Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 12

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Chapter -12

Samrat adjusted his coat as his eyes read the Name plate Events Zone 3rd floor..It has been quite some time he visited here.. The building holds 8 floors on the whole which is one among Prena’s properties.. The Receptionist greeted as he stepped in,few employees immediately enquired about his health as they met on his way.. He moved quickly towards Prena’s cabin..

“Morning Bhabhi”,Samrat greeted as he pushed open her cabin door after a knock.. Prena looked him surprised,”What a Surprise.,Samrat.”,she said as he made his way inside.. He smiled wide as he sat and spoke things irrelevant to his visit.. Prena listened intently once he began to speak about BS and finally when he came to the point., she said determinedly,”I can’t help in this,Samrat”.

Samrat sat disturbed before her.. “Bhabhi ji.,Please..! She will listen to you…Ask her to accept the directorship of BS”,Samrat pleaded again..

“Why do you want her to accept a crown of thorns,Samrat?”,Prena asked annoyed.. Samrat’s silence aggravated her anger.. “Can’t you see what your daughter is running behind? What’s the damn problem you people are hiding about?.. I don’t know what to say.. She is searching in every tiny bit of information to find the issue ..6 days Samrat..She has been running like a crazy one to find it.. And now you want her to accept the directorship… For what..? To crush her more into unknown troubles?..” Prena stood from her seat banging a file on her desk.. ” Say me now., What’s the problem in BS? and why you want Radhika there?”

Samrat inhaled a deep breath before saying, “I want My Princess to take over My company.. and about the problem..There is no such…”

“There is..There is… Else why do you want to transfer your shares?” Prena asked scanning his face.. “They are girls, Samrat..Think twice before engaging them into risky situations..! Better don’t make her a pawn though you can’t make her as a queen” Prena threw sharp words calculating Samrat’s response for those..

“Do I look that stone hearted.,Bhabhi..!!… will I play a game with my child’s life… I don’t want BS to face the fate of Khanna Industries..That is the only reason..” Samrat’s voice choked a little…

“Yet the truth to come!”,Prena said with a deep analyzing gaze.. Samrat turned his face to see her.. The sly smile and the composed look of hers made him realize that he had spilled the beans.. He nodded with a smile..”Must Say!! One Shrewd Businesswoman you are!” he said..

” Thanks! and Yes..I am.. Else.. “She gestured her open palm towards her office premises. “You aren’t no less, Samrat..Tell me.. How will Radhika’s directorship help you?”

“I seclude myself from BS only to check the real reason behind Khanna Industries scam..” he said adjusting his glasses.. Prena’s face scrunched up with confusion. “I want to check whether it happened for me”,he said further.. Prena nodded her head in disapproval saying,”What if it happens the other way around and that someone plans against BS.. No.. I won’t let Radhika in..”.

“Bhabhi.. BS has no problems now.. and I will have an..” Samrat was cut in the middle by Prena,”Listen this” she said as she called Radhika and enquired casually about her work, the call was on speaker and Samrat sat astounded listening Radhika’s analysis on every inch of BS.,her further plans..

“Did you listen that,Samrat”,Prena asked after the call.. Samrat nodded..”Your daughter is one step ahead of you.. Clever.. Shrewd.. Too much calculative for this field.. Its not your business alone.. Its your daughter too you have to save if in case your doubts turn into reality..”Prena said in a single go.. Samrat sat thoughtful listening Radhika’s plan to leave Delhi..

“Check another option.. Let her have a break Samrat.”,Prena tried to reason out.. “Why don’t you file a case for Khanna Industries?”

“I can’t.. I have a problem on my side too..”Samrat said as he got up to leave.. “Aren’t you angry on me for Khanna Industries?”

“I will be.. Only if you don’t claim it back.. and Am angry that you had hid about it..” Prena said disappointed.

“Iam Sorry!! but.. Situation.. I…” Samrat faltered.

“Pls Don’t hesitate to seek any help from us..Neil will also be coming it slow and calculative”,Prena said with a smile before sending him off..


Bird Song…

Arjun checked the time in his watch before making a call..His eyes were scanning the official letters his laptop screen displayed..

“Kishore..It must be almost 11 there.. Yet you din’t get client’s decision about the meeting”,Arjun yelled gritting his teeth..

“Relax,Mr.Arjun!” Came a elderly voice instead of Kishore’s.. It din’t much time for him to understand the situation on the other side.. He sighed hearing Hemant’s voice.. Hemant Parekh., Personal Assistant of his father.. He who behaves more like a Facilitator for his ARM companies..

On listening the next, his eyes squeezed in displeasure,” It was your mistake. You were behind the said time and they are Germans. known for Punctuality unlike you..”. Arjun got images of Kishore’s phone lying on his dad’s table..

“Dad!! …How are you?!” Arjun asked.. A complete silence greeted him back.. “Actually..Dad! I had some important work.. I was…”

“You were… tell me..Even I want to know what you do there”. Arjun remained silent.. “Relaxing in beaches or sporting.. You are literally wasting your time there.. Aru.. Listen your brain to get things done..Don’t be so lethargic! Time never comes back..”

“Am…Am..Sorry dad! I will make up it today.”

“I don’t care for the meeting Aru… It’s you! you know what.. At times I feel ’cause of her I lost the precious moments with my son… lost and still losing..” .Arjun went speechless listening his father..

“ is Nandhini?.”

“Better than before… Rana is there with her..”

“And What are you doing alone in Mumbai..”

Arjun hesitated a little,”Nothing good.. Just like that”.. he knew his dad would lash him out if he ever gets to know about his working here..

“Nothing good!!!” He exclaimed.. “Why don’t you find a girl for yourself.. I would be happy if you bring a Indian Daughter in Law ” he said happily..

“Daadddd!!” Arjun just exclaimed..

“Yess.. I am!! Instead of calling me..Go.. find a girl man.. Do something useful” he chuckled.

“You must be awarded for this.. World First Father to ask his son to date”,Arjun mocked..

“Yes.. First and Best.. Ain’t I ?”

“You are.. Love you dad.! I will be back soon..Like real soon” Arjun said with smile..

“Hmmm…Good!.. Not more than a Month.. And Instead of speaking with Kishore and Hemant speak with me…You make me to snatch their mobiles to speak with you.. ”

“Are they listening this?” Arjun asked with a gasp..

“How would I let them to listen..”, he chuckled asking,”What’s her name?”

“Ra…”Arjun bit his tongue…”Who dad?”

“Ra..!! My DIL.. !! Am happy for you.. Okay..French fries are ready with their deals.. Am moving…Take care.. ” He disconnected with that…

Arjun sat smiling at his father’s words..His intercom buzzed..

“Its almost 4 ..And yet you din’t bring the file I asked” Radhika said .. He recalled his words to his PA minutes before.. He smiled.. The only person to order Arjun Mehra.. He wondered what would be his dad’s reaction listening her.. “Are you listening or sleeping?” Radhika repeated his words..

“Radhika.. will you come with me to London?” he asked out of the blue..

“You first come to my cabin seni.. wh.. what did you ask?” she said realizing it a little late..

He deliberately took a moment and jumbled his words” With me… to London… will you … come… Jerryyyy!!” he chuckled.. Radhika sat in shock unable to believe what she heard..

“Am not a Jerry!” she murmured and asked,”You got a job there?”

“Will you come?” Arjun asked.

“But when?”

“Will let you know then” Arjun said

“Means.. you are gonna ditch my company.. Gosh! I planned a lot with you here….”

Arjun laughed hearing her..”Plans with me!! Am not aware till!..How about your Mr.Amit?” he chuckled..

She too laughed a little,”Thought to say later.. hmm.. Are you really leaving?”she asked acutely.

“Not that soon Radhika.. Relax.. We will speak later .. Now.,I have one thing to say.. you really need to look into the Payment and termination clauses in contracts..”

“Payment clause.. Job already done senior.. the other one.. will see..” Radhika said relaxing herself and the convo continued on a official track further..


New Delhi..

Neil anxiously walked to and fro in the hospital corridor.. Kavin came rushing there.. “Neil..Neil..what happened to Preeti?” he asked as he came.. Before Neil could reply, A lady doctor came to them, “Congratulations Sir! you are gonna be a father” She said as she shook Neil’s hands..

Neil Pulled his hand back,”How?” A nurse standing nearby giggled at that..

“Your wife is Pregnant,Sir”,the lady doctor said with a big smile..

“And where is My wife?”,Kavin asked peeping into another room..

“And who is My wife?,”Neil asked bewildered.. “Preetiii” the nurse dragged looking confused..

“Ahhh..yes.. How is my Wife?” Kavin went towards the nurse.. She stepped behind pointing the room on her left.. The lady doctor confused by their questions said,”Preeti is Pregnant”

“WOW!!!” Neil jumped a little and rushed inside pushing Kavin.. The doctor asked to her nurse,”Who is Preeti’s husband?” who just shrugged her shoulders in response..After giving usual instructions she asked the patient’s husband to meet her in alone.. Neil too tagged along irritating her further.. “Why are you here?” she asked..

“I’m her brother..she is careless and he is useless.. So..I want to know about her health myself..Explain to me too..” he said as he pulled the chair.. Kavin starred him..

“She is so weak.. So.. Don’t allow her to do any tough household chores… Ask her to eat properly.. you may go now.. the rest I will say to her husband only” the doctor said as she gestured him to move.. Neil starred her angrily before leaving the place..

While driving back home, Kavin narrated the incident to Preeti, and the duo was still laughing at him… But Neil was too attentive in his mobile..
“The site isn’t loading.. I wanna book tickets for Radzie” he sighed and again tried…

“Try later” Kavin said unaffected..

“Already tickets are fully booked till next week. Its my mistake I cancelled her return ticket” he said to which Kavin slapped his forehead.. “I din’t think that she will get troubled there… I shouldn’t…”

“Stop that Neil.. You had been repeating the same for umpteenth time.. Why did you send her in first place?” Kavin asked parking his car aside..

Neil turned silent at that,”Kavin..It’s for Samrat uncle..Only for him…you know..I consider him as a Angel in my life who brought my dad’s dreams in reality…I lost my dad when I was 13 yrs old.. Sudden demise! My mom was completely shattered…traumatized…She isn’t a meek person.., but still a young widow with money and power.. Samrat uncle was the Pillar of Support…He made her every impossibles into a possible one.. With time my mom regained her self confidence..I saw her like how my dad preferred to..My mom in business.!!… And..On that day, when he came here,he literally broke down before Razzie.. you know, she din’t even meet him when he was unwell and again she turned a stone before him..
I wasn’t able to bear his tears.. I know the pain of losing a Father.. I feared for his life.. That’s the truth.. A person like Samrat uncle will never shed tears for small issues.. I sensed something serious..that’s why I sent her against her will.. ” he said calm and composed..

Silence hovered the trio..Neil continued…”And,She would turn a blind eye on happenings around,if I accompany her.. So.,I purposely stayed back and avoided contacting her.. Its her company.. her family..I want her to face the reality of her life without my support. and I heard she is doing well..” he said smiling at them.. “My mom keeps a track on her.. She said that She is amazingly best”

Kavin smiled saying,”May be she deserves such a big company for her talents..”

“Of course Yes… That why I did push her ! But she was hell stubborn..”he said as he shook his head. “And Its just one vase she had broken in this 6 days.. Isn’t that a Miracle?” Neil asked only to earn a glare from Kavin… He turned the ignition on and said, “Miracle do happens!” with a straight face… Preeti laughed a inaudible one..

“Yes..when her sister is around she get transformed into Mother’s Teresa’s grand daughter..”, Neil said with funny antics joining his palms together with a meek smile..

Preeti laughed asking,”Really?!! haven’t seen Radhu being calm before someone other than Ajju bhaiya”

“Not to forget Preeti..sometimes even he wasn’t spared !!…”Neil said looking her..


Radhika was busy reading a document, when her mobile beeped a message from Prena asking to check her mail.. Her eyes widened as she saw return ticket to Delhi..

“Neil had done it,Radhu..will speak with you at home..”Prena clipped receiving her call.. Radhika felt relieved and happy at the same time as she was worried on Neil’s reaction about her decision..She thought to inform Arjun…Teji came in knocking the door.. “Ma’am Project wise estimation” he extended a file saying that..

“Thank you” she chirped happily. Teji responded with equal happiness… “My Pleasure,Ma’am”

She quickly arranged her desk, locked her cabin and found Arjun has already left.. The entire office got emptied before half an hour.. she ran to the elevator, finding it to be active., she took the stairs..She found him near the door when she reached down.. He strode fast being conscious on a call.. Her labored breath held her from yelling and running further.. She walked towards the entrance dialing his number..
He swiftly turned around as he saw her name flashing in his another mobile.. He waved a bye and gestured to speak later and moved further.. within next two steps he turned again but saw her standing stooped supporting her palms on her knees.. he put the call down and moved towards her looking around.., “Got hurt?” he asked..

” No..I came running.”, she said gasping for air..

“Why?’he asked concerned.. She started to walk slowly with him, She said,”Am leaving for Delhi…This sunday..!”

“What?” he asked confused.

“Am leaving.. Just now got the tickets.. So..I came to inform to you..”

“When will you return?” he asked again

“Probably I won’t.. you will have Neil here.. and I will be managing from Delhi… I may not be coming here tomorrow..that’ s why I rushed…Sorry to disturb you” she said looking his serious face.

Arjun’s call disturbed the moment.. She looked him and his mobile..”Senior..Meet you on Thursday..Bye.”,she said with a smile before moving towards her car..

Arjun attended the call..

“Sorry Sir…The call got cut.. The meeting is scheduled in next one hour.. Sorry for reminding it again..” Kishore said urgently…Arjun stood watching Radhika…

“Sir…actually Sir..I mean..Senior Mehra asked to confirm with you sir.. ”

On receiving no response.. “Aru… Will you attend the meeting or I should do the honors..?”,his dad’s sarcastic remark failed to reach him as he saw her driving around without a glance at him.

“Aruu..” his father’s voice brought him back….He quickly moved towards his vehicle.

“Dad…Go for it…”,he said fastening his seat belt.


“Attend the meeting Dad!! Do It!!” he ordered and disconnected his call..

Kishore and Hemanth stood in disbelief, blinking at the mobile lying on the huge mahogany table..The Business Giant Ratan Mehra sat surprised listening his son, seconds later he smiled at some thought..

“You can’t leave me,Radhika.. and ..I won’t….” Arjun muttered as he drove chasing her..

Precap: Arjun decides to marry Radhika..


Samrat calls Prena as Bhabhi as a term of respect not by relation.. Thanks again Friends..!! Share ur views and thoughts abt this chapter..

Take care and love u all loads..

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