomach and shoulder,

“Thanks didi” the girl said walking towards her and held Radhika’s arm with a smile.

“But I missed to Pocket the goal” Radhika said as she threw one at his lower back. He walked fast rubbing the place it hit without a backward glance.. The girls laughed at that.. “you should have been more alert at places like this” Radhika said before moving away..

The girl moved after a mutual intro. She was too tired, and now hungry after looking chaat stalls. she went to have some chaat..Radhika drove aimlessly into all streets after relishing on Vada paav..

He tried again, but this time too there was no use..The door lock dint budge to his effort.. ‘What the f**k” he muttered under his breath as he thrust the keys more and twisted aimless.. His mind tried to register his vision which got locked on the keys his fingers were holding… he face palmed strongly the next second realizing his foolishness of using car keys instead of his house keys..Irritated on himself he stepped inside… His mobile flashed Rana kaka’s number..

“Ajju… Nandhini slept just now after her injection” Rana said in a calm voice..

“Ok..” he hung the call before Rana could speak further.. within a minute he felt bad for his behavior with Rana.. Arjun redialed Rana to apologize., he felt better after speaking with him.. He felt his mind to be blank.. void.. nothing there to think.. black.. plain.. He freshened and stood before the full length Teak finished mirror looking himself.

He was in Track pants.. hair still wet.. his gaze locked on his pendant with the letters of AR ..The letter R intertwined with A ..He closed his eyes recalling his precious.. Radhika standing on her toes to match his height,trying to make him wearing the chain..Arjun held his back to make her job tough with a smile in his lips and gleam of happiness in his eyes..”Senior.. Pls..” she pleaded again catching her breath..

A minute before…Arjun saw her running towards him, and when she jumped as a effort to make him wear the chain, he ducked thinking it to be some prank of hers.. She pouted holding the chain she got for him.. his eyes twinkled at the letters AR., as the reason for her act dawned on him..

Arjun Chuckled asking, “Why AR?”

“AR.. in ur name” she said covering up the real reason…

“Where is ‘JUN’ then” he asked to irritate her more.. He enjoyed watching her eyes looking everywhere, unable to answer him..

“It will be like a name plate if you wear with ‘JUN’ ” she vocalized the form of letters..

“Ok.. Then A alone” he said biting his cheek inwardly.. He want her to admit her love…”Tell me Radhika…. Why AR.?….’A’ is better u know.. standing Tall and erect..Why this R should be carved from it.” he said sliding his fingers on the pendant..

“Will you wear it or not?’ She asked irritated..

“I will.. But.. why AR….Tell me” he said taking a step closer.. Radhika looked somewhere behind him and his face..

“You like this pendent isn’t” she asked hastily.

“Yesss..I..” he dragged with a smile..

“Ok then..”with that she gave one unexpected blow on his lower stomach which made him to stoop down a little yelping, “Ahhh”..She stood on her toes to quickly slip the chain into his neck.. He still in same posture, watched his love beam in happiness. He felt her fingers brushing his collar bones., she pulled the cloth near his first two buttons and pushed the pendant inside.. Satisfied with her success, she smiled before turning her gaze over his face. Her eyes flickered less than a second, astonished, encountering his steadied gaze on her, so close.. She blushed biting her lower lip a little.. He pulled her towards him, his hand claiming her waist completely “Show me the pendant of your chain” he said and chuckled when she went wide eyed..

“Ajju bhaii” a sweet voice disturbed their moment.

He stood like a smiling statue., being completely occupied in his own world of sweet memory., until the last word crashed the sweetness.. “Radhika” he stood looking his reflection saying her name.. The pendant got curled inside his fist.. His eyes scrutinized the new number his mobile flashed…

“Hello…Arjun..!!Arjun sir!!” a male voice asked before he could speak.

“Yes!!” he replied.

“Am..Raghav !! sir..Do u remember?”

“Yes..Yes.. Why are..” his words got cut off

“Sir.. Is Radhika ma’am with you.? I mean..Do you know where she is?” Raghav asked worriedly.

“Whaa.. Means..She is not at home?” Arjun counter asked…

Raghav spoke after a silent moment “No sir..She din’t come yet.. Sorry sir.. I thought….”

“Tat’s ok.. No problem.. I will try to reach her” he replied.


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  1. Yaaa I’m the first……poor Rads…..y wont u tell us the past??? Y is this Piyali getting on my nerves????? ardhika scenes superb…… fresh…..personal experience??????? Rads throwing stones was least expected…..but njoyed…… u….??……gud night…..

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Aastha… do u have another id here.. I meant Aasthu.. both belongs 2 u??

      Yes.. u are s first.. glad to hear from you.. Abt past… Once Ardhika marriage happens..everything will be revealed one by have lil patience.. no personal experience..haha.. glad that u mentioned..!
      Radz was tired., but wanna help.. so stones!! That’s wat we feel isn’t.. to hit someone misbehaving… love u too dear..

      1. No……Aasthu is the reg name….b4 tat I HD taken the name Aastha vt I cudn’t get that name while reg on this site… if I logg out this will be my id…..clear????

        I’ll patiently wait till tat….bt when’ll tat b???? One doubt: Arjun loves her truly ri8???? Not 4 revenge???? Does he know Nandini’s plan??????Will Arjun’s mrg b fixed with Sam ????,and then like in org series wen she gt to know f Nan intention marries hm?????? Lsstly when’ll u update nxt”???

        Love u….hv a NYC day n weekend ahead……?……sad tat ardhika part isn’t frm ur personal experience…..?

      2. Will there b Arj consoling Rads scene n other scenes btwn ardhika in the nxt?????

      3. Jessie

        Ya understood.. u play double role here.. ?

        Aastha.. 2 more chappies.. u will get the answers.. this wont have the shade of original mmz.. guess this help with answers.. and Ardhika scenes.. yes ..there are.. I had already finished their part .. next..Tuesday.!.
        Love u loads dear…

      4. Aadia

        Jessu..this aasthu is so eager to know what will happen next..she will keep pestering you..don’t tell her much haa…just raise her curiosity??

      5. Ok ok nw cleared…..I’ll wait impatiently until Tue……oh Tue is gonna be amazing with ur update n Gauri di’s cr……….??

      6. Ammu chechi not fair……dont believe her Jess …..u know I wont do such things right????? Ammu chechi did u know our Jess here was also an English student…….like we r nm……

      7. Jessie

        Hahhah.. Aadia.. thanks for the suggestion…?? Aasthu is already curious..!

        Yep.. Aasthu.. CR is also der.. Yay..!!

  2. S.v

    super awesome baby piyali avangala vidadhiha vidadhi haaa(varthapadadha valibar samgathula oruthar solluvarey remember). Ayyayyaaa oru idiyappa sikkalappa een ya ivanga namba ardhikava nimadhiyavey vazha vida matangala ?? arjunukku nandhiniyala thala vali inga radhikavukku piyaliyala nalla porutham hmm and baby next part lenghty pls. Lovely one love u so much and the flash back part anga fhan ya nee nikkara kalakkal sema punch by radhika ar ada loosu payaley adhu arjun radhikanu kudava theriyadhu ?? avlo nalaavanada neeyu ?? he he he good night naan thunga poren bye love u

    1. Jessie

      Hahaha.. I remember the dialogue..ivanga illama Ardhika yedhu ma…yaaravadhu force panna vendi iruke.. but Ardhika here is opposite to mmz character sketch…clue kuduthuten… thanks a lot baby… no avanuku therinja naala than why nu ketan? Avala love solla vaika padatha paadu paduvan.. bye bye.. love u yoo

  3. Brin

    Outstanding episode, love how Radhika saved a girls innocence, eagerly waiting for the next episode, Jessie you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Brin… yep.. she wanna help the girl by herself.. will post soon.. Thanks again for d appreciation… love u

  4. Jewel

    Ardhika moments are superb Jessie… And Sam she is really cute, I feel her like a small girl. Arjun why he doing this to bs, I waiting for all secret to reveal. Post the next soon Jessie…

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Jewel… am so glad u mentioned ur fav… yes.. Sam is so…thanks being understanding… will post soon dear ..

  5. Rossy

    Piyali ko toh dekhlenge…aur Tumhe bhi..jazzzy u stopped at wrong time again…why everyone hell be t on to torture poor radz…huh…why this stupid Arjun stood like statue when she was leaving…two punch from my side…only person having some brain and sense is prerna…..lovd her…i feel like beatings everyone now…jazzzzzy what about another story….now u write more n more coz m going to stop mine…

    1. S.v

      what are u gonna stop ?? now u are making me into rosie mode. Dont say that again for my sake plsssssssssssssss

      1. Jessie

        Baby…nalla Kelu..! U r ri8..we wanna turn into that mode..!! ?? Rosie..dare to think to stop writing !! ??

    2. Jessie

      Mujhe bhi.. lol…me bhi dek lungi…haha..lal.. wrong time?? Really…! Yep.. prena and Neil..!! Sensible..punch! Punch!.. I won’t stop u… yaar.. u are dangerous..another one.. yet to type…. you don’t find lame excuses..!! And turn people against me..heheh.. if u stop then Arjun will miss ur punches….????.

  6. Jessuuu….thanks for this fast update..I don’t understand what’s the problem with piyali.don’t she have any concern over her daughter? As usual chirpy childish Sam..throwing stones.. Nice idea…from now on I will keep some stones in my bag …and the pendant part ..suupeerb..loved it..from where you get such innovative romantic ideas? ???I have to burn my brain to write some romance..
    And holidays.. tada..
    The best part is as it is Pooja holidays we don’t have to touch books..and I have onemore week vacations as teachers are going for valuation..
    Happy holidays…love you…???

    1. Jessie

      Aadiaaa.. thank u so much.. stones in ur bags.. gosh ..hahah..glad that u enjoyed..
      Wow.. that’s so more week.. enjoy… yea.. I too love this pooja holidays..
      coz for this same reason… so.. we will get next updates of its soon…yay!! Happy holidays and love you too..

  7. Starz

    Super episode Jessie di . Cutie pie….loved it to the core…..I loved the way rads helped the girl…and also the sweet moments of ardhika… request: I want more ardhika scenes.?it’s just a request… you so much and take care..

    1. Jessie

      Thanks starz… my sweetie..Am so happy u loved the chap.. ok dear..and here after no way to turn away frm Ardhika..thats why I explained abt others till now..TC n love u too..

  8. Sangee

    Superb epi jess… That chain scene superb…. Loved to the core waiting for next epi

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Sangee… happy that u liked it…will post soon

  9. Myra

    Jessie akka…..sheer brilliance…..the way you described radhika’s state and the way she helped the other girl was beyond any expression…??

    And now, our arjun is gonna be all worried….and i seriously hope that he finds radhika before she does something to herself or something happens to her….

    God! What kind of woman is piyali? Isnt she even a little remorseful?
    Well, she ought to be.

    Jessie dii, your narration is one of the best. ?
    Love you loads….take care ??

    1. Jessie

      Myra.. Thank u so much….!! Yep..Arjun has to..!! Loved reading ur comment…Thanks for the compliment glad u like it.. love u loads..?

  10. Dipika

    This is indeed awsome one my judwa sis…superb..i always lost my self in ur words…sam n prerna bond..rasa calling her maa due to her miscarriage. Touchy story..AR pendant… Arjun nvr stop teasing huhh…i enjoyed it..but now piyali n rads secret making me anxious like hell…pls darling reveal it soon…love u ..muhhhA

    1. Jessie

      Deeppzzz.. glad that u liked the chap.. Rasam n prena.. yes.. they aren’t blood needs some clarification isn’t.. Arjun..!! Arjun!! Yep..I did expect that..?? mere judwa behen..loads of love…Thanks a lot dear..

  11. Gauri

    fantastic Jess….Radhika’s pain was written beautifully and Sam’s childish nature yes I could see her doing all that….this was one flawless piece of work….and best part was the pendent one….where Arjun recalls his moments with Radhika…awesome Jess loved it 🙂 waiting for next and sorry for being late…my home connection wasn’t working for 5 days … 🙂 love u

    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Gauri… OMG!!!! Ur comment made my day…!! Thanks for mentioning the parts..!! Will post soon… oh..pls.. don’t be.. I posted yesterday not late dear… love u loads..

  12. Sathya

    Jaaaazzzz darling.. First of all m sorry for being late… This is UNBLEMISHED & IMPECCABLE ONE. I just loved it to the core. Ivlo naal en PA née eluthala…. Ur words narration is simply superb. In every episode u r keeping something interestingly n making us intrigued every time. Love u jaaaazzzz

    1. Jessie

      Thanks satzzz… u arent late.. so don’t be.. and tats a gr8 compliment.. thank i so much.. glad u like it.. love u loads dear

  13. Sweetie

    Darling sister,this is so cute yaar.. 😀 Sam and Rads calling Prerna as Maa and the reason behind it.. 🙂 Radhika did give an awesome punishment to the boy,haa!! 😉 Ardhika flashback scenes are too cute.. 😀 Waiting for the next.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot darling sissy…hehe yes.. the punishment..I feel to do that at times….thanks..will post soon.. love u too

  14. Meen

    wow jessie….aradhika flashback scenes were toooo good……..& radhika’s pain…..god…i fell bad for her…….i want more of aradhika scenes….pllllllz…love ya

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Meen..Next has more of Ardhika oly.. Love you dear

  15. Jnana

    Sam is really sooooo cute…… I loved her bond with prerna….. And ardhika was awesome…… And now where is radhika.. ..? And is that her hero or her best friend would search her?…… Post soon….tc…..

    1. Jessie

      Hey Jnana.. Thanks dear.. Best friend is in Delhi na.. Had posted the next one.. TC

  16. _Ritu

    Wow Jesisie…u r rocking wid every epi.. 🙂 Prerna nd Rads bond was so lovely 🙂 nd Piyali…will punch her hard…torturing her own daughter…disgusting women she is… ?? ArDhika’s part was too cute 🙂 🙂 loved it…nd dat stone part…Enjoyed a lot..2 more stones from my side whether dat girl have some connections here??? M all curious..loads of love. 🙂

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Ritu.. woo.. now am happy coz.. u will punch piyali.. am safe.. stones from u.. done.. she will have.. but it takes a long time for her re entry.. u clever!! am so glad that u mentioned ur fav.. loads of love dear 🙂

  17. Jesss my sweeeeeetheart…awesoooooome episode. was very heart touching n emotional epi….I felt rads pain….was so touchy. ….n flashback of ardhika moments was really superbbbb. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡ ;

    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Roma di… U r such a wonderful reader…! Flashes of Ardhika moments are there to come..hope you will like that too… Rads pain…Yes… She has a painful past.. Thanks again… and love u loads di… Bear hugs..

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