Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 14

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Chapter -14

“Are you doing this on ‘her’ insistence..Then get it clear,Arjun…You will get the same what she got from me..I will simply cast you aside!”,RR Mehra seethed in anger listening Arjun..

Arjun looked helpless..”Dad…Do you really think I can cheat a girl in the name of love”,he asked disappointed looking his laptop screen.How could his dad think that him to be that heartless..He saw his dad still staring him with anger..He tackled all the questions posed by his dad regarding his love and sudden marriage decision.,but when it was about Radhika,he thought better not to hide her identity and spilled the beans.,only expecting his dad to deny Radhika just because she was a ‘Khanna’.,but it happened the opposite.. RR Mehra questioned his intentions in return..This is something unexpected.

“Listen Arjun.,I know about you..But..”.

“But what dad..You thought I pretend to love Radhika to cheat her just because she is Samrat Khanna’s daughter..whom Nandu di thinks as her enemy..You thought I will ruin a family listening Nandu di isn’t?”he asked defeated..

“Don’t blame me Arjun..That was how you have behaved..You turn illogical and a complete nonsense when its about ‘her’..then how could I trust you…And Radhika..!She is my Samrat’s daughter.. My Samrat! My friend..! what do you know about us..You just believe your Nand..I feel disgusted to spell her name…She has ruined everything..She turned a Shame for Mehras..”

Da..” Arjun was cut off.. “Shut up Arjun.!”,RR raised his forefinger as a warning..First time in his life Arjun faced this side of his father..”Did you trust your Father Arjun…You believed her cock and bull story..Then how and why should I trust you..I still doubt what you do there in Mumbai..Do you have an answer? Tell me”.

He just heaved a sigh searching answers..”Don’t try to lie anymore..My boys got to see you with a girl for just 2 days and now you decided to marry..Did you say anything until I asked?”,RR said and waited for Arjun’s reply.. His silence made the situation worse.. “And Forget about Marriage..I won’t let it happen..”RR Mehra said like a judgement.

His head snapped up to see only to see his dad leaning forward to cut the skype call.. “Dadd..No…Don’t do that..Please..I had made all arrangements..Listen me once…!! Please..!!”, he almost knelt down crashing down from his couch.. RR Mehra looked unaffected which did upset him more..He felt, as a son he failed to gain his father’s trust on him.. “You follow ‘her’ foot prints Arjun, You din’t believe me..the truth..I feel As a father I had fail…”,RR Mehra’s words trailed off when he saw Arjun nodding negatively..

“Please don’t say so.. Dad!..I swear.! I din’t do anything against Khannas,though di asked to.,’cause I believe you.. This is the truth.. I accept I came here against your will..But ‘Am not against you and will never be…whatever I said about Radhika, about us is the truth..I can’t marry Radhika against your wish…Please say Yes”,Arjun finished with a anticipating look..

RR Mehra was at loss of words looking his son so…Arjun never pleaded..his denials has been just shoved away by Arjun till date, but today he got to see a complete new side of his son, who knelt down before the screen pleading him..This couldn’t be a drama..RR Mehra saw Arjun’s face intently who was waiting for his reply..”Dadd!!”, he called in low voice..

“Just give me a word.. Nandhini or Radhika?”,RR Mehra asked with eyes on his laptop’s screen.

“Nandu di is a important person in my life..Next to you…But Radhika is MY LIFE”, he said with a smile.

“Aru… you love her to that extent?”,RR Mehra’s voice immediately turned to his cool self listening his son.. Arjun just nodded with a pleasant smile..

“Then..Sammu is Lucky!”,RR Mehra cheered.. “Sammu??”,Arjun asked confused..

“Samrat..!”,RR Mehra smiled wide..”He hates being called so..I tease him”,he further added. Arjun sighed in relief..”Am sorry dad..I had hurt you a lot”,he said.

“ did..Now show me my DIL’s pic,who made my son to kneel before me”,RR Mehra chuckled and that’s when Arjun saw himself kneeling down..RR Mehra heartily laughed listening Arjun’s comments on each of Radhika’s pics he had while they studied together.. “In this one she seems little like a Tom boy!!”,RR Mehra exclaimed at one of the photo while Arjun replied.,”She was one! She had even chased me with hockey stick once”, he blurted out instantly. “Really!! Then she is the perfect choice!”,RR Mehra remarked the next second.. “Aru..why can’t you wait for me..”,he asked with his paternal yearn..

“Dad..I feel I will lose her forever if I let go this time.”,Arjun said after a moment of silence. “Did you seek permission from Samrat?”,RR Mehra asked.

“I need to..Tomorrow I will meet him..She won’t accept if not.”,he said rolling his eyes.. “Am happy that My DIL is sensible than my son”,RR Mehra remarked with a chuckle before closing his chat.

Neil sat bewildered after he spoke with Samrat.. Samrat had asked him to act on his behalf along with Radhika during his absence..Neil tried his level best to neglect the idea of Power of Attorney.,but Samrat was way tough for him to convince..he was left with no choice other than to accept when Samrat said that he needs to leave somewhere for a month’s time, and he is scared to leave Radhika alone..Neil was silenced with that.. “Who else I could trust”.,the words minutes before he heard from Samrat,replayed in his ears. Thinking that its his turn to support the person., who turned as a Guadian Angel when they had a bad phase.,Neil checked with Travel agents for tickets..

“Why are you still awake?”,Preeti came yawning from her room.. He blinked instead of replying.,as though something suddenly dawned on him..Yes..Preeti can’t stay alone.She had a problem of Panic attacks now she is expecting too.,with those thoughts he asked,”When is kavin coming back?.”

“Friday noon”,she chimed.

“I need to leave Thursday,may be even before.. and can you manage a day alone?”,he asked with concern. She saw Neil to be dubious…Preeti said with a smile,”I will manage..No worries”.Neil being unconvinced said he will ask Prakash to stay with her.. “Am troubling you all,isn’t?”,Preeti replied in a dull voice.. “Not at all..! you are our sweet sister..!”,he patted her head and gave her a envelope saying,”Give this to Kavin”.


Radhika tied the cotton gauze even more firm around her last two fingers of her left hand before stepping out of her room.. “Is it paining still?” Prena asked as she tried to hold Radhika’s hand..She quickly withdrew screeching,”No!!”. Prena looked at her bewildered.. “Maa..bye!,Radhika said when prena extended a coffee mug.. “At least have this.. what so urgent?”,Prena asked as she came behind.

“Hmm..Today..Am gonna get the entire khanna properties accounts.. Am not getting a clue from BS..So..I need to meet Mr.Avinash.! Bye..”,She said with a peck on Prena’s cheek.. Prena stood thoughtful for a moment before passing the information to Samrat.

Radhika was surprised when Samrat descended the stairs in his business look. “Morning,Princess”,Samrat greeted with a smile.. “Its Just 8..Meeting?”,she asked.. “di…I think he is competing with you..Business hours from 8 to 8”,Sam chimed from upstairs air quoting the timing.. “What happened?”,Samrat asked as he saw her bandage wound fingers..

She immediately stepped ahead to avoid her dad from holding her hand, and said,”Just got hit with a door..Paa..I need to meet Mr.Avinash.”

“He is out of town..I guess he returns by Monday.”,he said as he stepped out..He saw her slouching on the couch dejected before getting in the car. As he was about to turn the ignition on his phone rang flashing a very new number..

“Hello Sambandhji..”,a cheerful greet from the unknown caller confused him..

“Who is this?”,Samrat asked little arrogant..he was surprised listening,”Sammu…RR here!”. “Ratan Bhai!!!!”,Samrat exclaimed aloud while his face expressed mixed emotions. After mutual concerned talks”I called you to clear the misunderstandings that happened and gonna happen”,RR said like a riddle.. “To happen?”,Samrat questioned back..

“Yes..”RR clipped and briefed about Arjun and his love with Radhika..Samrat couldn’t hold himself from gasping aloud when RR said about their marriage decision..”I guess you are mistaken..Radhika is not like that”,Samrat retorted after he finished.. “Even My Arjun was never like this.”,RR funnily remarked in turn.. “Samrat…I won”t force you if you aren’t interested in this alliance but just meet him once”,RR said firmly..

“Bhai..I would be the happiest person if this alliance happens..About Arjun…Pls send me his picture.”Samrat replied happily..

“Sure..And There is one more thing.. When you meet him.,Do as I say..Ask him about Nandhini’s whereabouts..Don’t take me wrong..Right now..the ball is in your”RR said in a calculative tone..

“Nandhini’s whereabouts? why?wasn’t she in US after her marriage?”,Samrat asked befuddled..

“What?..She ruined her life Samrat..Din’t Marry anyone..May be you heard any rumor about her”,RR said,and minutes passed in silence with their thoughts clouded with confusions..

“Bhai..Are you free now? I want to speak with you..Can you come online?”,Samrat asked quickly before unfastening his seat belts.

Samrat sat tensed in his study with his eyes glued on screen…The moment they saw each others image on their screen,RR spoke hastily,”Tell me samrat..I expected your call long back ..come here Samrat..! I can’t travel now..Health issues.I want to speak and handover Khanna Industries documents.”.

“I tried several times,but it wasn’t handed to you citing your health..”,Samrat said worried..After about an half an hour discussion,”Don’t worry..We will solve the issue”,RR Mehra said as a assurance.

Samrat sat perplexed even after the call,looking Arjun’s image..ArjunRatan Mehra has been working in his company as Arjun Mehta.! But why? and most importantly his dad was unaware of this and unable to track him working somewhere though he hired boys for that.. Samrat thought deep before calling Arjun,”Arjun,I need to meet you within a hour..”,he said calmly.

“Sure sir..Even I have to discuss with you personally.”,Arjun said briskly surprising Samrat.. Finalizing the time and place,Samrat moved to his hallway, he heard giggles and laughing sounds of his daughters from upstairs..He smiled and said,”I won’t let anyone harm you princess.”more like promising to himself..


She heard loud tv noises as she moved to her room,it was more like a cartoon channel,she smiled and tiptoed to sam’s room and opened the door little..There she saw Sam sitting cross legged on her bed watching Tom and Jerry nodding her hand and directing Jerry with her hands munching popcorns.. “Kiddo..did you brush?”,she asked trying to sound strict..Sam just nodded yes with her gaze fixed on Jerry..

“di..popcorn!”,Sam extended without turning her head.. She relaxed her muscles and jumped on the bed,side hugging sam,she picked few corns..The duo watched amused at Jerry’s doings..”East or west..Jerry is the best!”,Sam slapped her thighs when Tom banged itself on a tree.. She laughed and asked,”Are you watching this for first time?”.

“No.. but still..There is no Jerry without Tom and No Tom without Jerry”,Sam said like a quote.. “How about throwing this popcorn out from this window?”,She asked supporting her elbow on her thighs..Sam scowled in return. “Stop blabbering..and get ready.!”she said and got down from the bed.. “Ok..Pls watch this alone with me..Plss..Plsss di…”,sam said pulling her back.. She saw Jerry running with a cheese piece, Sam directing Jerry from here..Within minutes both laughed holding their stomach.. “see..this is why I asked you to watch”,Sam said when she left the room..

Her mobile flashed with Arjun’s name.,”sshhh!!wait..wait!”,she whispered as she saw around and quickly went inside her room locking it..

“What naughtiness is my Jerry doing this early?!”,he said in a equal low voice..The word Jerry made her think about Sam’s words..

“Nothing Tom!”,she said as settled in her bed comfortably.. “Tom??? you compare me with a cat? Yuck..”,Arjun said with annoyance which amused her more.

“You din’t like that..Then its fixed.. You are my Tom..Tell me Tom..Why you called me this early Tom.Tom!”,she said funnily..

“Don’t say that..It irritates me..and..Am going to meet a important person..So.. wish me luck dear”,he said.

“Wish you all success My lovely senior..”,she said energetically and gave a deep kiss surprising him.. “Just lovely senior..that’s bad..and what’s your decision?”,he asked.

“Hmm..I thought I should stay back here.”,she gave a diplomatic answer.. “Oh!But that’s not going to change my keep on thinking even after our marriage”,he mocked her..”Lemme marry you.,I will make you pay for troubling me with your decisions…and free yourself by noon..I need to meet you…”he said before disconnecting the call..

Radhika saw the ring unwinding the bandage.,she smiled and kissed it recalling one of their college moments where Arjun indirectly accepted his care on her..

“ little.. ok..perfect!”,Neil said as he clicked pics in his mobile,while Radhika posed with a hockey stick on her shoulder.. “And what are you going to do?”,he asked checking the pics,next second he jumped from the place hearing shrilling noises..She broke all the windows of a Maruti car before them.,”why?”,he asked checking around.. “How dare this professor scolded us”,she said..

“But he isn’t our dept at all..Idiot girl! you broke a wrong one..He is that Khadoos’s HOD!”,Neil said as he snatched hockey stick from her..

“So what.? HOD is a HOD! he scolded Arjun too!..Pity him..He stood silent..”,she said and stepped ahead but saw Arjun standing before them..”So you did this for that khadoos!”,Neil asked as he came behind her.. Arjun glared both of them and went silently..

Soon,Radhika was called to principal room,Neil cursed Arjun for complaining about them.,but they said it was only Radhika they had called..She stood silently in that room,while the professor said that he got news from students that Radhika broke his car windows.. “Why would I,I don’t know this uncle”, Radhika said nonchalantly.. Neil and prakash who stood outside tried hard to suppress their laughter.. Professor turned so adamant and when Principal was about to suspend her, Arjun came rushing into the room..”Excuse me sir..I got to know the issue now..Radhika is not responsible..She was with fact with us in the ground.”Arjun said in one go looking the man before him..Soon the room filled with accuses and Arjun’s defense.. “I will pay for the damages..but don’t punish the innocent”,he said in a strict voice, which made Radhika’s jaw to drop.. Principal nodded postive and asked professor not to bring such false charges on students..

Arjun starred at her angrily before leaving the room.. The trio followed him.”Too bad Radzzie.,you din’t break anything for me till date..not even a coffee mug,”Neil said with fake annoyance..

“Really,so sad..She will break only uncles you have a uncle,Neil?”,Prakash joined the fun..She glared at them..

“Principal is my uncle..”,Neil continued..she walked in silence..”He too scolded our Arjun,”Neil said and stepped back.

“ about breaking his head”,Prakash did hifi and both walked in reverse,she went to catch them,but Arjun held her wrist.

“Next time I won’t help you like this”,he said sharply.. “Even last time you said the same”,she said with a smile.. “Is this a joke? they would have suspended you..and next week you have semesters.. Do you want to have arrears? and who complained about you?”he asked.. She nodded negatively shrugging her shoulders. “Stop being never..huh.”he sounded irritated. “Radhika..Pls don’t get into any troubles..Guys are not like you’s not about suspension..what if something happens to you if you keep annoying people with this behavior.. Learn to control your anger..will you?”, he asked.. she nodded meekly..

“Radzzz….”, a voice made them to turn back.. A guy with rough beard and rugged look saw them deeply..”Faizal asked you for a movie..this weekend..”,he continued..

“Say no!”,Arjun said audible to her.. “Yaar..Wanna study.. Not this weekend.”,she said with a smile..

“Who are these?’,he asked glaring the guy.. “Faizal..2nd yr Maths..and this is his friend”, she said as she saw him.. “Don’t make random friends..”,he said to her.

“Radzzz..You have to come..It’s my birthday..we have a party.”, another guy came from somewhere but stopped on tracks looking Arjun..Arjun covered her with his arm and glared him sharply before asking,”She said she want to study..Any problem guys?” he asked in a menacing tone.. “why do you sound angry?”,she whisper asked him but he had his eyes on those.. “No sir!”,the guy retreated immediately..

“Do Neil know them?”,Arjun asked as he walked in the same position. “No..They are my basketball friends”,she chimed and pulled out a chocolate..He shook her head at her impossible nature and said.,”Cut their friendship..Today!”he said.

“No..why should I listen you..when..”,she was cut in.. “because I care for you”,he said.. She tilted her head to her left and saw his face,he was looking down at her..They were walking close,his right arm looped around her.,she looked his arm and he pulled back the next sec.. “You care?!! why?”,she asked .. “Listen!” he said..”Am Listening..”she smiled at him.. He controlled himself not to smile and looked everywhere..He kept raking his hair., rubbing his forehead but all the while Radhika looked him without a blink..

“Seniioorrrrrr”,she dragged the word and he pressed his lips hard gesturing what… “You seem to blush”,she said slow as the chill breeze hit them..

“You will catch cold..come”, he said and walked ahead.. “you din’t answer me,”she came behind him.. “Cut this Faizal’s friendship first.”,he said walking ahead.. she went murmuring behind him..


I should have listened to you then..She thought… As though remembering something.,she called Arjun, “Senior..I want to tell you something.,she said when he picked the call..

“I will meet you at noon..and..”she heard him handing keys for parking.. “Sorry..I will call you later”,she said hurriedly.. “anything important?”,he asked…”Wanna meet you..”she said meekly.. “Okay..will meet..I have a surprise for you.”,he said to cheer her..

He knocked the door twice and entered when he heard a response..

“Welcome Mr.Arjun Ratan Mehra.!”,Samrat greeted him in a cold voice which shocked Arjun.. “Sir..I was..”,Arjun was cut in..

“Why to act still..Tell me..What’s the plan behind all this.?”,he asked..

Arjun saw him intently and said.,”Guess you got me wrong Mr.Khanna”, Arjun replied and Samrat raised his brows in surprise.. “Why ARM became Arjun Mehta.?”,Samrat pinpointed his query..

“May I?’,Arjun asked gesturing the seat..

Precap: Samrat -Arjun Arguments..Piyali getting Ardhika pics..Arjun resigns from BS


So…How’s this…You all need to say… The elders are strong personalities here, so found it difficult to skip their piyali’s part will be in next one.

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  1. Sathya

    Ammadiyoooo….oru bioscope movie paatha maathiri iruku. Full of twist and turns. RR ji is oru avasara koomuttai ….athukulla Sammmu ku phone pannati than enna. Avanga rendu perum konji kulavitu ipo Arjun na kalati vida poraanga. pochu pochu..precap ah paatha periya panchaayata irukum pola iruku…sekirama update pannu Jessie….semma thrilling ah poguthu.

    1. Sathya

      I remember the lines for this chapter….”Maappu…… vechitaangada aapu “

      1. Jessie

        Satzzzzz….Adhutha epi parunga..u will know abt RR… lol.. but I liked the sentence…
        Arjun ena lesu pata aala…. hehe…I told already all are equally tough here… hahah

        Panchayatu…lol…Nattamai theeerpa sollu… Arjun irukela yaaru naatamaiya irunda ena… paniten satz… thank you.. hahah no one can keepu aaapu for our Maapu.,,!!.

        Eppidi 😉 😉

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, love it to the core, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Brin… had posted…TC

  3. Great… waiting for next one…

    1. Jessie

      Hey….Thanks a lot dear.. had posted..TC..

  4. Jnana

    well…… arjunn and his father’s block was awesome…… sammu……sammu is angry with tom!!! what now? resignation???? i’m now concerned about sam. who will guide her? of course rads would, as a sister….. but still…. arjun is arjun…. and yup….. again RR mehra….. so sweet at last for his son. precap….. seems dangerous….. eager to know piyali’s reaction more than samrat’s. next one soon…..

    1. Jessie

      Jnana…. Thanks a lot dear… wow..Sammu is angry with Tom! super..! I liked it… yes..he will resign.. so happy you said abt sam… Neil is der na..yes.. he accepted for his son..Sweet of a father.. had posted dear…Am super happy reading your much I missed… well Sam has a good role here.. Thanks again ..Love you loads and TC

  5. Myra

    Jessie diiiii…..i was giggling throughout the episode……sammu ??….sounds more like sammy ??…
    Awesome update….sheer brilliance….i bow down to you, girl! Such amazing episodes that too one after the other….plus you manage to squueze in one shots as well..
    Ohh…ohh…i love the one shot, by the way….guess, i couldnt comment on that…..

    And jessie di, you have me hooked on more to this after the ardhika beach scene…

    RR Mehra is a great dad….wonder what samrat will do to arjun..

    Di, update soon…love you…

    1. Jessie

      Myra dear….am so happy u enjoyed it.. Sammu!! yes.. he will say time and again to annoy
      samrat.. Thanks a lot dear…Thats a great compliment dear…one shots!! Am happy to listen the
      review from you..Queen of one shots!! haina!! Thanks again.. have more beach scenes further 😉 glad that u mentioned it.. Next chap posted dear… love you loads…Loved your comment..TC

      1. Myra

        yeah dii, I read the next one and commented it as well! 🙂
        you know, sometimes the beach scene still plays in my head….yeah, you are right, I am a complete nutcase!
        love you!

  6. Starz

    Awesome cutie pie…very funny post..the FLASHBACK was cute…loved it…. waiting for next one … you so much and take care

    1. Jessie

      Cutie pie lil sis…Teddy hug… Thanks dear…am glad u mentioned abt Flashback…have posted..
      TC and love u loads

  7. Sangee

    Wat is this jess ivanga rendu perum konji kitu Ardika va pirichi duvanga pola ? solamutha pocha ? Precap ah patha Konjam bayama dan irruku ? Mr samrat khanna RRM kita mattum konji tu avar panyana meratu radu ellam sari illa pathu konga nan solrada solliten Apparam Unga ishtam ? Arjun and samrat arguments… Sabash sariyana poti ? Arjun eppadi yadu samadam vangi du da… ?..den inga oruthan pada tha padu ellam pattu marriage ku permission vangitu irrukan nee tom and Jerry pathu tu irruka… En ma radika Enna ma ippadi panriye ma… Pavam ma arjun.. Modala Appa ippa mama ippa ve Kanna kattu de… Ethana per Kal la dan vilaradu ??? aga motham idai (Intha epi) enni parkail varthai kouttudu adai eluda ninaikaiil varthai muttudu ??? jessi jessi (abirami abirami ??)……. altogether kizhi kizhi kizhi

    1. Jessie

      Sangeeee….en santhosathuku alave illa…. sema comment pa… serious a.. hahah solamutha pocha.. neenga sollitengala vitruvoma… iruku…adhutha epi… vangiduvan…avan epadi pata aalu..Tom n Jerry heheh..ena panna love panna idhellam sagajam thana… ivan ena summava irukan… ye sema… unndana kulappam ellam thannele theerundu pogum mayam ena ..pon maane pon maane… next epi a manasula vachu padunen..had posted… read pannitu sollunga.. thank u..Thank u…thank u…Love u loads and TC

      1. Sangee

        u have already posted super i will read for sure 🙂

  8. Dipika

    Judwa behena….a tight huggggg foe this awesome chappy..tom n…so RR knows tht rads id khanna..still he supporting arjun..i like th way he cross checked arjun..u wrote it so naturally….…m laughing still…rasa..cartoon… Kya bat….fb..oh god rads broke principal save her n threateni lovely… Now nandu gonna join the story… Piyali got to knw abt aradhika
    .wht gonna happen.. M eager.. Post soon u..muhhha

    1. Jessie

      Thanks a lot Judwa behan…. Thanks a lot… The reason he cross checked is Nandhini.. Arjun is hiding the fact na… yep..I needed a fun wrote Sammu…happy with the reach… Fb..yaar..I was waiting ur view on FB…U din’t disappoint me…Thanks for that,…. yes..Nandu after Ardhika marriage… Arjun der why fear… had posted dear… love u loads…am so happy reading ur lively comment….Muhhaaaa

  9. Jewel

    ohhh…. lot of troubles, i thought ardhika get married soon but now everything changed… i didn’t expect this… RR and samrat are friends. and what they are telling about, handover and all, is it have any role in samrat’s problems?? i liked the bonding between RR and arjun, and RR hates Nandu, happy that arjun is not doing any bad things by believing nandu. But then why he working in BS?? Ardhika scenes are really nice.. radhika chasing arjun with a hockey stick, liked RR’s comments. and the flash back part that also really nice… Now i am really tensed what will happen next?? can’t wait post it soon jessie….

    1. Jessie

      Jewel dear… Marriage on the way… wanna seek permission na… yes..they are friends.. yes..that is related to Samrat.. happy u liked father-son bond… yes he hates.. Arjun works in BS coz for nandu… and he din;t know abt Samrat RR bond all, so he wud have accepted it… oh ok..Thanks for pointing ur likes…I will have note with that… thank u… had posted Jewel… read and say…Love u loads..Thanks a ton and am happy to converse with you like this… so sweet ya..TC

  10. arti viswanathan

    Very nice jessie….

    1. Jessie

      Hey Arti…Thanks a lot dear… thanks for the support…Love u…TC

  11. Rossy

    Sammmu….lol…jazzzzzy from where did you got this sammmu…like samu kaka…ramu kaka…gadi nikal, chae do…lol…rofl….I m fida on ratan raj Mehera…kya baap hai…awesome..waise u know who scold Arjun, he/she will be my fav???? lol…kidding…nandini….aargh lady…what raita she spread this time…anyway nobody here except me don’t want ardhika marriage so soon…i don’t want soon…don’t know why??? Hehehe…

    1. Jessie

      Rozzzy…ek business tycoon ko gadi nikal keh rahe…I wanted it to be funny.. glad it turned out so….yipeee…. but dint expect this ramu,sammu kakaa wali… fida..!!
      He impressed you… RajRatan Mehra!! hahhah…to sammu bhi tere fav hoga.. u see next chap…
      Raita!! you see when she comes..ARdhika marriage really..but its on the way na… but once it
      happens you would say this in opposite..hehh…TC and love u loads…

  12. mindblowing ,awesome ,super,…………eagerly waiting next one uuuuuuuu tc

    1. Jessie

      Subha..Subhaaa…Love u dear…Thanks a lot ….had posted….TC

  13. Aadia

    Jessu….so much happenings in this part. Sammu!! Best friends.. And what’s with Nandini??caring senior.. So more questions as next part is updated.. By the way my friend and me won 2 nd prize in that quiz..only me know how I managed it during onam celeb..
    Love you jessu..

    1. Jessie

      Aadia… much… happy that u said that…keen observing!!! Ok done..Will meet u in next chap…nandhini…after ardhika marriage…wow…u won second prize….congos dear….!! Yep..saree managing wud be difficult at times…love u loads…Thanks a lot lil sissy….TC

  14. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous episode jessss….story is getting very dramatic twist n turn. …I loved rr n arjun’s convo….n rr n samrat knows each other already? ??…hmmmm…rasam funny cartoon show n their lovely bond is so cuteeeee…my all time favorite tom n jerry….lol….I still watch n laugh on it…..arjun irritated at calling tom…lol…so sweeeeeet. ….samrat knows arjun real identity n own called him to interrogate…I’m so curious to know the reason behind it ..N where is nandini. … precap is very interesting…keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart jesss 😉 ♡♡♡♡♡ 🙂

    1. Jessie

      Roma dii….what a lovely extract of update!!! I loved it…u complimented each n every part…Thanks a ton di… I really feel so happy….love u loads…yea..RR n Samrat are friends..more a family…the next one has…I too love Tom n Jerry..hehehe..hifi…thanks di…bear hugs

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