Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 17


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Chapter 17

“Arjun..Are you angry on Neil”,Radhika asked from behind.. He smiled and nodded negative..”You are lying..”,she came before him. He locked her in between his arms and said”I will meet him and speak..Don’t worry! we won’t turn enemies..Am not that bad! you seem to worry a lot..”he said leaning on her.. “We are in Prena Maa’s house..Move..”she said.. He starred her with a mischievous smirk and she tried hard not to look his face.

“How is the Mehendi?”,she asked to divert him..

“Beautiful.!”,he said looking her..

“Look this!!.. and I had made it hard for you, to find your intials..”,she said rising her mehandi adorned palms..

“Nothing is hard for Arjun!!…I very well know where my name is”,he replied being in same position..

She smirked sardonically,”Let’s see that!”.

“Arjun Ratan Mehra The name has been deeply inscribed here”,he said pointing her heart..”and the person is crazily in love with his naughty love.!”,he hit her forehead with his and asked,”wanna contradict this?”,in a low deep voice..

She nodded no..”And your love is madly in love with her crazy lover”,she said..

“Mad girl”.

“Crazy boy”.she said..

“Tell fell in love at first sight.,isnt”,he asked still with their foreheads glued.

“Yep..Just like you”,she said and looked into his eyes..She felt goosebumps race over her skin as his hand snaked through her waist pulling her close to him… “chokri”,his husky voice held her gaze to be locked with his…


“Hey stop!”,Neil and Radhika turned around..

“1st year..isn’t..come here.. heard about you both”,a short stout guy among the 5 guys group spoke.. Radhika walked dusting her hands towards them..”Oh..This is a girl!! I thought to be a boy”,a guy scoffed..

“Ragging!! guess its not allowed”,Neil said.

“Yes.. and its not allowed in college..but not restricted in hostel mess.”a guy replied. Prakash who came wiping his hands,intervened noticing this.. “Yaar..relax..ask them to dance..its enough..after all..we belong to same people need to stay in the same hostel”, the short guy said..

Neil and Radhika understood the underlying threat.. “So.. you will not trouble us if we dance”,Neil asked.. Prakash acted neutral.. Radhika gave a carefree nod. “but..she should dance like a guy and you like a girl.”,the guy said..

“ more troubles..Deal!!”.,Radhika said running her left hand in her hair…

“Done!”,they said..

Radhika winked at Neil as she chose a song from her mobile.She knotted her shirt she wore over her sleeveless t-shirt,and Neil folded his shirt above his navel.. “Hua chokra jawaan re,Hua chokra jawaan re,”Neil did sensual girly moves as the song played, Radhika not being less to him shook his hips with her hands and danced around him pulling towards her and caressing his face..Arjun came from the other side saw the guys to stand rooted and 2 people dancing …including Prakash everyone couldn’t take eyes from them in shock.. At one point of the song,she climbed over the table with Neil’s help and continued,he claimed over a guy with his moves and she randomly kicked the arranged tumblers on the table towards them..She pretended to be too engrossed in the song,and guys stepped back to escape from the assault whereas Neil hugged from behind and pushed before her,swaying his hips..The duo turned deaf to their shrieks…Prakash stood amused and unable to contain the mirth Arjun laughed aloud with claps..

He sat holding his stomach with tears in eyes,looking the guys to rub their lower body to ease the pain..Neil stopped his dance and song hearing someone to laugh,and her head snapped at him..She stood astonished looking the young handsome man flashing radiant smile..A smile played in her lips as she saw him laughing heartily like a kid…A thick pang of hairs fell on his forehead as he shook his head ..Unaware of anyone and anything around,her senses got locked in looking him with a pleasant smile.. “So..its over here.!”,She blinked hearing Neil..He moved unfolding his shirt and the guys too left when prakash asked to..

“Neil”,she called extending her hand.. Arjun turned in surprise listening a girl voice…Prakash befriended with Neil..,while Arjun had his eyes only on her..He glanced her from toe to head,he felt something of hers allured him as he was unable to take his eyes from her…She adjusted her dress sensing his intense gaze on her.,her eyes were downcast in unknown embarrassment..She raised her head only to get her brown orbs meet with his deep black ones..

“Hey Am Prakash! 1st year, Masters..political science..”,he said.. “Radhika..”,she shook her hands and turned to see him still starring her.. He smiled and came forward.,”What’s up bro”.Prakash asked Arjun..Neil instantly shook his hand,”Neil..1st year Business studies”.. “Arjun..”,he extended to Radhika who stood in silence..He shook her hands lively which made her to look his eyes again.

“Raddzie…the guy who you fought with,yesterday was Prakash’s batch it seems”,Neil said as they walked back to hostel..

“Radhika,You fight?”,Arjun asked surprised.”and that too with seniors..don’t”

“Yaar..he bullied her in better inform us”,Prakash said..

“Yes..we seniors will handle it”,Arjun said and moved ahead.. Neil made a face at that.. “Senior”,he mumbled in her ears and both laughed silently..As Radhika moved towards girls dorm, Arjun said,”See you tomorrow..Radhika…”

“Okay..Senior!”,she mumbled..

“Did you say anything?”,he asked.. she nodded negative.. “Arjun..not senior”,he said smirking..

“Senior”,she stressed before moving..She turned around the corridor and after a minute she peeped her head biting the corner of her lower lip,only to see him standing there to smile at her..


“You changed a lot for me!”,he asked.. “Delusion!!”,she smiled and wriggled out from his hold.

He saw Sam to feed Radhika as he moved to kitchen.. “Aunty..can I take Radhika for a drive?”,he asked.

Prena stood thoughtful and said,”we have a small pooja here..around 6..and..”

“We will come before that”,he said.. Prena explained the significance of pooja to be held..”I don’t believe in all this”,he shrugged his shoulders….

“You can’t deny few things.”she retorted soon.. “It may be because of Nandhini you came India..but everytime you met Radhika..isn’t..why?.. Last week,this day she came here with a plan to leave in 10 days..why you met her? why the Great Arjun Mehra should take a childish decision for his sister? Its’s Fate… Believe it or not.. It’s Rata Bhai who used to call Radhu as Princess.. now,see what has happened? Aru..somewhere we all feel bad that we are getting you married simple..but.,we accepted just for you..Only for you.. So..its your turn to give up a part of your stubborrness for us”,Prena said sweet and clear with a smile..

He stood perceiving her words,Its true.!! he recalled the incidents and smiled..

“You are so smart Aunty”,he said smiling..

“Iam”,she said nodding her head..

“Tell me something how come you people are this cool..I mean..”,he stopped when Prena handed him a casserole..

‘Go..keep it in dining table”,she said.. He stood still..” may be ARM for others,for us you are our Aru…and cool..yes.. Do you expect us to be poker faced 24*7 just because we are in business..? Silly.. Aren’t we humans? are junior version of Rata Bhai.,but he is a cool head,solving knotty problems with a smile which is a big amiss here”,she said with her finger drawing circle over his face..

He gave a mock glare saying”,Pls..don’t leave a chance.” “will not..”she said equally mocking..

Prena and Arjun sat to lunch together,she saw the girls watching Tom n Jerry.. “I haven’t been this familiar with anyone”,he said as he served himself..”Aunty aren’t you angry on me?”he asked..

“Definitely yes..but more disappointed.. leave it.”,she said and asked Radhika to remove her mehandi..

“Tom n Jerry the best pair ever”,Sam said aloud as she switched off..

“This Tom is very bad you know,poor Jerry”,Radhika said looking Arjun..

“Its Poor Tom di..Jerry makes Tom to surrender finally..”,Sam said smiling.. Arjun chewed his food narrowing his eyes at Radhika.. “Because Tom is brainless.”,Radhika
continued..Sam laughed wiping Radhika’s mehandi.. “Tom behaves stupid”,Sam said and Arjun stopped eating… Radhika smiled big like a tease wiggling her brows.. “they are like eat.”,Prena said serving him.. “Shall I take her for a drive”,he asked in low voice.. Prena nodded saying,”before 5″..

Radhika denied to go with him while he smiled mischievously…She saw two ladies drawing mehandi designs in Sam’s hands.”Bye di”,she said.. “You will spoil her mehandi else my work,so go”,Prena said and moved..

“To the same resort?”,she asked after a long silence..

“It’s turning lucky you know”,he smiled and raced..

“Arjun.. why should someone spread my pics”she asked in meek voice..

“We will find that…and it has been removed. The access to the particular thread of BS circle has been blocked..”Arjun said calm..

“This looks secluded”,she said as he parked.. “Why were you so silent”,he asked as he got down..

“I like this car Arjun..we should buy one like this..”,she came around patting the bonnet “This car suits you!”,she continued looking the vehicle..”This place is so cool”,she said again and saw him starring her… “Now what did I do?”,she asked..

“You look so beautiful in lehanga choli…Breath taking”,he said as he slid his hands in his pockets..”Why did you bring me here?”,she asked and stepped back..He instantly pulled her and crashed on his chest. “Where do you want to go for our honeymoon.”he asked embracing her…”Say..”he insisted as she stood silent…”Else you are ok with this car itself”.he laughed saying that..She punched him and lifted her head,he saw her looking down..she felt his hands to move slowly towards her shoulder and to cup her cheeks..Her eyes unconsciously closed as her forehead received his love impressions,she felt her senses to wake when his lips traveled planting wet kisses randomly on her face.,her hands held his shoulders tight,her eyes opened when he paused a sec and she saw his lips near hers.,smiling with the realization of what would happen next,her eyes drooped itself..

He saw her lips awaiting for the kiss and she stood with closed lids..He chuckled as he pulled his head back,after few secs her brows furrowed in a doubt and she saw him smirking mischievously…he whispered, “Tease” in her ears..She began to kick and punch him hard with her fists at the same time,which he least expected. “I thought you will blush”,he said trying to hold her fist.. “You are a idiot..Arjun..Devil..”she pushed him hard and stumbled in return..He held her from falling and got in his arms. “Leave me..Don’t touch me..!”,she ranted in anger.. She went silent when he got after her inside the middle seat of the car.. “Arjun..I tell you..”,she said like a threaten.. “Tell”.he mocked her…
“Ah..Idiot.”she huffed and tried to get her mobile..”Don’t forget its just a car.,do you want this to roll”,he asked when she tried to snatch her mobile from him, within minutes of further struggle her dupatta went off “Glamorous”,he said to rile her up.. “you are a Per..”,she stopped recalling his prior warn.. “you are a Prude..”,he said again..She glared him a sec before kissing his lips forcefully.,he kept laughing which rubbed her ego bad,she quickly unbuttoned his shirt,he tried to hold her hand to move further,unable to stop her he gained control on her and her eyes flew open when he untied her dori and unhooked with a force, she pulled back and smiled..looking him confused,”Tit for tat”,she said smirking.

His mobile rang disturbing them,he leaped forward over her to attend the call,and she felt something odd.,”Your pls”,he said before receiving the call..She found her choli to sag and tried to hook it back,he was confused to see her search something,her fingers checked for hooks again,she held her choli with one hand and bend downwards,”Tantalizing View!!”,he remarked and kept his palm on her bare back before kissing her..”What’s my Jerry trying to do?”,he drew patterns on her back and she jerked each time..”You broke the hooks and am searching the safety pins of dupatta”,she said accusing.. He sat amused looking her holding her choli with a confused pout face.. ‘Don’t blame me..!What did I do”,he asked with innocent face irritating her more….”Show me your mehandi”,he said pointing the one holding her blouse. “Why”,she asked annoyed,unaware of his mischief she extended.. “Naughty girl”,he said,closing his eyes with his palm..Her jaw hung in surprise as she quickly held her blouse muttering curses under her breath.. “shall I open my eyes?”,he smiled..

“Do you have ur coat?”,she asked and he nodded negative.. “Arjun please!”,she pleaded..

“Aru..Its Aru..”he said with a wink.. “Prena aunty”,he said before attending another call.. “On the way..aunty.”he lied casually..

“Arjun..what to do?”,she asked thinking deeply.. “Aru..,Aru..what to do”,she mocked..

“Mocking?!!”,he asked searching inside the car.. “Yes..!”.she said..He found a safety pin from her dupatta..”Come..Lemme pin it..”he called her as she extended her hand being on the other end of the seat… “I won’t eat you.”he said and turned her side, As she din’t budge to turn around,with their gazes locked,he tied the dori and smirked saying, ‘Aru..I love you..Say this”., Her eyes widened at that., but before she could speak he pinned her blouse.. “Hope its ok”,he said and pulled a bag from behind…He ruffled the bag and pulled out a jacket. “No should hold.”,he said with his eyes on the jacket.. She kept starring him.. “Did you check that once.. what??..whats on my face now?”,he asked..”Ok. sorry..I din’t intend to..”he said finally.

Few mins later they were still inside the vehicle,Warmly embracing each other,Arjun mumbled,”Promise..Promise”,as he rubbed her back,and she had clutched his shirt hard,starring outside the window..

“Shall we?”,he asked soft.. She nodded no,snuggling more into him.”Then we shall have our marriage here..I guess this car is a perfect place to reside..very much comfortable for us and lucky too”,he saw her to smile a little.. “Aunty will scold,Get down,lets go”,he said as he adjusted himself..”I love you Arjun…love you”,she said looking his face.. “Love you too,Radhika..!”,he said with a peck on her lips…She jerked when he tickled her and he continued it to make her to laugh… “Good!!”,he got down..She stood adjusting her dress and hair,he sat worried when he took the wheel…She slept in half way when they drove back..

Prena glared Radhika seeing her state..”She chased me and got slipped..full of sand..that’s why”,Arjun said for her.

“Both of you come back fast freshening”,she said sharp..Arjun walked fast waving to Sam who sat with Mehandi looking them..

“ rolled on sand??”,she asked surprised. Radhika nodded while moving to her room…She came wearing kurti over her lehanga,while Arjun came drying his hair wearing a carrot orange silk kurta..

“You din’t bath?”,Prena asked her.. Sam moved to Radhika’s room,Prena scolded them for being lethargic and careless.. “Aunty..Am ready !!”,Arjun chimed irritating Radhika..

“Whats happening”,she hissed at him..

“Radhika..don’t scold me..Aunty kept pooja”,he purposely yelled..

“Don’t speak aloud”,she said trying to hold his hand.

“No!! Radhika..Don’t beat..Don’t touch me..Dirty girl..Naughty girl”,he screamed and moved back,while she stood confused..

“Radhu.!”,she jerked listening Prena’s sharp call.. “Go take bath..It’s getting late.”,she said strictly…”Maa..why..”her words trailed off when Prena repeated the same.. Sam came muffling her laughter,”Dirty girl,,naughty girl”,she sing sang..Her eyes widened listening that,and saw to wink at her, she moved as she saw Prena starring her..

She saw a priest to tie a holy thread on Arjun’s wrist and Sam sat on the sofa recording it,while Prena stood with a plate.. As the priest blessed him,he saw her side eyed and asked
something…Her brows furrowed at that.. “What new drama’,she thought..He got up and asked her to sit..She obliged as prena too said that.,after repeating the same,the priest left.. “This is new..why we are doing this?:,Radhika asked Prena following to kitchen..

“Samaira.. why aren’t you coming to office these days?”,Arjun asked her..

“You don’t know Jiju..!! Am working with Prena Maa…Event zone..Event management..From this Monday.”,she said..

“Call me Arjun!”,he said.

“Di will kill me.. Neil too warned that..She hates making fun on you..”,Sam said like a theory…

Neil came tired with bags and slumped on the couch… “Neillll….”,Sam screeched.. “Sammy…control your excitement”,he said with closed eyes..Radhika came rushing and jumped on the arm rest…Their loud banter made Prena to reach there and she saw Arjun looking them silently…”Now the house will turn a Circus”,she said..

“Did you get your mehandi done?”,he asked Sam and kept few bags to her side..”Radzzie,remember last time you asked a bracelet for Sam.,they called and I got that”,he said giving her a pack..

“Do you remember me Mr.Neil?'”,Prena asked..

“Mommy…my manufacturer”,he gave a idiotic reply and girls giggled at that.. “Full on Mental”,Sam remarked..

“Wash your hands sammy..its a peach color dress”,Neil quickly said turning..”WWaiting for you..It’s you who got this done!”,sam came extending her mehandi laid hands..

“Superb”,he said and moved after a formally talk Arjun.. Radhika noticed Neil’s care on Sam..A step ahead of what she received from him..Neil was patiently listening to her talks about her work.,and Sam was explaining with interest..Arjun moved citing a call and Neil came to Radhika, “Wanna talk”..

“What the hell..Neil do you want me to sign it?”, Radhika asked as she sat cross legged on Neil’s bed… “and why just a day before my marriage?”,she asked doubted..

“Its a coincidence..Uncle called me Tuesday night itself..I just wanna clear things with him first.. and its not only you..Me also in directorship.. and he gave me 20% of shares just to avoid the chances of any discrepancy to”,Neil tried to explain.

“What?”,Prena gasped from door way…”whats the need for shares?I will speak to samrat.”,Prena said only to get stopped by Neil.. “Pls don’t create a issue.. It’s a simple thing..I can return as per my wish..So.. leave that..Sign this Radzzie”,he said.. Radhika sat thoughtful for more than 10 mins..”U too..”,she dragged and he pulled the pen from her hold and signed the documents..”Now!!.”,he said..

“Neil..Promise me..that you will take care of Sam in my absence”,she said after signing the documents..

“Do you think someone will kill you for BS..Stupid!!”, he said and smacked her head irritated..

“No… You should be with her you were with me…even if Mom insults,Even Sam pushes you..You should be with her..There are chances for her to behave rude listening mom.,but the truth is she has no one to care..So..Please Neil..I fear only for Sam.!! She shouldn’t land in any troubles..that’s y I had signed this..”,She poured her worries in one go..

“I will…Even if she doesn’t prefer I will be like a shadow..Enough! Now…Smile!! and you have your Arjun..Don’t forget that..Before Neil it should be Arjun whom you should speak with,here after.”,he said caressing her head..”Radzzzie…I was so happy when I got to know about your marriage.. I don’t know what troubled you..but you should forget all those and move like Radzzie herself with Arjun..will you do that..for my sake”,he asked unable to control the break in his voice..She nodded equally emotional.. “Just one month you will hold this.”,he raised the papers..”So..don’t stress yourself…Don’t take hasty decisions..Plsss”,he said.. She looked him confused…

Prena smiled with tears listening Neil..Radhika went to her room thoughtful..Arjun,who was in Neil’s balcony listened all this…Today., he got to see the other side of Neil..which he failed to realize in all those days.,they spent together.,Neil’s over caring behavior on his girl gained nothing but hatred against him…

The usual Tom and Jerry, hit and miss scenes played aloud in that hall,but it had a unusual mute spectator today..Sam sat trying to decipher the real meaning her di said..

“Hey Peeping Tom”,Neil chimed as he sat in the single couch next to hers.. Her eyes snapped at that.. “Whats with you now? I know you heard us..”he said looking her deeply..

She gulped and asked in a meek voice,”Neil…why did she say so… will something happen just like it happened with….”,her eyes glistened in tears and her words sank with her tight throat ..

“sshh!! Nothing will happen..wipe ur both..!! It’s her wedding tomorrow and she utters nonsense,and you…Sammy..heavens sake!..don’t read too much in between the lines..”he convinced her in low voice.. She sniffed and wiped her tears..” din’t listen further?”,he asked relaxing back leisurely..

“hmm..I know what is right..I will listen to di only..not Mom!!”,her jaw stiffened at that…

“Liar!! we all deep you blind trust your mom..”,he smiled as he got up.. “And about your di..Your Jijaji is enough!! He will make everyone go mad.!! So don’t you worry.!”,he said.. Sam smiled listening about Arjun,”He is actually good..but..I thought him to be khadoos…slightly..”.

“Nope..not slightly..very much..”,he said and both laughed… Neil went to kitchen to speak with Prena..

“I forgot one of my dress at home..will be back”,Arjun said to Sam and left hurriedly..

Prena searched for Arjun during dinner,and Radhika felt irritated hearing sam,”Can’t he inform me before leaving”,she shook her head.. Neil ate in silence watching her annoyance..

“Need to meet Samrat uncle..”,he said and left fast…


“I think you people have exaggerated a small issue…this is gonna turn worse..This Arjun has made everything to go worse”,Neil said in frustration the moment he barged into Samrat’s business suite of that hotel..”Don’t listen to Arjun..Lets speak..I will speak with Radzzie..”,Neil said hurriedly without noticing a tall figure standing to his left side near the large full length windows..

“What will you say? and about whom?”, he asked in equally raised voice and Neil turned to see Arjun standing there.. He stuttered for a moment.,but regained himself and replied back,”About you..Arjun Mehta!”Arjun looked him intensely and Samrat sat leisurely watching both.. “That’s how you prefer to be addressed isn’ fooled the entire college with that name.,tell me how you got certified with original ones..”he vent out his annoyance…

Arjun smiled saying,”Radhika know my name..and listen..I din’t fool anyone..It’s only she doesn’t know about me..I don’t belong here so obviously..”,he shrugged his shoulders.. “And My dad spoke with uni peopleto hide my identity.,to avoid unnecessary rumors..”. The nonchalant reply fueled Neil’s anger..

“Oh! then why don’t you tell her the truth now,with this same cool attitude”,he asked furiously..

“I spoke with uncle..”,Arjun said sharply..

“You need to speak with me too..I know,you don’t like me around Radhika..but remember,unless you spill the beans I will be around her.. because I don’t trust you..what if
vanish again..”,Neil spoke in anger which alerted Samrat..

“Where did I vanish? Don’t you know I went for the course which Radhika said..and am in India for past 8 months..I did see her in Delhi when I came…So mind your words”,Arjun raised a finger at that..

“You saw her..why din’t you meet her then? you know what she went through..Each and every day she expected you to come in search of her.. She din’t leave me to shift our flats.. what not? You leisurely come after a year,met her a week before you arrange your wedding,that too without our consent..Aren’t you too self centered Arjun?”,Neil asked with piercing gaze. “..And what is this 2 documents..Ask him to accept or just leave..why you listened him?.” he asked Samrat..

Arjun stood in anger listening him.. “Now what’s your problem..”,he asked irritated..

“Simple…Tell her the truth else I won’t let your marriage to happen..”he said coldly shocking both the men..

“Do you think you can stop me?”,Arjun smirked..

“You think I can’t stop her?”,Neil gave back.. After a pause he said,”Promise me you won’t leave her even if she throws you out of her life.That’s enough.!! you have bent everyone with your skills,so..”he paused and saw Samrat… Samrat was in deep thought looking the papers before him..

“you doubt me?”,Arjun asked moving forward.. “I doubt your patience.”Neil said seriously..

Samrat looked both starring each other.,he quickly exchanged the papers with the ones from the cabinet below… “Promise!! I will keep my word.I know I need lot of patience to handle her.,but I don’t want her to struggle alone.”,he said and hugged Neil surprising him… “Weren’t you angry on me?”,Neil asked.. “What’s the use of it..I won’t get what I lost..and…I did listen you speaking with Radhika”,he said as he broke the hug…

“I tell you both.,If it is someone you both could blind trust on., then it could be none other than you both”,Samrat said pointing each other..Arjun understood and nodded,while Neil glared him,”You woke up?”,mocked him..”you din’t bother to stop us..too bad uncle..”.

Arjun smiled as he took the papers.. “Even for signing documents you din’t trust us.,Learn to trust Man!”,Neil said as he sat next to him..

“Radhika read the papers isnt?”,Samrat asked to divert Arjun..

“Since I gave..she din’t read.”,Neil said as he took the water bottle. “That’s trust.!! you need to learn”,Samrat said looking Arjun.. Arjun thought for a moment and signed quickly without reading the papers..Samrat smiled big which made Neil to doubt.. “Arjun..Read it.”,Neil said with his eyes on Samrat and his smile vanished at that..

“I prepared..So..I know”,Arjun said as he slid the papers to Samrat..

Neil stayed back after Arjun left.,”Why do I smell something fishy?”, he asked..

“ gave me the hint”,Samrat said.. “What? when?”,Neil shrieked.. “Now., he won’t and can’t vanish away from my princess”,Samrat nodded his head looking the papers in his hand..

Precap: Ardhika Wedding..


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