Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

The late evening traffic was not less than peak hours..The four way road quickly got snarled up with vehicles on all sides and everyones’ eyes keen on traffic signal’s last one to turn green.. Her eyes caught the display of numbers for the other side of traffic..10..9…8…7… she remembered her striking each day in her calendar.. She smiled a little.. She had come here with a plan of staying only for 10 days.. “Only 10 days Neil.. That too for you..I will stay there..”,her words played back in her mind.. She wondered everyday what would Neil do to have her back here., while she had been clear on her plan to flew off.. Neil..He who was hell bent to bring her back to Mumbai had now booked her tickets for Delhi.. Though Prena din’t say she guessed Its only because of yesterday’s happening.. But still.,Something went amiss! She din’t feel the extreme happiness even after everyone
supported her decision this time.. The reason..Arjun! A lone tear escaped at the thought of staying away from him..It was already hard for her.. The 2 years,she lived just with a hope that he would come back.. Atleast a call or any way to contact him.. Now.. he is here…! but still., she held her back from speaking about past just because of the fear of losing him..What if gets angry and leave her..She already had considered it to be a Miracle, that he wasn’t angry for her past doings… he spoke normal..he proposed and promised to be with her..Life did gift her something precious this time.. But.. again..

Her eyes fluttered and hands automatically held the steering wheel listening the loud honking sounds.. She took a left to take a long route to her home.. She did feel defeated when it is about Arjun..Unable to apologize.,to enquire about him and his family., to think or discuss about their future.. Their Future!.. She kept running for BS though he was here.. She did even think him to be a distraction.! Her lips twitched itself for a sardonic one.. Distraction for her plans on BS.. But what was he really… He let her to be herself… Discussed and did what she said..Nothing more than that.. Not even a step ahead.. She hesitated fearing his wrath..but he could have.. he too din’t prefer to take their relationship ahead.. Her brain tagged her a Loser. who lost her love.. her precious lover.. ‘A person who cared only for her and voluntarily involved himself in everything related to her now maintained a distance.. Staying behind,expecting her to take a step towards him..which means he still din’t trust her.. who would trust a person like her who insulted his proposal’,her brain mocked her thoughts..

She got alerted a little listening car honk..she drove completely to the left..still..she now checked the rear mirror and its Arjun’s car. she slowed down searching a place to pull off.. but the car over took hers and its back lights blinked in a synchronize indicating her to follow him..She followed him and they reached a fuel bulk..He swiftly walked towards her and bent to her window level saying,”Long drive”. His eyes scanned her face completely, which made her realize about her look then..she avoided his gaze..He walked away with that.. Her vehicle clearly followed his car’s prints depicting her mind…Arjun’s eyes had its utmost attentiveness only on the rear mirror than on the road before.. He deliberately drove slow at a point expecting her to speed up, but No.. She just followed him..It was enough for him to get her state of mind..He drove quickly to his destination..

She scanned the place once she got down..More like a Beach Resort!.But Something different..Her eyes halted at the view of deep blue beauty before her.. The chill breeze and and the serene ambience din’t fail to enthrall her with its charm..She smiled a little hugging herself..Arjun had been watching her for the past 10 mins in silence.. and made a
move only after she smiled.. He stood before her blocking her view with a grim face..

“Where is your mobile.. I was calling you continuously”,he said as he removed her watch..She blinked at him and saw inside her car..Her brown orbs moved as she understood..He too glanced back and placed her watch inside.. “When is your flight?” he asked in a calm voice..

“Sunday” she said looking his face..

“What about us?” he asked crossing his arms across his chest..Her eyes flickered a second,she pressed her lips in nervousness.. “Come,lets have some time together.. before you leave..” he said as he pushed his sleeves back.. “We may not even may not probably come here isn’t”, he said and unbuttoned her sleeves and pushed behind..

“Will you ever forgive me Arjun” she asked looking at the ground.. “For what” he asked..

“That day.. u proposed..” Radhikkkaa” He said sharp before she finished. “That’s over..!! I had said”, he said folding her left arm sleeve..

“ still hold the aren’t speaking with me like before..Its really hard for me to hold me back fearing…fearing…what if you leave me in anger.. no contact… nothing… and… I”,he placed his finger on her lips..

“I waited for this moment..why didn’t you speak or fight with me? Is it a mistake on my part to expect something from you?”, he asked lifting her chin to face him.

She nodded no..”But it was always you..”,she was cut off.. “Yes..It was always me.. and seems the fate is so..It will also be always me.”,he said like a riddle.. She blinked in confusion..

“Remove your shoes” he said as he folded his pants to knee level. “Huh?” she said baffled..”Shall I.”,he bent towards her..She quickly stepped back and removed it..he gestured her pants.. “Arjun.. you aren’t angry isnt”,she asked again as she too folded her pants..

“I know you were busy with office works” he said as though he had read her mind.. “Come” he said as he stepped ahead.. She glanced the place around and locked her car.. “Keys..” she asked..he walked back and threw inside his car and moved,saying,” No one will come here”.

“But need to..”she din’t finish hers he said,”Dare someone touch my vehicle” and quickly swept off her in a bridal style., ” you know what.. you will never stop this never ending question session of yours”, he said moving..

“Leave me down.. I know to walk” she said with a fake anger.. He went on teasing her till they reached waters and finally he asked”You want me to put you down isn’t?”

“I still din’t learn swimming..”she screeched.. “I will teach you later” he said with a wink..

“What if I drown now?” she asked with real seriousness.. He laughed aloud saying,”Then what for am here?.. What did you think while saying that..’probably won’t return’.. really!! Dare to utter such..!” she was so engrossed in listening him that she din’t notice they were in waters till his hips.. “Don’t throw meee” she yelled as she clutched his shirt tight…

“Then Propose me”,he said with a wink.. she opened her mouth in shock..

“You…copy cat.. !! why do you do like this…wait.. what if you return my insult.. no..I won’t”, she blurted out in fear and being miffed with his doings..He smirked at that.”So.. this was the reason..Just propose and see.. and 5 secs more” he gestured a huge wave proceeding them..

“You won’t..” she said..But he just shrugged his shoulders in response… “devill…Moron..dumbo..”,she jumped staying in his arms..”Oh..My god..Its.. so .. bigggg”,he said animatedly to scare her..”I lovveeee you Arjunnnn” she screamed.

He laughed as he let her down..She got drenched completely as the wave passed over her..But his face had just few droplets of water..She was hugging him in fear..He tucked her wet hair strands behind while she slowly detached herself from the hug..He gently caressed her cheek as she lifted her eyes to meet his..”Love you too”,he said in her ears huskily and pecked her lips..She stumbled upon him every time when her body collided with a wave..She hugged him tight and shook her head thinking about a past event..


“Leave me down..You Giraffe”,Radhika was yelling in his ears. Arjun with a grim face walked fast across that hall carrying her in his arms.. “I will teach you lesson today..” he said gritting his teeth..

“Yaar..Ask her to say sorry.. he is one short-temper idiot”,Prakash said to Neil who just then came to their table filling his plate with lot of food.. They had been there, at a star hotel for a birthday lunch treat of one of their friends.. Neil and Radhika though being juniors attended it as they were all a gang.. Radhika was teasing Arjun as Giraffe for the past one week and he had been repeatedly warning her not to say so..It all happened when he mocked her height.. She was not ready to leave that and continued here.

“Both won’t listen to me.,Bro!”, Neil said with a disappointment..But Prakash walked fast grabbing vivek along with him..Few of them did notice and followed them.. Neil went busy in tasting the new dishes he brought in his plate..

“Say that you won’t call me so”,Arjun asked as he stood before the swimming pool of that hotel..

Radhika chewing something she had in her mouth, glanced him and the pool..She thought he won’t drop her.. she grinned and sing sang,” Giraff”. Splash..!!!
He just dropped her in the pool.. she din’t notice he had been stepping towards the pool.. “Arjunnn”, Prakash called him from behind..

“Help..Help!! Murder..Help!!..Ahhhhh! Help”,Radhika screamed beating the waters with her hands vigorously…Arjun chuckled biting his cheeks..Half of the party came there to witness it..She still screamed and that’s when Vivek and Prakash saw that to be 4 feet pool.. “Drama queen” Arjun said audible to them..Muffling his laugh.,Prakash went to send his friends back…Few just smiled watching her antics.. Radhika furrowed her brows when Prakash went back.” too..” she yelled…He signalled her and she saw two guys standing in hip level of water..She noticed herself and smiled sheepishly..

Arjun came forward with a towel and extended his hand. “I will throw you down again!” he said with fake anger as she tried to pull him inside..


“I was scared”,Radhika said remembering the past..

“Guess..the pool floor was slippery “Arjun said chuckling. Radhika lifted her head to see him.”You thought about that Swimming pool adventure isn’t Jerry” he pulled her nose and stooped forwards to carry her..

She shoved his hand and said,”Am not a Mouse..! This is why I called you Giraffe.Giraffe!”.She tried to move but instead stumbled..

He smiled at her anger and said,”I din’t call you a mouse. You are always my cute Jerry!” and tightened his grip on her waist.

“I will walk” she said abruptly.. It’s been mins still they were inside the water moving to and fro like drunkards..He was laughing hard as she tried hard to walk within the waters, since it was almost her bosom level..She was stumbling and in turn pulling him too as she had her arms looped around his waist and he was holding her by shoulders..

“ChΓ©rie..Do you have any idea on what you are doing to my senses now?” he said huskily in her ears.

She stopped stepping ahead realizing what he meant.,he held her palm from pulling back.,he crooked his neck to see her face..She turned the other side to hide her blush and said,” Its dark”.

“Yea..May be if it gets darker I will get it.. After 9 or 10 o clock” he said..

“What?” she asked at his face confused..

“My Kiss..What else..” he winked at that..She tried to glare him..But no use..! she moved forward.,he stood behind..”Arjun..Please!” she said hiding her blush..”Come back then”,he said and she stepped back without looking him..He carried her till they reached land..”Next time I won’t be this good.Dare to leave me”,he said before letting her down.

“You are too rude! you thought to throw me”,She said pointing the sea..

He smiled before saying,”I din’t ..until I saw you smiling at sea” and winked.. He held her hand back when she moved,”Have to speak”,he said and moved.

She sensed seriousness in his voice.. “So.. this was all…” she was cut off immediately..”No..!! Not like that…. I want you to be yourself.. back to yourself..” he said and entwined her fingers with his and kissed her back palm.. ‘”I missed you Radhika…!! and I saw my Radhika there” he said and gestured the sea with their entwined palms.. He conveyed everything in just two simple sentences… Though she grasped his words,she stood speechless..While each and everyone tagged her behavior change as matured,arrogance and persistence.,he just pointed it as missing her ‘self’… Being away for 2 years.,though he have no idea of her pain and situation.,he said was more like Introducing her to ‘herself’.She smiled a meek one at that..

He turned her side,”And there is no need for me to beat around the bush…Why can’t you stay back?” he asked. “No tears Radhika.. Tell what you want to..”.

“Where will I stay.. Mom won’t be quiet if I continue staying in Prena’s aunt’s place” she replied though she knows that was stupid. He nodded No.

“I can’t stay in my house..I won’t ” she said. There was a complete silence other than the noise of their clothes ruffling in breeze..The sun was about to completely set down..She starred the thick streak of pale tint orange sky inbetween dark horizon and darkening sky.. His hand still entwined in hers.. she saw him,who was looking the ripples..Arjun! Her love! standing next to her like a light on the horizon.. Her palm got pressed more into his one, at that thought…He saw her and said,”Tats ok.,Radhika.,I hav..” his words were cut off when she asked,”What would you do if your family stays silent when someone accuses you on your character?”. Arjun was in silence.

She smiled asking..”If some other day, if my parents say that about me…What will you do..?”.

“I know My Radhika” he said as he patted her head.. ” No..What will you do if someone says that before your your house…a birthday party.. that I’m..” she spoke in a clear high note., but he din’t let her say the word.. He almost had guessed what she was about to say.

“May be the person won’t see the next sunrise…”. He knew the ‘may be’ is just to convince her but in reality there will be no ‘maybe’ in his decision.

“I don’t want that” Radhika said determined..

“Do you think I may distrust you…based on opinions or witness?”,he asked..

“But My dad..” she said in a brittle tone of voice..

Radhik..” he was cut off “what if someone points me as a murderer “she asked unflinching..Her eyes, sharp, penetrating through his..He sensed her breaking inside.,controlling her tears with her sharp gaze..

At a thought, about the depth of the question and the value of his reply.,he stood dumbfounded for a moment….He looked deep in her eyes… somewhere behind Vivek’s voice played in his mind, Preeti’s smile flashed…but She was before him..he saw her face intently.. she too understood he was thinking deep ..”Radhika…if I ever get to know such…I will come to meet you.. Take you with me and vanish to somewhere else where none can disturb us… committed.a crime”, a thin smile finally made its way on his face after he said that..

She crashed on him,”Take me with you… somewhere…Pleassseee…Its Suffocating here!! Am fed up being accused..”,she cried hiding her face in his chest saying those words.. Her voice unclear and muffled.. It was like she had waited for a such a strong trustworthy person to hold her at her weak.. He hugged her to his chest close rubbing her back.
“Why did you leave me Arjun.. why did you…” she cried aloud as she pulled his collar…Arjun by then got tears watching her cry clutching his shirt hard.

He was shocked would be a understatement.. He felt the whole to spun around in a new direction.The girl who fascinated him with her courage and mischiefs stood agonized before him..It was not only because of the unendurable pain she withstood.,It was more because of the desolation she faced because of him.. his stand-offish behavior.The thought pricked his heart hard…Everything, other than her seemed to be invisible and insignificant,..He inhaled a deep breath,thinking that the decision he made, before coming here will be the solution for this..for her pain and his mistake too.. His mistake of staying aloof from her.. ‘Not anymore’ he muttered under his breath.

Her hold got loosened and he felt her sagging on him.”Radhika” he called but her eyes were half drooped.,carrying her in his arms he went towards his car calling her name continuously..Within minutes,he was in the backseat of his car with her in his lap.. She hadn’t completely fainted..He patted her cheeks and made her drink water..she looked completely exhausted.He repeatedly called her to look at him. “what is thi..” before he could ask.. she said.”Am sorry Arjun”. Unconsciously his eyes welled up hearing that…

“Am sorry..Forgive me Please..”,he said and hugged her close..She snuggled more into him..”Are you ok..”he asked after few mins.She nodded but still he found her to be unsteady.. “Am hungry.. what about you”,he asked as he leaned forward to pick his mobile..She rubbed her temples more like a massage..He smiled as he placed a order. He redialed quickly to have mango juice of her choice instead of orange juice.”You seem to know this place” she asked the next instant he disconnected the call.He kissed her forehead and said,”Yes..My Jerry..Now get up.”.

“Can you walk till there?” he asked pointing a sea view table..The place was like a sit out watch for beach..But no one was there..She nodded and walked ahead of him.. He signaled the waiter to move from the table as she approached the place.. He gestured her to have and made a call standing afar..

“Well..Am fine.. What’s the procedure for court marriage here?” he asked.
“Before this Sunday.”

“What?…But I want it happen..” he said and turned to see her.. she was sipping her juice,her gaze fixed on menu card.. he continued,”Well..Mr.Agarwal.. I guess.. you know what rules the world… Is something impossible even then?…Make it happen.”,His voice little grave and arrogant..

Good..! I will handover the necessary documents..Remember No news leak.! No legal flaws and No place for discrepancy..I want Everything Perfect!!” he said in a intimidating tone..

Names?!!! ..Radhika Khanna and ArjunRatan Mehra!!.

The call hung up with that and he strode towards her with a smile..

Precap: Arjun takes Radhika for ring selection.. Arjun informs his dad about his decision..


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