Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 20


Chapter -20

Arjun stood quite impressed with Neil’s business circle friends flowing in..After a short formal photo session with Samrat’s friends,the couple got down the stage on Neil’s insistence..Of less than 150 peopel gathered there,the majority was from only Neil’s and Prena’s contacts..The untold anxiety which he saw in her face vanished after the sight of guests..He observed her so intently,her face had a trace of hesitance whenever they met Samrat’s friends..,but not with others.. “You know people here?Am feeling odd”,Arjun whispered in her ears..

“No..Same page..!”,she said..

“You seem to be familiar with Neil’s friends.”,he husked again..

“No..I know none here..This is the first time am coming here after 4 yrs..”,she said as her left unconsciously held his right hand..He saw Neil to time and again check Radhika and Sam..He wondered what could it be about..Definitely not Piyali.!!..No one could enter the place without the invitation card…The simple card Neil made possible in a day which had their initials was more like a gate pass..even the parking was allotted for cars bearing the sticker of their Initials’AR….R to have it start from A… “Why so much monitoring on guests?”,Arjun asked..

“His friends circles are so..I have heard..and Maa’s too..There will be 2 see..The parking.,the ground floor,and here..everywhere they will let you only if you show the card..And each card will have the guest name printed..”,she explained..

“Guest name printed?”,good one!”,he said..

“That was my idea..Maa mostly organizes events for business class people..So..we help in planning at times”,she said just when a catering assistant came with Juice tray..
“Ma’am..Sir asked to!”,he said and Radhika saw Neil..He gestured and continued his talk with his friends.. “God…I thought I should stand like showpiece on stage for long time,glad it got over in 20 mins..he made it like a party”,She sighed and sipped her juice..

Arjun noticed no one to initiate conversation with them until Neil or Prena did the favor.. “Arjun..Maa and Neil aren’t like dad..They won’t let their associates to mingle with family easily.. They are quite hard shell people”,Radhika replied when Arjun asked about the same…

“Are you ok with the Reception?”,Neil came smiling to her.. She smiled wide..”I know you girl!! that’s y I arranged it more like a party..Good isn’t”!!,he caressed her head..

“Neil..I feel uncomfortable”,she was cut in by Neil

“Why?..Everyone here are new to you! Just have a Formal intro…”Neil said looking her face.. “but still..”,she hesitated.,Neil pulled her hand gave a simple speech about the couple to everyone there.. “Its finished..Just 10 hesitated for this?”,he asked once they came aside..

“You Smarty..!! You made like a announcement!”,Radhika gave a smack on his arm..

“Yes…Two in one!!..Ok..Now you can go anywhere…All floors are secured Radzzie..Have a round if you want..”

“The fastest 40 mins reception I ever attended”,Prakash came with juice..

“Yep..for her! Happy now!”,Neil said.. She noticed the men to have attention on Arjun now..

“Pk did you see Sam?,”She asked searching her..

“She moved outside long before…”,Prakash replied..

Neil quickly dialed to someone and replied,”She is in terrace Radzzie..!! Don’t forget your icecream”,he said and gestured Prakash to take her aside..

Arjun stood in silence watching all this..”Am impressed with you Neil”,he said unable to control himself…

“Not more than me,I guess”,he said back… “What a brilliant idea..Misspelt name! They say its a spelling mistake ..Really!!”,Neil asked…

“Leave it man!!”,Arjun shrugged his shoulders..

“My friends got you! See..there!..”,Neil said to few men looking them..

“Let them.It’s good in other way..Free Publicity..Business Tycoon RR Mehra’s son got hitched!”,he winked at that..

“When are you going to say about yourself..”,Neil asked..

“Tonight.”,Arjun saw Radhika leaving the hall with Prakash.. “Arjun..I have a request.,Please don’t take her anger seriously!!”,Neil said..Samrat joined them..Arjun saw her to come back within minutes,and her eyes searched him..

“He is with your dad”,Prena pointed him..She saw the people he was with and moved silently…Both being away had their glances on each other’s doings… Samrat and Neil noticed Arjun’s gaze to follow her..

“Proud on your Son In Law?!!..”,Neil asked..

Samrat smiled,”He got everyone down!! Even you too! You melted when he gave a hug and vanished into thin air when he asked to sign”,Samrat mocked having a drink..

“You..Santa Banta Sammu uncle!! Too much!! You think you cornered him?”,Neil snapped back.

Samrat nodded negatively saying,”He cornered accepting our demands we had no other go than to give in..isn’t..”

Neil nodded thoughtfully.,”Smart one”..he said..

“Not more than me!”,Samrat smirked..

“di..Jiju is having eyes only on you..So much love!! hmm..”,Sam nudged her elbow as they had dinner.. Radhika stood befuddled when she saw Arjun speaking with Avinash..

“Sam..Paa told Mr.Avinash will return by Monday isn’t..then how?”,Radhika asked..

“May be he din’t go..or returned earlier..Pops would have forgot to tell you in this marriage tension”,Sam said as she pushed a spoon of icecream in Radhika’s mouth..

“Hey..whats up”,Prakash came to them..”Radz…I will be leaving by Early morning..and visit Delhi with Arjun…we will be waiting..Preeti was so happy with photos..”,he said.. He saw Sam to be silent suddenly.,he said,”Sam..Take care..”,she smiled..”Come with Radz..I wanna introduce my lil sister Sam to my mom!”,he said with a smile.. She snapped a look at him and he din’t fail to notice the change in her eyes.. “Have my number Sam,Your bhai is always at your service”,he faked a bow and Sam giggled at that..

“He learnt IPS on that note”,Radhika mocked..” your service”..

“Chatting without me”Neil came smiling.. “Finally Sam is back”,Prakash chuckled.. “Yep…was missing for long time”,Neil did a hifi.. Sam just rolled her eyes at that..

“Radz..did Arjun ask about Preeti..I mean does he know about her marriage..”,Prakash asked when Sam moved away..She nodded no..”We din’t get time to speak about all those..I have lotss PK”,she sighed..

Neil recalled Arjun’s words and said,”Even he may have some reasons..take it slow Radzzie..”he said.. Arjun saw them having fun time,he excused himself and came towards them only to hear Prakash saying,”But Still..We need to say about Preeti..He may get angry that we din’t inform him”.

“Was he in to inform yaar..I did research on him..and with this wedding and other tensions I…”Neil was cut in the middle by Radhika..

“Neil..You are already stressed buddy..leave it..If its someone who is responsible for this..Its me..Only I should have said..But..too much we faced in this 5 days..I had no thought .
But today I will say about Preeti..”,she turned thougthful..

Arjun stepped back at that.,listening the trio..he doesn’t want to speak about that..he feared he may hurt Radhika with his words..he moved aside..Calming down himself,he dined with Samrat..Radhika had been looking him.,only him.,his smile,his curt nod at times and keen attention to people with him…She felt after long time she got time to admire every inch of her Arjun just like she did in her college days…He got her smiling at him, and sensed her gaze on him….She noticed him to move out of the hall.,it was only their family left behind…she walked after him to find him standing before the wide glass window of that corridor..he stood watching the view with his hands in pockets…he was so lost in thoughts he din’t notice the reflection of her approaching form in the mirror before..

“Hey my chocolate boy!”,she called from behind…She observed his reaction thro’ his reflection…He smiled after a minute…

“Chocolate boy??”,he turned around with a raised brow…

“Yep…my choco boy yummy yummy husband”,she fluttered her eye lashes…

He narrowed her eyes with a smirk on his face…He saw her eyes on him.,observing his features..”Someone is so in love with me…and I know an irresistible…kissable ..”

“May be because you are in my choice of dress..this color is my fav for you..deep chocolate brown…”,she said while her right caressed his dress over his left shoulder..

“That’s y you had your eyes on me..I thought you would swallow me any time”,he bit his cheeks and inhaled a deep breath chuckling…

“ noticed me..still you dint care to look were busy with your new found friends..!”,she said the next second..

“My Jerry is angry..they are your dad’s contacts..he is leaving tomorrow.,so he introduced me to contact in case of anything important”,he clarified her doubt though she din’t ask..

“Why you? Am there!! and you please stay out of it..this BS and Khannas related…!”,she shook her head annoyed..

“Ok..I will..You relax..Don’t be this hyper..and Just a month..Then No Mumbai..Only and me!!”,he was about hug her close but heard a cough..

“We exist here!”,Prakash came from the other side..

“I din’t see..btw who cares?”,Arjun smiled saying.. “PK bad habit”,Radhika turned around..

“We came when he asked you to relax”,Prakash replied..

“Yes..No Mumbai..only London”,Neil laughed having icecream..

Arjun leaned over the wall with a arm around Radhika..”Devils”,he said…

“Don’t tease my Jiju and di…Prakash bhai..behave like a Police officer and You..Idiot behave like a business man..You both look like kids..di..I too will come with you…No BS..No Mumbai..I too don’t want”,she said on a serious note.. After a sec of her words everyone’s smile vanished a little,Radhika turned thoughtful…

“Sam..Ok then..I will find a guy for you too settle with us”,Arjun looked her face..

“Why guy? I don’t want to marry..I will stay with you..”,Sam said noticed Neil to glare her.. “Why are you angry now? Jiju..find a girl for him too..Let him come with us”,she said.. Arjun nodded quickly..

“Left me?’,Prakash scooped his ice cream…

“Yes one more girl for him”,she winked at Radhika…

“Arjun..New profession I guess”,Prakash mocked him..

“You pull my legs in a new style!!”,Arjun said to sam..

Samrat saw them laughing and Radhika to rest her head on Arjun’s arm holding his,he quickly clicked a photo.. “One Photo mania you got!”,Prena said from behind..

“Bhabhi..These moments are to be treasured..”,he said..

“Girish din’t come??!!”,Prena enquired..

“I din’t inform..why to..By this time.,they would have got to know..Traitor!! He thought I will go against Ratan Bhai..I feel I should say everything to Arjun..but he isn’t that Neil.”,Samrat moved looking back the empty hall..

“His world is different..He din’t face hardships like Neil..He will learn with time..and your decision is correct Samrat..I will make them understand..”,she said..

“Shall we leave?”,Samrat asked looking the girls to walk towards them.. “We want some Icecream..”,Sam chimed as they moved inside.


Arjun came to terrace searching the girls, he saw Sam and Radhika to eat and giggle at dishes..She behaved like a kid forgetting all her worries and fears before Sam.
“What are you both doing”,he asked..Radhika swallowed a piece of manchurian turning other side..His eyes widened looking two bowls of icecreams they had..”still…and Sam., uncle is waiting for you..Go down.”,he said..

Sam waved a bye and closed the terrace door before going down.. “Clever girl”,Arjun said aloud..she walked eating ice cream..

“Keep the ice cream down”,he pulled her hand only to get it spilled on his dress.. “You spoiled it”,he said..

“Its all because of you..why Arjun…!!You know how much I liked this on you..Idiot..”,she frowned wiping it..

“You liked this on me.but..not me..?”he asked.. “You too”,she said..

“Me TOO”,He faked shock..

“ know isnt..but this..This chocolate brown on you is something exquisite..So dashing..can’t take eyes from look like a chocolate itself..”,she spoke looking his dress..

“Yuck..Chocolate..will someone compare her new wed husband to a eatable..”,he made a face..

“Chocolate..yumm..yumm..You promised me you will get me chocolate forgot your college day promises “she complained like a kid..

Radhika..I want..” she cut him.. “Let go..Am angry on you..You avoided me in reception too..I noticed…they will be waiting now..”

“They won’t ..I said we need some time..and I asked no decors in our bedroom”,He husked leaning forward.. She felt her a churning sensation in her stomach,”We…need to go home”

“You NEED to go home..!! No flower decors..!! Hmm..and I am Yummy….”(he pulled her close)baby….”

“Itsntlkethat”,her voice gave up when he cupped her cheeks and had his forehead on hers..her lips felt the heat of his breath.

“Spanish??”,he asked…”What did you say down a dumb head..”,she smiled at that…his right hand caught her bare waist…”You deserve a punishment for calling your chocolate husband so..”,he sensed her breath to turn heavy listening him,he pinched her skin on her waist…She yelped a little…”its disturbing me from mrng…I tried to be good..but..”,his husky voice created a unexplainable havoc to the controlled senses inside her…

She quickly turned around with her back to him.,to control herself.,”Do you know what that devilish tom inside me wants…”he spoke in her ears,bit her earlobe a little.,
She gasped the next sec when his left hand gently squeezed her skin in middle..She felt her legs to turn jelly when his thumb caressed her belly button, her throat dry completely and cool air to reach till where he touched..his fingers brushed the skin below her navel and held her there,his other hand covered her middle like a band,she sagged into him with her back attached to his front and threw her head back only to rest on his chest…her hands clasped over his…he pushed her tresses to one side and planted kisses on her shoulder bone..and trailed upwards till her jaw,his other hand involuntarily brushed over the blouse…she felt his fingers though he brushed over her dress…”Arjj…rjj”,her voice failed as she felt her legs to leave his grip…His hold din’t let her a bit to collapse,he swiftly turned her around,her lifted her chin to face him,she looked dazed,..

his fingers brushed her heated cheeks.,”open your eyes..”he said…she saw him after a sec..with his lips a inch apart from hers…His lips brushed on hers,and spoke over hers,”do you feel…”,he stopped and looked into her eyes..She held his face and captured his lips…she went on her toes and his hands felt her whole to shook a little..he lifted her a little releasing her balance on ground.,and she deepened her kiss..Having her on his toes,his tongue tasted her sweetness,his groans played along with her moans..he sucked her lips and she played back…
He felt his mobile vibrating…he ignored it.,she pulled back fast and his face got drenched with trails of her random wet kisses…her grip on his face increased..his mobile vibrated again…He pulled her face a little and kissed deep beneath her jaw…..”Take me home”,she managed to whisper at last…

He got her in his embrace..”Chocolate flavor ice cream isn’t..and what was that spicy one?” His voice from his deep gave goosebumps on her..She pushed herself into his standing form and looped her arms around his waist…”Sweet n spicy…umm..the best..yummy”,he teased her..She was still in loss of air,breathing deep…..He saw her blush to deep below her neck line…”How was your chocolate?”,he asked her.. She quickly pecked his lips and bit his lower lip,said,”You speak a lot now a days”….she laughed heartily watching his amused reaction…..”Naughty jerry”,he said…”Yummy chocolate boy”,she gave continuous pecks on his lips being in his embrace… “Am letting you play…you know why..”he asked brushing his nose with hers..

“Don’t talk unnecessarily..first attend the’s vibrating in your pant pocket…seems you lost your….”she stopped and saw him…

” Go on..I need to hear..”,he said..She nodded negative…He raised his forefinger at her,”You will pay for this too”,she bit his finger the next instant..and moved back…
“Attend the call n come down..” She walked away…

He saw her arranging her dress.. “Jerry..Is your pleats on..”he asked and she was shocked a moment…”You scared me Arjun…” She said before leaving…He pulled his mobile to see 10 missed calls from Rana….

“What happened..why so many…”he asked hurriedly when Rana picked up his call.,

“Nandini left this place..I don’t know how…”Rana tensed voice scared him..

“…suddenly what happened”,he asked..

“She got a call..She was angry for past half an hour..when I came with dinner she was missing…I guess she may come there..”Rana spoke in one go…

“She din’t call me…!! What to do Kaka..”he asked tired…

” Ajju beta..she will call you…I will search here before coming to Mumbai…”.Rana said before disconnecting the call..

He stood froze to the ground listening Rana.,his heart raced for his Nandu di’s safety, “di..where are you?”,he murmured looking the dark sky above..


She came out of the washroom,but saw Arjun loitering in the same corridor.,”You still here?”,she asked but pressed her lips not to laugh when he turned around.. She tried to touch his face,when he stepped back,”What?”,he asked annoyed….He felt bad looking her face scrunched up at that.. “I ..”,he stuttered….”Lipstick marks”,she said folding her arms.. She expected him to tease her,but he walked past to check with the mirror.. His mobile beeped with Neil’s msg asking them to come to Reception hall.. He saw her waiting for him..

“Why 7th told..”,she asked when he punched it..

“Neil asked to”,he said standing in the middle of the lift…She saw him being tensed on something.. “Any problem Arjun”,she asked calm..

He nodded negative and walked ahead.,they saw an exhausted Samrat and Irritated Prena to sit beside confused Sam..

“Radzzie..Sam is asking uncle to stay back”,Neil rushed to her when they entered..

He saw Prakash having his drink swiping pics in his mobile.. “What’s wrong now?”,Radhika asked in common.. He saw the Trio to speak their words in unison but Sam to stare Radhika silently.. within minutes,he saw her to lose her cool as Sam went adamant with her decision to leave her house in Samrat’s absence…

“You need to be there”,Samrat stressed the word.. Samrat moved to Prakash and took a drink to calm himself,”Kiddo…I have done all arrangements..”Samrat’s anxiety was much visible in his face..

Arjun moved back to attend Rana’s call.. “Ajju beta..Nandhini called..Have you got married?..Beta..she is coming to meet you…She asked if I will come with her..I said ok”,Rana spoke in a clear messenger note.

He came back after giving instructions to Rana,and saw Radhika knelt down before Sam,”Even I know yesterday….So what?..we are all with you isn’t..I am not getting you sam”,her frustrated voice echoed the hall..

“Samaira..Whats your problem now?”,Arjun asked in his self.. He raised his hand to stop when Radhika was about to speak.. “Let she..”he said….Sam din’t flinch a bit,she sat silent..Neil walked away..

Prena pulled Radhika back,while Arjun sat next to Sam.,”I need to ask you something for your sister..”,he spoke in a less audible tone.. Sam raised her head to see others to stay away and discuss with themselves..”Do you know your sister is…”,he was cut in when she said,”You can call her by name”… He saw her intently..”Yea..Radhika..!I want my Radhika back!.”…Sam saw him surprised and looked everyone there…No one cared to look them..

“She is going through a tough phase now.,your company..In short everything related to Khannas is at problem..Your dad needs to solve a issue..No one is ready to say this to you…
Even Radhika isn’t completely aware of it.. Apart from us.,Its only Neil who know this…your dad wants to solve it himself..Radhika is worried for something else..God knows! too know..And I know that..”he said in clear low voice….Sam blinked her eyes several times to apprehend the meaning of what he said…..His face had a smile while he spoke on a serious note…..”Don’t retort..We are a Family..! I just need your get my Radhika back.!”,he said…..”Confused!! … Aren’t you missing your di?”,he asked to her face..

“Very much..I got to see her in her self only in this 2 days”,she spoke with tears..

“Who named you kiddo?”,he asked with a smile..

She smiled with tears,”May be they themselves thought to be”,she spoke laughing.. Prakash slapped Neil’s back to see them..

“ have no problems now..”, he asked..

“ are clever”,she smiled..

“Not more than you sisters”,he smiled wide.. “Are you worried about any safety issues..we will hire boys!”,he said..

“You speak like a don! Boys!”,Sam laughed.. “Its Mom!”,she frowned..

“That’s half truth.”,he got up adjusting his watch…

“Really Jiju..Am Scared for Mom’s taunts.”,she said aloud as he walked..

“Then give back..who asked you listen..did you do anything wrong to listen?”,he spoke as he moved towards Samrat..

“She will ask why we din’t inform her..What should I say?”,Sam asked to his back.. Except Arjun all others were surprised with the sudden change in Sam..

“Say..your Jiju..Arjun Ratan Mehra wanted her not to attend his wedding!!”,he turned at that.. “Not a word less or more..Say this..Call me if she asks you more”,he said sharp…

“He isn’t convincing her..he is riling her up”,Neil murmured to Prakash..

“Look his attitude Man..I remember Radz words..Kingly attitude..”,Prakash shook his head at that..

“You don’t know who he is?,Neil asked him confused.. “Why not..Arjun Ratan Mehra”,Prakash mimicked Arjun..

“Whats his dad name?”,Neil enquired..

“Some..Raj Mehra….I guess so..”,Prakash said licking the drink over his lips..

“Raj Ratan Mehra?”,Neil asked ….”Yea..Yea.. 3 tier Name as Radz said”,Prakash laughed..

“When did you people speak all this,,I din’t get to know”,Neil asked seriously..

“Cause you are a fool”,Prakash spoke with the drink’s effect..

“You are the Fool..Raj Ratan Mehra..Is Business Tycoon RRM..”,Neil hissed at him..

Prakash blinked asking,”I never heard here..but RRM !!..Sounds nice.. Radz din’t tell me”,He smiled..

“She doesn’t know too”,Neil got up to move towards others..

Prakash held his hand,”What business”,he asked.. Neil took a champagne bottle and gave him.. “Liquor”,he asked.. Neil pointed the label….”Stallions…Blue Sapphire beverages..”,Prakash saw him….Neil glared.. Prakash read further,”R&R Global holdings.” Prakash gave R-eally- nod..and Neil responded the same.. “Dude..His dad runs a liquor company?..the tasty one”,Prakash asked him.. Neil nodded no and saw everyone to look him..He gave another bottle,and said”Use your brain bro”..

“Brain and prakash bhaiya”,Sam came to them smiling.. Neil walked along with her..

“Blue bill..Klitz Spirits Inc.. R&R Global holdings..”Prakash said to himself.

“Uncle..I will come to airport.. Samaira..From tomorrow I will arrange Personal guards at home..”Arjun said to them.. Radhika looked disturbed listening him…

“Your wife looks dull”,Neil said to him..

“You people make me do things which she never wants me to”,he shook his head and gave a friendly hug to Neil.. “Whats he doing”,Arjun asked looking prakash to read labels of bottles..

“I gave a spin when he asked about your dad..he thought you own a liquor company”,Neil said..

“Not a bad idea!”,Arjun said after a moment…

“Arjun I need to ask you..”,Prakash called him when he was about to get in the car.. Thinking it could be about Preeti,Arjun quickly got in without responding.. “He called you”,she said..

“He is drunk..will blabber something”,he said annoyed.. She observed him throughout their drive back to home.,he either shook his head in frustration or banged the wheels….he brushed off her questions about that..

Rana called him and he heard Nandini’s curses and taunts on Samrat….Rana had kept the call on to let him listen while he was driving back home.. “Kaka..Dont tell to Aru..we will reach Mumbai and call him..”Nandini said at last…

She saw him to be busy in a call when she came freshen up..He called airport and enquired the timings.,and made a call., “Reach Airport before flight arrives,and take them to our house…not to my flat.Is that clear”,he said like a order.. “Call me when you reach Mumbai..”,he messaged to Rana.,and went to change..

“Mom..,Get some sleep..Pls..”,Neil said to Prena who was looking Radhika’s wedding pics on her laptop…

He stepped to the room where Radhika stayed,and saw the walls with her photos.. “Don’t be cry baby”,Prena slapped his back.. “Today I feel like a real twin..”,he said with tears..

“When Samrat said about Radhu’s wedding.,I was scared for only you,thank both knew each other before”,Prena said..

“I was crazily searching that Stupid fellow inspite of all my business schedules..your Aru was in London..He is a real idiot..Real idiot..My Radzzie would have been like this if this fellow came back then..”he wiped his tears..

“I can’t believe Neil you are crying..gosh!! Somebody see this..Business Magnet Neil Malhotra…” “Mom pls”,he retorted before she could say further…

“Samrat and Rata Bhai praised you a lot..”,she ruffled his hairs…. “Pls don’t “,he moved aside….”Neil..Aru lost his mom when he so young..he may be not like you guys..laughing and jovial..but he isn’t bad..he is just stubborn.”Prena said calmly..

Neil smiled.,”I won’t let him alone..After all.,My stupid senior is my Radzzie’s life”.


Her throat carved more to sense the burning effect,that drink gave.. She finished one more shot and stumbled on her way to the couch.,” ignored me again…you ignored me..!! why do you do this every time…that I end up doing something bad…”,she spoke between her hiccups… “It’s a insult..a shame! My family ignored me..!”,her fist landed on the armrest with a thud…

Piyali walked staggering to the hallway hearing the car to halt.. “So.,how was the marriage!!”,she asked to Samrat.. “You too fooled me kiddo”,she asked when Sam came with her bag..

“Tell me Samrat..,even this driver attended her marriage,but I wasn’t even informed..I was ashamed when everyone asked me..And you planned a Reception at hers’ ..that prena’s place… keep me away…what was the need to..”,Piyali asked..

Samrat asked Sam to leave and starred her.,”Whose marriage you are asking about?”,he asked… Piyali glared him sharp..

“She is my daughter..Am enough for her..So..stop your drama”, he stopped ascending the stairs and said “..and Am happy that you din’t attend the wedding..It went well..with only people who wished her wholeheartedly unlike others”..

“Happy.!!.(she let a sardonic laugh) even am happy that your Princess married our office employee…where is your so called status now? people value Love..!! I forgot.. tch..tch”,she shook her head..

“Don’t fly high Piyali…Arjun Ratan Mehra is no less than a Prince for my Princess..”,he smirked at her..

“Ratan Mehra”,she asked… she stood dumbstruck when Samrat nodded with a smile..


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    Jessie excellent episode.. But don’t u think that nandini should stay alone with rana kaka not with arjun to destroy samrat… I feel sad when arjun says nandini as di… So she should be separated with arjun and radhika’s life. So happy that arjun wedded his pov radhika. Excellent dear jessie yaar. Love u tc…

    1. Jessie

      Arti….Artiiii….teddy hugs….thanks a lot dear…okay…hmmm..Nandhini..she will be alone chap has it..?Arjun calls her di..yep…but Arti..he isnt like MMZ One…thanks again dear…glad to know ur likes…Will have a eye on that.too…love u loads…TC…

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    The way Arjun convinced Sam and other starring him the way he does and after sam’s reaction…so cool and Prakash remeber rads statement “Kingly Attitude” wah wah…waise yeh King se bhi jyada attitude hai…and yes only King can give and has that attitude and that;’s what our ARM is ..right? I love the way Sammu uncle mocked Piyali retorting her that ARM is not less than a Prince for her princess..superb dialogue…lol semma bulbu.

    Oh no now Nandini’s entry and Rana kaka giving running commentary to Arjun…ok so now what bomb she gonna blast yar? Amaithiya poitruka kadhal thidirnu enna oru villathanam..enaku oru paatu niyabagam varuthu…Nandini ya nenacha…Oru Thendral Pulaagi varuthee…ayyaayo varuthee…vara poguthu…Arjuna nee than ethavathu seeyanum but muttal thanama senju vaangi katikaatha…ok Jaazzii..Arjun ah konjam bathrama paathuko…illati Radhika Chandra mukhiya maariduva..we can’t help it…LOL

    Jaazzzzzzz semmmmmmmmmmmma episode…..i love everything everything..and you so much..muaaaahhhh ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Satzzzzz….thanks a lot for big comment…am happy that this chap did something good….reception with party…Neil style.!!! Glad for pointing those ya..goosebumps…romance queen..!! Thanks….u impressed with Arjun…that I know isn’t..??..king..king…woo..!! Prena..aama..!! Elathayam.otranga..!! Hehe.piyali ku bulb…lol…sammu santhosathil midhakirar…parunga1…bomb a parthutu sollunga.adhu ok va illaya nu hehehe…Arjun naan pakradha…lets see what he chandra mukhi…am glad u liked the epi to this extent…thanks …thanks…thanks again…love u loads….TC… jumping in happiness…

  6. Sangee

    Hey jazz again Sry for the late comment.. Though I read the epi in morning itself I was unable to comment ? stuck with work… Sry ??? comming to the epi… You are making me speech less by your epis.. Superb narration dear hatsoff dear…kudos ? 40 min reception, card idea, security fantastic… But oru doubtu y Neil is over protective towards rads.. Same doubt for me to y this much monitoring over guests ?Free publicity.. Adapaavi
    free publicity kaga va ivlo kasta pattu kalyanam panna ? Neil super pa.. Note only arjun I too impressed ? sammu ? and Neils convo super.. Arjun cornered us.. Correct correct ?? ennadu unna pathi innaiku night solla poriya en pa? Ritu saithan cycle la varudu.. Mulusa chandamuki ya maari irruka ra un manaivi radika va pakka pora ???

    1. Jessie

      Oh ok…Sangee..en sad emoji…thanks a ton dear….ideas ok va..nalladhu…monitoring…!! Rads sonala aban apidi1 than…pls no piyali vera….!! He said na he won’t let her come…free publicity..hehe…adhu avan funkaga sonnan…hahah?????saitan in cycle??lol..I imagine now…hehehe..super one ma…lol. chandramukhi…haha..vida matenga..but u got ri8…thanks a lot dear…love u so much….TC

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    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Gauri…glad that u said ur likes…choco boy..Hehe…Neil…yep..I know u love him…?Nandu….she won’t…we have Arjun isn’t…piyali..jaw…yes..yes..good one tya..thanks for supporting me…write more…!! Am happy to get that u loads…stay happy…TC…

  8. Sangee

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    Aduku Apparam nan Kanna muditen nan pakka la nan pakkala ??? I tried to be good he he he yummy and spicy ???… You lost your senses ? am I right ???Check your pleats ha ha ha ufff nandu.. O god pls save our love birds from her and piyali… Arjun taking rads as his rads… Idu manidar unarndu kolla manida kadal alla adaium thandi punidamanadu punidamanadu ( guna dialog) Arjun tension mode on ? Arjun and Sams convo Dats arjun he will make every one accept his decision .. Kingly attitude… Sema.. Liquor factory… Not a bad idea… Mr RRM neenga appadi Enna business panrengal ? poor pakash running commentry by rana…Neil and pernas convo… Super… Rads is lucky to have Neil… Piyali.. He is not less than a prince for our princesses ?

  9. Sangee

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    1. Jessie

      Sangee….Tell me how should I thank u in the best way…!! Seriously..ton tona thanks sonalum pathadhu ma…!! 10 times…enaku potiya padichurukeenga…thanks…That’s like a reward for a person who aspires to write…..ungal thirai vimarsanathai naan aaavalodu ezthir parthu padithen1….so no sorry….

      Preeti matter…next chap has..BS ..aamaa..aamaa…!! Choco husband..heheh….Neil n pk..yep…Sam oru vaalu…sammu…yep..neenga yaaru…kandupudichuteenga….! Prena apidi than….Spanish..!! Lol…ninuten…thank u…neenga parkalaya…same pinch…naanum parkala…??? epidi….Sangee……u read which part 10 times…hehehhe…?ssshhh…public…public..!!! Guna dialog..!! Hehe…..yea…ore kingly attitude than….prakash avanku liqor thavera onnum gyabagam illa..hehe…R&R global holding….detailed a radz solluva…yep..Neil too good…and yes…piyali ku shock….hehehe…Nandrigal kodi…bear hugs…u boost my energy….TC n love u loads…

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    Is Preeti Arjun’s sis?????? did he have an issue with Rads regarding that????? are Preeti n Prakash wed????????? Does Piyali hate Rads?????? or was it bcoz she believes in marrying acc to status rather than love??????? What is RR’s business????? Is Sam worried abt Piyali’s taunts????? Where is Jai???? A few epi’s back Rads ws crying over the doll that rep Jai…..I had apprehended that smething bad happened to him…….but then he was shown in the 2nd last epi……..where is he nw????? What is Nandini’s issue with Samrat????????? Arjun really loves Rads ri8???? but then Nandini’s words to Arjun in the prologue confuses me………..

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    love u a lotttttttttttttttttttt……………..muaaaaahhhhhhh………………..loads of hugs and kisses………

    1. Jessie

      Aasthu…studies took a toll on u girl…u R confused more…prologue ..yes next one has…and Romantic usual like everyone..hehe…well..why i said u are confused…hmm…Preeti is married to kavin…u had already asked it…preeti was already told..n next chap has more details…so now..skipping..all other ques1 too the same way…well..piyali did say na..status..!! U make questions from answers…heheh…Arjun…I have made clear..wait for next part too…and Jai…still now I dint bring him as person…only as u said she cried looking that doll..bas..!!no crush..hehe..good na…love u too…TC.. Relax a lot…u seemed to be too much fed up with studies…

      1. Aasthu

        Hey Jess……….ya u r absolutely right….I have gone mad………..ok so Kev married Preeti who is Arjun’s sis…….but how did they get separated in the 1st place??? In that epi…..Kev asked Arjun a quest ri8?? how he cud trust Rads after all that she did to Preeti……what was that abt ?????????

    2. Jessie

      Aasthu…..Preeti isnt1 his sis dear…hope u forget..chap 22 has details … and it wasn’t kavin who asked that ques u mentioned…its Arjun’s thoughts on himself …and u aren’t mad…curious.!! Love u dear…TC..

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    Jessie… Sorry for late comment…. This was superb chapter…. Arjun’s advice to Sam that part was really nice. Piyali is the only reason of her worries?? And ardhika romance?…. Yummy chocolate boy and naughty jerry…. Neil and Prakash, they are funny, Neil is a true friend. Piyali she got a shock. And this preeti issue?? What is that?? Is it a big issue? That Arjun don’t want to discuss and rads hesitate to tell?? What is that?? Now nandhu also came? Next what will happen??? Eagerly waiting for next….

    1. Jessie

      Shonaa… Teddy hug..I was expecting you… Thanks a lot dear..hope you got busy with some other works…Choco boy n naughty jerry..heheh..Preeti Issue..In next chap… well there will be a
      misunderstanding thats y he is hesistant..not Rads…Rads..,Neil and prakash would be talking about Preeti’s marriage as I had said.but Arjun will get it wrong….Nandu bi hai…yep…have to solve all na..thats y all assembled..hehe…will post soon dear..Glad reading your view…Take care of yourself n love you loads…

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    1. Jessie

      Hey my sweetie girl….oh..Hmm..isi liye..I thought school works kept you busy… thanks a ton dear…. glad u pointed those..Preeti issue..from next chap…will post in a day… oh ok dear…itne sorry mat kaho my sweetie pie…Ok dear..I understand..Study well..TC of your self…. eat well..Love you loads…Bear hugs my dear..Stay happy and All the very best for your exams…

  13. Dipika

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    1. Jessie

      Am ready for your peck…hehe..Thanks a lot Deepz…yep..shortest..and more like a party…aww..Romance..thanks..glad at your likes dear…. and thanks again..will post soon…love you loads my judwa behan…me too…Ek jaddo ki jhappi…TC

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    i mean like really?? phewww !!! my God !!!!
    u know i have a good experience with long chapters of FF … but somehow reading some parts i alnost lost interest… n it also happens with other readers tooooo….. BUT u n ur FF is something else !!! seriously u write sooooooo long !!! but more i read more i want… ur writing style is UNIQUE dear !!! whenever i read i just wish it never ends… NEVER EVER … !!!
    Today’s part was also outstanding.. !!! Hats offf for ur long parts !!!
    still thinking what u do before writing !!! *stretch my head !!!!!
    Thnk u dear !!!! ;-*

    1. Jessie

      Kakali….now have my teddy hug…!! U always surprise me…and me eating..hmm..yea..I eat a lot while typing…Munching all d time…Hahaha…mom will be stop it..don’t come to kitchen…I think you got my diet now…and then obviously comments…!! I bit love more to have it..Thanks a lot dear..for dropping in..I should say..!! U r my surprise frnd..!! Love u loads…and am at loss of words reading ur appreciation…yes..this indeed went long…I was so stuck with where to cut…I couldn’ posted… the truth is until I read u I had the doubt of cleared…That’s y i said u always surprise me..doubts cleared..!! Thanks a ton my lovely friend….Am glad it kept u interesting…yippee wala moment for me…!! Love ur support…feeling energized…!! Now I am.gonna write the other story…love u loads dear…TC.n stay happy…

  15. Jnana

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    1. Jessie

      Jnanaaa….am doing good…how abt you…yep…u r busy..sem days dancing..!! I remember….so u here…means i have Vampire treat tomo…lol…see my Josh…vampire treat…!! Am glad that u dropped in ….TC dear…!!! U read again…piyali…!! She is strong!! Lol… I dint peek Jnana…I was there on the terrace itself..??else how could I give the details to you…am so duty conscious.,you see…????love u loads…will post soon…TC dear…

  16. Ting tong…do you know this poor girl Ms.Jessie Romantics????
    Jessuu…soo sorry for being late..
    Chocolate icecream romance!! Oh God,I loved it..seriously I was just imagining that Ardhika scenes and smiling myself. .
    Neil’s care for Radziee
    ??if only I had a friend like him..
    So Anjali is coming.. And Piyali..status! What a woman.?
    And jiju..being a jiju you readily convinced Sam.. And not to forget Samrat”s click..that was a cute photo..

    No time Jesuu..bye bye and tc..

    1. Jessie

      Aadiaaa….I know her …??….tight hug girl…. happy with ur choc icecream isn’t….* am sighing relieved.* ur fav choc ice cream…wow..!! U pointed ur likes…cute like you…love u loads dear….thanks a lot dear…TC..

  17. mindblowing….

    1. Jessie

      Subha….subha….Nandrigal pala…love u dear…TC..

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    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot…my dear….haayee…u like Neil……yep..Arjun is best…am biased to him you know…am so happy reading ur comments girl…love you tons….TC…muah

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    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Roma di…yea..quick one…. Neil cares for Rads so only…. yummy…hhehe…yea di… thanks di..Di…you noticed all sweet cute moments…Ardhika ones…yay!! both turned naughty di…Nandu..yes…Preeti is their Junior di..he consideers her to be his sis…Neil din’t lie actually…he gave hints di..RAdz was there na,, so he din’t speak openly…still Rads doesnt know abt ARjun and His dad business.. Piyali ko shock…! yes..she dint know ARjun is RR’s son.. am glad di….Am overwhelmed now…thanks a ton….Love you tons…TC..Stay happy di..

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