Manmarziyan : Our Story (chapter 11)



Hey, here’s the next episode. I hope u like it. Do let me how it was. And there’s a surprise waiting for u guys at the end. 

Finally deciding they had no other option than to tell her. They headed towards radhika’s room. Radhika was standing in the balcony wearing shorts and a long top. Her long hair were blowing in the wind. She looked mesmerizing. Sam had to nudge arjun to get him back to his senses.
Neil: chashni, hey!
Radhika turned around, hey guys!” her expression changed suddenly.
See…neil had brought coffee for the four of them it had become a ritual amongst the four. Whenever there was a serious issue to deal with and talk about, neil always carried coffee. At other fun, masti and talk times he brought beer.
Radhika continued, “ and sam did dad call? I have like 6 missed calls and now that I m calling back, he isn’t picking up….what’s wrong?”
Sam whispered, “ well played dad.”
Radhika, “ huh?”
Arjun neil and sam told her the entire story, each filling out any gaps the other may have left.
Radhika looked a little tensed and asked, “ is it really important for me to go?”
Neil, “hey…don’t u worry…..u r my little sis…okay? Now listen up, the catch is that me and sam with also be there. We will be sitting to the table right next to yours. U just do the polite catching up with him and then I’ll call u. u just pick up and just change your expression to the one of worry. Then u tell saral, that my room mate, she’s hurt. I got to hurt. And u walk up before he says anything. Outside, arjun will be waiting for u. sam and me will handle if something goes wrong.”
Radhika looked relieved hearing neil’s plan, “god knows…I love u guys!”
Saying this she hugged them all.

Next morning.
Sam knocked on radhika’s door. She didn’t open. Sam called her name and tried her phone repeatedly. She could hear radhika’s phone ringing but she didn’t pick. Sam got worried and called neil and arjun there. Neil and arjun quickly broke the door down and entered her room. The sight was the one which make any one easily get a shock. Radhika was sprawled on the floor, she was unconscious and there were papers and photographs all around her. Neil quickly picked her up and arjun ran to start the car. Sam collected all the pics and papers and thrust them in her bag. They rushed radhika to the hospital. arjun’s lashes become wept and he was on the verge of tears. Neil understood that this wasn’t a time to become weak especially when arjun, the usual strong reliable guy was broken himself.
Once they had admitted radz in the hospital and the doctors told them they wasn’t anything to be worried about.
Doctor, “ actually, she was over stressed and she got severely strained. Hence, she fainted. There’s nothing to be worried about. She is totally fine now and u may even take her back about a couple of hours. But u all need to ensure she doesn’t think of the same things or doesn’t go through the same situation which got her worried in the first place.”
All the three heaved sighs of relief.
Neil, “ but what’s she worried about? She seemed fine last night? Did she say something to u sam?”
Sam nodded her head in negative, “ but I collected all the letters and photographs. *taking them out of her bag* now we’ll know.”
The letters and photographs were of her parents.
Sam nodded understandingly, “ I have told her a million times to forget the past. But guess who isn’t getting these letters and photographs back now. Neil, don’t worry…this has happened once before that too for the same reason…its okay. She’ll be fine.”
Neil nodded. But there was another thing which was worrying arjun, he saw the photographs and in one of them , she saw radz’s parents with his sister nandini. This picture troubled him and he wanted answers. He quickly messaged nandini the picture and called her.
Arjun, “nandu, did u look at the pic I just sent to u ?”
Nandini, “yes I did. Arjun, tell me honestly where did u find it?”
She was worried. She just couldn’t understand how could arjun get hold of something of her past.
Arjun, “ nandu, I found it with radhika. Tell me what is it”
Nandini started crying. She couldn’t believe the girl she looked for half her life was the girl her brother loved.
Nandini, “ arejun are u aware of radhika’s past?”
Arjun, “ yes, I m”

Nandini, “ arjun *speaking between sobs* I m the girl who was best friends with radhika’s parents in college. I m the one who mala thought was having an affair with dilip. Arjun, I swear, I looked for radhika half my life. I m living in guilt till day of having destroyed her life without any actual fault of mine. I looked for her everywhere, I wanted to give all the love she deserved, I wanted to raise her as my own. I m sorry arjun.” She started crying.
Arjun didn’t know how to respond and he kept quiet for a couple of moments and then he gently whispered, “ nandu, I know its not your fault. Moreover whatever happened cant be undone. Now relax and love radhika and pamper her all u like, because she Is the one I m gonna marry.”
Nandini smiled. After a brief chitchat they hung up the phone.
Arjun went inside radhika’s room. Radhika was sleeping . arjun sat down beside her and held her hand. He talked his heart out he told her everything, his feelings, his love , his worry , his care. But arjun didn’t realize that radhika woke up the second he held her hand. She listened to everything her said. She had tears in her eyes. And she gently spoke, “ I love u too arjun.”
Arjun’s eyes widened and he hugged her very tightly.
Neil and sam who watched the entire scene from the plane of the room. Felt happy, the people they love the most in life, got what they wanted.
Sam’s head was on neil shoulders and they fingers were interwined. They didn’t even realize.
Sam, “ idiot, love’s a strange thing, for some it hurts and for others it gives them a life time of happiness.”
Neil nodded and they both had the same realization at the same time. They looked in each other’s eyes and expressed their love to each other silently.
And suddenly the same thought comes to all four at the same time. Saral!!!! Nesam rush inside the room.
Neil: what about saral? He must be waiting like crazy….
Radhika started laughing, “dude, just think about his expression right now.”
Arjun started thinking quick, “neil and sam I want u guys to go other and see him up. Sense the situation and talk to him if required. Explain to him how I and radhika are in love and apologise. Okay?”
Nesam nodded their heads and just before they went out the door, radhika and arjun whispered together, “and congratulations to u, love birds.” Nesam smiled.
Once in the café an entire different sight awaited them. Saral did come and wait for radhika. But here he found one of his ex girlfriends and looking at her after such a long time made him realize how he loved her. he talked to her and they made up.
Nesam smiled looking at the two.
Neil, “love finds everyone, doesn’t it?”
Sam smiled, “it sure does.”
And nesam walked out.
God! They really should have waited another two minutes. They missed the drama that unfolded after. They really should have been there to see that girl slap saral and throw her drink on him.
But believe me, he deserved it.
After 5 years,
Arjun manages the mehra industries while neil manages the a number of profitable business he and arjun have started together. Radhika and sam have started have event management company called, “soulmate” together and at the same time they do advertising and PR for mehra industries and all other business of arneil’s.
Ardhika and nesam are still living together. A little girl of three and be seen running around and neil is running after her. Arjun is standing at the doorway and is smiling. Radhika and sam are sitting on the dinning table. The little girl is arjun and radhika’s daughter, who they named Dia.
Neil picks dia up.
dia, “chachu….”
And she kisses neil’s cheeks.
The screen splits and freezes on the faces of all four happily smiling.
That’s it guys. That’s the end of this one. I know I could have elaborate and it could have run longer but it didn’t want to get boring over the time. Also, as I told u , I was neck deep in commitments, so I wanted to complete it asap, I didn’t want to be the one who posts once in a forenoon and by that time, u’ve completely lost all the track of the story. It just spoils all the fun. So I ended this one. But I promise to be back with a better story sometime soon.

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