Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 27 (Part 1)

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Chapter 27 (Part 1)

He drove fast glancing his watch again.,his meeting with Avinash was still on his mind..”Sir..we need to consult with their legal associates before deciding anything..”

He sighed dejected.,he knew she will never let him meet any of her associates..Already he have had enough…He walked towards to BS asking,”Is ma’am still inside?”,he saw the lights being still active on Samrat’s room..

“Yes sir..”,the security guard politely replied…

She had been rejecting his calls,and his tension increased with every minute passing by… He saw Teji to rush somewhere with a couple of files…Teji was rooted on his spot looking Arjun…

“Why it got so late today?..Any problem?”,he casually enquired while Teji stuttered to reply..He was distracted when the security guy greeted looking inside…He saw her coming with visible annoyance yelling at someone on her mobile..

She halted a second looking him..

“You got late?”,he asked walking along with her..

“Don’t you have your own business”,she snapped him instantly…


“Why here?”,she asked looking him to park their vehicle before Neil’s hotel..

“Dinner!”,he saw her…

“Why here?somewhere else..”,she closed her eyes throwing her head back.. “Please”..she said after a second…

“I thought if you meet Neil..”,he was cut in..

“Plz…Plz…be silent”,she whispered with irritation…

She literally tried hard to open her eyelids when she felt someone to shook her shoulders…”You slept..Radhika..are you alright?”,She felt his warm palm on her head and neck..Her eyes melted and she quickly averted her gaze…

“A headache”,she snapped him sharp…

She dared to see his face only after a serene minute of silence..he looked her with pure displeasure..down casting her eyes she said,”move aside”…

She looked herself in the mirror before,with no less annoyance of what Arjun had on her…Mirror! what a apt name..It mirrors your thought.,your soul.,your mind..her eyes watered unconsciously and she bit her lips hard,not to wail out…Splashing water several times on her face,she felt her skin to feel the chillness but not herself…..She sighed dejected thinking about her life…Her eyes searched every table for him and she saw him to have food,fiddling his mobile..She sat before him,looking around…

“Order yourself..I am not aware of your continuous changing likes..”,he said without glancing her…

She wasn’t much surprised or annoyed but was least bothered…

“You sound low”,he asked unable to control himself after listening her sullen voice,when she placed an order..She sighed humorlessly…

“Self-control..what does it mean?”,she asked surprising him…She saw his jaw to clench at that…

“Crossing limits!!!”,he narrowed his eyes and she threw her spoon on table..

“Should I eat or not?”,she asked to his face…he looked around..

“Sorry Mrs.Mehra!”…he said through his teeth and extended a spoon of his food….His eyes gestured to and she complied..She followed his gaze in pure professional style and saw a familiar pair of eyes watching them….

“Aren’t they Prena Aunt’s….”,he was cut in..

“She is our family friend”,Radhika smiled wide and stood up while the lady gestured to have her food..

“ here?! how is uncle..? he din’t come for my reception..”..Radhika smiled winding her arms around his biceps…

The elderly lady smiled..”He was in Delhi then…and Radhu..don’t show your work tension to your husband”,she fake glared while Radhika held her ears like a kid with smile.. “To your husband!”,she pointed Arjun and Radhika turned to face him with a faded smile…Arjun smiled wide,with a gentle pull on her fingers holding her ears he said,”Not necessary dear..Aunty..It was my fault..I kept her waiting for hours”..

The lady raised her brows in surprise.,”Lucky you Radhu..!! will sent your uncle to Arjun..let him learn all these”,she said nodding her head and Radhika rolled her eyes amused…

“Aunty..Is Uncle available tomorrow..!”,she asked and smiled wide receiving a positive response..


“Good acting”,Arjun mocked as he reversed the car…

“Worst realization”,she snapped punching numbers in her mobile…

He smiled a little..

“Gotcha!! how is you old man?”,She squealed and giggled listening the other side..


“Got you on right time…!! Uncle..wanna meet you..Pls..give me an appointment”,she genuinely requested surprising Arjun…

“Nope..Dad just mailed me…Wonder..what sort of treatment..but happy that he is good..relieved…”,she smiled and wished for night as she hung the call…

Arjun tapped his legs unable to control his curiosity…He tried hard to remember the lady..! who could she be…his wife antics and response made him curious..he saw her to think something deeply….”Radhika”…he called aloud and she turned to him immediately..


He saw her face devoid of confusion..much better than before..but to bit her lip regretting her response to him..

“How was the food”,he asked just to get a note about her..

“Better”,she replied..and he smiled..”I too thought”..


“Sam..Listen me..!! I want to meet you now…get to the gates..two guys would escort you till my car..Come down in 15 mins”,Neil disconnected the call before she could respond…

He smiled when he saw her…She was more like,a kitten to walk wearing light pink printed night suit,huffing annoyed at the muscular men behind..

She hesitated when Neil signed to get inside the car..”Why?”,he asked her stepping out…the guys stood few steps behind..

“I hate them..wanna get rid off”,she mumbled irritated..

“Chill..they are Arjun’s men..I can’t do anything”,he smiled wide..

“That’s y I hate them..You send two people isnt..Enough!”,she looked somewhere else…

“Don’t want your jiju’s protective shield..Bad!! Radzzie would throttle him if he doesn’t take care of all these”,Neil leaned on his car comfortably and looked around…” of you cover behind”,he ordered aloud and a man quickly walked past them to check the streets behind..

“Sam..Out with it now!!…I know you are worried on something…Mom said about your sudden distraction on pulled Teji from BS,and went like a detective.,but for what…”,he asked folding his arms to chest..”Listen…stop this fooling Guards game!! They are for your safety, not to play hide and seek with you..”,he turned to her with a sharp gaze and found her looking at the ground confused..”Ok..Lemme call your sister…
Why should she be happy when am struggling for a answer here”,he pulled his mobile but she snatched it..

“Do you think.,she is really happy?”,Sam asked enraged shocking him…

“She is really very happy!We did meet today too..why Sam?”,he asked masking his shock..

“Don’t you know who Arjun is?”,she asked.. Neil sighed…

“He is our rival..”she continued.

“Bullsh*t…If so why would my mom and uncle let the wedding happen…Radzzie compromises for nothing…and we..everyone here, has every minute details about him..What the heck you want to know”,Neil growled in anger…

“I din’t say she compromised”,Sam spoke un flinched…”She might have been cheated…Their company is holding Khanna Industries and Sunshine resort..Resort is hopeless now..its completely sold to them..and he worked in Birdsong..why being a billionaire he worked…and…the temple where he got married…you know…the whole area people praise them like a king..his dad is still involved in welfare activities being in London..He pretended to be anew for the atmosphere on his wedding…above all..the temple was built by his ancestors!….and the sheath!!….they got it as a reward!!..and…their house…no less than a palace.!!..Do you know any of these? Do you?”….She asked in one go….She gritted her teeth in anger…

Neil being unaware of any of the things she said,stood rooted…He only knew Arjun worked in BS for some reason…After a long silence.,he cleared his throat.,”Sam..Arjun is not that bad..he can’t cheat anyone..we know him from college times..”.,he spoke calm…

“Tell me why he worked in BS…your friend isn’ him now..Ask..”,she folded her arms… “Wonder if he really loved or faked to love my di…I won’t leave him if my suspicions turn true”,she looked the dark open space behind them..

“Don’t tell to Radzzie in haste…we will..”,Neil was cut in…

“Am not a fool…If I could gather all this in one single day..I will find his motives tomorrow…Better you don’t come in between us…”,she turned her face..

Neil rubbed his forehead anxiously.,his palm mercilessly pressed his face …”This is why you went enquire about him…why din’t you inform me?”,he asked trying to be calm…

“What would have you done? even now you spoke in favor of Arjun instead of your best friend..why?? Neil…if its a 3rd person I would have thought,may be they want to support the stronger side..but its what should I think about you?”,she asked him…

He turned infuriated listening that….”Stronger side!! means..Money..! isn’t…”,he smirked annoyed.. “I have failed as a lost trust..! If its my Radzzie she wouldn’t have said this…and what if I ask you something else..if you are truly concerned about your sister why din’t you try to get your sister back with you here?what you did..? you just cry every time I meet you..Why didn’t you do detective jobs like this?”‘,he pulled her to face him…”How many times..I pleaded you..did you ever help me?”,he spat his annoyance..

“What help you want”,she asked..

“I see…you even forgot what I used to ask you? Tell me..what happened in Jai’s birthday party…What made Radzzie to stay detached from you.,from her house..What made my friend to lose her liveliness…Tell me now…”.,he yelled..Sam jerked a little at that…

The guy guarding before, turned to their side…

“I can prove Arjun as innocent…what will you do in return?…I don’t know if Radzzie is happy now.,but mark my words..Its only with Arjun she could be happy..not with you people.,who drained her life…I hate your family…I simply hate to face you….what kind of sister you are?…Selfish..pure selfish…If its you own sister will you let her stay away?”

“Stop it..Just stop it…Never say that…Don’t make me to speak worse…She is my sister…My own sister…Mine..”Sam spoke in tears…. “You hurt the people deal everything like business..only money..we are no less to building..and…”

“Enough Sam!! you would run to your sister for every single problem,isn’t…why din’t you inform her,about your findings on Arjun yet??? you aren’t worried for her…you are worried for your god damn properties….I warn you..!! If you ever say this to Radzzie….you will see the worse of me and Arjun….He will throw off your properties but would take her far away from you all..It won’t take a day for him to do that…After that.,Live with your properties..”,he looked her disgusted..while Sam wept silently….

Her tears brought no change to him.,she quickly got into his car and cried her heart out…He stood facing the other side..after few mins,he pulled open the door.,”what for,you are crying now?”

“I..I…want…di…..”,she covered her face crying… “I will say to her”,she mumbled and Neil smiled a little..

“Complaint baby!!”,he smacked her head… “Arj…”

“Its Jiju,Sam..!!”,he raised his voice… “Listen..Its easy to throw words to anyone’s face.,but the pain and hurt.,it never fades..You will never get a chance to replace those words you spat in anger….Sam..look me…. Radzzie deserves to be happy isn’t.,she has faced a lot….Sam..Arjun is not at fault…Trust me!!….what Arjun said to you on his reception…why you listened him..Think all those…”,Neil spoke in a calm convincing voice..

She blinked at him…”I know jiju is not at fault”,she said unknowingly and Neil eyes widened at that…

“Then?”,he asked as he stooped more to her side..She rolled her eyes looking the other way and pushed him…”I want to go..its getting late..”

Neil’s jaw hung low in surprise…She had been conveying something else..but.!!…he stood recalling her words…while she wiped her tears with tissues and tried to smile looking the mirror…If not he said Arjun will take Radhika away she wouldn’t have broken…No..even before that she started to broke into tears…

“Bye..Neil…I won’t say to di..but will find about Arj..jiju…will you help me?”,she asked as a fresh topic..

“Sam..Sam..Sam..I brought Ice cream…I forgot it!”,he hastily extended and stood analyzing her…Somewhere he was sure she knew ‘that’ something,for which he had been running around for years…something which kept him away from khanna mansion..the real reason behind Piyali’s hatred on them….he saw her to scoop her ice cream and eat as fast she could…

“Sam…I will help you”,he said..and she smiled a pleasant one… “Only if you say..what happened in Jai’s birthday party..every single thing..”,he saw her face to be flushed… “About everyone who came there…what went wrong and with whom and…”,She dropped the ice cream tub before he could finish…..

“ still ask the same…I don’t know anything…in fact nothing happened..”..Sam stammered for each word…

“Just a doubt..may be.”.

“Di,has told you isn’t, not to ask or speak about this to me…still..”,she stepped back a little..

“If you need my help you need to say..why do you fear if nothing happened”,Neil came back to square one…

“Am not weak..I don’t fear for anyone….and….I don’t want your help..”..she walked away slowly saying those like a kid…

Neil saw the melting ice cream lying on that road and her disappearing form followed by two guards….”I got my answer”,he murmured to himself..


“So..what did he say?”,Sam stopped on her tracks listening her mom…

“Nothing useful”,Sam said nonchalantly…

“He won’t…I knew it Sam…and where were you today? I called you several times..”,Piyali asked walking to her…

“Well…a client’s place..decors…I was too busy to have my phone with me..Sorry”,Sam smiled to her…

“Sam..what about guards..”Piyali asked curiously…

“Let them be,Mom…Free protection..”

“Why Arjun is doing all this Sam..have you ever had a thought about it..He wants to notice each and every move of ours..”,Piyali said looking her face…

“Hmm…wish di should know about him soon….”Sam looked Piyali’s face intently…

“I informed her Sam,but guess..she took it light since I was inebriated then…”,Piyali shook her head disappointed.. “I think she is cheated..”

“What if she isn’t..May be…like he loves her without the knowledge of his dad’s takeovers..”,Sam voiced a logical one..

“Never!! Why to fool ourselves..? He isn’t a kid..and more than that…They both married within two days of their photos being,I guess.Radhika might have accepted for that..and Samrat too..”,Piyali said exasperated…

“What photos??”,Sam asked shocked…

“You don’t know.??!! You had no doubts when she suddenly said about her marriage??? Wednesday we got few pics of Radhika kissing a guy,Arjun said it was him and Friday they got married..Sam…what does this mean?”

Sam stood befuddled…Photos..!! She now thought how her di was normal amidst of that issue??..she remembered her di choosing dresses with Arjun..the way he asked swiping pics in his mobile to know about her choice..Prena and Neil to say that they were in love from college times.,and the casual bonding between both..His care on Radhika..hugging her di close in court marriage with satisfaction…saying that he would take her also,along with London…

“Sam….”Piyali shook her shoulders.. “what does that mean…He played his cards well..isn’ he took Samrat’s absence as his advantage isn’t..”,Piyali spat in pure rage…

“No mom!!It means you are a fool”,her mind screamed aloud..

But,Sam smiled saying,”Mom..You are correct!! I won’t leave that Arjun”,..Sam nodded in affirmative..and Piyali hugged her…

“Am sorry mom”,Sam apologized an unheard one to her heart…


Nandhini came to doorway when Arjun halted his car with a screech…. “Easy…Mr.Mehra..Oh..My Rover..Poor baby”,Radhika patted the dashboard..

“Mr.Mehra.!! seems Mrs.Mehra wants to see him…not her Arjun”,he saw her… He glared her sharp and she smiled slyly.. “Don’t give that to me!! wipe that off”,his forefinger touched the corner of her lips..

“You deserve that Mr.Mehra”,she said again,this time smirking more..

“You look beautiful..mouth watering when you do that..”,he rolled his tongue inside his cheek,with a wink..her eyes froze listening that.. “Its been half an hour you forgot to address me need to teach you a new lesson”,he shook her face cupping her cheeks with his right hand…. “Do that now!”,he said to her and she sat in silence…

She got down disappointed and he pulled her to him…He halted looking Nandhini while Radhika walked in some thought…”Hi di…!!had dinner”,Radhika chirped aloud..

“Yeah..just now…I came listening..”,Nandhini stuttered..

“The car has some problem di..thats why”,Arjun walked to the stairs..

“My Rover baby is good..May be the driver isn’t.”,Radhika said wagging her brows..and followed in stairs..

“Your Rover baby!! Really Jerry…Am Jealous on our car now”,he held her by arms leaning on the door of their room..

She clearly understood what he stupid of her to see his car as hers…and he said theirs…”Change..”,he moved to another room..

Her mobile beeped with a list of works for tomorrow..charging her mobile she quickly got down to meet Nandhini who was about to retire for the night…

“Hi..Thought to have some time with you..Free di?”,she came to the hall..

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    Jesima, Vazhakam pola takkaru episode!! Starting from Arjun-Radhika’s meet to Radhika’s annoyance to Sam-Neil’s rapid fire session to Sam finally understanding her mom’s real intentions to the cliffhanger in the end, it was outstanding!! Got to see a very different side of Sam today!! Loving these two girls going overboard to protect each other!! From far, both these sisters are two extremely different people, but in actual they’re exactly the same person living different lives. Smart, Sassy, Bold, Beautiful, Ordering around their partners, Fooling the guards and their mom, Sherlock Mode, disagreeing with their partners on every possible things!! See, how much they’ve in similarity!! Behen ho tho Sam jaisa ho!!! Beautiful, that part was!! But, our handsome dimple king did have an upper hand, though!!! Loved Arjun-Radhika’s taunting session to the core!! And most importantly, the way the acted their way to Oscars for the best couple in the world infront of their family friend was so good!! Waiting for all the confusions to clear especially the new one – Jai’s B’day party!! Why does a B’day party including Jai have to be troublesome always?? Remember, Destiny, Passon, Obsession! And, not to forget Radhika’s change in behavior after the call!! Will go read the next one!!! Bye take care happie day!!

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      Vipuuuu….enga poirundeenga….I missed you…Vardha effect a…illa busy a…romba thanks vipu…!! pinneteenga..!! yep..this was for sam…Rasam…semaya note panirukeenga..the similarity !! yep…!!! thats is something siblings can learn only themselves…I just loved the way you had pointed it…wow!! character reach a sollitenga…..
      am so happy…yep..Neil had..!! his last master stroke…!….DPO..yes…but why
      in party here…! there is a reason too….I just loved reading your comment…Nejama vipu…rendu thadava padichen…evalo point blanka adichurukeenga…sema pa…!! pechu moochu illa enaku..!! thanks a ton dear….love you loads….TC….

      • Viprida


        |Registered Member

        Jesima!! Enaku varanumnu aasa dhaan aana enaku munaadi varatta varatta nu solli vardah vandhuruchu adhaan paaka mudiyala plus oppice!! Konjam konjam ah elathayum padichitu iruken!! Mikka nandri for liking my comment!! Neenga avlo azhaga chapter ezhuthum bodhu ivlo kuda comment panala na epdi? I missed these so much!! Teddy hugs!! Take care happie day!! Sikirama elaame padichu mudikuren!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.