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As they were boarding the flight, Arjun looked around absentmindedly and he eyes focused on a beautiful girl with long hair, and a smile to die for. He wasn’t able to see her entire face, he just saw a part of it. But it was enough for him to be restless. His heart was beating wildly. He knew if told neil, he would tease him for eternity. arjun was a guy, girls dreamed about, drooled over. but he wasnt interested. he hadnt found his match. he was a one woman man and no woman till date had been able to capture his heart. But never mind, he told neil anyway.
Neil: *teasingly* ohh wow bro.!! we aint even on the plane yet. And we already have a girl to chase. I thought that atleast you were gonna wait till we got to Australia. I must say, m impressed.
Arjun: It’s not as it seems. I just wanted to be friends with her, I wanted to get to know her. Stop teasing me. I am not like you who keeps running after girls.
Neil: *fake anger* I don’t run after girls. And just so u know most of them dump me after they see you. Its you they want bro not me.
They both start laughing and teasing each other. Arjun forgets about the girl completely.
Arjun and neil go out and hog a cab. They owned a sea facing mansion here. That’s where they were planning to live.
The girls on the other hand were meet by sam’s aunt who took them to her place.
She proved to be a really strict person. Just after they entered before they could say anything she took them to their room.
Aunt: girls see, I don’t mind having you here. But u have to follow some rules.
Rule no 1: you have to be back by 10 pm at any cost.
Rule no 2: no using phones after 11.
Rule no 3: No boys allowed in my house.
Rule no 4: you cant go out wearing shorts.
Rule no 5: breakfast’s at 8 and u wont be getting anything to eat after that.
Rule no 6: no messy room.
I won’t tolerate you breaking any of my rules.
Saying this, she went out of the room.
Radhika: wow man, she is strict.
Sam: we cant live here chashni, even mom and dad don’t impose these many rules. We gotta get out of here.
Radhika: Don’t be silly sam. where are we gonna go? We don’t know anybody here. Let’s try to accommodate with her.
Sam: impossible. Please radz please. Think about it. It’ll be no fun. Mechanical life .
*sam makes a puppy dog face*
Radhika: ohh okay…..dont try your emotional drama on me. Fine. We will try to find some logding options tomorrow in college.
Sam:*like a child* yay! Chashni I love you!! Tu hi toh hai pyaar mera..
*sam starts dancing and radz laughs*
They both had dinner and slept.

Both the boys were dog tired and just wanted a bed to sleep in. but as soon as they opened the door they were in for a surprise. The place was total chaos. It was in a mess. It seemed as if it hadn’t been cleaned in ages.
Neil: Gosh! What happened in here…..dude, we cant stay here.
arjun got irritated.
Arjun: u happened!!! God…neil!!! I told u to hire a guy to clean and take care of the place …and as usual you forgot……what are we gonna do now?
Neil: lets just sleep at a hotel tonight…and we’ll sort this out tomorrow.
Therefore, they went looking for a cab again.
Next morning,
all four of them went to college, determined to sort out their shelter crisis.

Precap: sam and neil first meeting.

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