Sam’s heart told her to trust neil. She finally decided to trust neil.
Sam : Neil, it’s a long story. Dilip uncle and mala aunty went to the same college. Dilip mala and nandini were best friends. They were always doing stuff together, they stayed together most of the time. Dilip then married mala. Soon, they had radhika. By now, nandini had joined dilip’s company. Moreover, they were in the same team. Dilip and nandini begin to spend long hours in office together and at times they even had to work overtime to meet the deadlines. Mala aunty, misunderstood their relationship. Her misunderstanding increased day after day. She found a relief in alcohol. She drank once, then twice. Soon, it became an habit. And most of the time she was heavily drunk. Soon, fights begin between dilip and mala over her drinking problem and mala began to accuse him of having a affair with nandini. He tried to reason with her all along. But she wasn’t willing to listen. Dilip got worried and wrote extensively about it , explaining everything to his best friend, my father. Radhika who was already deprived of her mother’s love. Soon, began to see even less of her father. Dilip stayed back at office more often. Once, when uncle returned mala aunty was drunk, they had a huge fight. And as result she shot dilip and then herself. Radhika who had witnessed all this went into a trauma. As soon as my dad got to know about this, he rushed and brought radhika to our home. And since then radhika stays with us. She is my sister. Radhika who earlier was very cheerful and bubbly now started to stay quiet. Radhika was such a big foodie but over the time she even refused to take food. We tried our best. But radhika never came out of her trauma fully. She used to go with me to my school then college. I had many friends but radhika never talked to anyone, except me. She only had me. Neil u know what, u r the first person she has become so comfortable with except the three of us.
Neil : Sammy, u know we cant even imagine what she has gone through.
Sam nodded her head in agreement.
Neil whispered with full determination, “ from now onwards radhika has me along with u. I will protect her from any harm. U know sam, I always wanted a little sister but I hv no sibling. From now, radhika is my little sister.
Samaira was so overcomed by emotions, she hugged neil.

Arjun woke up and smiled seeing radhika curled up in his lap. Radhika stirred. Arjun quickly closed his eyes, he wanted to save radhika from embarrassment. After a few minutes, radhika opened her eyes. After realising that she was in arjun’s lap. She quickly stood up. After seeing that Arjun was asleep. She relaxed a bit. She rushed into her room got a blanket and covered Arjun with it. And went back to Arjun. Arjun who was awake, was smiling widely. He too got up and went to his room.

Neil and sam entered the house and saw both radhika and Arjun were in their respective rooms. Neil and sam quickly rushed to arjun’s room. And started teasing him.
Arjun who didn’t realise that they saw him and radhika. Didn’t play along.
Arjun: What??? Guys whats the matter with u??
Neil: Ohh so u don’t know…huh?
Sam bluntly said, “neil, stop bitting around the bush. Arjun we saw u and radhika on the couch.”
And there, she dropped the bomb.
Arjun looked down and after a pause said, “its not as u think, we were just watching tv and I don’t know when we fell asleep.”
Sam was in a mood to tease Arjun, she playfully added, “ arrey baba, cut the crap, I know u love radhika.”
Sam off course was joking. She wasn’t aware of arjun’s feelings. She had said that only to annoy Arjun. But the dead stares she got from Arjun and neil made her rethink her words.

Arjun : Neil!!! U told her naaa? I m gonna kill u.
Neil earnestly nodded his head in negative, “ Arjun, I swear I didn’t tell her. Instead I asked her about radhika. Sam yr, tell him naa..
Sam: Yaa, neil didn’t tell me. I just said it to annoy u I didn’t know it was true.
Neil rolled his eyes.
Arjun: Sam yaar, I care for her. I want to get to know her. I want to protect her from all troubles. I want to be there for her. I want to sit with her and talk to her for hours. I want to watch all her favourite movies with her. I want to hear her blabbing to me about how her day was.
Then he slowly added, “Haan agar yeh pyaar h toh I love her.”
Neil’s face suddenly darkened and he pointed towards the door.
All the three looked at her.
Her face had a look of confusion and her eyes demanded an answer from them.

Precap: Radhika’s questions…..nesam’s decision.

Guys, sorry for any mistakes. I didnt read it even once. 🙂

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