My story has four protagonists and the rest are secondary characters.
Radhika Mishra: she is a beautiful and intelligent girl. She is kind of introvert person. She unfortunately is an orphan. She has been living and has been brought up by her parents bestfriends samrat and piyali. She found a sister in sam.
Samaira Khanna: she is pretty and bold person. She is an extrovert and fun loving person. She loves and cares about Radhika.
Neil Malhotra: he is young and handsome. He is a man with brain. he is very fun loving. He is quite similar to samaira in nature. His childhood friend is Arjun. He shares a brother like bond with him.
Arjun Mehra: he is a serious sort of a person. He has amazing strategic and diplomatic skills. He is very possessive about the people close to him.
Neil and Arjun are the owners of a gaming company they started in college together. Its one of the best in the world.

( see, in my story, neil and arjun don’t know sam and radhika.)
Samrat Khanna: he is samaira’s dad and radhika’s dad’s best friend. She had living with him and his family since her parents died. He has always treated radhika as his own daughter. He cares about both radhika and sam.

Piyali Khanna: she is samrat’s wife and sam’s mother. She is loving mother and treats both radhika and sam equally and supports them in all their endeavors.
Prerna Malhotra: she is neil’s mother. She loves both Neil and Arjun dearly.
Neil’s dad died long back.
Nandini Mehra: She is arjun’s older sister. She loves him and neil a lot. She is the owner and manager of Mehra Empire..
Arnav Mehra: he is arjun’s father. He is the owner of Mehra Empire. When arjun’s mother died, he was broken and tried to focus on his work. This made arjun feel unwanted and unloved. For him, all his childhood revolved his sister Nandini and his best frnd and bro neil.

This is my first fan fiction. I hope u guys will like it.


  1. Aastha

    Keep going myra…………..I loved it………..Rads is presented very different……… introvert…………reminds me of myself………….

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