Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 5

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Chapter- 5

Neil unlocked his apartment, when his mobile flashed a sorry message from Preeti. He flopped over the couch with his thoughts being occupied by Kavin’s words. The more his mind try to rationalize the incidents the more he felt bad.. Somewhere he felt he is responsible for kavin’s accusations.. May be he is right., but what’s the use if only, he know that.. The moment his eyes flew open it caught Radhika and Sam’s picture in its vision. He had seen Radhika caressing Sam’s picture every night before her sleep.. He know about her undying affection for Sam.
But Still., Radhika avoided to meet her for 4 years.. She kept herself away from the place where her heart craved to be.
He never knew… He never knew why she was so adamant in her every decision of detaching herself from her family.. Yet he did put up with. He stood like a pillar beside her, with zero knowledge about the reason behind her will. His shrewd friend never failed to mask it with her arrogance., sharp tongued., and cold behavior. Don’t he know about his childhood friend ? The thought din’t fail to bring a smirk
on his already handsome face.. He heaved a sigh.. Yet., she tried the same with him..

She took a rental apartment being a millionaire., accepted to be a working partner in Cheer beats.. Working partner!! Cheer beats!! His mind got resonant with a year back events.. After their masters.,he never thought Radhika would prefer to stay back in Delhi.. She came with all excuses of becoming Self reliant, independent , creating a own career..and what not.. Did she really think he would believe all these?

“Am I one among your every other friend to believe this?” He still remembered him questioning her while travelling towards Greater Noida for a never happened take over. He was then in Mumbai for 10 days., Radhika being herself took the opportunity to find out a company of her choice for the take over. She came up finishing the paper works and took him to the company. He was perplexed ,still he accompanied .
He tried hard to stop the takeover process to happen.. She had sorted out things in extreme finality that he couldn’t find a logical reason which finally made him to say those vile words “Look Chasini.. We may be friends.. But when comes to Business, I can’t dance to your tunes. It’s my decision as I am the investor.. Its Final. Drop it” He cursed the situation still which made them both to face such a day. She completely withdrew herself from him.

She would have vacated the flat , if Neil din’t apologize at the last moment when she stood with her bags packed. It took nearly 3 months for her to speak with him as before.. But still., he knew she has those words in her heart.. He did feel the hurt of hers so fresh when every time she utters the word “Boss”. He tried his level best to make her taste all bitter medicines, still she was so determined not to go back to her home.. Every time when she came up with those novel business ideas, he rejected it., with a expectance that she would regret her decision of asking him be the investor, but she went a step ahead with her working partner idea shocking him.. What was the need? what was the need to struggle here, to convince him to be the investor of her start up when she herself could be the one., to fiddle around searching companies for a take over.. the questions… the same questions which drilled his mind and heart for long , still remained as questions testing his cool head. He banged his fist on the couch and got up abruptly… He stopped on his tracks hearing the door bell.. He couldn’t decipher who would come to their apartment at this time.. There was a delivery person with a box in his hand..

“Sir.. Radhika..?”‘ the guy asked

“Hmm..Yes..She is in office.. May I know …” he was cut off by the guy

“Sir.. Ma’am had placed a order for this showpiece in our crafts gallery..” Neil’s thoughtful face made him to explain more, “….some 5 days before sir.. she preferred a peculiar piece which took some time to reach us from our source”

Neil signed and got it.. She had done the payment already.. What could it be? He unwrapped impatiently and saw the glass made hand painted Peacock showpiece.. of nearly 3ft height.. The same.. Which Neil broke a week before, in the heat of the moment,while arguing with her.. wasn’t that his favorite.. He used to simply adore the view, when sun light seep in those colored fanout feathers of the standing bird piece. He
kept in the same place where the rays could reach.. He lived the serene moments passing by.. “Come what may Raddzie.. I will be there with you.. You can’t outwit me this time..” he smiled.. His mobile reminded him to visit cheer beats.. A smile played in his lips.. He never expected that Radhika would sign deal with corporate companies being in a music band company.. He accepted this music band idea., just for the reason it was a not so business like one.. Just a music band.. Whats gonna happen? How long she will conduct concerts? After all this is not her cup of tea..he thought so.. and that’s the reality too..
A person like her could enjoy a concert once in a year., but what when she gets the same as her business?!!. He did invest with that same thought., expecting her to quit it at every minute of the hour. But.. she..The witch.. cast her business spell here too.. Neil was shocked when she happily announced him “Just 6 more months buddy.. you will see the new face of your company…Nope our company Cheer beats.. reaching
new heights.. flying high..”

He remembered Samrat’s words “Am not saying this, ’cause she is my child.. Give her a clay model.. She will make it worth of few dollars..” Neil laughed then “Neil..Mark my words.. she will bring a moment in our life to remember this” .

“But you were never aware of those heart attacks people get having her around.. God bless you Uncle.!!. ” He smiled saying to himself .. Want to know who is her first victim.. Let me call sam, saying so he dialed.. but it remained unanswered.. Sam never does so… May be enjoying the moment., watching her sister pulling new stunts.. probably cheering her up more.. he laughed at his thoughts on khanna sisters..


Radhika knew about Piyali, she doesn’t believe unless things happen in real., and when it is something related to Radhika., she won’t believe even if she witness the reality.. So, It wasn’t tough for Radhika to guess about her parents move. Might be dad would have tried calling Prena aunt., and Mom would have said not to go with my words., she thought as she went to meet them,. As she entered., the view failed to surprise her as
she witnessed her guess to happen in real.. But it did seemed to be a heated argument. A reminder in her mobile made her realize that she has already wasted half of her day.. It beeped with the message ‘Accounts and Background check on staffs’, throwing life to her mobile screen.. She forgot her tasks to be done!., to be done within this 10 days. Each and every detail about BS., and it’s not easy for her to sort out things fast.,that was the reason she made a planner before she reached Mumbai., so that nothing could hold her back when she pack her bags to Delhi. But.. What had happened.. she heaved a sigh, mumbling “That’s ok” as a effort to convince herself.. She saw her Mom ready to enquire her. Ah.! not again, her brain alarmed her.. ‘Be first’

“I need to go through the account details.. So.. Paa…” she said in a uncaring voice which irritated Piyali..

” Listen.. stop ordering around.. The tie up is not gonna happen ” Piyali spoke moving to her chair.. Sam who tagged along with her sister just rolled her eyes on Radhika’s side..

Radhika knew this would come.. ” Ohh!! I.. See…” Radhika said with a mock in her voice.. “Sam.. 2 more days here.. Finish your works assigned for you.. No new assignments.” she clipped more like a order facing Sam.

Sam caught Radhika’s eyes signalling her to leave.. ” Ok..” she said before opening the door..

“This is Arrogant..!!” Piyali yelled banging the file on her desk as she stood up. Sam turned around at that..
The next second., Radhika knocked down a china porcelain vase yelling in a equal high tone “Much .. Here!!” . The shattered vase which was feets away from her, explained her temper.. Yes.. Indeed it shocked everyone.. But what shocked Radhika was Arjun!, Arjun stood in the middle of their office., watching this. He seemed to be on a call..! A day couldn’t be worse anymore.. She sighed, moving away from the place…

Things would have happened as per her planner if Sam wasn’t there.. And Arjun. The Ultimate reason.!!. She hasn’t expected both of them here, in BS, not even in her dreams.. She went through the phone line extensions list and called Sam.. “Kiddo.. Ask someone to bring account details here” She hung the call without waiting for her response.. From now on., it’s going to be work.. work and only work alone.
She felt the need to tame her heart not to palpitate at the sight of her love.. Her fist was time and again punching her table impatiently when she heard her door knock.. It was Sam..

“Di.. everyone out for lunch.. I will ask them once they return” Sam said silently standing near the door.

“Come in, Sam.. ” She smiled.. “can you please help me?” sounding little like a plead..

“Yes..” Sam sat mentally preparing herself to act professional with her chin up in the air.. Radhika laughed at that..

“Stop it., Sam..It looks funny.. ” she said smiling.. Sam tried to glare like Piyali, but failed, again she tried glaring side ways,and again.. which at last made both the sisters burst into fits of laughter..

“Please…Sam.. This is the reason I hung the call abruptly.. Ahh.. Be serious girl..!! ” Radhika spoke, wiping her tears. Sam was still in her laughter session with water blurred vision.. “Di..di..”

“Kiddo.. Please..” Radhika continued as sam nodded. ” I need to have a check on everything that’s about BS.. and I need a trust worthy person to help me in this.. Suggest a person”

“Hmm.. Arjun Sir!! he could help.. ” Sam said after thinking for a moment..

“Why so?”

” ..’cause.. he is senior head so with his work, he deals almost every department here.. Trust worthy.. Clever..” Sam was cut off..

“But.. Strong head.. so someone else” Radhika said as she felt him to be the major distraction

“Oh!..yes.. He will ask lot of questions.. u know!! ..” sam admitted as she got into her thinking mode. Radhika chuckled before checking her mails..

. “Teji..!! di.. Teji..!! ” she screamed after a minute.. “Listen di.. He is silent.. Obedient.. talented but little timid.. So.. I think he may help you.. No.. He will..” Sam said confident..

“Hmm.. ok.. Give me brief info about the employees here.. “Radhika said as she sat straight . The seriousness in her eyes din’t fail to reach Sam..Sam gave a crisp and clear information about everyone. They discussed few things in the same way.. Radhika adored her kiddo’s keen observation on everyone.. She is already enough clever to tackle people.. A thought of., ‘none could cheat her kiddo in her absence
with their looks or behaviors’., raised her confidence level.. She was listening with a smile and Sam sat observing her sister whom she had got to meet after 4 long years..

“dii.. I think Teji will be the perfect Slave..” Sam chuckled.. “After all, you are not less than a dictator, you know .. but he is timid, so don’t frighten him” she said laughing..

Radhika rolled her eyes listening Sam.. They got back to their work after few more minutes of chat.. Teji., did seem to be like what Sam said.. He assisted her with necessary details without enquiring much, but clever enough to suggest good ideas sensing her anxiety behind her briskness.. He waited till every single person to leave and started working on Employee details. He came with a cd, “Ma’am .. I have mailed and this is a spare copy.” he clipped and left..

Radhika went to prena’s place. They had their dinner together and Prena knew Radhika would stay there.. She discussed about the tie-up surprising Prena..

“Not even a day.. you decided something big.. what did Piyu and Samrat say? ” she asked as she know that Piyali would not agree for this..

“They Said Yes!! Now, Peri darling.. you discuss with my Boss!” she said as she moved to clean the kitchen.

“Radhu.. No need to do all that.. Come here!! ” Prena called her.

“Perii..I will finish it before My Boss says Yes..” She stood in her stand.

Prena dialed Neil. Neil was eager for the updates and was shocked to know he was the first victim..

“Noooooo!!” he screamed a big one making prena to rub her ears..

“Mom.. She will dominate, Mom!! Don’t say yes! and Sam…Oh god!! why me?!! ” he whined like a fear stricken kid annoying Prena.

“Stop your drama, Neil” she yelled.. Radhika giggled listening that..

“I have no problem.. So, better you think well and call me back” She ordered..

“I won’t call you” Neil said before Prena could cut the call..

After some 15 minutes, Neil called and said “Mom.. Am Ok with it.. But., I don’t want her to decide things in haste.. you try to get know the reason” in a calm voice.. Prena just hummed in response.

“I did want her to look after BS.. but.. I can’t understand the reason behind this.. ” he shared his confusion before wishing her for night..

Later, Radhika slept with her head in prena’s lap after discussing about Prena’s company details..


Raghav was zooming his vision in the picture in his hand, to set the Rose garden,when Radhika arrived in early hours.. He came fast walking to the porch..He saw her with a expectation.. “Super” she gave a thumbs up and tapped her car bonnet.. Raghav’s face lit with happiness at her response about the altercations done in her car, he extended the photo . she said’ “Double ok” enthusiastically with a thumbs up again. She gained speed while hopping inside “Good ..Morning ..Babyji” Raghav almost yelled to his heart content.. She was in the middle of the hall, turned and gave a salute. He returned the same and went back to his work..This was one of their habit since Radhika’s childhood.. Raghav smiled remembering little Radhika demanding him to salute her daily morning and evening..

Radhika ran in stairs, went to Sam’s room.. “Sam.. Hurry up.. With me to office.. ” she said to her sleeping form.. her brows furrowed listening her di’s voice.. Radhika moved out quickly, only to come back again saying “And for heaven’s sake.. No formals.. Plazzo pants..okay??”
she pressed her lips not to laugh when she saw Sam’s eyes opening wide “Reaallyy” she screeched..

“Yes.. Its horrible to watch you walking like a Robotic Duck” Sam rolled her eyes and frowned which made Radhika to laugh a unwomanly one..

Samrat came there listening to her and said “Robotic duck” he grinned widely.. Sam made a fake cry pout face..

“ofhho!! Santa claus!! move your Pot belly aside..I can’t see the carpet on the other side” Radhika said hifi’ing with Sam..

Samrat stood with his hands on hips faking a angry face, Sam gave a flying kiss saying “You are the most cutieful papa” .Samrat pretend to catch it, Radhika side hugged and gave a playful smack on his belly saying “and Naughtyful too” . She moved fast asking sam to get ready… Samrat felt it to be a blissful moment.. “Am so happy” he said himself walking downstairs..

Piyali was surprised when both girls came down at 7.30 for breakfast.. While samrat and sam were busy making faces at each other., Radhika pushed the tasteless oats, toast inside her mouth.. It’s her mom’s choice of menu . Sam was shocked when Radhika swallowed her food as fast as she could, ‘di.. I thought we will get something tasty… eatable like foods …only if you demand” she sighed looking her dad. He too nodded like a kid..

“I have no time to argue for food.. and Open your mouth if you want something of your choice” She said dismissive, she felt her tongue turning numb after having oats.. She gulped the orange juice in one go.. Sam had it unwillingly and hurried along with her..

Raghav came running towards them, Radhika’s face immediately got its shine.. He extended two bars of chocolates to both of them.. She rolled her eyes getting it.. Samrat stood watching.. “Tataa..Babaaye” he waved at them, Sam laughed at that.

“Bhaiya.. what happened today?” Sam asked a normal one.. But Radhika saw his eyes welling up.. Sam moved to get inside the car, Radhika turned before getting in, waved him.. Raghav felt someone patting his back as he wiped his tears.
“What happened Raghav?” Samrat asked him..
Raghav said “Did you see Baby ji, Sahib! … ” his words failed.. Samrat could understand him. He had seen Raghav in tears in these four years when she stayed away.. It’s only his Babyji chant which made Samrat and sam to believe she will definitely come back., and it happened..At times,
Raghav made him wonder that may be he did miss to understand his daughter..

“Sahib.. Pls don’t let her go again” Raghav’s plead made Samrat to remember his fault..


So., Guys.. How is this chapter.. don’t forget to share ur views.. Next will have Ardhika the most… and I have typed some.. here is a precap..

Arjun laughed looking her annoyed face..

“Laugh..laugh..” she said poking her fingers on his ribs and abs..

“Aah.. Radhika..thats’s insane.. stop that…” he said in between his try to hold her fingers.. his right hand covered her waist like a band pushing her towards his lying form..

“Am not over reactive like you” he said in a throaty voice..

” over reactive?!!!.me?!!” She got up and said ” lemme see how much non reactive you are” with that she kissed his cheek..

Arjun stayed unaffected but his face had a smirk.She bent towards his lips.Her face was close to his observing his reaction..


Take care and loads of love to u all… Thanks for Reading..

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