Neil and sam entered the house to a surprising sight. They both had expected to the house to be entirely quiet, radhika fast asleep and Arjun in his room. But as soon as they entered they could his chattering coming from arjun’s room. Surprised as to whom he might have over such late at night. They peeked in his room. Almost instantly their jaws dropped. Radhika and Arjun were sitting amidst a huge pile of clothes and were laughing and chatting as if they were childhood friends. Neil wanted to enter and tease them about it. But sam dragged him away.
Neil: What???? I want to go to Arjun’s room. Leave my hand.
But sam stayed firm, “ whats wrong with u? U r such a big idiot. Love guru…love guru…I m love guru.*sam mimicking neil* idiot, u don’t even know the basics.”
Neil made a face, “ now u r just being over dramatic.”
Sam equally annoyed, “ cant u see? Radhika started to open up to Arjun. Cant u leave them like that for some time more.”
Neil made a puppy dog face.
Sam slapped her forehead, “tujhe harr jagah kabab mein hadi banna h…..accha okay baba…fine…have dinner first…then we’ll go to arjun’s room…..indian night…remember?
Neil agreed and they both went to the living room.
After dinner, sam and neil went to arjun’s room with a couple of beers. As soon as neil and sam entered. But radhika and Arjun started talking to them simultaneously. Ardhika look at each other and started laughing. Radhika rolled her eyes saying beer in neil’s hand.
Radhika: Beer? I don’t drink beer.
All three smiled..and neil responded, “ chashni u know what, u cant say the same lie to the same person all the time.”
All the four sat down drinking beer and talking their hearts out. None of them realised when they fell asleep. Arjun woke up the first in the morning. He was amused seeing the way they all slept. Sam was sleeping on arjun’s bed and neil was sleeping sitting on the floor with his head on the wall. Radhika was sprawled on floor between his clothes. He quickly went out , careful to make no noise. He got ready in neil room and went out. After some time neil woke and exclaimed seeing his watch, “ 10AM!!!!!”
He tried to woke up sam and rad but they just kept mumbling 5 more mins.
Neil let out an exasperated sigh and brought a bucket and poured water on them. They sat with a jerk and started beating him. Who just kept giving excuses. Just then sam stopped suddenly and asked, “ dude …what? Where is Arjun?”
They looked up and searched the entire house. Finding him nowhere they assume that he went out. They all got ready and came in the living room. Just then Arjun entered with a very cute girl of 4 years on his shoulders. Neil jumped on seeing her and she too leapt on neil. She shouted in her cute slurry voice, “ mamu…mamu.”
Sam and radhika looked at Arjun questioningly. Arjun understood and explained, “ this is my niece, ria. actually my sister had some official work in Sydney. Since our vacations started so she flew down here and dropped her with me.she’ll be staying with us for a week. Sorry , should have told u guys before. Isnt she cute?
Both the girls nodded their head.
Ria who was busy playing with neil’s hair, laid her eyes on sam and slapped her forehead. All four laughed. Sam smiled, “woah. She is over dramatic!”
Ria then looked at radhika and gave a huge smile. She squealed and jumped on radhika. Radhika struggled to balance the weight. Arjun steadied her.
Ria gave radhika a peck on her cheek and radhika responded on kissing her forehead. Ria smiled and said cutely “ I like u….*she looked at Arjun* mamu, who is she?”
Radhika spoke, “ baby, my name is radhika.”
Ria still wasn’t satisfied and kept firing questions to neil and Arjun. She just wasn’t interested in the fact that radhika was just their friend. Sam just smiled seeing their conundrum.
Ria looked in the arjun’s eyes locking him in her soft brown eyes, “ mamuuu?”
Arjun got confused and ended up saying, “ accha okay meri james bond, she’s your mami.”
Radhika’s jaw dropped and nesam tried their level best to suppress their smiles. Arjun who saw radhika’s expressions changing, apologised to her through his eyes. Ria who seems satisfied with her answer, gleefully hugged radz’s neck and spoke, “ I love my mami..”
Arjun gave neil a look. He wanted a moment alone with radz. Neil understood and spoke to ria, taking her in his arms, “ leave your mamu alone…he is boring. Come we’ll have ice cream.” Ria and sam both squealed and hified each other, surprising themselves. Nesam went out with ria. Arjun just grabbed radhika’ s arm and took her to his room, “ radhika…I m so sorry…but she wasn’t agreeing, u yourself saw me trying naa….but now she likes u….now I don’t want break her heart now….could u please manage for a week?”
Radhika saw arjun’s honestly in his eyes and she understood, hey buddy…don’t u worry. I love her. What’s one week…I can even manage for two. She loves me more than you.” Radhika showed Arjun her tongue and teased him. Arjun pulled her in an arm hug and radhika suddenly pulled his cheeks. Her action surprised even herself.
Ria just entered the house and ran to radhika, shouting “mami..mami.see I brought u ice cream.”
Radhika hugged her. Arjun spoke ,” baby, where’s your mamu’s ice cream?”
Ria showed him her thumb. Radhika winked at Arjun. After dinner, Arjun called ria to him, “come baby, we’ll go to sleep.” Ria clung to radhika, “no mamu, will sleep with mami.”
Arjun looked at radhika with guilt in his eyes while radhika nodded understandingly. She picked up ria and took to sleep. Since Arjun asked her to take ria to his room, ahe headed there. After some time, Arjun entered and the sight made his head skip a beat. The two people he loved the most were sound asleep. He quickly covered them with a blanket and kissed ria’s forehead. He was about to kiss radhika’s too but stopped himself. He gave them a last look and headed to neil’s room to sleep.
Precap: Still thinking.

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