Manmarziyan : Our Story (chapter 9)


So here’s the next chapter. I was actually busy in some commitments so I wrote this one down in a hurry. Sorry. I hope u like it. Do let me know how it was .
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After a week full of fun with ria. Time came for them to bid her adieu. Ria had grown very fond of radhika over the time, she wasn’t ready to her. She wanted radz to come with her, “radhu mami…come naa…we will have lot of fun….we’ll lots of ice creams. We’ll trouble mamu..”
Even Arjun smiled. Radhika just didn’t know how to refuse to those big hopeful brown eyes. She turned to neil and Arjun and pleaded to them through her eyes. They understood. Arjun tried to take ria with her. But her tears wont stop. Arjun’s heart melted, “ I m sorry radhika, she just cant leave u.”
Neil however had a better suggestion, “ radhika why don’t u go with Arjun to the airport, pnce she sees di, she’ll happy….moreover di knows how to manage her better than all of us combined.” He was trying to make a light of the situation. Radhika passed him a feeble smile. It was a good idea. So radhika accompanied Arjun and neil to the airport. But decided to stay in the car, while they went to drop ria to her mom. Nandini’s face lights up seeing Arjun, neil and ria. Ria runs to her and nandini picks her up. Both neil and Arjun give her a hug. Nandini, “ how are u baby? Did u trouble your mamu?”
Ria in her innocence says , “yes mom! I troubled neil mamu a lot and he gave me ice cream treats.”
Nandini : “ that’s not good sweetie…accha…what about Arjun mamu?”
Ria showed Arjun her tongue and complained about him to nandini, “Arjun mamu…uff….he kept running after me all the time. But u know mom, mami saved me from him. I like my mami.”
Nandini’s ears pricked at hearing about ria’s so called mami, she raised her eyes brows and looked arneil questioningly. The colour drained from their faces instantly. Neil whispered in arjun’s ears, “ aaj toh gye!”
Nandini quickly hands over ria to her assistant asking her to take ria out for a candy. nandini then turns to arneil, “ so…umm, huh?”
Arneil just looked down trying to avoid her questions.
Nandini: “ so mamu, wont u tell me about mami? Arjun seriously, are u even serious about this girl that u introduced her to ria as her mami? And when u get married to a different girl…what explaination are u gonna give u ria as to how her mami got interchanged…Arjun, this is really irresponsible on your part…neil, I m disappointed in you…even u didn’t stop him when he was doing such a blunder.
Arjun tried to speak several times but he couldn’t find his voice. Neil quickly whispered in his ears, “ truth time…just tell her the truth.” Arjun nodded.
Arjun spoke to nandini, looking in her eyes, “ nandu…listen..look at me.. Okay…the girl ria was calling her mami is actually one of two female best friends.”
Nandini raised her eyebrow and Arjun let out a sigh, “okay…fine…one of our only two best friends. Actually ria saw her and took a liking to her instantly. She started bombarding us with all the questions and she wasn’t satisfied with her-being- my -friend-explaination. Therefore, we had to cook up this mami story. Believe me, it was just to satisfy her.”
Nandini looked neil and then Arjun analysing their expressions. She pulled arjun’s ears and spoke, “ u think u will skip the back ground and I wont even know ….what the back ground story..huh?”
Neil started to fill her up on the all the details since the beginning how he met sam in college , radhika and sam’s leaving their aunt and moving in with them, radhika’s care and sam’s masti and everything. Then suddenly he stopped and looked at Arjun as if asking for his approval. Nandini saw that look and before even Arjun could comprehend she spoke, “ okay…neil u don’t need his approval…tell me.”
Neil smiled, “di, u know us better than we had ever expected.”
Nandini smiled and said, “I love u both, that’s why.”
Nandini looked at her watch and spoke, “neil please complete quickly, I gotta go…I’ve a fight to catch.”
Neil started speaking quickly and clearly, “ actually di, arjun has fallen hard for her. It all started with her not communicating with Arjun properly, or so he thought. He wanted to be friends with her. He just wanted to kow her better. Then he started falling for her every action. He was bowled over by her care. Now she is all her wants. Di, sadly he hasn’t had the guts to confess his heart to her. He loves her but isn’t able to tell her.”
Neil was about to go on..but Arjun interrupting him by punching his elbow.
Arjun looked at the floor and spoke, “ nandu, she is a wonderful girl…..she completes me in every manner. I like her every action and every word. I m sure, you’ll like her too.”
Arjun looked at nandini with earnest eyes. Nandini understood her brother’s feelings cupped his cheek and spoke, “ follow your heart Arjun….if u think she is the one…go chase her.” Saying so she hugged arneil and walked away.
Arjun seemed to have a whole new feeling engulf his heart. He was even determined that radhika was the one. And now with nandini’s approval, he was sure to confess to her.
Nandini after walking some distance realized that she never asked them the girl’s name. She could have got a background check done on her. She was sure that the girl would be pretty special to catch her brother’s heart.

What she didn’t realise was the tremendous oceans of feelings she would have once she gets to know radhika’s past.

Radhika on the other hand got restless sitting In the car alone. She got out to take a walk but ended up hurting her leg. She sat down back in the car and in no time was asleep. As Arjun and neil returned they both smiled seeing radhika asleep. Arjun with love and neil with brotherly affections. Arjun’s expression suddenly changed when he saw her leg bleeding. He quickly took his handkerchief out and tied it on her wound. Neil who saw this from a distance quickly understood how much her brother loved radhika. He had tears in his eyes. Arjun had never cared for a girl this lot In his entire life. Neil just went over and hugged Arjun rubbing his back. He gently whispered, “its okay bro…it’s a really small injury, this sort of injury happens all the time.”
Arjun: “ but neil blood is coming out…”
Neil: “ yeah…In the amount even smaller than an ant. Arjun..listen..i understand that u love her….but u seriously u gotta stop being such a big wuss. Save your care, for a time she REALLY gets hurt.” Neil stressed in the word really. Arjun looked at radhika for a moment and he saw neil’s point. Both of them started to laugh.
Neil quickly sat in the car, “come on dude, sam’s alone….we gotta go back home.”
Arjun teased neil, “ somebody is taking a little extra care of sam these days..whats the matter huh?”
Arjun starts the car and teased neil all the way. Radhika woke up mid way and she too joined their convo.

U don’t decided who u fall in love with. It just happens. U fall for the person u never expected to, but u know what, it isn’t wrong….doesnt everybody deserve a chance to true happiness?

Precap: Sam’s missing, nandini asks for the girl’s name.
Okay, here’s a question, actually last few chapters had a lot more of ardhika scenes than nesam’s. Would u like me to include more of nesam’s scences?
Your suggestions would be very valuable.

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