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Chapter -4

Silence prevailed throughout the cabin though four persons were present. Sam’ s mobile ringtone brought everyone out of their own world of thoughts. she cursed glancing Neil’s name flashing in her mobile. Radhika listening the ringtone Chokra jawan re,knew its Neil. she sat leisurely with her right palm supporting her cheek, with amusement in her eyes, gestured Sam to attend the call.. Sam quickly said “Iam in office,
will call u later, bye”. a fast splash of words made the call last for 3 secs surprising herself. She gulped and saw Piyali who always asked her to have some decent ringtones,while this was chokra jawan .
Radhika smiled wider at sam and asked “Tell me,Sam.. What’s ur decision?”

Sam sighed., She dint expect this when Rads asked why have kiddo in business. she thought Rads will bail her out from BS.
But she went a step ahead of piyali. “I..” she started ..

“Sam.. Listen your heart before deciding. You should work with interest not like a duty.because its our company.. we aren’t employees to finish the target alone. we are the ones who set the target. U can never run away from management. It’s fixed,and I have just given a choice. Being in perna aunt’s company will never keep you away from BS. Management is same. Goals will be different. I will invest only if u prefer to. Else I need to think different.” She finished calmly. Hearing last sentence, Samrat felt shook up.

“Are u bipolar” Piyali asked.. “U change ur decisions according to ur will. Listen..! though u wish we cant make any new investments”

“why so? Don’t say we are sinking.. even if its.,I will manage. because business is in my blood. and Bi polar..It depends..”she replied equally irritated. Why don’t they share the trouble instead.

“Beta.. U should have a firm decision.. Do you think investing in a event management company is necessary?”

“Why not?.. Pa.. I’m clear.. It’s u both who keeps us in dark. I don’t want sam to be oppressed. ..U take an hour, decide where u want to work
ur learning platform should have your likes, which u enjoy to do.. “Radhika said looking Sam in a clear voice. “And the presentation was good. I liked ur idea.”

“Thanks di” Sam smiled little but her eyes twinkled in happiness. “What about the other slides for next policies.. Shall i do or not?”Sam asked curiously..

“Hmm.. well we shall decide that with Arjun..Okay?”She calmly replied.

“Arjun is not like Amit to lash out.”Piyali warned “U need to know how to behave with staffs before lecturing ur sister about business”

Radhika nodded and said ” Do u think he was correct.?” turning towards Samrat.

” I don’t know why he did it. This deal is a important one.. I dint expect Amit will be negligent in deciding things.. not only in insurance, this private company have their brand established in other fields too.. Its Arjun who brought the client himself. they were clients of JK Ad agencies
for 3 years. if this goes well, they may sign for their whole brand here.”

” I will ask Arjun to clear the confusion himself. ” Radhika said and got up. Piyali stopped “No.. I think u wont speak with him politely. ” she said looking samrat.

“Yes.. Listen.. U need to control ur anger before others. Arjun is equally short tempered., but he is so committed and diligent. He signed 3 new deals in a row. he made this impossible brand to sign a deal with us. A methodical personality.. this is our part of mistake that Amit made the arrangement despite his words, I will ask him” Samrat said convincing the situation.

“Sam..U should have informed me..that Arjun..”Piyali’s words were cut off.. “Leave it Piyu..Lets look the next ” said Samrat.

“Sam go to ur cabin ,decide and tell me.. And., leave ur mobile here.. no calls to anyone until u decide, and ask Senior to come here
Radhika said quickly thinking Sam’s presence may annoy both Arjun and Piyali .Sam made a pout face and kept her mobile on desk.

“Senior?” Sam asked “Senior head” She smiled


Arjun felt annoyed when Radhika spoke with Amit though he cut her.. she will never change.. Arrogance,, Attitude.. and pranks..and I was a fool to believe her words.. whats the need for me to interfere again.. Wonder., what stunt she has pulled with this new project… why on earth.. I need to meet her here .. he was frustrated with himself, his fate, on her, their meet.. he heard a knock .. Sam just peeped her head and said “Sir.. Dad called u to his cabin for discussion.”

He just nodded and wondered.. How come Sam is this different from Radhika.. He had himself seen Amit trying to dominate Sam on work.. Just a week.. but this girl created a impression of polite, timid and work conscious and Radhika on the other hand ..not even a half day .. he let out a sigh.. he walked towards samrat’s cabin

He found Samrat anxious ,Piyali was silent and Radhika stood watching outside d window. Arrogance he muttered under his breath., and sat while samrat gestured to.

After a minute.. “What’s this…”Arjun asked to Samrat who was explaining the issue in a calm way.
Arjun turned to piyali “Ma’am u too dint bother to inform or ask me? “the thought of a chance to lose this project gave a raise in his voice unknowingly. He planned to bring the brand here. “I knew them sir.! There are persons in their team who still want to continue with JKs., tats the reason I chose their new venture for our project but now. ” he got up abruptly…He rubbed his forehead and left hand on his waist.. Its a prestige issue for him. Amit failed to crack it. Arjun did it and may be thats why Amit did so.
“I told Samaira that no meetings till we ourselves decide the best.. still…”

“I..I..Me..Me.. Goddd!!! Why and what’s the need for everyone here to boast yourselves” Radhika ‘s voice with asperity made Arjun to face her.
The thought of Sam being dragged into the issue made her to spat out something which she doesn’t want to.Both samrat and Piyali was befuddled
hearing her.

Did she think am boasting about myself.? Arjun thought while his eyes clearly observed every inch of her
face. She looked beleaguered .. She averted her gaze to the floor, was gritting her teeth.. Arjun took the glass of water from samrat’s table and moved fastly to her “Have this..” he extended,.but She dint.. She won’t ..He know. He took a step closer.. she shifted her gaze to his face and next moment she got the glass and just gulped the water Arjun dint fail to notice the thin film of water covering her eyes. The coolness of the water had its effect.

“Who boasted?” He asked in a enquiring calm voice.. He moved back

“You and Amit ‘ she said in a clear yet calm voice gazing the floor .He smiled. His effect on her made him to smile.

He turned, facing samrat he said “I will..because its my hard work.. Sir..I will not let it go easily. But please., confirm with ME., before having any such” HE stressed the word Me purposely, why oly .,Radhika knows. He left collecting the CD.

Piyali gave sigh of relief and said “One moreStrong head !!” and blinked at samrat. Samrat smiled.. “but.. very talented..isn’t” Radhika smiled listening Piyali’s words..

Radhika pushed herself on the couch.. Samrat and piyali was surprised with Arjun’s calm behavior though Radhika spoke harsh and irrelevant. They discussed and nothing got Radhika’s attention being in same room.

Radhika got up to leave, when samrat asked she replied “Break!!” surprising Piyali.. Piyali smiled at her retreating figure. “Break” she repeated and laughed..


Arjun felt to strangle Amit for his stupidity., for spoiling his efforts. A deal! Is it tat simple as it sounds. If things get worse, Sam would be blamed because they reasoned Presentation as a fault. He quickly dialed and spoke with a person of their team and got to know they hadn’t passed a word to their MD. Good! he thought and asked them not to, until the project is fully presented to them. He did convince them. He felt relieved. He thought to have a back up plan too, just then he heard d door knock and it was Radhika..

“Excuse me!! ” she asked with a smile. Arjun’s mood got to cheer to see her smiling. “Yes..Ma’am” he replied with a smile.

She stepped in and asked “Senior head! Will u please guide me to canteen?” in a small voice

“what?”‘ he asked baffled in between laughing “what’s wrong Radhika.. U was crying minutes before., and now..?!” He shook his head at her impossible nature . She stood silently watching him..

“Coffee with me??” she asked .. He wanted to go readily.. but he is waiting for a call from them. so he said “U go.. Have some work” both felt really pleasured inside as they conversed normally..

She turned to leave “Hey.. The issue is solved.. No worries.. and I will boast..” he said n laughed.

“Am gonna announce half day holiday “she said with a mischeiovus smile.

“Why?” he asked confused

“You will come for coffee then” she winked..


“Senior..” she chimed. he gave up ” will join after ten mins” he said and turned towards his files. “Okay.” she went happy.

Is it because Sam would be blamed or the loss of a contract on her first day., what made her to cry. he thought.. he saw her munching sandwich when he came down

” U should have waited for me” he said and she had eyes only on him

“Senior.. Thanks! “She said in between eating. he smiled in a response.

” why did u call me here?” he asked looking around..

She kept the sandwich aside and said “Am Sorry”

He saw her eyes deeply “For What?” he asked having his eyes connected..

“That day I shouldn’t have rejected..” he cut in.. “Leave that.. Past is past” he tried to avoid the topic and took his gaze from hers.
Her eyes spoke her guilt but still he doesn’t want to listen.

“Arjun..Please..” she held his right hand.. “It was my mistake.. I need to apologize.. I know I had hurt you.. your lo..” she was cut in.

He pulled back his hand saying “Is this again one among ur pranks?” his voice had harshness this time which shook Radhika a little. she looked bewildered. He dint want to see her like that .”Radhika.. Lets leave the past behind. ” he said more like a request

Radhika blinked twice and nodded and took the sandwich before biting she asked “Does that mean u forgive me? ” he glared sharply. she lowered the gaze and asked the next moment “Means u moved on.. Aaah..Else you got married ?” the shock of her question
and the expression on her face tested his patience .Whats the need for her to reject my proposal if she loves me he thought.. “say that alone.. Married or not?” she asked again.

what to do with this girl., how can I ever move on in my life without her ..”Not married..” he said, she sighed relieved “But moved on..” he said in a serious tone.

she coughed with sandwich in her mouth. He just kept looking her., she avoided looking his face, drank the water and after few secs she asked “what’s her name? Where is she? Is she more beautiful, tall.. hmm ur types?” she asked while munching sandwich.. her eyes started to fill with tears,she doesn’t want to cry. she had her eyes lowered to conceal her feelings. Arjun had his gaze on her face.. she had no courage to see him.
God.. why is it this hard to control my tears.

He extended a tissue and said “I never thought u love me this much” she looked up with her eyes welled up with tears. he felt bad on himself. her beautiful orbs failed to get the glimpse of his face because of the tears it withheld. Arjun sighed, if it wasn’t office canteen the moment would be different. He just want to hug and console her scolding her stupidity and admit his lie. Why she called me here if she wanted to open
this. He came down thinking as a official issue. How stupid of him. He should have guessed when she spoke with mischievous smile. His mind framed himself responsible for her tears. of course yes he is.

“Howz the taste of your own medicine?’ he asked in a attempt to stop her from crying more. She looked confused, she wiped the flowing tears immediately. “That was a lie..” he said flatly. she was silent. “Some pranks hurt ppl Radhika.. why do u still do that?” He clearly diverted her thoughts.

And she asked “So you lied to me?” voice coated with anger.

Her anger is better than her tears he thought and said “Yes.” with a smile.

“Diii” Sam’s sharp voice made her to look away from Arjun.. After some minutes of nail biting and hair pulling sessions sam came to meet Radhika with her decision. She was surprised seeing Arjun there. Sam just smiled at him. Arjun took a leave.

“Did u cry?” Sam’s question made Arjun look back while walking away. Radhika nodded negative “And what’s he doing here? any prob di? coz of me? ” she whisper asked in one go.

“Nothing Sam.. Tell me.. “She smiled

“Di.. Event management” Sam said..

“Good.. and Don’t blurt to Neil until the we confirm with Aunty” Radhika said

Sam gave a thoughtful pause and smiled.. “what’s that sam?’ she asked . Sam just shrugged her shoulders .

“Did Neil too said the same, when he spoke with u” she asked. Sam nodded yes vigorously and asked “How?”


Neil went to the cafe waiting for Preeti and Kavin.. Though Preeti is their junior in college she mingled well with them as a team. Radhika considers her like sam, which brought her into their friends gang. They love to hang around together inspite of being seniors n juniors.. They..!Arjun.,Neil., Radhika.,Preeti. Even Vivek and prakash were in their gang but Its usually these four who behave like a family. all together. Neil smiled remembering Arjun and preeti’s bond and their naughtiness together.. Preeti is not less than Radhika in playing Pranks.

He narrowed his eyes to check the view before him and next second he covered his mouth not to laugh aloud .There, Kunal came inside the cafe nodding his head as a response for Preeti’s long lasting dialogues. None would believe if said he is a police office after seeing him quarter pants and tees.. He waved his hand and was about to sit when Neil asked “Magic of Love else A Tragic Marriage? What brought you here in this eye catching style?” in a full mocking voice and dimple adorned smile. Preeti just giggled.

“U know he was sleeping and I just Pulled him and came here” Preeti said like a achievement

“Did he brush?” Neil dint leave the chance. She turned towards Kunal. Kunal dint sit yet.

Neil said “I was about to meet u in a star hotel., Thank god”He made a fake relief which made Preeti to glare kunal.

“For heavens sake.. Shut ur mouth Neil” Kunal gritted and sat

.”Why should I? I brushed” he said and did a demo of checking his breath.

kunal’s irritation was visible in his face. Preeti laughed and raised her hand for hifi but stopped mid air and made faces at Kunal. Neil thought about Radhika’s antics that moment. His smile got wiped, after a pause he asked “So..Preeti.. what have u decided?”

“I will take care of Cheer Beats.. Will Radhu agree?” she asked

“Neil.. u should ask Radhika once. what if she mistakes us” Kunal too expressed the same doubt.

“Am giving the responsibility to someone who equally loves the proffesion like the same way Radhika does.. So.. I guess the choice won’t bother her” Neil said convincingly but the question drumming inside was “How will Radhika react to this?’

” She will be definitely disappointed said Preethi. “Yes.. If we doesn’t inform her ,she would definitely feel so.” Kunal again repeated his wife’s thoughts in his words.

“I have no other way to have her in Mumbai..If she comes back here, she won’t go back to Mumbai. Her family needs her most. When she has nothing here., she will decide to take over her business. I mean Bird song ” Neil shared the reason behind his decision of transferring the ownership of Cheer beats.

“Did u plan this before asking her to leave?” Preeti asked to get a clear view on wats happening between her two best friends.

“Yes” Neil agreed surprising both of them.

She will definitely feel dejected,,may be betrayed or fooled by her best friend but at last she will say yes. Somethings are bound to happen like this he thought.


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