Manmarziyan : Our Story (chapter 10)


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At times, u have feelings for a person. But even u don’t understand. That person has an enormous effect on u, which is often brushed of as being friends. but trust me, someday you’ll just know.

Arjun and radhika kept teasing neil about sam all the way long. Neil too took in good nature. But he didn’t realize that he was smiling unconsciously. They reached home and found the front door open.
Arjun: ufff… I have told samaira khanna a million times to keep the front door closed. It isn’t safe. But, she just doesn’t listen.
Arjun went on cribbing, describing all the times when sam didn’t listen to him. Radhika and neil entered and moved to sam’s room to warn her about arjun’s lecture. But she wasn’t in her room. They looked everywhere. But she wasn’t there. By now neil and radhika started to worry. They ran back to the entrance, where they still found arjun speaking. Neil shook arjun. Arjun looked at radhika’s face and then neil’s.
Arjun: guys, what happened? U look so pale, its almost as if, sam drunk the blood out of u.
Arjun laughed at his own joke. But soon he realized that radz and neil weren’t laughing. Radhika wasn’t even smiling a little, which she usually did to oblige the other person. Arjun understood the seriousness of his surrounding and quickly spoke, “ what happened?”
Radhika quickly explained, “ arjun, sam isn’t anywhere inside. Neil and I looked everywhere. The front door was left ajar. Even u have to admit that she always locks the front door while going out. I just hope nothing has happened to her.”
Arjun could sense the worry in her voice and he held her by shoulders and spoke, “ sam’s my little sister. I will never let anything happen to her.”
Neil who was almost on the verge of tears, “ listen chashni, u sit here and wait for sam. Give us a call If she comes back.”
Arjun nodded. Both neil and arjun rushed to the opposite sides of the street to look for sam. Almost an hour passed, sam hadn’t returned. Both arjun and neil returned without any news of her. Radhika was inconsolable. Arjun tried to comfort her. Neil on the other hand was so disturbed that he stood there like a statue. Arjun looked at neil and started to go to him. But radhika held his hand and wiping her own tears quickly, she went to neil and hugged him tight. She made him sit down and made him drink water. A few minutes passed and suddenly all three of them turned their heads, their jaw dropped.
Samaira khanna just came walking down the street, with her phone in her hand, they cursed sam and then they cursed themselves of not trying her number. Sam came to them and asked very casually, “ what’s up guys?”
Radhika gave her a long stare and walked inside without saying a single word. Arjun went to sam and slapped her hard, leaving sam shocked. Arjun too walked inside. Neil, who was in tears, hugged sam tight. He just kept her close to him and whispered to her, “ thank goodness , you are safe.”
Sam just saw neil in tears and rubbed his back. Once he calmed down, she asked him, “ what happened here buddy? Why are u in tears ? are u okay?”
Neil explained to her all that happened, how she left the front door open, How worried everyone was for her.
She felt really guilty. She knew she had made a terrible mistake. She had hurt the people who loved her the most.

But it wasn’t as simple as it looked. Sam didn’t leave the house for merry making. She left it to clear her mind, to decide how to break the news to the rest of the three, especially arjun.
Sam’s pov, “ I know I need to tell u this. But I don’t know how. I m really worried how radhika and arjun will react. God! Dad should have called radhika and told her this himself. But no….he has left me to deal with the conundrum.”

Neil suddenly spoke breaking into her train of thought, “ sam, but why did u leave the house like that…….i know u r much more responsible than that.”
Sam nodded and took neil’s hand and led him to arjun’s room, “ I’ll explain, first, I gotta make up with arjun and then u both will help me make up with radhika.”
Arjun’s door was open. Sam knocked. This surprised arjun, sam was the only person who walked in his room without knocking, no matter if the door’s closed or open. Arjun nodded. Sam walked in with neil and spoke, “ arjun, ummm, I know I’ve hurt u ….i m sorry.”
Arjun hugged sam and whispered, “ no Sammy, u don’t. u know, u r like my little sister I never had. U cant even imagine how worried we got for u. radhika shed of tears for this one stupid carelessness of yours. Sam remember my words, “ never hurt those who care for u, because its not always that someone cares.”
Sam nodded, she had tears in her eyes and whispered to arjun, “ u are my elder brother, I wont hurt u ever again.”
Sam started crying, she had a elder brother who always stayed aloof. She never knew what a brother’s love was like. But now, she knew , she could always count on her arjun bhai.
Neil, “ okay…enough of this. Guys, seriously get a room. Your family drama’s making me sick.”
Arjun smiled, neil knew how to lighten up the mood with a single sentence of his. sam threw a pillow to neil’s face. But neil caught it neatly and he showed his tongue to sam.
Arjun, “ okay…now….enough….sam tell us why u left that goddamn door open?”
Sam hesitated, “ ummm, about that….”
Neil spoke, “ don’t worry. Tell us. We’ll help.” Arjun gave her an encouraging arm hug.
Sam, “ okay guys…. Listen, my dad called and after that to think upon what he said, I just rushed out the door. I wasn’t thinking properly, that’s why I forgot about the door.”
Neil was getting impatient, “ will u tell us what did your dad already?”
Sam, “ umm, yeah…my dad has this old friend, daman uncle. He used to come a lot to our home when radz and i were younger. He always used to bring us these amazing chocolates. Well,He has a son named saral. Yesterday, daman uncle came to our home, and he talked to dad about his wish that he wanted saral to marry radhika. He wanted dad’s approval. Dad didn’t answer immediately and told uncle that chashni’s decision was his decision. It all depended on chashni. Uncle wanted to meet her there and then but he was told that we both were here in gold coast.”
Arjun.., “ and?”
Sam, “ummm, well, incidently saral is doing , his masters here in gold coast as well.” Sam spoke very very quickly now, “and radhika has a date with him in the central café on 8’o clock Friday night.”
Arjun’s eyes widened hearing the word “date”
Neil, “so what? Radhika will go down there. Meet him, have a coffee with him, make some small talk, will politely refuse him and come back.”
Sam, “okay neil….this isn’t as simple as u think it to be. Firstly, it will take a lot of effort to convince her to go, secondly, she gets nervous around new people hence, she wont be able to( refuse him). Thirdly, when she gets to know that my dad set this up, she wont want to. Lastly, since arjun hasn’t confessed, she doesn’t really need to.
Neil nodded his head understanding the gravity of the situation and arjun just banged his hand on the wall. He was frustrated at his helplessness. He cursed himself for not disclosing his feelings to radhika earlier.

While, nandini remembered that she hadn’t really asked that girl’s name, who arjun loved. So she sent a message to arjun saying, “ what’s her name?” with a winky face. Arjun’s phone chimed. Seeing nandu’s name on the display, he smile despite all his frustration. He quickly opened the message and quickly replied, “radhika.”

Nandini saw the message and after reading the name, she had a flood of emotions. “radhika” nandini still remembered the day when dilip and mala had a huge party at their house for the celebration of their new born. At that party, they had decided to name her, radhika. “ she cant be the same girl. No, she cant.” Nandini started sobbing. Till date, she considered herself guilty of what radhika had to suffer. She held herself responsible for her parents death. Nandini at the time of the tragedy was away on an official trip but she took the next plane home as soon as she got the news. She tried to find about what happened to radhika, a number of times. But she just couldn’t. it was like that the girl had vanished across the face of earth. Nandini wanted to give radhika a bright future, she wanted to raise radz as her own after her parent’s demise. She got shudders thinking of radz’s fate till date. Nandini had tears in her eyes thinking of her past.
Nandini’s pov, “ see what a joke destiny has played on me, there was this girl, radhika who lost her parents because a misunderstanding regarding me. And my brother, arjun chooses a life patner, who also is radhika.”
What nandini didn’t realize what that arjun’s radhika was her radhika.
Knowing that her brother’s love’s name was radhika, made nandini strong , broken and sad all at once.

Precap: nesam’s plan……radhika- saral date.

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