Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 2


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Chapter -2

Piyali was already highly irritated when Samrat threw his tie in the air dramatically and walked off signing the cheque. He was neither angry nor worried at Radhika’s aggressive manners. She couldn’t digest Samrat encouraging Radhika’s rude behaviour without a single word of retort. And now, Sam’s kiddish talk added fuel to the fire. ” I shouldn’t encourage this..” she said to herself sternly. Sam came down and pulled Piyali to the entrance ” C’mon, C’mon it’s getting late.. Mom” Over excited sam was rushing towards car and jumped into passenger seat. Sam never liked to be a part of Birdsong in particular anything in business.
It was a herculean task for Piyali to make her agree for being a director in BS.Though she agreed, Piyali knew she has no interest, so everyday she made it as a duty to get ready and take her along with her, but Sam never showed any happiness or excitement being in BS or learning about Business. Today., Its different. Piyali stood there in porch without moving a inch.

Sam opened driver seat door and called ” Mom!!! Mom!!” Piyali came out of her thoughts and sat in car.

While driving she asked ” Kiddo.. Seems u are more interested to reach office before me..”

“Yes mom.. Cin..” she paused “want to meet di, mom. I was late for breakfast so missed her”

“Guess.. U missed your breakfast too.”

“Tats ok,Mom.. We have a client presentation isn’t..Amit said. I made the presentation, Mom” She said to divert the topic. Sam knew her mom. She questioned her excitement. But the point is she realized it just a second before. Neil is right, I have to watch my words, she thought and saw her mom.

“I will have a look” Piyali clipped.

Over!! Sam muttered under her breath and closed her eyes for a while to control her anxiety.

” You have to be more Professional.. Learn your responsibilities soon. No more chit chatting or playing candy crush in office hours.” Piyali said in slow and clear commanding voice.

“Yeah Sure,Mom” she replied with closed eyes. Piyali continued with more such sweet coated commands.

Sam was breaking inside. Her face started to loose its glow it had minutes before. She doesn’t want to cry before Radhika. She took a deep breath and sat straight looking the highly traffic consumed roads. The same roads where they played car race in midnight hours, where they spent jolly rides till past 2 at midnight. Every time Radhika would take the scoldings on behalf of them as a blessing from their mom.

“She is turning a Rebel” ..”She is a True Angel” .. “She is my Princess” Everyone’s words echoed in her ears..

Bird song was nearing.

” We can do anything for our Cinderella di, sammy” his words vibrated.When she recalled those words, she was in lost of breath. Sam opened mouth to breath in some air.

Piyali who was about to park asked”What happened, Sammy”

“Nothing, Mom.”She removed d seat belt to get down.

“Wait. I need to speak”



“Arjunnn.. You Here?!!!” Radhika controlled herself not to shout in excitement. She noticed the coldness in his eyes. Is he still angry with me? I saw him Surprised for a sec.

“What.Are. You.Doing.Here??” Arjun asked in cold and composed tone.

How good Am getting welcomed Everywhere she thought and replied ” Umm.. Job..My work is here” She clipped.

“Oh! I think we need Professionalism to do a job in a company like this.. and you don’t have that.”


“I will do the honor of recommending for your rejection before your interview”

Still the same.. she thought and decided to play a prank

“Seniiiorrrrr..!!” She called with puppy dog eyes.

Arjun was stupefied for a moment. She clearly observed the effect of her words. He stood frozen.This is how she used to call me., ah..Tease me.. make fun around me..

He alone in this world knew how much he missed her, how much her voice.. her naughtiness, her cute antics, she herself has a control on him. She smiled.

“Radhikkaa..Listen..This is not..” he whisper spoke only to get cut off by her in middle

“Please Senior.. I need this job..” She blinked and came a step forward looking into his eyes.

He stood silent. His mind got blank. Love’s effect one should say.

” Senior.. Shall we go back to Planet Earth” She said and fluttered her eyes

His anger flew away in seconds. He fake glared her.. Should I get her a job here?..Can I be normal having her around?

“Give me your file” He said

“Morning, Arjun” Samrat greeted him with a wide smile.

“Good Morning,Sir ” Arjun replied surprised at Samrat’s smile.

Radhika was keen in observing her love. She dint notice Samrat approaching them. Not again! Now Arjun will get angry that she played prank on him.

“Btw.. Arjun.. Meet my Daughter.. Radhika Khanna! The Future Owner of this company” He said in proudly. Radhika closed her eyes cursing her stupidity, when she opened her eyes, it met with a pair of eyes holding surprise and shock together.

“Actually., I want to give a proper introduction,but I couldn’t hold myself when I saw Arjun here “Samrat spoke patting Radhika’s shoulders “Radhika..He is Arjun. Our Senior Head.”

Arjun was starring her with mixed emotions. She made him a fool again.

Radhika was unable to see him like this. She dint expect this. She was about to say, but now he wont believe that too. She looked around and her eyes halted seeing Piyali and Samaria coming there.
Is Sam here to meet me? No.. She isnt happy. she seemed to be lost in thoughts. Piyali was instructing her with a smile in her face.A fake one. Radhika walked past samrat eyes fixated only on Sam.
She is actually scolding my doll. It clicked, she turned around and asked “Pa..Sam has also joined here..Since when?”

“Just a week., and Arjun is training her in management and business dealings.. ”

With that she flipped her eyes on Arjun and gave one good look like examining or understanding things happening around in her absence. Arjun noticed the sudden change in Radhika’s behavior.

Sam was mentally preparing herself not to squeal in office. Piyali was continuously advise scolding her, that Sam forgot she is already before her darling sister.

She blinked and said “Hello..Welcome to Mumbai!! ” Radhika turned listening Sam’s voice so close. Sam was smiling wide.
“Thanks! You are the First to Welcome me! ” Radhika remarked with a expressionless face .Sam knew what she meant ,She just leaped on Radhika and hugged her like a kid who missed her mom on her first day of school. The Embrace got tighter when Radhika reciprocated her hug. Sam started to sob..”I missed u sooo much.Please dont leave me again” Radhika couldn’t control her emotions. She patted her back and said ” I won’t. Now, Don’t spoil my dress”
Sam broke the hug and giggled “Same pinch! You owe me a treat”Pointing her dress. Radhika just rolled her eyes.

“We shall speak the rest in our cabin.”Piyali said and nodded her head to the morning wishes she was receiving.

Sam held Radhika’s hand and said “I’am sorry di. I spoiled ur morning. I was about to receive u.” while walking towards lift with their parents

“That’s ok..Btw why is your car so neat and clean.? I thought I would meet some rats and new species before I meet you all”

“I get that Sarcasm”Sam said twisting her nose and lips in all possible directions.

Arjun was just observing the sister bond, and everyone of Khannas. “Something Fishy” He mumbled before walking towards his cabin.


“I don’t want to be away from you. Its because of you and your adamant nature this happened. I know you will be missing me..But trust me., I miss you more than that.” he spoke to the potrait on wall. It was Radhika and Him. Radhika was side hugging him and flashing one of her best smiles. He like this picture of them and blew it big. Radhika used to say she speaks with his pics and scold him whenever he leaves her alone..He had made fun of it,but today he is doing the same. With that he laughed at himself. His phone beeped with his mom’s number.

“Hello..Mom..Howzz Mumbai?? Any Tsunami or hurricane?”

Prena laughed and continued “She will kill you when she gets to know this”

“Mom.. now don’t scare me with her name”

“Okay..What are you doing there alone? I thought you would come here with her”

“Getting Mad.. Without that Mad girl..”

“Are u missing her,Neil?”

“Of course,Mom. ”

“Then, come to Mumbai”

“I will .. In 10 days.. I need to wind up things,Mom.. No more Delhi. She won’t listen if I say, That’s why am staying back’

“Neil..Are u sure? That’s her first Venture. Radhika will not accept this. Don’t decide hastily”

” I know,Mom.Am planning to handover to one of our friend. Lemme see..What she does staying in Mumbai”

“This is wrong.She doesn’t know you had planned all this. She will be shocked.. Don’t do this” Prena tried to suppress his moves.

“Am sure, She will definitely have a eye on upcoming events,so she will get to know this too.. Wanna see my Bandit Queen in action.” He continued.. ” I want her to be herself.. She is hurting herself staying here. After a long time., I got the chance. I will set things right.. Radhika should be in Mumbai only. I want My Radzzie back” he spoke all emotional.

“Hope she understands. Think twice before deciding.”

“Okay Mom..Bye.Take care”

Neil kept the photo frame aside and made a call

“Hey.. How about meeting today..”


“Yes..I wanna things done soon.. But will sign the deal after 10 days.”


“No..Radhika should not know about this.. Don’t mess it.”


“I will make sure of it. She will sign the document. once things get finalized she wont back off. ”


“Don’t delay.I just have a week’s time. Bye”


He saw the portrait and said ” Am sorry Radzzie”


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      Thanks a lot Savera.. she isn’t cold..she is angry on Radz coz of her behavior

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