Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 19


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Chapter -19

“Do as I say..”,Prena stood with Radhika in kitchen. Sam scanned Arjun’s flat and sat with Neil..”What’s happening?”,she asked to Neil, he just pointed to look kitchen..

“Already Sam had ordered lunch”,Radhika replied finding ways to escape from cooking..

“You need to do a it!!”she said.. The quad sat leisurely around dining table watching the tug of war between them..

“When did you pack this”,Radhika asked looking the bag filled with necessities for preparing kheer..”Why kheer?”,she asked next..

“Arjun’s do it”,Prena said blocking her way..

“ this your favorite”,she tried to peep behind Prena..

“ said any sweet isn’t..I love hot chocolate”,Arjun came to kitchen…Prakash slapped his forehead..

“Why hot chocolate..bring a normal one..Its enough.”Neil said..

“A spoon of sugar will do”,Prakash mocked.. “My di is the luckiest”,Sam said with a clap to which the guys facepalmed..

“Had your lunch..”,Samrat came asking Prakash..

“Pops..di is making kheer”,Sam said wiggling her brows.. Samrat recalled her Maggi adventure on floor and smiled.. After an hour.,Radhika came wiping her forehead sweat.. “You won the battle!”,Neil asked her.. She imitated a thumbs up.. Prena came exhausted drinking water.. “ too!! They won a battle!”,Neil said throwing his hands in air… Prakash and Samrat laughed slapping Neil’s back..

“ Arjun for lunch”,Prena said.. Prakash and Neil laughed aloud when Radhika dialed from her mobile…”She turned idiot this soon”,Neil mocked her..

“Come for lunch”,His head snapped from laptop to see her standing tired in her wedding saree with a messy bun.. “Hey my S*xy wife”,he pulled thro’ her waist and she went across his lap.,”You had only my bangles..why?”,he asked entwining his fingers in hers.She sat in the gap between his lap and the sofa.. “Shall we plan our honeymoon?”,he asked tickling her bare waist..

“No..pls..don’t”,she held his hand.. “Why?”,he asked befuddled..

“This..don’t do this..”,she pointed him tickling.. “And everyone is waiting for you..Come fast”,she got up..

“Am not hungry”,he stood before her..

“Oh..Maa’s caterers are the best..Delicious food you know…Rasmalai..Pulav..”,she said widening her eyes like a kid..

“Something delicious than this??”,he rolled his thumb on her lower lip,pulling her close…She looped her arms around his neck,and smiled wide tilting her head to a side, “Delicious??”,she asked..

“Its hard now”,he captured her lips and lifted her a little from the ground..Surprising him,she gained control playing with his tongue and pulled back..He dropped her amused and kissed her deeply,this time not to let her play,his hands clasped her nape of the neck and she arched more giving in to him.cupping his cheeks she went on her toes as a reflex…his hands traveled to her waist and he lifted her little to stand over his feet…His clutch on her bare waist provoked her more to deepen their kiss and he pushed her more into him caressing her skin on middle..She let a deep moan and he pulled back at that..He saw her heave for breath and loosened his grip.. “ a surprise”,he teased in a husky voice…She hid her face on his chest..”You spoilt me!”,she said.. “Good job Arjun!!”,he hugged her close…

“Your di is busy..She will be in 5 mins”,Arjun said high,when they heard Sam to knock their bedroom door calling Radhika for lunch.. “And you are still on my feet”,he said to her.. she moved back,” look s*xy in this messy bun”,he said removing the clip stepping forward.. “Now move!”,she pushed him..Staggering a little he stepped on her saree pleats,asking,”Why baby”..She gasped looking her pleats off.,it laid spread over her feet…”You din’t pin?”,he asked in low voice to see her blinking confused…”I removed when I came home.”,she mumbled at him.. “How about another round”,his right quickly snaked around her waist pulling her close to him..She looked herself standing with inskirt and saree pallu on,”New trend”,he winked..”No..I don’t know tie saree..Now what to do?”,she asked like a real problem amusing him.

“I too don’t know to tie one”,he sat laughing at her,while she gathered the fabric spread down,sensing his eyes to have a leisure tour on her she quickly turned around,”I need to change”,she said..

“Everyone is waiting for you”,he mimicked her before moving out..

“She has a stomach upset.will come now”,he said as he sat for lunch..

“Everything is spicy here.,now what she will have”,Neil said worried after looking the lunch spread..

“How do I know before ordering the food”,Prena snapped at him.. “I chose it Neil..Sry”,Sam said..

“Leave it Sam..Pulav is there..less spicy..and give any homemade remedy for this..”,Prakash intervened.. “Hide those Kachoris,Prakash”,Samrat said in a low tone.. Arjun felt bad for lying but at the same time surprised with their deep concern..He thought why she felt alone when she has such a caring family around..

“Having lunch without me?”,Radhika came wearing navy blue long skirt and white top..

Neil snatched the kachori she picked.. “Don’t..!! Are you a kid..Eat what suits you now”,he said..

“Radzz..Don’t take oily foods now”.Prakash said when she took Panner kofta curry.. She was irritated to the core when it continued..

“Di…you have stomach upset isn’t..why”, “Which idiot said that”,she spatted before sam finished hers.. She saw them to look Arjun who was relishing his food..

“What..Neil..she said to me when I called for lunch”,Arjun said instantly..

She looked the spread and Arjun, and had her lunch silently earning surprise glances..Prena asked to serve Kheer to everyone..Neil and Prakash fed each other faking tears.,Sam giggled clicking pics..
“It’s so good..!Dare you mock her”,Arjun smacked Neil’s head as he moved the couch..

“Miracle”.”Bingo!’..”Love stuck senior”…”yummy di..” “Too good”..”Tasty Radhu..”,she smiled wide listening them..She asked about the arrangements,and sat eating kheer. They enquired each other and Arjun as well as Radhika both sat dumbstruck listening,Prakash to have a late night travel and helped with local arrangements even then.,Neil slept for 2 hrs oly,Sam to chose the decors and Prena to sent her assistants to help Samrat who reached the place at midnight 1AM..and they had arranged reception a very short notice..Not even 2 full days they got to arrange all this,but still..they made it her best….she recalled RR’s words..She rested over the table on her elbow’s support and watched them like a kid to view photos.. Arjun came to her side and stood next to her,while Sam swiped photos on her laptop..

“Sam..forward me everything and where’s the court ones”.Arjun asked impatiently…”This is the best!”,he said aloud which made everyone to have a look on it.. It was Arjun smiling to prena side hugging Radhika who looked his face..

Radhika raised her brows in surprise for a pic,where Arjun smirks mischievous as he stooped to lift Radhika in temple wedding,”Who clicked it?”,Arjun asked like a enquiry..

“It’s me..Your Father in law”,Samrat said eating kheer.. “And this too”,Neil said extending his mobile…It was Arjun walking with Radhika with his left arm looped around her,with his neck crooked down a little to listen her..Arjun snapped his head to see Samrat smiling wide..

“My pops is the best”.Sam gave a flying kiss.. “Am so lucky to have you all..”Radhika said suddenly and looped her arm around Samrat’s neck..”Paa…Am so happy”,she said in low voice..

Arjun moved to his bedroom after helping with everyone to rest in his flat..

“Take rest Radhika”,Arjun came to his bedroom balcony.. “How about Mauritius for our honeymoon”,he kept his arms on either side of her standing figure..She turned around to face him,”Don’t take me wrong..I want to be here..Just a month left”,she said in a serious tone..Looking him baffled she continued.,”I need to work on BS”.

“You said you won’t be a part of it”,Arjun asked hurriedly…

“Of course yes..I want to handover to Sam..So..I need to check the company’s position before that..Arjun..I sense some problem in the company..I want to solve it..I want to Sam to be always happy like this..I..”,she shook her head when her words involuntarily trailed behind..

“Anything wrong?”,he asked…

“I need to speak with you.. a lot”,she said.. He looked her intently..A series of thoughts occupied their minds and both had their own musing of confusions and expectations… “I too need to tell you something”,he said looking her eyes and she nodded..Wrapping her arms around his waist,she rested her head on his chest,”Never leave me”.. He realised a moment later that She might have guessed his words to be about Preeti.,which he had decided never to speak about.,’cause it may hurt his Radhika..No one is more important than her..He reciprocated her closeness with that thought and said,”I won’t and won’t let you to”..

“I won’t”,she retorted the instant.. “Ok..Have some sleep before reception”,he said as he got her in his arms..

“What was that ritual had me like this”,she asked..

“Jerry..who said that was a ritual..”,he winked as he lowered her on the bed.. “Liar..why?”,she asked.. “To make you silent.”,he shrugged his shoulders as he left..


“Now pls get up.,else you will blame me again!”,he said as he pulled her from bed..

“You woke me up in morning!! Really!!”,she stood wide eyed.. He stood with his hands on his hips,his eyes caught the ceiling for a second,and he shook his head a minute later..”People say love is blind..But my love is drowsy”,he moved to washroom.. She bit her lips smiling realizing his words..Sam’s loud voice from hall made her step outside..

“Are you kidding?Pops! this is unfair..You can’t leave me alone..By now Mom would have got to know about di’s marriage..She will be definitely angry on us for ignoring her..And you book a trip somewhere now..No…How would I tackle her..Pops please..Mom will kill me with questions”.,Sam paced throwing her hands in the air..

“Why you din’t inform her?”,Radhika asked..

Everyone’s heads snapped at that..Samrat looked Sam in turn.. “Uncle..why to stare Sam..Radzzie needs to know..Yes..we din’t inform..we don’t want to witness, Aunty spoiling your day”,Neil said as he stood up from the couch..

Her anger rose to peak,”What nonsense?”,she asked irritated..

“That’s the truth”,he said back.. “You too know that..She will one or other way insult you..I don’t want you to cry..and what was the need for her to..she isn’t your…”Neil stopped abruptly realizing what he spoke..

“So what..!! Neil..She isn’t my mother but she brought up me,..She is my mom!! you better watch your words”,Radhika said..

“Brought up?”,Neil mocked.. Prena gestured Samrat to intervene..

“di..why to argue when we know what she is capable of..Pls..we..including you know about her hatred over you..then why..”,Sam spoke looking her face..

“Are you supporting Neil in this?”,she raised her voice..

“We all decided..Not Neil..”,Prena said..

“So you all decided without informing me”Radhika snapped back…Neil saw Arjun to be rooted watching Radhika’s arguments..that too for Piyali..!

“Just think Radz..If Sam was in your place..won’t you do the same for her happiness..”Prakash spoke to her..

“So whom you are all covering up for?”,she asked after a sec.. Neil smiled a unseen one.. Samrat saw Arjun to step forward..

“ find this to be wrong.. Hmm…Just think….Everyone here and Arjun’s dad too,kept ourselves on our toes to have this day special..A little better of what we could do in a day’s time.,and you want your mom to attend and spoil it in a fraction of second..Isn’t.?!!….You value the presence of someone who hates you but not our affection..I decided not to inform her..She had no clue until we arranged for Reception,,and that too this morning..”,Samrat spoke in his self.,which silenced her…

Just when they heaved a sigh of relief,Neil said,”Why would she think about us?she too know why we did..but won’t accept..its her ego..It won’t let her accept..One egoistic girl!! She is turning selfish..not a thought about others and their pain..”.He winked looking Arjun,who looked him befuddled just like everyone there..

“Shut up !”,she raised her voice with her back facing him..

“That’s the truth..You don’t care us…Sam.!.Arjun.!…”,he said while Samrat rubbed his forehead anxious..

“Don’t talk when you don’t know things”,her brittle raised voice echoed in the hall..

“I know…You want your would be happy if she insults Arjun before won’t care if she spits venom on us.,on Arjun,!..but you want her presence…”Neil said sardonically..

“Its not like that..Stop it”,she said exhausted…Arjun was confused to see her reacting with mixed emotions..

“I won’t”,Neil snapped back…you..”,before he could finish she grabbed a small flower vase and turned halfway raising her hand.,Arjun quickly stepped to Neil’s side.,while Neil who had been expecting this ducked to his right..,but she stopped from throwing it looking Arjun next to Neil.. Arjun saw Prakash turning his face aside,while the other 3 stood confused just like him… Radhika slapped her lids close and turned opposite..”I told you..she has changed..”,Neil whispered to Arjun..

“Radhika..what’s wrong”,Arjun asked in a calm voice..Her grip on vase got tightened..,Sam saw Samrat with a shocked expression,they couldn’t believe Radhika to hurt Neil in anger…. “Nothing..get ready”,she said after few secs and walked past him without a look on anyone there..

“This what happens between us in Delhi,,whenever I ask her to return..,Neil said as he gulped water..

“But she tried to hurt you..”,Sam said..

“Then she will cry.”,Neil finished for her.. “4 yrs,you people have no clue how much she had lost her self..I want you all to see this side of Radzzie..and you too!!..”,he said looking Arjun..

“It’s all because of my mistake..If not in party I..”,Samrat said after a minute of thought, which made Arjun to recall her words in beach.. “You said something bad about her?”,Arjun asked..

“Nothing like that..Just Nothing!! Neil! don’t exaggerate things..!! Do you get that..Listening you even I feel to throw a vase on you..You made her day worse..Idiot!!…”,Sam ranted in anger and moved swiftly to the door.,”di..Are you getting ready..Lemme help you..Open the door..di..di..”,She banged with her fist continuously..Sam leaped on her when she came out.. “Nothing kiddo..”,Radhika mumbled in her ears..

“Watch this”,Neil said audible to men alone and spoke in high tone,”I arranged this reception and I won’t call your mom..Attend only in that case”.. The girls starred him anger..

“You did a mistake.,you should have broke his head di”,Sam said and Prena smiled at that.. “Accepted”,Radhika replied..

“If you want you can cancel the reception Radzzie…Am not compelling you..well..What’s the need after a court marriage..”,Neil shrugged his shoulders and looked everywhere but not her..

“Why? you want people to gossip that I had a shotgun marriage”,She snapped at him…Arjun clenched his fist listening that.,noticing that Prakash spoke in a convincing tone, “So.. you want it..isn’t Radz”..She nodded positive..

“But your mom won’t come..”,Neil said sharply..

“I know you won’t let her come”,Radhika replied with a slightest smirk looking him..

“Your anger is not for your mom being ignored..its that we din’t have a word with you about it..Am I right?”,Prakash asked politely..She stood silent..”That’s it Man..Everyone discuss with her hereafter..Pls..”,Prakash said to ease the moment.,and signaled Neil with his eyes..Understanding that,All nodded their heads..

“You needn’t nod..Just do”,Radhika told before moving..Neil smiled at that…”Radzzie its not a tongue you have..its a sword”,he said smiling wide at her.. Arjun walked controlling his anger to his room..

“Why did you do this?”,Samrat asked coldly..

“Easy uncle.!! Lemme see the your SIL’s talent he convinces his Jhansi Rani want us pull each other hairs here,while you enjoy somewhere..That won’t happen..!!”,Neil said smiling…

“Am neither on a trip nor to enjoy..Its business..don’t you know that”,Samrat said sharp..

“Still….Its we who will be in the maze until you…watch a teaser of it..”,Neil looked straight in his eyes..

“What Maze”,Sam asked…Samrat glared Neil.. “Listen to your dad..Do’s and don’ts in his absence here..”,Neil said sharply..

“Buddy..Relax..”,Prakash came to his side after Samrat left with Sam to have a private talk..


“Did you realize what you spoke..You spat venom in anger..You insulted our marriage..Our love”,Arjun yelled the moment he came inside the room.

She sat on the edge of their bed with her mobile,hearing him she said,”Shotgun wedding!! That’s how people will tag it.,when a marriage happens like this..A marriage decided just a day and a half before to happen..that too somewhere in outskirts without bride’s mom and bride being a big shot…and..”

“Groom being her employee”,He finished it.. “ could you speak so Radhika..why do you demean yourself..”,he asked frustrated..

“Thats how..”,her voice choked a little..

“Your mom would tag ours, isn’t?!! “,he said irritated…

She saw him intently,”So..It was for you they covered up for?”,she asked surprising him… She gestured her look towards the closed door..

“Yes..but I din’t want them to cover up..Listen!! I asked your dad to keep your mom away from our wedding…I don’t want her to create a scene in our court wedding..Hope you know.,if she opposes our wedding,they will hold it from happening..and I was dead sure she will do make you feel down! I have witnessed it twice..Enough!! I don’t want that to happen again..And I won’t let to..Did you get that..!!…And…From now on.,Don’t bring her topic between us..I may lose my patience Radhika..”,he said in one go…

“Why so much anger?”,she asked in a low voice looking his anger bated breath..

” …’cause you called our..”,he was cut in middle by her..

“Sorry!..But you know..Neil arranged Reception only to avoid such,to go around..He din’t tell me..But I know…”,she said..

“Radhika..I feared I may lose you if I let you to Delhi..That’s y,I hurried up..”,Arjun reasoned like a kid as his left ran through his dark locks..She sat looking his face,straining her neck to crook back to its best level to get the clear vision of his face standing before her…His fast breaths expressed he was perturbed..She wrapped her arms around his waist,resting her head on his middle..”Am sorry for saying so..I din’t mean it..”,she said like a kid..

“I know..but still..”he wrapped his arm around her hugging her sitting figure into his standing one,while the other caressed her head..He sensed her to be feared on something..he was unaware of..”Nothing will happen to me Radhika..”,he said after few mins of pondering over things happened with them…

Her grip turned tightened at that,and he smiled about his correct assumption..He saw her form,holding him,and the clock to strike 6..he asked,”What are you doing?..Move back..
Trying to molest your husband”..

She smiled after a minute and hugged him more saying.,”I have all rights..Legally wedded wife you know..”..

“Hmm..First rights on me??”,he asked looking down.. “Forever!!”,she said into his shirt.. “Its 6 Radhika..”,she released her grip listening him..

“Arjun..I want to say something..Pls don’t tease me..”,she said hesitant sitting on their bed with her dress on her lap…He nodded his head as he got ready..”You wore what Neil got for you..”,she smiled looking him..

“How do you its was him?”,he smiled..

“..This color suits you so well…Once while shopping,I took a ethinic wear of same color from Men’s section..Neil noticed I guess.. You know..while purchasing for Neil..I used to choose many for you though I won’t buy”…She explained with a big smile..

“I made you miss after won’t!..and what do you want to say”,he moved towards the bed..

“Hmm…That…Sam showed me pics on Reception theme..then..then.. “she dragged…

He knelt a leg on bed and asked..”what?”..

“Then.. floral decors here too….”,she pointed their room.. “And I don’t want that..”,she said in a haste..

“What??you don’t want..he asked the next instant..

“Yes..Pls say no to floral arrangements here..Pls..”.she pleaded like a kid..

“Oh..decors…I thought..”he smirked at his thought.. “you thought I would let anyone inside??!!..”,he shook his head…”Now go get ready..”,he said as he drew back,she quickly knelt on the bed and looped her arms around his neck.,pulling him to her height she pecked his cheek deep….”Love you so much Arjun…you are sweet.!!.”…He held her waist at her sudden move.,”Love you too my Jerry..”,he said kissing her cheek deep.. “Now go..before Sam calls you.”.

“Am not a mouse…Don’t call be Jerry…it’s ma chérie!”,she said as she moved.. “Its’s Jerry!”,he said combing his hair..


Prakash noticed Sam’s sudden behavioral change,while Neil brushed it could be ’cause of their arguments…Prakash recalled how she shoved his hand and glowered in anger when he patted her shoulder to get a response from her..She did dance with him jovially that morning….his thoughts got disturbed when Radhika called him,”Pk..!! what’s up..Get ready!”.. Sam wore Peach color lehenga and clicked selfies with Neil.,her smile not reaching her eyes..

“What’s wrong sam?”,Neil asked.. She shrugged and moved aside..

“Radz is all could have tried more in finding Arjun..”,Prakash passed a tease..

But Neil thought to be real and blurted,”I would have.,if I got to know he was Arjun Mehra not Mehta !”..

“What? you have been searching with a wrong name?”,Prakash asked..

“ too know”,Neil asked.

“Buddy..He said he uses middle name only for academic purpose.,So..we know him as Arjun Mehra…but Mehta was a spelling error I guess..he said once he corrected his records.”..Prakash said adjusting his coat..

“The office assistant said me..but din’t disclose his details..and when I bribed and got the address,it had no one there..”,Neil said as he sat next to him..

“Which..The coorg one?they said the lady vacated”,Prakash said and Neil nodded…

“Serious discussion??”,Radhika asked..

“About your giraffe’s name confusion”,Prakash said to her..

“Again.!!…wonder who did mistake with his records when he joined for Masters..”,she walked to her room..

“Why din’t he change then?”,Neil asked instantly..

“You know him..that careless attitude for few things…He used to request Principal and get his mark sheet done with a correct one.,he did it every issues isn’t..he let it go.. But why are you curious on that..”,she asked..

“He had been searching with the wrong surname..that’s y frustrated.”,Prakash said..

“Search? why? I told you not to..I know he will come for me..”Radhika said with a smile..

“Why?..Idiot..To gift to you only..”,Neil made a face..


Radhika came dressed in a onion pink saree to her bedroom… “Dad asked!”,Arjun clicked selfies on him,and continued with her too..

“Arjun..Maa said, morning I looked so simple..”,she said like a complaint,while adjusting her diamond necklace..

“You have no idea how beautiful you were..everything chosen by me..except that earring..”,he said.

“You liked it!! I thought you too were miffed with my non jewellerian mode”,she smiled..

“I loved it..Jerry..I Just wanted to..”,she closed his mouth.. “We need to move”,she said.. He held her..”Arjun..Pls..every time you mess with my dress…Now this saree..No..not now..”,she said strictly and moved back..”Only cheeks”,he cupped her cheeks and kissed her lips deeply..He raised his hands surrendered and stepped back.,”No mess.See..”,he winked, “You are so stubborn”,she murmured and checked herself.. “See this”,she pointed her pleats down..

Prakash went downstairs to get Prena back as Arjun called for Radhika’s help..Arjun saw her to bend down arranging the foot of the pleats murmuring frustrated.. “Get on the bed”,She snapped her head in shock..”What?”,She asked..

“I will help”,he said and She stood on the bed while he bend down arranging those.,”why its not done..It keeps..”,he stopped listening Prena’s laugh and Neil’s woot.. Sam clicked a pic when they both looked the door.. “You fell on her feet!!”,Neil laughed… Arjun was unaffected,”Aunty help with this..”,he said holding it..

“What did you do”,Prena asked Radhika.. The trio had a muffled laughter session when the couple yelled “Nothing!”,in unison..


Arjun looked the decorous designs and simple arrangements,they arranged for his reception held in the 7th floor of Prena’s Event zone building…He sure got impressed with all of them for the love and affection they showered,more than that their efforts to make his day the best..A new family to love him.,to rejoice his presence and to stand by him.,a very new found family.. His eyes caught Sam walking swiftly around the place checking arrangements.. He gestured his appreciation on her work and she smiled wide at him.. “She has done a commendable job..look the back drop”,Radhika said to him…

Neil came in a complete business man look and Radhika gave a flying kiss to him.. “Why no one is here?”,She asked..

“ starts by 8 that;s y.”,Neil smirked..

“You said 7”,she asked ..

“Yep..I know about us..See..we reached sharp at 7.40 pm”,he said and Arjun laughed..

“Sam..!! Neil gave this..Guest list!”,Prakash gave a list to her.. She fake smiled and pretended to be normal..Prakash moved aside and saw her running her fingers on the paper searching a name..,She wiped her sweat beads,and heaved a sigh in relief looking upwards..Neil had been watching this from a distance..,”Anyone missed sammy?”,he asked the moment he called her..

“…”,she said hurriedly.. “you sound tensed”,he asked..

“Was speaking with caterers..Bye..”,she hung up the call and rested her left profile over the wall..He saw the couple to look the arrangements,while Prena sat in deep thought., but Prakash to watch Sam just like him..

Precap:..Samrat leaves Mumbai…Arjun overhears Prakash Neil to speak about Preeti…


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    Thnk u… 🙂

    1. Jessie

      Kakali….am rushing to give u a teddy hug…!! Thank u so much..!!glad u loved…!! Thank u for dropping words..hmm…no comment…nxt time tell me ur likes frm the update..demanding!! But how cud leave you..!! I can’t…love u loads dear…TC..

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    was laughing seeing rads reaction to it ??? hide all the spicy ones… What a caring family… Pk now and then pulling Arjuns leg super… Neil and pk feeding kheer with tears ??? which idiot said like that ??? Vera yaaru ur tom dan ? don’t mock my wifes cooking ?? Den captions for photos super… This time samrat becomes a cool dad by clicking those pics ☺☺☺ Mr RRM you have heavy competition.. Ardikas talk in balcony… Though they hide something from each other They are doing that because of their love towards each other… Arjun was able to understand the words radika didn’t spoke… Arjun u r a great hubby… ☺ ha ha Arjuns love is drowsy ??? Den conversation abt piyali.. Our cold Radika made a come back… Neil provoking rads.. Rads pls hit him….Neil : Arjun nalla paaru mulusa chandamuki ya maari irruka ra un manaivi radika va paaru ??? Thom Thom Thom ( music) he he he.. The shotgun marriage ufff made arjun angry… How come you can say like that ??? let’s see Ur SIL talent ??? Den again our naughty arjun… Are you trying to molest your husband ??? always pulling her leg.. Rads don’t want that ha ha decors.. Arjun might had a heart attack in that second ??? and conversation abt his middle name cool…is that a spelling mistake ?y Neil search for Arjun…to gift her ha ha ha ? no mess kiss ??? get on the bed? Rads nowadays you are becoming so naughty that you are always getting him wrong… Arjun is very good boy you know ? Sam clicked it super.. he got married in so much hurry burry so nothing worng to fell in her feet ? hubby setting the fleets is one of the good moment in marriage life ? nothing ha ha ha last part super Sam… But y is she soo tensed… She searched for piyalis name right… Pk found her behaviour change… Wats next very curious to know about nandus and piyalis reaction… Sry for long comment I can’t stop me ? take care waiting for next one

    1. Jessie

      Sangeeee…en chellam…!!!! Bear hugs first….Idea!! After gets energized reading the comments I get such ideas…Arjun’s art……hahaahah…Ye..idhu super ma!! Neenga engayo poiteenga…hahah…Kheer and family part I liked ya… seriously..neenga semaiya rasichu padikreenga..Glad to have you here!!!! Nandrigal kodi…!! Vera yaaru un tom than…*claps*
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      YEs..avan apidi thana adichu pudhu kalyanam panan… pulling legs..legally wedded u know 😉
      heart attack!! kandu pudichuteengala…Sangee… his reaction i added at last.. ungakita idha naan ethirparten..neenga gotcha panteenga..super..spelling mistake..continuation reception le neil thirupi kudupan..dont worry..No mess kiss….EEeeeeee….aanulum selaya miduchutan….good boy a..Nejama va..hehe…lol …fall her feet..Thappu illla??!! ok…Aaha…setting pleats..hmm…I made Arjun do that…Yay!!

      ‘He, who steps the pleats should set it right’.. thathuvam.. quotes’ for pleats by Jessie..heheheh
      No..not piyali..Neil said he won’t let her..!! She will search someone else..who? …Naan ippo sollamatenpa..unga Arjun Akhil and shyam pudichaparam solren..Pk..yep..police moolaiku oru vela kuduten… lol…will post soon dear..Plssss dont say sorry..!! Honestly..I will wait for ur comments ya…Lively review each n every one..unga style le oru Thirai vimarsanam..Ennai yemathipudathengo…!! dont stop urself…Love u loads…Thanks a ton again…TC…Stay happy and blessed… 🙂

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        Sangee…nalla paarunga….akhil n shyam nu sonen ????hehehe. Will post soon

    3. Sangee

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      1. Jessie

        Idha..idha…idha1 than ezthirparten..heheha… sari …chuma vambu panen…idhu konjam time aagum..but will have hints as usual… u loads TC…

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    1. So short comment I know but what to do I don’t have any words to explain ur work…love u and sorry?

      1. Jessie

        Hey my Sweetie lil sis… thanks a lot dear… Aww..Addicted!! am flying now…Gr8 one dear..glad that you pointed ur likes… kheer..!! no issues of short comments am happy that u dropped in..pls update ur story too… and…tight hug dear..Love u loads…
        chap is almost finished..will post sooon..done!! Thanks again!!

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    Lol… Enaku Namma ooru jallikattu than niyabagam varuthu… Ethana Peru vanthu adakka try pannalaum… Winner ennavo oruthar thaana…. Lol
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    just brought up her?… What is Sam upto now… She is looking for Piyali in the list is it?
    Looking at the photos n laptop is a cute moment… Lol choosing a profile pic… Ha
    ha ha and kheer preparation is so realistic… Winning the kitchen battle lol… N yeah last but not least… Cute n hot romance aftrr marriage is always pleasure to have without any fear but disturbances will always be there… Lol… Saree pleats opened up n both don’t know how to fix ha h aha…. I expected arjun will fix n again there will some romance.. Lol… It s OK u still make me blush over there… Love u sooooooooo much Jaaaazzzziiiiiii

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      Omg sathya.. Jallikattu super comparison yar..

    2. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Satzzzz…..glad u pointed ur likes….Raneil…meow..avan uyira panayam vachu sanda pota..u laugh…..Neil is gauri’s dint hit him…hehehe..but the thing is…He wants witness her anger..that too when its about piyali… she considers her as mom….it isn’t a step daughter issue…that y all confused…Neil makes everyone 2 see jallikatu all…she controls herself coz she doesn’t want him to worry… Sam isn’t looking for piyali…she too supported them na…then why will she search…hmmm……I dint want him to do that…Hahah…am thoda weak1 in framing such…u romance queen..hmmm.that sounds good…!! Happy that I did…thanks again…love u too..TC..

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    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot subha dear…!!! My style..!! Thanks for d compliment…!! Seekiram post panren…love you too..TC…

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      Thanks a lot dear…. I feel up!!! haayye..Kheer…!! Glad u pointed.. yes..It has the link for the main twist..Thats y I had all characters there.. shot gun!! has a reason y she said so,,Arjun got the note with that..saree pleats..hehee… Thank u so much Gauri..U boosted my energy today..Will post soon…Loads of love n TC

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      Yay!!!!! Roma diiiiii……..Bear hugs….. am so happy….you beautifully mentioned that sweet dish part…yep…you will get di…you are sweetest !! am glad you pointed all your likes….yep..upset stomach lol….di…u bring all those cute little ones in your review…am like honestly feeling awesome….Thanks a ton di….Feeling so happy….Am smiling ear to ear reading your appreciation…. love u loads….Muahhhh…TC dear elder sissssyyy….Stay happy di…

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