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After finishing all their classes. Sam and radhika went to the notice board to check any notifications for lodging. While neil and arjun asked their college mates for staff for their mansion.
Sam was talking to couple of people. Radhika felt uncomfortable and therefore, she headed to the canteen.
Samaira was walking down the corridor in hurry. she didn’t see neil coming. Neil himself was busy in his phone. They both fell down. Sam landed on top of neil and they both looked at each other. Sam’s hair were coming on her face and neil pushed them behind her ear. They share a long eyelock. Then much to neil’s surprise sam started laughing. Neil looked bewildered.
They both got up.
Neil introduced himself and asked, “ Why are you laughing?”
Sam: samaira khanna, ohh its nothing.
Neil:come on , tell me naa..
Sam: okay, its your face, dude. U have ketchup all over your cheek.
Neil then realized it must have been arjun’s prank and he started laughing.
There was something about them. It made them restless. Both of them could feel positive regarding the other. They vibed with each other.
Sam and neil started talking.sam told him the entire story regarding her aunt’s strictness and about radhika. Neil in turn told her about arjun and himself. They instantly hit of and were laughing their hearts out.
Neil: actually, Sammy, me and arjun have a house here. Why don’t u and radhika join us?
Sam: are u sure about it? Would that be okay with arjun as well?
Neil: yeah, he’ll be okay. Even if he isn’t, I know how to convince him. All four of us will have lot of fun.
Sam gave him a grateful smile.
Arjun came out looking neil and saw him talking to sam.
Arjun: neil bro, wont you introduce me to your friend?
*winking at neil*
Neil: umm, arjun she is samaira and she and her friend radhika are gonna live with us at the mansion from now onwards.
Sam: hey, don’t you worry, we’ll be like paying guests and will give u rent and stuff.
Arjun didn’t know what to reply. He wasn’t sure about neil’s idea.
All he could manage was “ neil could I see you for a second?”
Sam: hey arjun, don’t worry. We aren’t any psychopaths. *then after a pause* ohh now I see, u r afraid of girls…right neil?
She and neil hified and started lauging. Arjun gave a cold stare to neil but then loosened up and started laughing himself. Arjun was extremely agile at reading hearts and after talking a while with sam he was sure she didn’t have any wrong intentions.
Arjun:*confidently* looking forward to staying with u girls. And forget about the rent we are all friends now. But where’s radhika?
Neil: *teasing* bro, aint u a little over eager to meet her?
Sam: *winking at neil* then she looks at arjun from bottom to top : she is my chashni I know her….sorry arjun, u don’t have a chance…forget about her..
Neil and sam see arjun’s face and keep teasing him.

Well, since things worked with neil and arjun, the girls had another lodging option. They were left with the difficult task of telling their aunt. Sam had easily convinced her parents. They trusted them and they knew nothing would go wrong until sam and radhika were together. Radhika had requested piyali many times to tell her sister but piyali always refused bluntly. So sam and radhika had to the job themselves. They kept procrastinating until the last day.
Sam: radhika, we have to tell her today. We don’t have an option. We are moving out tomorrow.
Radhika: ohh dear god! Sam what were gonna say? Don’t you know her strictness about boys. And imagine her when we say we are gonna live with boys.
*radz imitated her*
Sam burst out laughing.
After thinking for a while
Radhika: okay, we have no option but to tell her. Lets just pack our stuff and we’ll talk to her at dinner.
At dinner
They are sitting around the table.
Samaira and radhika keep eying each other. The aunt notices.
Aunt: what is it girls?
Sam: *speaks slowly* aunty, actually umm, we umm, had some news.
Aunt raises her eyes from her plate and looks at her, waiting for her to continue.
Radhika tried to be diplomatic.
Radhika: we actually didn’t want to be a burden on u. we didn’t want to increase the workload on you. Therefore, we looked for some other sort housing or lodging options. We found these one or two great place.
Sam quickly added: and we are moving out tomorrow.
Her aunt’s eyes widen and she gave them a long cold stare.
Aunt : are your parents aware about this?
Sam and radhika in unison “ yes”.
“And they are okay with it?”
Again in unison “yes.”
Aunt: fine then whatever. Do what u want.
Sam and radhika looked at each other and sighed. This went easier than they thought.she didn’t even bother to ask about their new whereabouts and frankly, they felt relieved. But little did they knew that just after dinner their aunt had a heated argument on phone with piyali and samrat. But sam’s parents had taken their decision and they stayed firm on it. They trusted their daughters completely.

The next morning (the weekend)
Neil and arjun came by, picked up the girls and their luggage. This was the first time they met radhika, though they met sam regularly in college and had became great friends with her.
Radhika came out of the house with her luggage and the second arjun laid his eyes on her, he could feel some sort of restlessness within himself. He felt he had some sort of strange connection with her but he just couldn’t place how. He was so mesmerized on seeing her that neil had to nudge him to take her bag.
Once in the car, arjun kept glancing at radhika who was sitting in back seat through the rear view mirror. Radhika looked up and saw his face in the mirror too. They looked in each other’s eyes. Suddenly radhika looked away and tried to keep her eyes down the entire time.

Meanwhile, neil and sam were chattering like they were childhood friends. Neil then sobered up and said : ohh, I m sorry. I almost forgot, hey radhika…. I m neil and this is arjun.
Radhika didn’t reply. She just smiled at him. Arjun too saw her smiling In the mirror. Arjun couldn’t understand anything , it was just that radhika’s smile made him happy. He shrugged and decided to keep away his thoughts.
Sam: yaar, I told u naa…..she takes little time to open up to people. Don’t worry, in a few days she will be blabbing so much that u both will beg her to keep quiet.
Neil laughed and said he was looking forward to it
This made radhika smile and seeing her smile arjun too smiled.
Once they reached their destination, all four of them got ready to clean. The girls tied a cloth over their face. Sam then picked up a broom and started running after neil , shouting at him all the way. Finally, when she caught neil, she started hitting him softly with her broom. Their antics made both radhika and arjun burst into laughter.
After 4 hours and lots of hard work. Actually done only by arjun and radhika , nesam just kept messing the place all the more. They managed to clean the place.

Precap: radhika’s culinary skills.

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