Manmarziyan – How Sweet!! (A Birthday Gift) OS

Hello.. People of Planet Manmarziyan.. This is Jessie here., with a Birthday shot for our SV aka Shri.. Hope you all enjoy reading this..

A note for Shri:

Baby.. Wish you a very happy Birthday.. I had been thinking to gift you a OS and thats how ‘My Birthday Gift’ story happened, still I dint want a lil Arjun to propose you.. u know ;);) Hope you like this story.. Wish you the best my friend.. You have a golden heart, which we could sense through your writing.. You never fail to bring a laughter ride along with your updates. Am so happy for having you as my friend here..
And., This one is for you.


One Shot

This story will have the same character sketch of 2 states ff , written by the Birthday girl herself.. So., Its our Sv, Ardhika., Nesam and Thatha and [email protected]@parimalam ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here we go..

As the morning rays seep inside a room, a girl is seen in deep slumber with a smiling face.. A splash of something cool and tasty covered her mouth, She, without opening her eyes just wiped it with her tongue saying “Ummm.. Yumm” With the realization of next second attack she tried to move, but No..Her face was now fully covered with her favorite mix of Icecreams.. “Happy Birthday Shri” Radhika and Sam sang in chorus..

“Thank you sweeties.. yaar.. why did u waste the ice cream on my face., I would have opened my mouth wide If this was the idea..” Shri pouted looking at melting icecream over the sheets and her tops. Sam got herself busy posing selfies with icecream doll shri.. ” Wow!! Ice cream Bath!” exclaimed Neil who got only glares from her..

“okay..This is not fair chashni..” Neil said with fake anger..

“Yes not fair, should have poured water! ” Said Arjun. Shri just gritted her teeth..

“I too will get a chance. you all.. Wait and wat.ummm.amm” Neil pushed a chocolate bar in her mouth..

“Ah.. Good that u did it” Arjun did a mock relief and continued.. “Today is your birthday.. So.. at least for day sake., Take bath ” Shri threw a pillow on his side but the foursome was enjoying the moment..

Neil caressed her hair and said “Happy Birthday my sweet lil sis.. Today the day is yours.. We are gonna just enjoy.. Go.. get ready fast” Shri is no less a sister for Neil.. The girls developed a sister bond in short span of time and Shri wouldn’t let the love birds fights to last more than a day.. From the first day, Its only Arjun who pulls her legs .. They were waiting for shri to have breakfast together, “Tadaaa..”
Shri came with a entry bgm..

Arjun with a look on his watch “So soon..,Did u bath or had just a face wash?” asked her and got a smack on his back head.

” Radhu.. un aalunu summa vidren.. illatna.. nadakrade vera” Shri said like a villian (Radhu.. am sparing him just becoz he is ur lover.. else .. the consequences would have been worse)

They both glared at each other like enemies and started to eat.. The other three got habitat to this nature of this duo.. Arjun mocking her and Shri playing pranks on him is like a daily routine for them..They left to mall within a hour and Girls started to enjoy shopping.. Rasam was busy in selecting cosmetics, Shri came from the shop, she saw Arjun on a call. She saw a kid struggling to blew a balloon.. She smiled wickedly at her thought. She pretended to help and sent him saying “the balloon is damaged” As the kid moved, She filled it with water from a tap and next sec., SPLASH.. she threw on him

“What nonsense..? Who the hell? ” the guy yelled..

“Did it rain only for you?, but you look cutee” Shri said giggling and ran to her friends.. He stood confused.. Rasam weren’t in the shop, she went on searching only to find her victim wiping his face.. She saw the Ice cream parlor in the opposite.. She just ran in a hurry not to miss her target.. There he was, She tapped his shoulder “Arjun” and when he turned, the whole family pack vanilla ice cream was on his face…

“How is the Ice cream face wash?” she asked smirking, having a scoop of her ice cream she said “So Sweeet” .

“Are you crazy, Woman? What have got into you?” he asked highly annoyed..

Scared by his anger., she just ran to ground floor.. The Trio was confused hearing Arjun brushing off Shri’s prank stories. Neil saw them throwing daggers through eyes.”Okay..Arjun please get some chat yaar and Shri coffee please” he rushed them from that place..

“Guys,I guess these two are a team.. So.,Lets just nod our head to both” Neil spoke to Rasam..

Meanwhile, Shri turned around with coffee only to spill it on Arjun.. “Who asked you to come here?” she asked him..

“what.. ! ” he asked..

Shri ordered coffee again and went starring him.. when she reached she found Arjun wiping his t shirt, she knew Arjun would again refuse if she says about coffee incident,” heehehh ” Shri smiled sheepishly., Arjun was confused, still he did the same, Now Rasam too laughed “heehhe” Neil jerked at that. Sam Poked him “Laugh” Neil was annoyed “hahahah” he laughed a big one, which made everyone to notice them.

Later, they let confusion let go and enjoyed shopping, Lunch and came to beach in evening.. They went to Arjun’s farm house, as they were already dirty and worn out playing in water.. It started getting dark.. Ardhika and Nesam were speaking through sign languages and Shri decided to stay all alert.. “Don’t know what prank they are gonna play? Shree.. Alert” she said to herself..

“Don’t you have lights in your house?” Shri asked Arjun as she entered the hall. She turned around and Arjun slipped his juice on her dress..

“Oops.. I am..” he was cut off

“Tit for Tat isn’t ” she asked

Arjun scratched his head “For what?”

“Don’t bluff..” Shri said in anger.

Neil intervened to ease the moment..”Shri.. Shri..Listen.. I got a dress for your birthday.. you go., have a change” she looked the box..

“My gift for my lil sis” he convinced her with his words. Sam took her to a nearby room

“yaar..have you been here earlier.. how could u find the room in this dark” Shri asked surprisingly.

“Yep.. we came here once” Sam replied.

Once they heard door locked., they heaved a sigh..” many questions” Neil said… “Tackling her is more tough than these preparations yaar Sam said….”But what is that.. tit fot tat?” Arjun was in his stand.. “Am tired ” Radhika said.. “We too” came the reply.. There Tha tha and pari were sticking balloons on the ceiling.

Arjun asked “Radhika.. I guess they played prank with shri.. Tats y she said so”

“Thatha Nee mall’ku vandiya” Radz enquired.. (did u come to mall)

“Iva vera..!! Balloona oodhi oodhi vaai valikuthu.. kelviya ketkura.. ( am tired as I blew balloons., she is annoying me with questions)

“Guys lets get ready fast” Sam said.. and all four rushed to have a change..

Within 5 mins they got ready.. Its a Surprise Birthday Party for Shri, which this four planned and thatha n Pari doing decorations..

“Yaar..Give some cakes and chocs to ur thatha and send him na” Arjun said to Radz.

“Ennada pichakaran vertra mathiri veratreenga.. idhellam enoda ulaipu.. shri ku wish pannama pomataen” he said (Why do you shoo me like a beggar.. These are all my efforts. I won’t go without wishing shri)

“Unaku sethu naan sollikren..una partha ava bayandhuduva” Rads said. (I will say on behalf of you too.. she will be scared if she sees you)

“Shri ya.. ena partha.. Good joke” Thahta said,..(shree.. will fear Seeing me.. good joke) Somehow, Rads sent him away., and Shri came to the hall..

The beginning bgm of a song (“Devadhai vamsam neeyo”From Snegithiye) played (Birthday song in Friendship(hindi dubbed ) (Birthday song from Raakilipaatu in Malayalam))

The lights went on.. Shri was surprised with the decors and song. Rasam came on either side and danced.. Arjun was using magic foam spray and throwing small balloons, and streamers on shri.The song and dance went in full swing.. Thatha and Pari was dancing inside kitchen. They heard some one mimicking, its none other than Neil mimicking to sync with lady voice of the song..

Radhika glared and said “I told you oly to sing with chorus”. The chorus is “Uyialalal lalala Uyiilaalal allala”

“Am tired with “Uyilala” he said and continued singing and dancing..

Thatha out of curiosity, sang Birthday song and Arjun lip synced for that confusing Shri..

“Nalla thana irundhan” Shri said to herself.. (He was doing well only isn’t).

Then.,they had a cake cutting,fed each other and continued dancing again..The door bell rang.. All were busy enjoying with Badtameez dil as next song.. Next it was a door knock., Still no response., the door wasn’t locked, so the person Pushed came inside. Shri who was twirling herself went before the person and her eyes widened.. She saw Arjun and then the person..and yelled “Arjuuuun oda aavi” (Arjun’s ghost)There stood a guy exactly looking like Arjun..

Everyone froze at the place.. The guy starred shri a sec and smiled.. Shri with fear extended her arm to touch him (expecting him to vanish when she touches) the foursome smiled wickedly.. even that person..when she touched him “BOOOM!!” all the five shouted scaring her.. She was indeed scared..

“Oh.. I’am so sorry.. sorry.. I frightened the birthday girl” The guy side hugged her while saying.. He thought it would pacify her.. but she was still looking his face…

“Is this your grandpa’s mischief” Arjun asked Radz.. But she saw thatha busy feeding cakes to pari..

The guy looked Arjun and was surprised.. “Hey..we look alike ” he exclaimed.. all were already in the same thought.. “Am Arjun..Arjun Rathore..ppl call me AR” he extended his hand..

“Neeyuma?” (you too) Shri asked him

“huh?” he was baffled with new language..

“Mr.Arjun Rathore, are you by any means our Arjun’s twin or long last brother” Neil enquired like a detective. Sam slapped her forehead..

“Hey.. No.. I don’t think so.. And that’s surprising.. you are also Arjun?” he exclaimed in surprise..

Arjun came forward “Am Arjun Mehra.. She is my best friend Shri” saying, he pulled Shri from his hug and stared her..

“Oh..That’s the reason.. She played all pranks on me thinking you, Ice cream, water., coffee.. ” he said.. now everyone understood what happened..

“Am sorr..”shri was cut in

“No.. no.. tats ok.. and you are so cute” AR said..

All three just rolled their eyes he continued “My granny is unwell, can u please reduce the volume” he asked

“anga parunga.. Arjun mathiriye innoru paiyan” Pari said ..(See there.. There is another guy like Arjun)

“Thanni potrukiya” thatha asked ( Have u drunk?) and Pari looked like throwing daggers at him

“Oh Sure .Mr.Arjun.. I told them not to have high volume., you know” Shri said suprising everyone..

“Call me Arjun ” AR said..

Neil understood , “Sorry for the inconvenience… and It’s my sister’s b’day so pls..” he extended a plate with cake..

Arjun saw RaSam discussing and went near them.. “He is perfect” Sam said..

“We dont know nothing about him..don’t spoil her mind” Arjun spoke all concerned..

“She is already flat” Sam animated

“Wats wrong in him.. He is cool.. sweet ..wait.. lemme ask his details” Radz moved,but Arjun pulled her back and hugged with his shoulders saying “Don’t go near him.Stay with me” Sam controlled her laugh.

Shri was just smiling while AR was chanting time and again with his ‘so sweet’ and ‘so cute’ mantras at her.. Neil was like a tennis match spectator seeing their faces back to back. AR and Shri were conversing like buddies and,with Shri’s every exclaiming reaction, AR would say “How Sweet”

Neil din’t understand why AR was still there while he had finished his cake long back..

“Hope .. Ur granny will search you” Neil said in a mocking tone..

“Oh yes..I will take a leave.. Happy Birthday! U look like a Angel in this dress” he wished her again..

“Thank you” Shri said blushing, and he chanted “How cute” before leaving.The group nodded their heads to each other..

Shri saw them and said ” Of course he is correct.. I look like a Angel in this dress.. Thanks Neil ”

“The dress and surprise party both are Arjun’s choice and idea’ Neil said..

Arjun walked towards her saying “Happy Birthday My dear Friend.. May all the best happen to you and I wish you to be smiling like this always ” overwhelmed with emotions and fed her a piece of cake..

The gang fed each other and was enjoying.. “Excuse me !!” AR came again..

“Yes” Radhika n Shri replied in unison and saw each other.. Arjun pulled Radhika back..

“Well.. Its your Birthday I met you.,, So.. have this.. ” He extended a family pack Ice cream,while he took a rose from a decor. the foursome looked each other..

“Ippo nee ena sollavara indha ulagathuku?” thatha asked (What do u wanna say now to this world?) and Rads warned him silently..

“How sweet” they heard.. but it was Shri this time. and Arjun Rathore stood lost looking Shri..

“Soo Sweeet” Ardhika and Nesam replied in a chorus..


So., Guys How is this? Do drop your reviews..

Shri.. did you like this look alike Arjun !! Happy Birthday once again and I had conveyed my wish as Arjun’s.. Arjun sonna oru effecta irukumle .. ;);)
Hope you have no qualms in me writing this with 2 states character sketch.. Love u loads dear..

Pls do Ignore my Typos and Grammatical errors..

Thanks for Reading.. Take and love u all ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Nice..Happy birthday S.V..

    1. Jessie

      Thanks KK

  2. Brin

    Nice treat for SV’s birthday, well done. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Brin…:)

  3. Gauri

    SV must be on seventh heaven….awesome Jess …and Happy Bday SV ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Yep. She will be.. thanks a lot Gauri..

  4. S.v

    im out of world paavi semaya irukku how sweet lol sema cuteah irukku nann semaya gudhikaren. i m reading for more than 10 times theriyuma ?? tha tha ada nee vera odi odi naaney nondhu poiten lol u are my punch parvathi love u so much and thank u awww arjun rathore. Ayyo pochu idhu podhuey enakku edhu podhumey veranna venum idhu podhumey…. hmmm (big breathe) arjun radhikava appa appa izhuthu vechukaran lol avan avan bayam avanukku he he he naan arjunnu nenachu een arjunah torture panniten super awesome yes im seventh heaven didi sonna madhiri ennakku vekaveakamai varudhu naan pinney kana(m.kumaran dialogue). Love u so much i love u so soo much rishab kitta naan pesi unna naaney correct pannirren love u u made me all emotional. love u so much

    1. S.v

      ur sense of humor is so great arjun enna pudichu ilukurana and neil refree kanakka ipdi apdi paakaran and then he said im fed up of uyalalal uyilalala he he he adhukaparam me giving counter to arjun and neil ayyo sema po naan sonnenla neraya dhadava padichennu adhey dhan ippavum pandren. Lovely one im laughing so hard. Love u so much

      1. Jessie

        Idhu1 podhum enaku.. idhu podhume…. baby.. ur comments are so lively yaar.. hahah thanks.. neee ivalo rasichu padhichiya.. am happy.. be happy. Stay happy .. always . Yes.. avan avan kavalai avanuku.. ena Am so happy dear.. stay u loads

  5. Sathya

    Jaazz..this is fabulous one. Awwww HOW SWEET…:) i am laughing widely through the whole episode. Its really so cute and double action for Arjun…here ppl r becoming crazy for one Arjun and now you added one but AR is made for SV na ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› :P.

    Superb Update Jaazzz…i love the comic scenes of Neil gets bored of singing Uyyalala…ha ha ha and Thatha often giving some comments…that was very cute cute scenes. Love u dear..

    Happy happy bday Shri ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Am so glad reading ur words.. yes.. AR is special edition for SV.. oly for her.. we 3 have 3 unique editions for us.. lol…Thanks Satz…

      1. Sathya

        he he he…we 3 have 3 different versions of Arjun. ha ha ha love u jaaazzzz

      2. Jessie u too Satz….

  6. Rossy

    Jazzzyyyy it was superb…oooh Shri and Arjun always leg pulling each other…then also she liked him…sooo cute…Arjun in double action…m rolling on seeing Arjun pulled radhika to him always… this kind of favour on us always ??

    1. Jessie

      Rosie.. thanks a lot. hehehe.yes..ok done..

  7. Sweetie

    Jaanu,kya dhamaal karwa rahi ho yaar..?Darling sis,this is super duper awesome.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Thanks my darling sis..:)

  8. lovely

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Aishana..

  9. awesome

    1. Jessie

      Thanks Subha

  10. Dipika

    Jessss darling it was “so sweet” haha..i guess those words can deliver how much i like it…wow arjun’s twin..AR…n paheli mulakhat me full lattu..huh…it awesome yarr..b their cream Too much fun..n surprise bday party.. Planned very amazingly…. Me too want to meet arjun now..hehe…loads of love..muhhhha

    1. Jessie

      Thank u.. u replied for my title.. It did!! u too want a Arjun.. woo.. ok.. anything is possible in our
      planet ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ loads of love deepzzz… muahh

  11. _Ritu

    God..Why my bday is so late…I also want such amazing gifts ?? Jessie is was superb dear… Arjun nd Shri teasing each other ?? m so now jealous from her.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ loved it to the core…loads of love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jessie

      Am so happy that u loved it dear.. Don’t forget to inform me ur b day in advance.. and who is ur swt hrt.. Neil or Arjun.. hehe .. Thanks a lot Ritu .. and love u too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Awwww….jesssss…it was really so sweeeeeet n so cuteeee os…n veryyyyyyy beautiful bday gift….sv my dear you’re so luckyyy…muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug…..Happy Birthday my sweeeeeetheart darling SV….love you loads my sweeeeeetheart jess….โ™กโ™กโ™ก

    1. Jessie

      Thank u…Thank u… Thank u so much Roma di… Love u a lot… thats a sweet comment… ๐Ÿ™‚

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