Manmarziyan My soul sister…. Birthday gift

Hiee all im Sv back here. Happy birthday to u happy birthday to u happy birthday to my twin rossy happy birthday to u……. may the god shower all the happiness and blessing to u and im soo happy and blessed to have u as my sister u are my soul sister and here is a small shot for u from me hope u like it and it says about the bond we share. Love u

Enjoy the ride….

We were sisters, a crazy lovely sisters coz u will see the craziness which we have . I am radhika and here she is samaira. We were strangers few months back now it is that we depend on each other like sun and sunflower. She is my sun awww that s so super like right sammy ??
Sam gave a moking look and elbowed her and said ; it is supposed to be ur bed time pancake what are u doing ?? Radhika smiled meekly and said my dear cupcake i will sleep only if u say me to sleep u know me i am so much depended on u and ur sweet cursing this care is all wanted from me and she again smiled. Sam knew that she was buttering and held her ears and said now sleep and pulled her to the bed and made her sleep and radhika with her innocent eyes looked at her with a sudden cute voice cupcake will u sleep with me here pls and she twinkled her eyes. Sam saw her with a fake anger and smiled the next second coz they were 2 body one soul. She laughed and hugged her tight and said let me change and come ok. Radhika nodded and they slept peacefully hugging each other.
Samaira and Radhika they were from different parts of the country on is from north one is from south but they came to know each other and now here they are the best buddies of all. Radhika who never had a elder sister was cherishing her longing for care yet pulling of legs and also a demanding her to do the thing which will be suitable for her was made done by sammy to radhika.
One fine day radhika was dull sad…. Sammy who came back from her work saw her dull face. For sammy radhika’s one look will say her what is radhika thinking coz she understands her well next to her mother.
Sammy sat next to her and pulled her chin up and looked deep into her eyes and asked what happened pancake.
Radhika ; nothing sam . Sam confirmed that something was bothering coz radhika always calls sam as cupcake but she is calling her by name confirmed that she was disturbed. Radhika was about to move but sam held her by shoulders and made her sit and cupped her face and said ; why is my little pancake is so sad u know me u cannot hide anything from me so say me. Radhika was silent then she saw sam and her eyes flat she spoke her heart to Sam , cupcake u know a guy by name saral he is pestering me and saying that he loves me. Sam was now alert and radhika continued and today he proposed me infront of all i was like why me ?? why cant some one u idiot.

Sam ; what did u do then ?? in a angry yet caring voice. I ran from there and all in the office are looking at me in weird way so i came from there the next moment. Sam’s blood boiled how come someone tease her little sister. She knew if she is taking her to the office radhika will not accept it so she lied that she is taking her for a near by temple. Radhika changed and she with sam started in sam’s bike. Sam straight away made her way to radhika’s office. Radhika held sam’s hand but it was no use coz sam is not only known for her care is also known for her action. She went straight to saral and asked radhika is he the one who proposed u ?? Radhika was blinking . Sam in her higher tone Radhika ?? She jerked and said yes he is the one. Sam held his collar and said in a low yet a threatening voice dare not put your eyes on her else u will have to face the worst mister who so ever u are……. Saral was trying to remove her hand from his collar but her grip was so tight the more he tries to remove his shirt the more it is getting torn. He was burning in anger. His friend was about to hit her from the back and radhika who was busy looking at them did not notice. Sam saw that in Saral’s eyes and with one hand she slapped the guy hard. He stood motionless it was pin drop silence and radhika jerked because of the sound and then after few seconds he fell down and was like a folded paper. She turned to see saral and he was now sweating bad. Sam jerked his collar and said in a big roar one more person coming near her will face a more from me because she is my little sister mark that in ur dumb mind get that ?? All jerked and Sam held radhika’s hand and radhika poked her tongue to saral and went with Sam. But a pair of eyes was astonished to see a woman with power. Once outside the building radhika pounced over sam and hugged her and kissed her hard.
Sam at once removed and wiped her cheeks and said pancake too much u know i hate kiss why me then . Radhika who was happy kissed again and kept her elbow over sam’s shoulder said ; coz i love my sister. She again kissed her and Sam was continuously wiping which made radhika laugh hard because of the face she makes. From the top of the building those eyes were watching her so keenly and with a smile in his face he said i never knew u will be so beautiful and brave now. Worth waiting for u my love samaira. Just then Saral entered the room and was about to complain to his boss about the incident. But for shock he was slapped. Saral held his cheeks and asked in a doubtful manner ; Neil why did u slap me ??
Neil ; How many times i have warned u to stay away from this stupid act why cant u just behave urself properly ?? and it is because of u the woman came and made a mess. DO u think is that her fault or urs cant u see radhika never spoke to u and u idiot u are thinking that she loves u get it straight saral the way u behaved was not correct and dare not do it again else i will fire u, u dumb head.

Saral smirked and said ; i resign . Neil retorted back and said ; i never said u are in my office get out now. Saral came out and found the girls were having ice cream in a small tricycle shop. He called his friends and was waiting for them to come. Sam knew what he was doing and so she was watching them silently. Radhika was busy with her ice cream and used to smile to radhika with full ice cream lipstick over her lips and on tip of the nose. After 10 mins the boys came and sam asked radhika to sit here and not to come until she calls her. Radhika nodded like a good girl and was sitting in the chair near to the ice cream shop. Sam folded her cuff of her dress and made her finger cracking and made her neck twist to get the crack there as well. The boys came and surrounded her . The ice cream shop person panicked and was about to move forward but Radhika stopped and said ; u donno her she is a karate kid u just enjoy the live wwe but make sure that ur shop is far fair enough ok and she continued to lick her ice cream. Sam was smiling a devilish way and she saw all the boys and was saral. He was the one who came first to attack her. Sam ; U made a very wrong move saral now u can never go back and she loosed her fist. When saral was about to punch her she moved her head down and punched his face hard from down. His chin was smashed the second and he fell down. Radhika smiled and gave a filying kiss to Sam when she saw her and winked. Next one came from back, she held his hand and pulled him front and threw him over the floor and he is flat. Then one by one they were kissing the car or floor by her punches and finally she took a stick and twisted it in air and drove them like a cattle . Radhika was smiling big with from ear to ear and sam made a thumps up the shop keeper took his tricycle and ran away immediately due to fear and the girls were laughing like mad.
Sam pulled radhika’s cheeks and said ; remember one thing pancake i will always be with u but one thing u have to be strong not weak get it. Radhika nodded like a cute kid and she was about to kiss her but sam held her mouth and nodded no.
Neil was now dancing looking at his princess and yet again fell for her, he saw her when she was in college but he did not had the gut to speak to her as he knew her short tempered behaviour but he knew if she loves someone she can do anything for them. So was Radhika who loves sam very much and does what ever she says and does it closing her eyes and believes her from heart.
Few days later there was a bomb in radhika’s life when Neil spoke his heart to Radhika.
Radhika ; neil are u crazy do u know what are u asking me u r asking my life and how can u think that i will say yes to it and i cannot go against my sister. Pls try to understand , her one look will make me blurt out the truth and it will be end to ur life not mine i know her. Neil terribly begged and so radhika accepted but the worst part is saying lies to sam coz in that part she is massively weak that is speaking lies because she will blabber if she speaks lies and even a lkg kid can find out that she is lying. And the second one is neil is going to propose her. That was making her shiver what will happen to her boss and next month salary. That was her main problem her salary she spends more and sam used to bang her head for unnecessary spending for radhika. Sam was in her room when radhika tip toed and went in and nudged her. Sam turned and raised her eye brows and nodded what. Radhika nodded nothing and face palmed herself when sam went the other side, she collected some courage and cleared her throat and called her in husky voice sam… and again cleared her throat and called her again. Sam turned and kept her hands on her hip and asked straight ; what are u hiding ??
Radhika stammered ; mee hiding are u kidding me cupcake im not hiding anything why should i hide anything nothing nothing.
Sam ; ooh so u have nothing to say radhika first nodded slow then fast no….. sam continued ok then let me talk to ur mom that u dont like that guy which is fixed to u radhika at once pounced on her and said dont do that and pls i cannot go against ur words as well so for heaven sake dont do that. Sam saw her and said so say me what are u hiding else will call ur mom.
Radhika ; pls dear will say u but dont get angry . Sam nodded and said so there is something which is going to make me angry right ?? Radhika nodded and then sam said i can never be angry on u now say me what is that. Radhika took a step behind and said cupcake u know my boss neil ? Sam nodded , he said that …… sam with a loud voice… he said that ?? Radhika another step back and said he said that he loves u and was about to run but sam held her and pulled her back. Radhika was now sweating because she can never stand for sam’s anger.
Sam ; and what did u say may i ask ?? with a sharp look radhika gulped and murmured i said if u want to live dont do this stupidity else i cannot get my next month salary and was looking at her like a scared kid. Sam burst out in laugh and pulled her cheeks and said u look cute when u are scared pancake so shall we meet ur boss. Radhika with a doubtful voice asked so is my salary safe.
Sam saw her and said ; hmmm let me see if he is safe and held her hand and went to the place where neil asked radhika to come. Sam entered the restaurant and saw neil who was nervous was tapping his feet and was cracking his fingers and knuckles and was pulling his hair and was doing all sorts of nervous behaviour. Sam who saw that mentally smiled but she kept her face straight. Radhika in the back was praying for her salary by folding her hands up and looking up and praying.
Sam pulled radhika and sat opposite to neil. Neil saw that and saw radhika, radhika was about to move, Sam ; one more step i will kill u radhika nodded and sat quiet. Sam started ; so u love me ?? Neil nodded like a kid. What will u do if i say i dont love u .
Neil ; i will make u to fall in love with me sammy.
Sam cuts him of and say ; sam for u neil sam ok .
Neil ; come on sammy u know me from college days. Radhika saw sam and nodded what and she nodded her head in all the directions. Neil came near her and said in a low voice and said sammy i know u love me so i will make u mine i bet u that and left the place.
3 months later
Radhika was going through the album pics in her mobile and saw the pics of nesam’s wedding and the day she made all nautanki that she will not wear ethnic dress and her demand for the mehandi and finally their wedding everything was captured well. Radhika was laughing hard in a pic where neil was blushing and Sam was looking straight.
Sam came back from her trip with neil and saw radhika gave a bine crushing hug and kissed her hard. Radhika was taken back she said ; u hate kissing cupcake ??
Sam ; hmm i hate if someone kisses me but i never said i hate to kiss u and here come and she kissed her hard in her cheeks.
Radhika ; 2 days of trip yet lip glows too much yaar, Neil was not able to control but to laugh and they took the cab and went to their house now Neil was also accompanied in the house which was shared by Sam and radhika.

Once again happy birthday to u love u tons and always be strong and be with me as always. Love u dear wanna hug u tight and wish u happy birthday. How is this ?? It is only for u pls say me how is this?? Love u so much dear. Stay blessed and always smile and give ur positive charms to all…….. Love u

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  1. Brin

    Awesome gift for Rossy, I love it, you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. S.v

      thank u so much brin . im happy that u loved it. Love u so much

  2. Jessie

    Baby…..nesam..superb!! Rasam was awesome… antics..cute..and Sam…I mean our Rosie na…dishyum and cute..loved nice…Rads and her soul.sissy sam…!!! Rosie…Happy birthday dear…hope we get a jijaji1 like Neil here…who loves the action side of our karate kid…love u dear….baby awesome..!!

    1. S.v

      baby thank u so much he he he u know what i kept my self as rads and haa yes sam is rosie and of course neil will be cute after all he is my sorry our jiju right. he will have to face us coz we are her sister right this is the deal we all made right anyone coming to approach any one of us should be done his rounds of interview from the rest of us. lol love u so much baby. muhhhaaaaa

  3. arti viswanathan

    Well done dear. I liked it.. Wow! Sam punched that saral I liked it dear. That saral needs more punches in his face…..and what about radhika’s love story dear. I will be waiting for next episode dear…..

    1. S.v

      thanks for the words i planned to leave it and u asked and now im writing the next part for rads but yes rasam as always the lead. thank u so much u liked saral’s punch he he he thank u so much for that and yes will write that as well soon thank u so much

  4. finally i got relieved after banging someone…saral aargh man….twin u r just superb…loads of love…thank u very much….iss time kehene de….phir thank nahi bolungi…here we all become sisters…thanks dear for coming into us…my pancake…m melting now…by ur sweet affections…m going to fly jupiter now…u all make me feel so special even m dancing and jumpoing inside…so sweet of u….itna sara pyar kahan chupa ke rakhe the…awwwww… doomed with ur all love….sammy neil stoey so mindblowing…awesome…but rasam best…superb …forever bestest…come my sister we will dance….yipeeeee

    1. S.v

      enjoyed im happy yes ur pancake reporting to my cupcake. thank u to me argh kitni barr bolna hai yaar mujse math bolo paar aaj mai tumey chodungi coz its ur birthday see i made u a power pack woman. a woman i dream about how u will be and now im jumping looking at my elder twin’s and now im soo happy love u so much muhhhaaaaaa yup we are always super only (rasam) sure dear stretching my hands put some peppy song let us dance super dance.

  5. Sathya

    It is a cute OS SV. So Sam is our Rosie…hmm karate kid..he he he lol she is always ready to punch one or the other. Thank god i dint keep any punching scenes in my OS..just taunting only…i love the RaSam bond and Rads cute antics and for that how sam reacted. So beautiful…yippeeee Saral got a blow i really want some one to give that big blow to Saral for real…Hero act was well suited by Rosie…angry bird. And Neil fallen for his brave girl…that’s most adorable. Love the trio relation here and that gives the wonderful bond between them. SUPERB OS dear…Superb gift for Rosie.

    1. S.v

      sathya sathya sathya u are my worrier who always make me feel soo happy yes for me rosie is a action queen and so i kept and she once said she loves action movie ohh oh ooh pls dont praise me i know i am always cute dear he he he thank u so much sathya for ur words love u so much muhhahaaaaa

  6. Myra

    splendid job sv akka…..a cute love story…..
    cupcake…..ummm, radhika played the love hero but what about her?
    you know what, lets makes a second installment of radhika’s love story….what say?

    and you know what, from now onwards your teddy will call you cupcake….hahha

    love you so much cupcake…!!! both, you and cupcakes, in general. 😉

    1. S.v

      teddy thank u so much he hehe cupcake thank u so much for that name and i did not think of that radhika’s part but it was my teddy’s wish so i will make it soon love u so much dear teddy muhhhaaaa love u so much dear.

  7. Starz

    Sv di wat a post… mind blowing….loved rasam bond… you and take care…please post other ff of urs soon.. waiting for all

    1. S.v

      Starz thank u so much dear. Will update all the ff regularly and then this one has another part as well. Love u so much.

  8. Dipika

    Sv darling this is sooooo Awsome say bhi Awsome wala os… I can’t express.. How much i enjoyed reading it.. Our sam to full on rowdy huhhh.. Fighting n all.. Punches.. Full on rossy version… Oh.. Karate kid.. God.. Laughing hard.. I just loved this best gift for ?… Love u lots ?

    1. S.v

      thank u so much dheeps for this lovely words. he he he sam is rossy for me now im so happy for ur words. Love u so much muhhhaaa

  9. Bhabya

    Wow sv di so amazing

    1. S.v

      bhabya thank u dear

  10. Jewel

    this sam is really different… rasam bonding is nice…. i liked this story a lot sv… this is really nice one

    1. S.v

      thank u so much jewel love u take care

  11. Shree

    All dishoom dishoom.. omg!! Ponne idu semma… Loved it to the core.. Saral Adi vangitaan. That be the highlight..

    Love you di ??

    1. S.v

      ponney wanna make some fight made it and i donno why saral is always my target lol bechara love u

  12. Roma

    Marvellous shot SV…muaaaaahhhhhh. …Sam n rads soooooooo cuteeeee. ….Sam perfect replica of rossy…n rads lil cute sweeeeeetheart. …I loved how sam handled saral…she watched his friends image in his eyes..wowwww…kudos. …n then her karate banged all of them…lol….n rads kissing her cheeks….n sam getting irritated…hehehe…n here comes neil….wowwww his love story. ..mind blowing. ..n rads can’t say lie to her best friend. ..n worried for her salary. ..n in end sam kissing rads cheeks…..rolf
    …lol…hilaaaaaaarious. …you make me laugh alwaysssss …sv my sweeeeeetheart. …’s an amazingly awesoooooome story….I loved it to the coreeeee…keep it up honeyyy love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart tight wala. ..♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. S.v

      awww roma u are such a darling both here and there u are my back bone a person of all encouragements thank u so much my spl friend love u tons, muhhhaaaaa

  13. Gauri

    SV for me Rasam was the best…the update was just cute like you ….and martial art wala part to awesome 🙂 loved it swt hrt stay blessed

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