Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 7

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Chapter- 7

Prena became tired explaining everything about her company.. Radhika moved to make coffee for them after she got so sure of herself that her decision would be best for Sam..

” Hmm.. So protective over Sam!!” Prena teased.

” Yes.. I don’t want her to suffer at any cost or anyone’s cost.. I can’t blind trust them and BS” Radhika gave a firm reply..

“Now that you are here for her.. why can’t you stay back for her” prena came straight to her point..

Radhika came with coffee mugs inhaling its aroma.. “Wah! Peri..! Perfect shot!”. Prena starred listening Radhika.. ” Now that you have asked..lemme explain.. I am gonna handle BS staying in Delhi.. This 10 days is just a ground work for that.. From next year..Sam will take over BS.. I don’t want Sam to be shoved around..She will learn everything about management in real time..I meant with,it will be good for BS later” she paused only to catch prena gaping at her.. Radhika chuckled saying ” In this one year I too will get to know enough., so that I could support her later being away also.. I will clear all the hurdles, and give a smooth ride for her” sipping her coffee

“What if I deny the tie up now?” Prena asked.

” well..I will go with the other option..swap.. Neil for Sam” she winked. ” I will give ten percent of BS shares for my Idiotic Boss”. Prena audibly gasped listening.” Business darling..!! Let’s go Business” radhika said as she laid her head on Prena’s lap..

“Listen..No need of shares for Neil.,okay” Prena’s stern voice alerted her..

“Why ???” Radhika’s question was left as a unheard one..

“So.. anything special today” prena asked her…

“Nope.. Just gathering clients list and so on.. tch.! if they would have said the reason, There is no need for this long route” Radhika sighed as she got up..

“What will they say., when they themselves aren’t aware of..” Prena’ just like that’ words, fueled her doubts about them “.. Piyu has a habit of hiding facts..will decide based on her priorities and at times invite big troubles.. leading people around her to suffer…” prena said with mixed of emotions ..

“Hmm..” Radhika knelt near her, controlling herself not to dig more and said ” am not sure about their decision..And I don’t want to take a chance with Sam”

“I understand.. and I don’t want the same with you too” Prena said with a motherly concern.

“I am safe.. with u .. with my Idiotic Boss around..with my ss..” she bit her tongue before hugging her..

“Who is that..sss…” prena asked.

“ssam.. who else” Radhika pecked her cheek as she left the place. She read the documents having new set of clauses which Arjun gave..her calls got nothing but a busy tone every time she dialed him.. later her mobile popped up with a message from Arjun


“Paa.. Arjun was in office yesterday..he asked your signature in this.” Radhika said extending a file,as she was about to leave for office..

Samrat was reading it, when Sam chirped happily “Good morning everyone!!.. am ready!!” She hugged Radhika..

“I have told aunt everything.. Be with her.. you are a partner., so heads up..! Understood! ” she paused …” don’t give space for Amit kinda fellows .. and its forty percent.. Read. and. Call me after that” Radhika said feeding her sweet curd..
Sam all the while nodded her head listening her sister’s concern filled instructions…

Piyali stood dazed in stairs watching..

“Forty percent!!!??” Samrat asked..

“Yea..Its good for more arguments” Radhika clipped before whispering in sam’s ears “heard that their food court has tasty dishes” Sam’s eyes widened listening that..

Piyali’s apathetic ‘good luck’ and Samrat’s hopeful “All the best” wishes came behind a hopping Sam.

“Quick Sam.. have a glance at your lucky charm..go” Radhika said as she moved towards Raghav. It’s their Rose garden, which turned as a lucky charm for sam from the day it gave its heart warming view of blooming roses. She asked for it again only to see her kiddo’s smile., a wide smile!!.. which right now she got to see.. Raghav drove for Sam as Radhika asked him to..


The day went very tough for Radhika. Teji came tired with his file.. “Ma’am aren’t we digging too much?” he asked..

She smiled, replying “I am left with no other option… There will be a change in payment clause in contracts done hereafter.. and… who usually does the contract works here?”

“It’s Amit Ma’am” he clipped before he left for to catch his missed meal..

She worked more on client company details., when Teji came again “Ma’am.. I guess., Arjun sir could help you..He recently went through all client company list and contracts..”

“Recently?!!!” she asked in surprise.

“A month back.. I assisted him.. Its was a couple of weeks work.. ” he continued after her nod ” But .,he went through accounts and clients alone..not employees and that too of 3 years not 5 years” he said pointing the difference.

“Lack of experience.. thats why I had elaborated the work I guess” she said after a thoughtful moment of wondering on the need for Arjun to work on all this..

Teji’s face fell hearing her “No..Ma’am..I din’t mean that.. I thought he could be a help.. I have no qualms in assisting further..” he replied immediately.

“Hmmm..then forward me the 3 years client list” she said thinking to deal the rest later..

“Ma’am., we have no soft copies” Teji said in low voice.. She leaned back raising her brows with a smile.. “Actually, sir has everything in his files, I don’t know about the details I shared with his system., but he deleted it from our office I did afresh..” Teji was looking like a school kid annoyed with his homework.

“But.,You could have told me earlier isn’t.. I would have asked him in my way” Radhika said., but her mind replayed Sam’s suggestion for Arjun “So., Is Arjun sir here? ” She asked

“He din’t come today Ma’am…and please Ma’am…please don’t say about me” Teji requested her..

She nodded in assurance.It’s almost 4 pm..every cell of her body ached for relaxation.”That’s enough for today” she mumbled arranging her desk.. her front desk attendant informed in her office phone,about Raghav waiting for her. She locked her cabin before rushing down..

“Ma’am.. sorry for the delay..your lunch” Raghav spoke much like a every other employee there, when she reached lobby.. It must be Sam’s idea of sending lunch..a smile crept on her face at the thought of her kiddo’s affection on her..

After her lunch,she had a hearty talk with Riya which included the details about the upcoming events for Cheer beats. She suddenly remembered why her dad din’t meet her still after finishing legal procedures regarding the tie-up.. She moved fast to meet him.. The empty chairs in her office made her realize about time,office hours got over.. Has she been on call for more than a hour? she shook her head at her unbelievable talkative nature, moving towards Samrat’s cabin only to face a worst moment of her day with Piyali..

“Your dad din’t come to office today.. And you work that sincere, you fail to notice people’s presence” Piyali took the opportunity to taunt her.

Radhika knew Piyali would find fault with everything related with her. she chose silence.. But.,Piyali failed to have a hold on the vicious choice of words she threw, while reprimanding Radhika., which infuriated her more..

” Enough!!! ” Radhika screamed., ” Not a word on my effort.! I can’t and won’t tolerate that.” She said raising her fore finger as a warning..seconds passed in silence.. she laughed a sardonic one before saying “I doubt.,if u had ever loved Sam…and … Am sure!… You won’t think twice.. ah.. not even worry to throw her under the bus to compensate a fiasco in your life.. your life.. a life., having hopes on money more than love
and affection”

” What did you say” piyali growled in anger listening Radhika’s counter attack for her insults..

” I said., You. are. a .bl**dy selfis….”

“Radhikaaa..” piyali raised her hand to slap before Radhika could complete her word.,but her hand froze in mid way as Samrat came in with Arjun pushing the door open. Both the men were shocked, and their smiles got vanished spotting the unexpected view before them. Radhika’s glowering eyes caught Piyali’s distraction, and she turned to see what had the power to stop her from being slapped. It’s her dad. Her lips quirked up for a painful smile.. But., looking Arjun behind him, her eyes fell downcast.

“Samr..” Piyali’s words trailed off when samrat gestured her not to talk, with his raised palm. Samrat asked Arjun to leave him from the place., and saw his daughter’s face which looked dejected. Her welled up eyes spoke the amount of anger it held seconds before.. He was at loss of words.
Hadn’t he tried his level best to avoid every chance of such situation to happen?Still… If not he left with Arjun for signing the deal, his princess would have got spared..

“Iam sorry” Samrat said in a weak throaty voice which expressed his pain.. Radhika pushed his hand when he tried to embrace her and strode outside.. Radhika walked past Arjun. Arjun noticed her a second later as he was punching numbers in his mobile, before he made his move to get her, his call got answered.

“Arjun.. what happened” the words and voice expressing anxiety.

Arjun stood in silence, looking Radhika leave their office wiping her tears. She needs him..He need to go there..He took a step,but the voice held him behind..

“Arjun..Arjun..are you there?”

“Yes..Yes.. Am here.. umm..Actually..I made the deal happen.. I want to share this happiness with you..” he said like a statement.

“Congrats Arjun”

“Hmm.. Nandu..Are you better now?” His concern filled voice was greeted back only with a hummed response.. He spoke for a while before reaching the car parking.. Radhika had left.. He saw Samrat walking with,a highly exasperated Piyali,towards their vehicle.. He couldn’t figure out anything as now he was also too confused on his plans..


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  1. Myra

    Jessie akka… was amazing….loved it….piyu and radhika ka tashan…….loved radhika’s care on sam. What’s arjun’s plan?
    Update soon
    Love you loads ?

    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Myra.. yay!! Tashan!! Wah.. Arjun’s plan… there was a hint…!!! Rasam.. yes.. keep sharing ur views.. will post soon dear.. love u loads.. 🙂

  2. Nanduuuu…wats arjun doing with her now…ohh the story twisting more..nice sooon

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    1. Jessie

      Baby u r clever..!! Found piyu has prob with both d girls… iva thana ponum nu nikra.. parpom…… Avan rendu pakam pesunadhuku anubhavipan baby..!! Lol…thanks a lot dear.. naan than baby solla poren.. vera yaaru… will post soon dear…!! Love u too. ☺

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    1. Jessie

      Hey.. Thanks Ansh!! I like this name.. In PV.. the kid name was Ansh.. will post soon.. 🙂
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      Starzzz.. where were u??? I did missed ur view…Thanks a lot dear…am happy u liked the way it’s moving…love u loads dear… will post soon ☺

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    1. Jessie

      Am fine sweeto… tu kaise ho?? I missed u lil sissy…and abt the doubts.. piyu.. ATR..All Time Rude..!! Haha.. well she is.. coz wat1 she plans1 isnt happening na…. u read those??I thought u dint like…coz I searched u in comments section..anyways.. Thanks a lot dear… will post soon.. yeah. Ik.. love u loads lil sissy… 🙂

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    . Y she is so angry on her. Their equations r not st all good. From where this nandu came. Oh God she should not create pbm. For ardhika.

    1. Jessie

      Satz.. Thanks a lot Yaar.. piyu is moonju thookifying with everyone na…u dint notice a.. Nandu is there frm the origin time of MMZ…lol.. we need her…lol… Ardhika.
      Naan irukenle.. viduvena..??

  10. Dipika

    Jessss darling wher were u hidden for this days ..this us awesome chapter… I just loved rasam bond. They r true sisters ..why piyali hv hardship towards rads…suspense killing me…y she always doubt rads. N us there any secret behind aradhika love lyf..m too curious.. Posy soon darling.. Love u..muhhaa

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      Thanks a lot Gauri…. yea..she is…Fingers crossed for Arjun… thanks again…love u loads… 🙂

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