Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 18

Hello…Hello….Everyone…I welcome you all to Ardhika wedding… Arjun Ratan Mehra weds Radhika khanna…I finished it in one line..But do say how this Wedding spl chappy was..


Chapter -18

He woke up with a jerk listening his mobile tone.. “Dad!!”,he yelled..

“Very good Morning My son!! Get ready for your wedding”,RR said with paternal love.. “You din’t sleep yet?”,he asked glancing the time..

“How could I?..My only Son is getting married..Send me the photos every now and then”,he said before he hung up the call..

He came out listening Prena’s voice.,and saw Sam half sleeping with a coffee mug.. He stepped inside Radhika’s room and pecked her cheek,”Morning love!! wake up!!.”.

“Arjunn!!”,she said in sleep.. She blinked her eyes open and sat up,as he shook her continuously.. “Wake up Lazy bone.!”,he whisper yelled.. “You scold me senior”,she leaned over,hugging him with sleepy eyes….Wrapping his left arm around her,he spoke convincing as she hummed in return.. Prena’s laugh alerted him,”She is sleeping Aru..!! you…”,she continued laughing..

“You din’t listen me?”,he pulled her away from him only to see her sleep.. “How could someone sleep on their wedding day?”,Arjun asked annoyed,and Prena held her stomach laughing..

The bed cover was spread with traditional range of jewelleries on its left side,while Prena stood watching herself in mirror wearing a 5 strand gold chandra haram with Ruby studded left motif..Her fingers caressed the chains,”Prena.. you look like your mom!”,she smiled now recalling those words.. She moved to her cupboard and pulled a Album.,comforting herself on bed, she looked the pic of 4 ladies sitting around a table in the lawn area of a magnificent house more like a palace..”You all left me alone..! Today is your princess wedding..and your prince wedding..!!’,(her fingers pointed 2 ladies in the pic)..”Bhabhi..its our Aru and Radhu..! I never thought this..! Aru from London!”,(she let a surprise laugh.).”…he did a magic on everyone to marry Radhu.. and you Raji bhabhi..your Aru is still behind my Radhu,Pulling her legs..!…But he loves her..a lot!!.. Her head snapped listening a knock on her door following Radhika’s call.. She wiped her tears saying.”Bhabhi..Bless our children..!! I don’t want anything to spoil their happiness..”. A photo slid down when she hastily kept the album inside.. She moved to wash her face…

“ ready..”,Radhika knocked door wearing only lehenga and choli.. “Gorgeous Baby!”,Arjun replied.. Her mouth hung open when she saw him in that royal ivory colored sherwani..He animated a ‘zip your mouth’.”You look like a…”,

“Prince”,he completed hers..She raised a eyebrow at that..

“Too much of delusion is not good for you”,she mocked moving towards him.. “and what’s this thread for”,she asked pointing their wrists.

“This is for protection!”, he said biting his cheeks inside.. “huh”,her face scrunched a little..He gestured her and she leant forward to listen him.,”To protect me.. From you molesting me..Like yesterday.”,he said…She glared him sharp..”Btw Baby…you look Yummy…and the view..”,he dragged and winked at her.. Her eyes widened at that,checking herself she stood straight.,”Arjun..”.Before she could say, She heard Sam calling her.,

“Di..your dupatta..”,she came wearing parrot green lehenga wearing accessories..

“This is how you should get ready”,Arjun mocked her.. Sam smiled as she slid dupatta on Radhika’s shoulder..

“My doll is always better than me..,and you traitor.,when you got could have woke up me isn’t”,Radhika asked shocking him..

Sam moved to door hearing a door bell… “Surprise”,Neil screamed.. “PK !!”,Radhika ran the next sec.. “ got ready!!”,Neil asked Arjun….Arjun stood still looking Prakash.. “You guys are in contact?”,he asked..

“We aren’t like you”,Prakash snapped and earned a smack from Radhika..

“Will you all Get ready pls..”,Prena came asking them..

“Jiju chose orange for you..Why are you wearing red?”,Sam asked..

“Aunt said Red is auspicious.and it’s temple wedding..So..I bought it”,Arjun replied..

“Oh..That’s y you went hurriedly..but was the shops open”,she asked.. “I informed them earlier”,he replied checking his bag..

“Even if not.,you jiju wouldn’t have returned empty handed..would have broken a lock atleast!!”,Prakash remarked while moving..

Arjun tapped his legs tensed listening Prena’s orderly notes on Radhika.,he got up swiftly and moved to her room.. “Aunty..why are you scolding her?”,he asked..Sam turned her head in surprise.. He noticed the spread of Jewels and Sam extending a set to Radhika.,who stood at the end of the room.. Prena saw him from head to toe. “You too come here”,she called him.. Sam giggled before moving out..

“Whats that Samaira”,he asked softly..

“Call her sam!”,Radhika said still standing away..

Prena took 3 stranded Pearl diamond set and said.,”Sit here!”..She slid that the moment he obliged.. “What for?”,Arjun asked

“Maa..I don’t want that”,Radhika said pointing a Bridal Kundan choker set.. “Leave it”Arjun said instantly.. “Shut up you both..Radhu..It’s your mother’ wear it”,Prena said and gave a look to Arjun….Arjun walked behind Prena.. Radhika heaved a sigh looking the Jewels..

“Aunty..I have bangles for her..shall I?”,he asked once they came out.. Prena shook her head at his impossible nature.. “It’s not Mom’s one.But..”,he said hesitant.. He walked back smiling only to see Radhika struggling with the set…”It’s not my cup of tea”,she shrugged her shoulders when she saw him smiling at her.. “It choks..I know”,she said when
he helped her..

“You seem to be irritated”,he said looking her annoyed face..She instantly smiled a fake one to convince him…”Not needed..I know you.,”,he said and slid a bangle on her right hand.. “How s this”,he asked sliding next in left.. She looked it to be exactly of her size and smiled,”Beautiful..”.

“You don’t need to wear it everyday just because I got you..Wear only if you prefer to..”,he said and adjusted her neck piece.,”Its beautiful baby..why are you annoyed with this.”,he asked..”Come fast..Its getting late”,he patted her cheek before leaving.. He turned around to see her still in silence..

“Neil..She is upset about her mom’s absence. Pls.”,Arjun came to Neil’s room..

“Bro..I will..Relax..”,Neil quickly walked past him.. “Jiju..Maa asked to click photos..”,Sam called him from hall..

“Had selfies already”,Arjun said smiling.. “No..Sit please”,Sam adjusted her camera.. Prena saw Arjun posing as per her instructions..

“He isn’t a model”,Prena said when Sam came to click Radhika’s pics..

“But..My cinderalla di’s Prince charming”,Sam said..

“ need to look amused..c’ you will see something which allures you”,Sam spoke kneeling before Radhika..

Arjun listened this when he came there..,he saw Radhika to smile for namesake sitting with her right elbow over the armrest of the single couch in that balcony…”Enough sam”,she retorted,she sagged her cheek on back of her palm lazily, gazing the door way.. ..

“I won’t leave you”,Sam said focusing her lens.. “C’mon Blush now.”,she insisted.

Arjun pressed his lips listening that…He moved to the balcony door and stood leaning against it, crossing his arms.. Radhika smiled a little..

Unaware of Arjun’s presence behind her,Sam said”Yes..Think about Jiju..his charm…Blush”..

Radhika saw Arjun looking her..Only her..with a charming smirk..She saw him.,he indeed looked like a prince in that Royal ivory sherwani and pearl diamond set.,his eyes..his eyes to look her from head to toe..her lehanga.,her choli.,her bangles,her face and finally her eyes..he heaved a sigh leaning more on that door with a smile,and she blushed at that instant,her cheeks to turn pink which had its effect till her neck line..turning her face a little at right..

“Perfect!! At the break of dawn..Simply beautiful..My di!! there she is..”,Sam got up from her knelt position.. “Pops is correct..You sure a Princess!”,she kissed her cheek and turned around..

“Sit with her..I will..”,Arjun asked her camera.. Radhika’s eyes never left his face,while Arjun called one after other and click them together..

“Samaira..give me Radhika’s bag also”,Arjun said as he moved out of the room…Prakash walked with him.,”So how are you?”

“ sorry! I.. but how you are all..?”,Arjun’s words trailed off when Prakash replied “..’cause we are all friends..Neil tried a lot to get you..why did you avoid him?”

“A small misunderstanding..we cleared it..well..there was mistake on my part bro..pls..”,Neil came for Arjun’s rescue patting his shoulder..The guys went busy in talk.,while the ladies came down.. Radhika took the wheel adamantly,so Neil and prakash decided to join her.. Arjun time and again called Neil and prakash asking to reduce her speed,which
amused Sam and prena.. “Are you sleeping Neil,Prakash..have you lost it…Ask her not to drive fast..”,he yelled while driving..

“Scold Radhika also!”,Prena mocked from behind..

“She..Radhika..Pls drive slow..”,he said..

“He scolded!”,Prena said..

“Yaar…who the hell asked you to let her drive”,Prakash asked from other side..

“Jiju..relax.. di won’t risk when she is accompanied”,Sam said in a assuring tone..The half an hour travel annoyed him..”I won’t let her drive while returning.”,he said looking
Prena in mirror..

Radhika smiled wide when Raghav opened her car door..He stood in sky blue kurta of her choice and saluted her extending a choc..”Baby ji..Congratulations!”,he said in advance..She blinked looking the arrangements,and a gathering of people before the temple located in a convenient height.. The simple atmosphere confused her more as she came around her car…She saw Neil and Prakash to stand near the drum beating group..Prena adjusted head gear for Arjun who sat in car seat to avoid the height issue..

“How is it?’,Samrat came and pecked her forehead.. “Paa.It looks like village.”,she said meekly.. “Not a village! Arjun’s native! His dad said..and we need to follow few traditions..we decided in last minute.”,he said…Arjun came smiling with prena.. “So..,Aru..Finally…”,Samrat said laughing.. “Yea..uncle..Finally”,Arjun smiled wide and turned to her side.,”Shall we?”,he asked her hand..

The music began as they walked towards the temple..Neil came to their side showering Rose petals over them along with few people….Prakash clicked pics in all angles…She smiled looking Teji to shoot video…Sam walked with Prena behind them..”You din’t tell me”,she asked slowly.. “They said Temple wedding..Am equally surprised”,he replied.. The same priest sat chanting mantras..Both ascended surprised with the arrangements and ppl around….Samrat nodded negative as he caught Radhika searching for Piyali… They prayed the deity before stepping the dais..She found everything different.,in particular the crowd assembled that early to watch a wedding…

Neil came to her side.,”Of all the decors we arranged suddenly, people grew curious to witness your wedding.,thats it”,he said..She was befuddled when Arjun received the scabbard from a person and kept near him in the dais.. He saw her to stare the havan thoughtfully….Her eyes widened when she heard him say.,”Jerry..will you marry me?”..She blinked thinking who on earth will ask so,seated before havan…

“Reply”,he nudged her hand when she kept hers above him for a ritual..”How can I marry you without your consent”,he asked husky as he leaned her side to get flowers from priest..

“Arjun”,she gritted her teeth..

“What Radhika”,he asked aloud to get everyone’s attention..

Neil quickly bend down..”What happened?”, asked worried..

“Neil..she is saying..that she doesn’t”,Arjun dragged looking her.. Radhika saw the priest to notice them.,Arjun gestured him to continue,as he listened Neil’s questions to her..”I will
ask her relax”,he said to Neil… “Do you have something to say”,he asked looking her once Neil moved behind..

Her eyes quickly glanced around to see everyone noticing them.. she took a deep breath,” are a idiotic Giraffe…and a devilish Tom”she mumbled with a wide smile..

“Its Aru baby…and you will pay for calling me names..”he replied like her..,She turned to his side completely surprised at his behavior..He crooked his neck a little and asked,”Radhika,will you marry me?”,locking his gaze with hers..”Yes…I will….Aru”,she replied acute with a smile…

“What are you both doing?”,Prena’s question broke her trance.

“Aunty.. she wants the rituals to finish soon”,Arjun said like a statement..She din’t look Prena’s side expecting a cold stare..Radhika saw Neil to smile in tears showering petals when she took pheras.,and Sam’s eyes transfixed on them without a blink with a wide smile….Arjun’s eyes caught Prena and Samrat to look them with a proud and satisfied smile..,Teji to move his view from camera and flash a smile at Radhika.,Prakash to look Radhika with mixed emotions..One after the other rituals happened in a jiffy and she smiled happily when he filled her parting with vermilion..

Arjun was bewildered when the Priest extended a plate with sheath…Sensing the confused atmosphere.,Prena mumbled it to be tradition from in laws side and Arjun instantly took it. Radhika saw a man,dressed more like a regal guardian speaking with Samrat..Prakash raised a doubt at that.,while Neil brushed that could be of Arjun’s family tradition.. “Then what’s the other one”.,Sam asked pointing a similar velvet sheath on the dais…Following few more rituals,the couple descended to distribute gifts…Arjun glanced his watch and saw Samrat, he saw Sam reading a stone inscription near the steps.. “What’s there?”,Arjun asked to Prena pointing Sam

“About your ancestors”,Prena moved..

“Samaira..Pls come”,Arjun called her that instant.. “Call her Sam..”,Radhika said to her…Sam saw Arjun listening to Radhika,she took snaps of it before moving…”Stay with us..don’t be alone”,Arjun said.. Neil pulled Sam with him to dance for the drum beats, Teji and prakash too joined them..Radhika enjoyed their dance and antics.,while he grew anxious..

“I will drive slow..shall we drive”,she asked finding him worried..He rubbed his forehead vigorously in tension, “hold this.”,he gave the sheaths..

“What for?”,she asked..

“Who ready to lift even a Rifle to marry you..”he blurted surprising her and called Prena.. “ we have anything more.,she got tired..and we are getting late for Court marriage.”he asked.

“Have Patience..Everything done!! you kept me on my toes.. give me your house keys”,Prena said watching Radhika to click photos of quad dancing….

“Shall I”,he motioned a lift pointing Radhika..Prena smiled n gave a smack on his arm.. “Go..Take your wife!!”. “Thanks Maa!!you are the best”,he said with quick hug.

“Stay silent.,its a ritual”,Arjun said the instant he got her in his arms..”Okay..okay..don’t get angry”,she said and held the swords tight….She couldn’t help but looked only him till they reached his car..

“Is it also a Ritual? what lovely rituals you people have?”,Prakash mocked at Arjun’s antics..

“I understand nothing bro.”,Neil replied..

Arjun passed the keys to Raghav and ignited his vehicle…He heaved a sigh as he drove..”Congratulations Mr.Arjun Ratan Mehra”.she said…He smiled saying.,”Thank you so much..Mrs..Arjun Ratan Mehra..You made it possible..So..congratulations to you too”..

“Thanks..I think we aren’t eloping..why so fast..”,she said as she checked the rear view mirror..

“Getting late for registration My wife..”,he said..

“Am already Mrs..Mehra..your wife..!!”,she said with a smile throwing her hands in air like a kid..

“Happy?”,he asked..

“Very much.”she saw him unblinking..”Arjun..Last week I thought today I will be packing for Delhi..but see.. Life is something different..”,she said calm.. He drove with a smile.. “Slow down”,she said.. “why?”,he asked and drove towards the left… She unfastened her seat belt and quickly pecked his cheek,”Thanks Arjun..I feel gifted..blessed..Today I saw everyone around me happy…Known..unknown..Its..Its.”, he wrapped a arm around her.. “Its a blessing..And you are one for me!”,he pecked her cheek..

RR Mehra called him.,”Attend it.,it’s my dad”,Arjun said as he took the wheel again..

“Congratulations My son!!”,he said happily.. “Thank you dad!”,Arjun roared in happiness….Radhika saw him surprised,he gestured her to speak..

“Uncle you woke up so early?”,Radhika asked checking her watch..

“I dint sleep..Not only me..your dad and Prena too..How was the arrangements..Did you like it Radhu?”,he asked.. She sat at loss of words.. “And Neil too..I want to meet him…Smart boy!!.He made it possible..Aru..Do attend the Reception..Don’t avoid..!”,RR Mehra said .. Arjun shrugged his shoulders looking her..

“Uncle.,why they gave swords?”,Radhika asked meekly..

“Radhu..It belong to our family…hmm..My grand dad received it as a honor..So.,we have it as a formal gesture..not even a tradition..nothing much..”,he replied clearly and Arjun made a face at that..

“Another one?”she asked immediately…”Radhikaa”,Arjun stopped her..

“Beta…I have no idea on should ask your dad..May be the same..I need to speak with Radhu”,he said suddenly….She quickly took the phone and replied,”Yes uncle..this time not in speaker”,Arjun rolled his eyes at that..

“Radhu…Am so happy today..After his mom it was only you who brought the happiness in his life…Today in every photo and video I could see his happiness reach his eyes..Thank you beta!! this was the reason I accepted your marriage even in my absence…after all,I want my son to be happy….It could be only could bring him back My Arjun..He is short tempered..but My son is not bad at heart…So..Pls don’t take his words in anger to your heart..For the first time in his life.,he asked me permission for know for what..For your marriage!! Are you listening.?.”,he asked after a long go of his words..

“Yes uncle.,she said looking him…

“Come what may..Be with him..always!! I know..he will look for you before anyone..”

“I will uncle..”,she cut him looking Arjun applying brakes… He pulled the phone and kept in speaker.,”Thanks for considering this old man’s request..”RR said..

“What request?”,Arjun asked high..

“About us to come London soon”,Radhika quickly covered up.,and being no less RR made up with that in his self..

“He seems to be strict”,she said.. “Looks like only for me”,he said smilingly..

She stood scanning the luxurious 3 BHK flat from the entrance…”Why did you rent a 3 bhk flat”,she asked turning to him..

“Ask later..Now get in as I say”,Prena placed a rice filled copper jar on her way and instructed the rituals..

“Why do you carry those sheaths”,Prakash asked irritated..

“Arjun gave me”,she said walking leisurely inside the hall..

” The only thing left.,and he gives that”,Neil remarked sardonically..

“And two”,Prakash laughed big..

“Yes..she needs to have on both hands..he is so caring you know”,Neil commented..

“Am gonna kill you both”,she said..

“I said isn’t..”,Neil mocked..

“Radhika..Move..get ready..”,he came adjusting his blazer..

“Where?”,Sam yawned..

Prakash laughed at that.,”Your jiju is on a spree..Gonna marry your di again! Bye Arjun!”,he waved a big one..

“You are all coming!! Aunty..Aunty..where are you?”,he yelled impatiently which made Neil to roll from the couch..

“You thought her to be a 10 yr old kid to run..Arjun..stop ordering around”.Prakash said relaxing himself…

“Maa..I feel hungry..”,Radhika whispered to Prena.. “Radhu..After court marriage..Aru is already tensed”,Prena literally pushed her to bedroom..

“Why do you all call him Aru?”,she asked removing her jewels.. “Your dad asked to..”,Prena smiled a lie.. “ you know why Mom din’t come?”,Radhika asked further..

“Radhu be ready with Saree..I will bring you something”,Prena escaped the question.. Radhika scanned the room.. Arjun extended orange juice to Prena saying,”I will give her”..

“Don’t say you heard her..Wonder where you were”.Prena mocked him..

“Oh..Plss”,Arjun moved inside his room.. “What’s my Naughty Jerry doing?”,she turned around from the balcony of his room..She drank it one go… “Are you upset?”,he asked tucking her hair strands behind her left ear..

“Mom din’t come.”,she said with a sigh..

“Then who was that?”,he pointed turning around towards Prena in dining table.. “Radhika..Today I too saw my mom there”.,he continued..She instantly hugged him with tears… “Radhika…what’s this..Lemme call Prena maa.”,he said.. “Don’t”,she retorted and moved to the room..

“Where is my wedding kiss?”,he followed her locking the balcony door.. “Lemme call Maa”,she said..

“Call her..Its’ in the right place..”,he pointed the dupataa she left on the bed… “My love bite is looking dull..”,he said approaching her…. “Arjun..The door is open.. we are getting late.”,she ducked from his clasp.. “Wrong move..Yes..very late..It’s been more than a hour we married..”,he saw Prena facing the other side,chatting with Sam. He got her by her waist and moved to the very corner of the room..”what the..”, her words vanished when he deeply pecked her lips… “Move”,she pushed him ..”15 mins will you be ready”,he asked her..

“Is it a way..”, she saw him starring her…”Yes..Yes.”she said hastily…He smirked and bend his head towards her lips,expecting that she pushed him hard.,and he staggered back at that..”Very strong”,he mocked to see her holding her lehanga and glaring him in anger…He glanced out again before saying,”Too much for a kiss baby”…”You pulled the rope.. you..”,she gritted her teeth..

He noticed his right,to have a decor piece of the rope end..”Really!! how?”,he asked surprised infuriating her.. “How?? “,she searched something to hit him..”Why you pushed me..I held by your waist..Don’t blame me”,he said in between laughing..

“Why you kissed me when the door is are a idiot..Shameless idiot”,she blabbered in rage.. “It’s my bridal lehanga..See.”she said..

“I hate you uttering curses..what were you about to say then?”,he sounded strict suddenly.. “So?”,she asked him looking for a answer.. He saw himself in mirror,adjusted his blazer and said,”So..Get ready and dare to say those”,he walked out fast…”Radhika..called you Aunty”,she heard him say to Prena..she quickly went inside the washroom..

“What’s up with Reception?”,Arjun asked to semi sleeping Neil and prakash.. Neil’s eyes flew open.,”Don’t drop a bombshell.,attend it”,he said..

“Then come for court marriage”,Arjun said smiling…

“Iam an unexpected guest., so leave me”,Prakash mumbled..

“Jiju.. why you left India after your MBA?”,Sam asked looking Radhika’s pic on wall..

“Iam from London Sam..and..Radhika chose a yr course in London for me.”,Arjun said sipping his juice..

“And why you studied MBA here?”,Sam asked him..

“That’s also because of your di..she asked him not to leave..and your Prince Jiju stayed back.”,Prakash said.. Sam nodded her head in surprise and Neil glared him.. “what..I said the truth”.Prakash said..

“Still..why to say..”Neil got up at that..

“Neil…how is this?”,Radhika swirled wearing the saree.. “Pretty!”,he said and got ready..Arjun saw her to wear only the bangles he gave and nuptial chain with a simple gold jhumka..

“You are coming with me Radhika”,Arjun said sharp before she could drive..She saw Samrat to be with two more people along with Teji there.. “di..I only asked Teji to come”,Sam said walking with her..

“Love you doll!! I remember..”,she stopped abruptly.. “Jai!!”,sam said hugging her.. Just then Teji flashed his signature smile at them.. “Congratulations Ma’am”,he smiled.. “Call me di”,Radhika said surprising everyone there..

“Paa..why is he tensed? any prob?..Pls help him”,Radhika said looking Arjun to be in serious discussion with someone…He turned right at that moment and smiled at her…she went towards him when he gestured to..”Mr.Agarwal..My wife Radhika Mehra.! and Is everything done?”,he asked like a order… “…Shall we?”,he asked with his arm around her, after Agarwal left the place.

“Arjun..don’t order people around..”,she said in low voice..

“Hmm.. okay..will try to..”,he said..

“Take your hand”,she said.. “I won’t “,he said walking…

“This is too much”,she had her eyes down.. “Look straight Radhika!”,he walked looking ahead..

“Neil..bro..will you be on my side”,Arjun asked suddenly in the court room,after they both signed..More than Neil,it was Radhika who stood delighted at that moment.. Neil without a word signed for witness.. Samrat took care of further procedures as everyone stepped outside.,Arjun smiled wide looking Prena..

“Are you happy now?”,she asked…

“Rightfully Mine..My wife..”,he side hugged her like a kid.. “Being with you.,I felt my mom’s presence…I had never been this happy..”,he said overwhelmed holding her hands.

Sam clicked a pic at that..”Perfect!!”Prakash said.. “What are you doing?”,Sam asked him.. “you asked finally..Am an IPS officer”,he said… Sam made a face at that and he smiled..

“Guess,we shall move..Reception is by 7.,So., have a check..and that’s more important..No,last minute excuses.”,Neil said sharp to them before walking towards Radhika’s car.. The ladies nodded and got in Arjun’s car..

“Arjun drive slow..Sam have you lost it”,Prena mocked and hifi’d with Sam..

“Jiju drive slow..di..are you sleeping..”Sam giggled.. He smiled,” too..!”..

“I did drive slow”,Radhika turned to see them… “We saw that”,Arjun mocked her.. “What you saw?”,she asked back..

“We saw…Radhu u were driving beta,,but Aru was diving inside the car..From here and there..I did wonder how he will stop you from here..Aru..Pls learn Patience..”,Prena said looking him..

“No one for me”,Arjun faked annoyance.. “ clever..You took Neil your side…And we all nod for Neil’s words you know…”Sam said looking him in mirror…

“What’s this?”,Prakash asked pulling the pistol from the glove compartment.. “why Is she having this”.

Neil applied brakes in shock..”I din’t know…her’s is in Delhi”,he said as he got killer metal.. “This is handy..I mean..who bought for her..”

“Does it have a license?”,Prakash asked next and checked the bullets..”Neil..fake innocence..later ask her..not before Arjun..He will blew things”,Prakash said wiping it with his kerchief..

Precap: Ardhika reception..Nandini reaches mumbai..Samrat leaves Mumbai…


How was it… Tell me..Wedding part was dragging ah? I wrote it and couldn’t edit at all..Next will be soon…and I wanted to post it yesterday noon but got busy..Sorry…Pls do drop your views..Its really helpful….If you find this chap good share a word..I will improve myself with that. Silent readers do drop your reviews and likes…Pls ignore my Typos and grammatical errors… Take care and Loads of love to u all..

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    Jessie, i felt like i am there with them to attend that wedding. Every ones reactions and emotions when ardhika taking pheras, that was beautifully written, i liked that part a lot. U wrote every thing nicely. u mixed every person’s emotions, like happiness, curiosity, restlessness, sadness, irritation everything properly. so when i read i can feel that, how happy, how much busy, how much they are enjoying this marriage. ardhika scenes as usual beautiful. prerana talking to that photo that part also really nice. That gun, why she is keeping that?? precap, nandu is coming to mumbai, will she create any problem?? and why samrat leave mumbai?? he is planning something i am afraid of that. waiting for next one, come with that soon…

    1. Jessie

      My god…!!! You are my shona!!! Wedding pheras was one of my likes there…hey…now am jumping girl…am not going to edit next one…I finished it to maximum while writing this…now that u all had enjoyed ..I am clear on it…thanks a ton my shona…hope u won’t mind me calling u so…glad that u pointed ur likes…now I made a point 2 expect…

      Why she has gun? In next new chaps it will be revealed..Nandu..won’t..Samrat.
      ..already told..he said he needs to move somewhere..that’s y POA documents n sign…no fear..he isn’t planning bad…will post soon u.loads…and. Thanks again..

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      Aasthu…. draaggggingggg…oh… was necessary…where was rituals..I tagged as rituals..dint elaborate…may be d dais one I guess…it’s where girl places her right palm over groom’s one..for some havan offering..Rituals do change with places..rope..lehanga..rope..!! Ok!?!.. that decor piece…sheath…RR says to Radz ..did u read that convo…she asks..!! Dialogues in car…prena mocked what Arjun said to Neil in beginning…lil one…why so many questions from the answers itself…??? Yep..they finally wed…TC n loads of love…

      1. Aasthu

        I’m sry Jess…..I have to trouble u once again…………can u explain to me the rituals?????? I understood keeping palm over palm…… no idea…… can u explain it??? like in detail??????? all the rituals in ur place?

    2. Jessie

      Rituals In my place??? Kyun…and this is a wedding one..if I would have pulled rituals in it would turn big..n already u said this 2 be dragging…where 2 drag even more…tell..tell..?? and each n every ritual in a marriage irrespective of its variations hold one meaning that couple takes vows to be together.. I dint bring any rituals or customs I can’t elaborate Dias customs alone…hope u get it…if not…read twice lil sissy…

      1. Aasthu

        Jess u remind me of the lil girl in the goodnight ad………ahem… a small clarification….I meant to ask you only this….I want to know the rituals practised in your tradition……just curious….that’s all………..another thing is…do you know in which part of India or in which culture….I mean like Keralite or Tamilian culture… which do they give sheath?????? just now only I understood the meaning of sheath……..that’s what I asked u in the 1st place…………..hope I have made my intentions clear cute sissy????

    3. Jessie that could have asked that clearly in first place…never mind dear…Abt sheath…For my update here..I have clarified it… do scroll RR’s reply for Radhika in the update…I said in comments again..!! Hope the doubt abt sheath is done.!! Well…wonder how suddenly I turned to be a lil one?

      1. Aasthu

        The repeated use of the word “tell” made you a LITTLE girl…have u nt seen the lil girl’s dialogue in the “goodnight” ad?????????……..ente ponn Jess njan chodichatu vere Jess paranjathu vere…….aa sheath ee storyil kodutathu entinanennu enik manasilayi………njan chodichatu vere athengilum traditionte bhagamayi sheath kodukkarundo ennanu……….ariyillengil kozhappamilla….I just wondered…………pinne Jess you are a tamilian right???? if YOU DON’T MIND can you plzzzzzzzzzz explain the marriage rituals followed in your place???? I’m just curious…..I’ve never attended a Tamilian wedding…….let alone a Keralite wedding……so I was curious to know…….that’s all………adutha chapteril wedding details venamennala njan udesichatu…….enik comment sectionil paranju taramo LITTLE one?????

    4. Jessie

      Hmm…have heard that Rajputs have such tradition of sheath..but..they have it while taking those rounds around havan..pheras…!! No idea abt how far it’s followed in real..n tamil wedding…there are variations in that too..I understood ur ques..u aren’t getting it I guess..Rituals differs for each caste in a section …that’s y couldnt point one..but common things..are inviting groom/baraat…wedding…reception…few have next day function also..and ring finding kinda games in wedding eve… are u clear now my dear Q²…Question queen..????

      1. Aasthu

        ok ok…..I understood…….I didn’t know that rituals vary for each caste……….now I’m clear lil cutie sissyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………………….question queen???? hmm I should find a name for u………till then I’ll call u little cute sisssssssyyyyyy…….

      2. I told you jessu..she is a questioning question queeen..chinnu…now what you have to do with wedding rituals.. Sooo eager

      3. Aasthu

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      Brin…Thanks a lot dear…am so glad u enjoyed it…thank u..Will post soon..Love u..TC…

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      Hey Kavina….thanks dear…TC…

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    1. Jessie

      Hey Nayan…Thanks a lot dear…glad to see u here…am happy u liked it…well..abt one has a glimpse..l understand..well..piyali wasnt informed in first place…the next chap has it..TC…love u loads…

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    1. Jessie

      Gauriiii….thank u so much??Hahah posing…yea..I know…!!peeping thro fingers..heheh…thanks dear…!!! Pistol….will be soon ya…after one or two chaps..bear hug so over whelmed…will post soon..TC..Love u loads..

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      Sangeeeee…en chellam..yep..was waiting for u…paravaillai.. am happy that u commented…yay!! Thank u so much…I gave scenes for characters isnt..that’s y rituals had a glimpse alone…RRM’s fan wow..Yep..ava thoongita..haha ..vaalu paiyan Arjun…oh am so glad…you have enjoyed girl…teddy hug sangee…you say jus like the way of s writer..!! Haaye..that bangles..u got it..yes..all fear for Arjun’s anger…ips too…prena..Neil yeah..
      Arjun nintana..ok..!! Success..Gun!! Few chappies back there was a scene where she has it in her car…Ardhika first kiss chap..Mr& fav too…!! Consequences…he saw the same way chap has it…thanks a ton for This amazing comment…love u loads…TC ..Will post soon..

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      Judwa behan…I…thanks a lot dear…deepz…yes…he will say that to tease her…thanks dear..will post soon..yea1. Piyali wasnt informed in first chap has details u loads…TC…

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    Im sorry..too busy to comment you..

    1. I forgot to mention Sam’s pestering to Radhika..blush di..blush task.and I really liked the click..dawn and beauty and Sam and Prerna pulling Arjun’s legs.. By the way..what is the food menu you arranged for reception?? (Wonderful question, right? I really want to know it) .If you add chocolate flavor ice cream as dessert ,I will be the first one to reach there..

      1. Aasthu

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        You have to study HEL,(history of Eng.lang/lit).. It’s an easy subject but most of students fail in it..we can’t answer this paper by reading it one time..but we have to remember a lot of works and name.. I like it..

      3. Aasthu

        you scare me…………I have History of eng lang as my core paper this sem……..omg!! I’m scared…….its abt the diff ages ri8???? Elizabethan Victorian Modern etc?????? Now I’m gulping down an entire water bottle…………….anyways study hard Ammu chechiiiii…………….I’ll pray for sure………….love u……….

      4. Aasthu

        Jess…hey me again……..Jess you told that u working on an ardhika OS right?? can you add sanam re song as background song in that????????? plzzzzzzzzzzz??????????????????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ????????????????????????

      5. Aasthu

        Ammu chechiiiiiiiii not fair……..I just can’t control my curiousness…………..

    2. Jessie

      Aadiaaa…thanks a ton for dropping in dear…u attended their marriage…piyali wasn’t informed yaar…how..and chap1 has…abt Jai..yes.I gave a hint…3 teddy dolls in Radhika car…with letters plated as R,J,S…J alone in blue….next chap has the answer for nandu..samrat..already said..he leaves somewhere.. all the best 4 ur exams.loads of love..TC ammu..

    3. Jessie

      Aadiaaaa…now imagine a teddy hug in air….criticism hangover…!! I believe now…I expected only you to mention it…gosh…Aadia..that’s a surprise yaar….am jumping happily…dawn n beauty…that’s my fav of all here…next to the dais banter..n bangles part…u liked the click!!!! Am super happy…! Did u read my mind…love u loads….sam prena..yes…dinner menu…dinner has lot of hints abt past n future…I finished that chap…hmmmm…u want icecreamm..okay will bring that one for you…anything else u want in u loads Ammu….dawn n beauty mentioning ke liye one flying kiss

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      Twinnie…love u loads…thanks a lot dear…am overwhelmed with ur u enjoyed wedding part…ohk..done !! But I request you to wait for some time..plss…Will definitely write one n you will be der..!! TC dear…

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      Roma di….Roma di…..sry mat kaho…pls…!! Am so overwhelmed that u never fail to register ur view for my work…Am so blessed to get a elder sis like you…Muaaahhh….teddy bear hug….di….am jumping in happinesss…it has no bounds now… Car driving scene..I dint want to miss here…!! U pointed…!! Glad to read this comment…!! U gave ur happy that I was able to do this much….family moments..n diamond set…yep..!! Di..U keen observer…!! ? Standing ovation!!! Di…am feeling delighted…!! Love you tons…my fav chap.and u made me happy to the extent it could exceed….muahhh….TC….stay happy…

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