Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 13 (continued)

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Chapter 13 (contd)

He stopped on his tracks, as his dad’s name flashed on his mobile..”What are you doing there?”,a straight question hit him the moment he received the call.

“Ahh..well..Am..” he stuttered searching a suitable reply..

“What are you doing in that restot Mr.Arjun Mehra?”,Ratan Mehra’s imperative voice silenced him.. After a moment of silence his dad laughed heartily saying,”Aru.. you were scared.. I can’t believe..hahah… Din’t I say this hours before?., beach and sporting”.

He heaved a sigh of relief,”You scared me.,Dad! and don’t say you were spying on me” he said and his eyes caught her gazing the dark horizon..He quickly glanced his watch..7.15pm..

“Why would I..and..Aru…Be cautious..I don’t want you in any rumors”,he said determined.

“Dad…I need to talk to you..”,he said with his mind fixed on his decision.,Receiving a positive response he continued,”Help me with a Jewellers here..Like soon”.

“What’s that? Suddenly.,You have started ordering me around Mr.Arjun Mehra.”

“Pleasee Mr.Ratan Mehra” he said chuckling.

“RajRatan Mehra!!”,Ratan Mehra said proudly before the call hung up.

He heaved a slow relief,thinking about his decision,It would be really hard to convince his dad, though he showers his love, he won’t accept his only heir to have a court marriage that too in his absence..It was indeed a wonder that he was being let to be here till now and that too for Nandhini..! Nandu.. she won’t be quiet if she gets to know Radhika is Samrat Khanna’s daughter..Samrat, he would never agree for this,more over he had his identity concealed which may raise unneccessary doubts.Though he could tackle all other allegations samrat could pose.,he can’t hide the fact that Nandhini is his family..

Arjun Ratan Mehra! The name brings everything to light..! Have he ever had an idea of Radhika being Samrat’s daughter he would have never stepped in BS..Radhika..the toughest of all..She was not one among those girls,who nod their head for everything their handsome boy friend decides..She is different! She won’t accept until she finds something convincing or logical for her..Exactly like him,cornering,threatening,won’t work before her logical reasoning.,and she would never let him to take part in her suffering..
His lips formed a sweet smile at that.. His eyes caught her calm posture,it pained him to watch her so.,If its was the same old girl.,she would have narrated the whole incident to him., but here.,today he witnessed a very new shade of his girl who just shared the heart of the issue.. His girl.,questioned him out righted,to convey her pain and got clarified about her decision, got her answers too!! 3 -in-1!! Until then, he thought him to be reticent,of the both, but today she proved him wrong..she proved the trust and faith she had on him by confirming her decision with him..Its his time now..

He had his juice standing behind her..

Her eyes transfixed on the horizon, she had only one thought that how she was able to share her pain to Arjun which she never said to Neil and Prena.,who were the most reliable persons of her life.. Her mind kept on replaying the same question..Am I turning weak before him? a self thought popped up..She stood her palms holding the stone built support.,she felt being covered by sudden warmth..He had been never close to her like this..It only these 3 days they are spending their moments in a different way,to be precise, like lovers..”So..What is my Jerry doing?” he asked in her ears.

“Senior..what is the reason..Now a days you behave so different?” she asked..

“Different?” he asked.

“hmm… this”,she said as she tried to move..

He kissed near her earlobe saying,”May be because of yesterday night…Turn around, I couldn’t see you blushing” he teased her more..

“Am not blushing” she said as she turned around..She still looked tired..He felt guilty looking her puffed eyes and tears stained face..She saw him intently before saying,”Come..Let’s eat” she tried to move..

“Aren’t you angry on me?” he asked.. She nodded negatively with a smile..”Am not..I Missed you a lot.. Every day..Every minute…not because of my problems..”,she said blinking back her fresh tears.He immediately hugged her close with one hand while other patted her head.. “It was my Mistake..mine” he said convincingly.. she nodded her head negatively and mumbled “Not yours”. He never thought she would love him to this extent that she retorted everytime when he agreed his mistake.. “It’s getting late” he said after few minutes..

She moved aside and sat there asking,”what’s the time” “7.40”he said.. She looked around. “come”,he said as he pulled her with him..She walked around to reach a corridor which had few rooms sea faced..”Wait here” he said before leaving..He handed over the keys of a room..”Good job senior” she teased him with a faint smile unable to bear the sight of his guilt-ridden face.He fake glared before settling himself on the couch over that corridor..The rooms were well designed,she sped glanced as she wanted to get refreshed quickly..Her mind was too keen to leave the place that, her eyes failed to notice the company logo every towels and spreads had.,”We shall move” she said locking the door..

“I have ordered food” he said walked ahead.. She shook her head at his impossible nature following him.. “Let’s move if you are late” she said as she caught him glancing his watch time and again..

“Nothing like that” he said and sat before the already assembled table.. “How does this happen everytime?” she asked looking the spread.. He just chuckled in response before eating.


He walked ahead as he received his dad’s call followed after a message..

“Aru… they are good in ..Wedding collections”,Ratan Mehra said as a tease.

“Dad..Its a Engagement ring am looking for” he blurted instantly.

“What..Are you serious..Engagement..!”his voice turned cold but next second he heard Arjun calling her “Radhika..Its dark. Don’t go” Ratan Mehra just chuckled listening his son..
She made her way towards him at that., with a ball in her hand.. “Now.. where did you get this..Don’t pick things around” he said sharply..

“What?? Am not a kid..and you don’t yell at me.. and remove look like a alien with that blue tooth..Am gonna throw that deep in that sea..Always busy in gay loving your clients”,she said in one go catching the ball herself..Arjun just smirked listening her, while he heard a roaring laughter the other side. “And., it will be good if you stop throwing that kingly attitude with me.. You aren’t a prince.. Giraffe” she said and moved quickly…He heard clapping sounds mingled with his dad’s laughter.. He indeed felt happy listening his life’s precious persons laughing and speaking their heart out..”Gira..Giraff” his dad laughed spelling it..”Will call you back” He clipped..”Ok..Mr..Giraffe” Ratan quickly said before he could held up..

“I am gonna drop you..Let your car be here..I will”,he was cut in the middle when she said “Am ok now..And I don’t like anyone using my vehicle”.
He stood a second starring her., but she din’t give a look at him..

“Where did you throw?” she asked him with a bored look,unable to find her keys.”you are just going to home not any meeting” she said as he changed his shirt there..
He was fast,within minutes he got ready in a business look, crashing his wallet in his pocket., he swiftly moved to her car locking his..He took the wheel instantly.. “Do you always carry spare ones?” she asked.. “You too I guess” he replied and drove faster.. “I may have meetings to attend” she shrugged only to earn a glare in response.. Her mobile beeped with Samrat’s call..

“Where are you still Princess?” she turned surprised listening her dad’s concerned voice from her phone lying on the dashboard.. She glared him,”Paa.,on the way.. will speak with u later”she said quickly..

“Princess” Arjun made a face saying that..

“Who asked you to attend the call” she asked in reply.. He just zoomed more faster..”Is it getting too late?” he asked abruptly..

“I never thought I will meet you here.. ” she said after a long silent travel.. “will you come to Delhi in weekends” she asked him..

“You are not going anywhere Radhika.. Just cancel those.. And I will drop you home around 10” he said as he took a turn..She blinked in confusion hearing him.. “Where are we going?’ she asked finding the place to be different.. He heaved a big sigh before asking,” will you marry me?”

“Of course yes.” she said in a blink..”Then cancel those tickets” he replied..

“But why?” she asked..”Listen..I will come down when you want.. But I can’t stay here” she said with a clear voice.. This is what he expected.. “not more than a couple of months..I will be leaving to London.. and you are coming with me” he said like a order..

She starred him a while and said,”then let’s marry next month..”

He pulled down his car before a apartment in that upper class residential area.She hesitated,asking,”Whom are we going to meet?”.

She sat in that plush couch of that very big house glaring him, not being bothered he went busy in talk with a lady around late 40’s..She stood composed with a smile,suppressing her shock,when the lady approached her with a smile,.saying,”Welcome.,Mrs.Mehra! Glad we have you here”. He kept his hand on her back more like asking her to move.. “I guess now you have no hesitancy” he whispered in her ears..

The lady took them to a medium sized hall which had a Jewellery display.”These are exclusive collection”,she said pointing her left..He pulled her arm to the right side of the room, she shoved it in response and stood next to the lady.. “She likes stones adorned” he slyly remarked. “Oh..we have it here Ma’am”,the lady said moving to the extreme left. Both equally glared at each other.. “Please” the lady said.. She smiled a little and saw those rings adorned with Rubies,Emeralds and Diamonds..The lady stood surprised when Radhika just walked past those tables without a intent gaze on not even a one piece of her collection..The lady immediately got into the other side to display it..”These are diamonds studded with..”she said displaying two trays.. Radhika just crossed her arms in response..She went dumb with that.

He,who had been observing it,with a light chuckle said,”We will…Please”. Radhika quickly crossed glancing all the trays kept over the glass tables and finally came near him..

“Why did you come here” he asked with his eyes over the rings before him..

“Umm..These are good than fact far better”,she said and took a tray of platinum bands..

“Best! Tats the reason I moved here” he said and laughed when she replied.”Liar..You are also new here..I saw you checking with address.”

“Clever wife of mine” he said as he chose a simple platinum ring with plain rose carved in it..He saw her choosing a ring for him.

“Of this both?”,she asked him.. “your choice” he said checking the size.. She chose a intricate designed platinum one…

“You had a problem only being addressed as Khanna isn’t”,he asked her..She snapped a look at him..”so?”.

“So..You are now Radhika Arjun Ratan Mehra” he said as he slipped the ring in her fingers.. “and Radhika has her Arjun always.”,he said with a smile..She stood dumbstruck at his action..

“Dream Later..Where is mine?” he asked breaking her thoughts..

“I ..I..” she stuttered a little.. “I will take care of everything..Trust me once.!” he said gesturing the ring. She slipped into his finger with their gazes locked..”Thanks for trusting me” he said.She smiled inspite of being stuck in a pool of emotions..”Jerry..I love you!”,he said and pecked her cheek quickly..

“Arj” Radhika stopped as the lady entered “Excuse me..there are few more collections..Sorry to disturb you sir” she said with a big smile.

“We selected”,Radhika clipped before Arjun could speak. “You really have amazing collection Mrs.Aparna” Arjun said smiling..

“What was the need to flash your teeth?” Radhika asked once they stepped out…

“Jealous” Arjun whispered as he walked ahead.. “No” she retorted.. “Possessive” he said and winked at her before taking the wheel.


Moments passed in silence,with him thinking about convincing her for their wedding.. “Radhika..I need your identity proofs.. for court marriage” he finally asked.

She extended her pan card and driving license pulling out from her clutch from glove compartment.. “I don’t have my passport’s in Delhi.. what else” she asked surprising him.. “and when things get ready, inform me.,I willl be here a day before” she said in a strict voice..

He snapped his head at her,when she said,”I need a favor in return….you need to resign your job..It will be hard to convince dad if you continue there..”,with her eyes on the road before..

“Radhika…Listen…I don’t want you to go.. and why do you speak like this?” he asked unable to control his loss of patience listening her sarcastic tone. Right then, Radhika’s mobile flashed Sam’s number..

“What’s up sam?” Radhika asked exhausted.. Listening a worried enquiry from the other side, she calmly replied.,”Am all fine.,coming go to home.”. She had been busy
convincing sam to reach home, she din’t notice the car got halted..He watched her intently..”Why did you stop” she asked after the call..

“What the hell are you trying to do… and don’t use that tone on me?” he said menacingly which only rubbed her bad..

“Why not..Don’t forget you are working under me?” she said before unfastening her seat belt..

“Radhikaa” he said sharply as he caught her wrist and asked sharply,”Is this the reason you are holding yourself or any drama of yours to keep me away..”Speak out Dammit”, he gritted through his teeth at her silence..

“What the hell..!! Leave my hand.. Do you think I will runaway from you..That you got me betrothed to you at a unkown place” she said.

“Low blow dear…Tell me the actual one.” he said with a sly smile..He had his eyes on hers.,which never had the ability to veil her true emotions..His mind formed various ideas to push her to the edge but he controlled asking, “You think your dad will neglect me ’cause of my status.,isn’t ?A person equal of your status will not be a issue”.he clearly stressed the irrelevant point to make her blurt something..

She smiled dejected before saying,”Equal status..In that case,it would only be marriage of convenience” she said…he rubbed his forehead to control himself.. “Radhika khanna.. the name has got totally tarnished..I still don’t have an idea of what else is being said about me..and…and..I won’t be a part of any of the khannas business in future..”

“I don’t care what this world speaks about you and about Khannas..I know you as Radhika.,will let the world know you as a Mehra.. Radhika Arjun Mehra..There is no place for khanna or any thing related to them”,he said in a sharp tone with clear gaze on her.. ” I simply don’t care your money and status”,he said further only to end the discussion then and there.. She was silenced…”I have a work here for few minutes..Hope you will wait for me” he said grabbing her proofs before swiftly walking away from the car..

She banged her fist in frustration.. she badly wanted him to stay out of her problems..her mind alerted her with weird and worst possibilities of how things could change her life.,their life.. Chances are more for her dad to handover BS to them.,he had the ability to make things happen..she will be bounded much instead to stay away..She doesn’t want him to become a scape goat.. She feared for his life just like how she fears for her loved ones right now.. She purposely snubbed him with those talks to make his hackles rise, but he caught her note.,which would now turn him more determined..She felt a part of hers to be happy recalling his words., she smiled uttering those to herself.. don’t care of my money.. she saw him proceeding with a arrogant face towards her..

“what made you this angry?” she asked him once he drove from the place and that’s when her eyes caught with the board “The Royal Residency”.. “What were doing there.,in that hotel?” she asked him only to be greeted back by his silence.. After a long pause,she said.,”Those were the only reasons I felt to hold back our marriage”..Her eyes searched for a hint of winning smirk but found him more disturbed…She turned her head cursing herself for her status related talks..

“Problems do exist, Radhika..I can’t wait until you finish your adventure”,his voice clearly piercing the serenity inside the vehicle.. “Be ready to marry me before this sunday..Got that!’ he said before turning towards her..

“You can’t wait?” she asked being miffed listening his mock remark..

“I won’t ” he said sharply… “Lets face together..Lemme see what’s that”

“Seems someone don’t know civil marriage rules” she mocked him

“Seems someone don’t know everything is possible where money speaks”,he equally gave back.

“What if I don’t budge for it..”

“What if I abduct you then”,he said smiling a little.

“Abduc..did you realize what you said?” she asked surprised at his face.. he nodded positive with a nonchalant face.. “I hate you for that”.she remarked angrily.

“I love you for that too”,he said smiling more.

“I still have time to turn back..” she said like a threaten. “Forget that..I won’t let you to” he said as he applied the brakes.. She stooped forward as she hasn’t had her seat belts on.. “Careful” his left came to her side the next second.. She glared him angrily… “You are Mine,Radhika..Only Mine” he said cupping her cheeks..

“Who is there to claim me..”she said with a faint smile.

“Please say Yes”.. he said like a plead.. she turned thoughtful.. “I need time.” she said looking his face..

“To accept the decision..I can give you that” he said with a wink.. Her eyes widened listening that.. “Too much”she said.. “In love with you”,he completed hers with a peck on her forehead.

Precap: Arjun convincing his dad.. Piyali receives Ardhika pics


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