Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 6

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Chapter -6

Radhika stirred in her sleep as the alarm kept ringing on.. It’s Sunday.. Still she needs to go to office, she sighed as got fresh.. She could hear some kitchen noises.. What’s prena aunt doing this early she thought as she came out..

“Good Morning Peri darlingg” she pecked Prena’s cheek, who was sipping her morning coffee..

“Morning.. Radhu.. and.. why are you up so early today?” Prena asked though she knew the reason.

“To Office.. Am having lots of pending works” Radhika replied with a sigh.

“Hmm.. What’s the rush even then.. you went yesterday too isn’t?”

“But what’s the use?” Radhika’s coffee mug landed with a force.. She pouted angrily..

“Its just three days …” prena was cut off in middle

“Yes..three days..! And I couldn’t find anything” Radhika said with much annoyance which made prena ask ” what do you think you want to find?”.

Radhika’s eyes shifted from table to prena’s face.. A Calm face with a ever soothing smile..she had always felt a motherly affection in her warm hug. She trusts prena more than anyone in this world..more than. Anyone!. She had often thought Neil is so lucky to have a mother like her..
Prena is a motherly figure in her life…if not with her.,then with whom will she share her doubts and confusions…
There prena sat with extreme patience for Radhika’s reply.. She knew her ever since her birth..It’s only prena who would Radhika share everything.,but something was there still which she never said to her..
Prena knew Radhika is a stoic girl..She squeezed her palm in assurance..

” Do u think paa’s health is the actual reason for we being forced inside BS”

Prena was astonished for a moment listening her.. Piyali is extremely clever in concealing the facts. So,Prena turned as a mute spectator for everything related to khannas, for years..

“Your dad was unwell.. he got a massive heart know that isn’t?” Prena said convincing while she herself got confused seeing Radhika thoughtful..

Radhika asked” and what gave him a heart attack..” looking Prena’s face..

Now what would Prena say.. how could she reason some thing, when she herself had the doubt.. “Health issues come any one can pick a reason..hmm??”

Radhika nodded negative with eyes fixed on table.

“Maaa.. I fear.. I fear something, which I myself isn’t clear about..” when she saw prena listening her intently she continued
” Dad was hell bent to get me here..but Mom wanted Sam for BS. Overall they wanted us for the could have happened like every other normal incident. but they forced us like there is no tomorrow..they want me to take over BS. Paa wants shares transferred.. This is not the impact of a heart attack.”

Prena just nodded.. ” why to rush? We have time isn’t.? And you know.. when I refused to come home like before,Dad cried saying to consider this as his last wish..” Radhika was by now almost in tears..prena went to her side,rubbing her back.. Radhika hugged her while crying..

” Sshh.. Till we are there.. you needn’t fear for anything.. I will find what you wanted to..”Prena said patting her head.

She sniffed and continued..”and that’s why Neil fought with me..asked me not to speak with him for 10 days..”

“Why ten days?” Prena was by now confused by this childish ‘not to speak fight’ between come this grownups come with such..she is sure Neil will be the one to do this idiotic thing..

” No idea..we were arguing..he blamed that am so dependent on him., and he blabbered a lot. Stupid fellow”

Prena bit her cheeks to control her smile.. She felt bad seeing Radhika..This girl has gone through a lot., and now., things are more messed up around her.,and why to trouble her more.

” leave Radhu..lemme kick him out of the house once he returns.” Prena said with anger..

” hmm..yes.. should beat also..! No food..No water!! ” Radz came up with more conditions..

“Done!! ” prena said blinking her eyes and Radhika giggled ..

Prena wiped her tears and asked ” so what did you do in these 3 days” ,as anything related to work alone could make her bright.. And it worked

” hmm..I guessed may be some financial issues…so I went through Accounts..” she said while munching chips over there.

” For 3 days??” Prena moved asking with confusion..” why does a already maintained accounts took 3 days?” She scratched her head.After all, she is also a Successful Business woman managing Mumbai’s one of the best Event Management Company.. Unlike Piyali,Prena
is from a Business background family..

“Hehehhe.. I went through Accounts of past 5 years.” Saying so she winked. Prena pretended to bang her head on wall..

” Perii darlinggg.. ” Radhika said sauntering towards Prena..”I was absent here for four four plus one..Five years.. I want to know what happened in my absence. And.. you know..nothing could happen in all of a sudden ..having a MD like my dad..” she said like a explanation..

Prena felt Radhika has some more reason other than she gave. She Patted Radhika’s Shoulder before saying “Samrat is Lucky to have a daughter like you.. and I will make your favorite aloo parathas before you get ready..”

Sam was already tired of working like hell for the past two days. So., Radhika thought to go alone today.. She got ready, with her already available dresses, informing Samrat and asked to give the keys through Raghav.. She started as fast as she could after having a heavenly breakfast..


“Arjun.. Arjun..Pls.. no..” Radhika was pleading in between her laughter, but Arjun was in no mood to let her go.. he was tickling her continuously.. Radhika won’t stop laughing if she starts once..

She crossed her arms across her stomach saying “Ah.. My Stomach hurts” she looked exhausted.. Arjun gave a break, next second, she gained over Arjun with both legs on either side..Arjun was on his jeans lying bare torso., and she started tickling him., her efforts weren’t enough.. he was least laughing..

Arjun laughed looking her annoyed face..

“Laugh..laugh..” she said poking her fingers on his ribs and abs..

“Aah.. Radhika that’s insane.. stop that…” he said in between his try to hold her fingers.. his right hand covered her waist like a band pushing her towards his lying form..

“Am not over reactive like you” he said throaty voice..

” over reactive?!!!.me?!!” She got up and said ” lemme see how non reactive you are” with that she kissed his cheek..

Arjun stayed unaffected but his face had a smirk.She bent towards his lips..Her face was close to his observing his reaction., Arjun felt her fingers on his lips then it trailed from his neck towards down teasing him.

“Radhika..” he voice turned hoarse and he tried to hold her hand, but she was fast doing the same with other hand, giggling.

“Tit for tat.. Tease for tease” she said mischievous.. He saw her wicked smirk. He felt her finger nearing his zipper..No!! He wanna hold her hand and…he rolled over her only to get hit by his bed side table’s corner.. He sat up rubbing his temple., blinking at his bed..
He face palmed himself next second..

“I must be world’s first guy to dream of getting molested by my girl”. He laughed a little before moving down the bed..

“Radhika”he murmured standing in shower.. Flashes of Radhika knocking down the vase and avoiding him for the past two days disturbed him.. But his dream din’t fail to cheer his mood.. Its 11.30.he got ready to office laughing, smirking.,blushing.,and slapping his forehead every now and then.. The parking was clear with no vehicles.. Its Sunday!!. He strode towards office..

Radhika’s mobile flashed Raghav’s number. She picked in first ring

“Babyji.. Arjun is coming inside the office.. ”

“Oh..!!” She said in surprise.. “Ok.. I will call you later”.

She could see Arjun walking swiftly towards Amit’s desk and pulling out a file from a stack arranged.,as she was in Samrat’s cabin.. He was keen reading the papers and moved to his cabin.. After a few minutes she too went to her cabin.. There was no one other than these two inside the office.

It has been half an hour.. “Accounts are clear..hmm..Debts.. okay..!! ” Radhika murmured as she went through last page of her file, she heard printer being operated.. She controlled herself not to step out of the cabin..

Arjun was busy checking the printed documents., he saw Radhika’s cabin to look different..Ignoring his thought he went with his work.. Again, he felt something odd, walked towards her cabin..He stood a moment before pushing the door open.. There he saw, Radhika reading a file with pen in between her lips..Two laptops were simultaneously displaying something,while few files were scattered on her table, and hair pulled into a messy bun.. He stood wondering if it was a dream again.. She looked his standing form and continued working in laptop.. He din’t move a inch.. that’s it.. It’s tough now. She averted her gaze from the screen..

“What?” she asked with her hand supporting chin..

“you” he replied ..

“Me? What me?? what did I do”” she asked .. “What din’t you do?” his mind screamed.. He shook his head and sat before her smiling..

“What are you doing here? On sunday!! and whats with this heavy duty works you both sisters do now a days..?” he enquired casually..

“Even I too can ask the same” she said..

“Well..I thought to make a contract earlier.. so., I came to finish the paper works. and you?”

“Just to get know about this senior.. How is this company doing?” she asked

“Good.. and have a chance to do more well in near future.. having me here” he said confident.

“Then.. Lucky me..To have you here” She said as she switched off her systems. She saw him looking at her intently.. “Are you done with your work?.. Hey.. how did you come inside?” she asked

He laughed.. “You should have asked this in first place.. Your dad had given me a spare key already and no one here knows it other than the security ” he said moving out..

She sat bewildered.. Does dad trust him to the extent of sharing company keys without mom’ s knowledge? Really! The health issue took a toll on his brain she thought..Though she is head over heels for Arjun, she couldn’t digest or take this easy.. she herself wondered at that..

Arjun came with a file and gave her a quire of papers asking to file it. “Am your boss” she said with arrogance, hands on her hips..

He twisted her ear next second saying “Am I working for your rival company? Do it!!”. She glared him before filing those papers.. He went busy with switching off printer and gathering another set of file..

“Even I don’t carry files to home.. Are you going to eat those papers?” she asked careless,when he din’t react, she said “wait.. I will dismiss you tomorrow ”

“Seems the treatment isn’t enough” he said walking towards her.. she pushed his hand and ran fast only to stagger stepping on her skirt.. He came fast to hold her saying, “why do you wear long skirts and run”

“Okay senior.. will wear micro mini skirts from tomorrow” she said walking with him..

He shook his head and took the stairs.. “Senior..Lift” she stood behind..

“Just 2 floors.. come with me” he said while stepping down.. She stood before him when he reached down.. ” I was tired” she reasoned.. He waited after unlocking the door.

“Good that, you too locked the door while working alone” he said while walking.. She pulled him towards her car., Raghav came forward seeing them “Bhaiya.. Arjun! My senior.. My friend.. ”
“Arjun.. Raghav Bhaiya.. ” she gave a mutual introduction.. Raghav was happy seeing Radhika smiling !. Arjun thought for a second after nodding to Raghav, but said “then.. Radhika..Bye..” and moved.

“I thought to have a ride with you” she said surprising Raghav..

“Come” he extended his hand.. She waved bye to Raghav and walked towards Arjun.. Arjun smiled with a assuring nod to Raghav, who was observing the pair intently.. He felt Arjun to be more than a friend.

“I am alone today isn’t, that’s why Raghav Bhaiya was here” she said before getting in his car..

“Read the contract.” he gave her the file sitting inside the car..

She sighed ‘Okay.. Take me to any restaurant..” she said glancing the file.. Arjun saw her ear slightly pink and rubbed it to ease her pain “was that hard” he asked.

“This won’t work.. I will dismiss you” she said again. He laughed fastening the seat belt. “wow!! You had changed the clause regarding their payment..I thought about that today..” She exclaimed in happiness.

“Impressive! You had went through the documents.. Good job Junior! So.. what is the status of my dismissal now?”

“Hmm..Propose me! I will cancel it” she said smiling .. He remained silent.. Radhika was curiously looking his face but he fired the engine.

“Arjun..” she called him as the car moved. He applied brakes hearing her, “Don’t you know how much I love you..
Is there something that stops you from accepting me ?” She asked point -blank. ” Am extremely sorry for what I did.. Am sorry..” she walked away without waiting for his reply.

He was happy inside when she called him by his name ,her voice.. it had her love.. Arjun came behind her, “Radhika, Listen” his eyes searched Raghav, and he wasn’t there. He pulled her towards him..

” I know, I had hurt you” she said wiping her tears..

“Yes.. It did hurt me.. ! a lot ! ” he said cupping her cheeks and wiping the tears.. “For God’s sake, stop crying” he said annoyed..

“Am sor..” she was cut in “Enough! Listen Me! It’s over! and Forget that” he said in a calm raised voice to make her understand..

“Then Propose me” she said in a meek voice.

He smiled at her nature and hugged her tightly to his chest like a long lost treasure.. ” I will.. ” he chuckled ’cause I don’t want to be dismissed” he said laughing and got smacks on his stomach.. she started beating being in his hug., he loosened his grip at one point unable to bear her punches, “Don’t you want a dream proposal” he asked rubbing his back.. She nodded negative looking the ground.. He sensed her hurt.. ” Radhika.. Am all yours. I love you..Love you.. Love you till my last breath. I can’t even imagine my life without you ” He said hugging her close.. She pushed herself into his clasp.. He felt his shirt wet because of her tears.. ‘why do you always find a public place to ask about our love” he said to
convince her, but felt her grip turning strong.. “Shall we move? Its parking you know” he said slowly caressing her head.. “Am sorry Radhika.. I won’t hurt you” she pulled her head back after a second.. “you din’t”

“May be..I would have..” he said realizing her expectation on him..she would have definitely waited in these 2 years for him to come back, he thought and looked her who was starring his face.he pecked her nose and said “Lets move”

Radhika was happy but her smile din’t reach her eyes., Arjun cursed himself for spoiling her liveliness.. He served each dish of her choice saying “I love you ” while he fed her.. she was just smiling for all his antics.. He took her to beach as a surprise., and within minutes she started playing with some kids in water.. He sat admiring her, still unable to believe that she was yearning for him to propose. She splashed water on him,smiling, in no time Arjun went chasing her, finally she was laughing her heart out..Radhika went on blabbering about cars., and their interiors when they were riding back.

“Do you like this car or not?” he asked her confused.

“I love it…Black Skoda Superb.. and you looked too cool when you got down wearing brown shirt yesterday..” she blurted and bit her tongue. He rolled his eyes realizing the meaning..

“Hmm.. you were having your eyes on me staying inside the cabin.. I see..” he said.

When she guided with the route to prena’s place. “I stay here” she said pointing the apartment,he was confused, but he can’t see her crying again. So he let that go. He nodded giving, her the file.. “Go through it and call me.. And this is not Fair.. You din’t propose me yet..”

She giggled saying “It’s my turn!”

“I want a dream proposal. ” he said banging the steering wheel with his fists.

She laughed at his antics “Okay then..I will come in your dreams to propose” she said animatedly.. With the words ‘dream’ Arjun was pulled back to his dreams. Radhika poked his ribs, after getting no response from him, though she called him twice.. He jerked at that. “Don’t do that” Arjun held her hand..

Radhika grinned a mischievous one, poking further,”Why? why?” she enjoyed irritating him “You are over reacting,” she said finally.. He shook his head, entertaining her more.

“Whats up, senior” she asked..

“Go home” he said with straight face..

“You look cute” she kissed his left cheek, surprising him..


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      Thanks a lot Satz… kaliyug Satz.. Arjun delays in proposing…bechari Radz…lol…am so happy u liked Ardhika scenes.. lengthy one.hmmm

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      Omg!! Punchings.. naa.. u have mistaken
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