Manmarziyan My soul sister…. Birthday gift Shot 2


hiee all im sv back with the birthday shot. Rossy always smile and always spread ur positive fragrance to us happy birthday. I did not think of the second shot thatnks to myra and arti vishwanath u guys asked hope u will enjoy it and pls do comment. LOve u all..

Enjoy the ride….

My souls sister….
As always nesam were busy fighting and it was radhika who was a refree she took a whistle and blew it out big. There was a pin drop silence and radhika jumped and shouted can’t u guys stop fighting my fav is going and turned to watch tv again.
Sam with a higher voice ; pancake ?? Radhika turned to neil and shouted lower ur voice neil see my cupcake is angry u dont worry cupcake it is this idiot’s mistake. Neil was now looking confused what is happening here ?? Sam and radhika giggled at his confused face and the girls wrapped their hands over neil and all strated to watch the tv again….

Few days later radhika found that some one is stalking her all the time. He was following her in his bike with helmet which made that his face was not visible. She went to the mall where where nesam was waiting for her. Radhik rushed and dashed over sam. Sam saw her face but she was busy turning back. Sam turned her face and asked ; what happened pancake ?? She was busy looking here and there to see if he is still following her. Sam shook her hard and asked ; what happened kutty ?? Radhika stammered ; voo that some one is following me cupcake that it is like he is following mee a double coat ME . Neil was furious now radhika is not only sam’s friend she was also his best friend because of her his love was made true so he was looking here and there but as always he was late as sam already found a stupid who was looking at radhika.
Sam turned Neil and radhika and asked them to buy the ticket for 7 D show which was radhika’s favourite.

Radhika at once forgot the thing and jumped and sequels and holds Neil’s hand and starts from there. Neil saw sam and she nods he understands and goes with radhika. She smiles at them and turns at her face with a burning anger pulls her sleeve up and walks like a lion to attack its prey. The stupid was busy watching radhika going did not notice that his death is nearing him. Sam patted his shoulder but he shoves it again she pats his shoulder he turns at a disgusting face. Sam who was waiting for a chance slaps him hard. He holds his cheeks and looks at her. She was buring in anger.
Suddenly their face changes. He makes a pout face and she makes a apologetical face. Him ; di…… this is not done……he holds his cheeks and says god what a slap i cannot sense my cheeks. Sam held his hand and with a low tone ; i am soo sorry arjun i thought some one.

Arjun ; soo it doesnt mean that u have to slap that hard di. Ouch what a slap mummy. Sam was not able to control her laugh. He was like cute puppy with a pout face. Sam pulled his cheeks ; awww arjun u look cute when u do this pout face but wait let me speak to radhika i said yes only because uncle and aunty said about u but u are stalking at her.
Arjun kept his hand over his head and said; ayyoooo di i wanted to speak to her but she is looking at me like a cockroach.
Sam ; stop calling me di that is disgusting and also she will only say yes if i say so for heaven sake go from here .

Neil came and saw the scene where arjun was down to earth and sam was standing. Neil thought ; what is he doing in my place ?? He came and arjun stood and did pranam to sam and went neil came and asked she said he is the one for radhika. Neil jerked and said he ?? Sam smiled and said ; dont worry did all the test and he passed. He is afraid only to me but not to others. He was the one who saved radhika once when she was being teased by her college met. From that time he is following her.
Neil ; but she did not know ?? Sam gave a vague stare and said she was busy talking and did u forget the way she shooed a guy when he was about to propose her with stones ?? And moreover she never saw him at all and he was all the time behind her not in front of her so technically it is his fault not my sweet pancake’s fault so now shut up and come we have to watch the movie neil nodded and went with sam.
Neiley saaley saaley neiley neiley saaley saaley neiley meri kana kahan saaley aavoo jaldi neil. tatada mujey samjaavo meri boog budhu…….. jaldi se leeki aaja……. budhu…. It was in the tune of Rooth na jana tune.

Radhika was singing a song to neil who was in kitchen. Sam was busy in her office so it was neil who took the responsibility to cook and this made her into a poetic singer. Radhika spoke again ; waa radhika u r a poet. Neil who came from behind banged her head and said then the lyricist will kill u copy cat now eat. She gave him a look and said i was the one who sang this song and again she started but neil stuffed her mouth with eatables. She blinked and after few seconds she jumped and said ; neiley u cook best wow dear super. Neil bends down and up and moves from the table but then arjun is sitting in the table.

Radhika jerks and runs to neil. Neil as if nothing happened asked what happened kutty. Radhika was speaking but only air coming then she clears her throat and says ; neiley that helmet is here also ?? Neil with a confused face ; which helmet ?? Radhika grinned her teath ; hellllllllmetttttt that loosu . Neil nods his head and was radhika haaaa ya ya ya now i remeber where is he ?? Radhika with a puppy voice ; dining table…… neil holds radhika’s hand and they reach the dining table but he was not found. Radhika with a surprised yet shocking voice; no neiley he was here only wait she looks down but he was not there. She makes herface pout more of a crying face and looks at him. Neil controls his laugh and says ; kutty he is not here u dont worry. I will take care of the helmet tomorrow. She nods her head and goes to her room with scratching her head. Arjun who was hiding was laughing once she goes inside and comes out and laughs and so was neil. Neil punches arjun’s stomach and at that time sam enters and finds the boys laughing and not radhika she knew these 2 as they made a team now. She keeps her bag on the table with a thud and both looks at her.

Sam ; so what pranks did u guys do to my pancake may i ask. Arjun laughed and said everything. Sam slapped arjun and punched neil for making pranks of radhika and they both held their affected part and she gave a smile and pulled both of their cheeks and said ; that is a nice one…..

Neil ; then why violence ?? That is for hurting my pancake no one has a right to do that only i can that too i know her she is fragile so for that violence and goes to the radhika’s room. Radhika was thinking and was speaking out i saw him……… when neil came……. he is not there. Sam pressed her lips to control her laugh the way radhika was scratching her head and banging her head in the bed . Sam came and gave a warm hug. Radhika rested her head over sam’s shoulder and sam was rubbing her back. Sam ; what is my pancake thinking? ? Radhika jerked and sat and said like a kid ; cup cake i saw that helmet in our house there in dining table but when neiley came he is like boom not there. Sam all the time looking at her excited like a mother looking at her child when the kid is saying its school’s happening. Radhika was looking at sam all curious waiting for sam’s answer. Sam saw her and pulled her cheeks and said dont strss too much pancake leave that helmet and come lets go for a movie its been long time for a girls time. Radhika nodded in happiness and thwy went out but radhika was only thinking of her helmet her stupid arjun.
Radhika who did not know about arjun for the first time saw him in her office for a meeting . he was a big business man and he befriends neil for both business and his personal purpose.

Radhika who saw arjun in neil’s cabin was flat. She thought she is not even fit for him so she calmed her racing heart and entered the cabin but she never knew that he is so crazily in love with her. He firstly spoke to his parents and they fixed the alliance and they sent the pic of arjun to sam as they knew only she can convince radhika sam first took pulp out of arjun by cross checking every aspect that he is perfect for her lil sister then finally he fell on her feet to approve him. She accepted and then he was following radhika which turned out to be a slapping ceremony.

Radhika from that day was thinking only arjun and to her surprise he will be in front of her and she will blink for few seconds and squeeze her eyes and he will vanish. She started to speak to arjun as she thought it was also her dream but she never knew that it was real arjun who makes her fall for him. He was enjoying that and radhika’s innocent nature. In between he asked to start the preparation for thw marriage. Radhika who did not know anything was enjoying this dream and sam as always busy punching them for their teasing.

She went to her home town as sam asked radhika to visit them and she with neil landed the house. Radhika saw some differences in her house suddenly there were few relatives and all of a sudden she became center of attraction.
She held sam’s hand and dragged her to the corner and asked what his happening. Sam calmed radhika as she does not like sudden attraction and also relatives who pokes into her life whom she hardly know. The girls settled in their rooms as sam has her own room in radhika’s house samway sam has a room for radhika in her house and arjun entered radhika’s room and found her sleeping sweetly hugging her pillow. A cute smile in her face and the fan is making her hair to float cutely. He smiled wide and he sat next to her and caressed her hair. She slowly moved her head and kept it over his lap and pulled his hand to carse it.

He smiled and did the same and peaked her forehead and she opened her eyes and saw him close. She for the first time blushed and he once again fell in love with her. She said ; ok u came here also ?? He nodded chalo now pat my head and i am sleepy still radhika said in a sleepy tone. And she was about to sleep but radhika’s mother who entered saw ardhika and held arjun’s ears and shouted radhika. Radhika who was all the time thinking she was dreaming jerked and woke up. Radhika ; what are u doing here ?? Arjun stammered but sam from behind pushed him and said ; he is here to marry u. Radhika ; i me u u means i me …….

u marriage sam had enough she was irritated and shook radhika and said ; shoo kutty do u love this stupid ?? Radhika thought and said ; if u love ur idiot then i love this stupid but what is ur decision i will say what u say say me shall i say yes to him or not. He at once fell on her feet and neil who came back said ayyoooo yappa yapppppa super performance get up. Sam spoke something to radhika’s ears.
She stood up and went out of the room and went to the terrace. Arjun saw sam she shrugged her shoulders and he went behind her. Neil gestured what sam replied she is going to propose him yaar. Neil nodded first then it stricked and saw her she nodded slowly with a smile.

Radhika was standing in the terrace. Arjun from the behind came and hugged her. She had goose bumps when he held her. He kept his chin over her shoulders and husked why is my doll angry ?? Radhiks did not speak anything but saw him and peaked hia cheeks and was about to run. He held her tight and twisted her in air by picking her. She was all the time giggling and held his hand tight. He put her down and turned her and she did not see his face and said are u blushing ?? Radhika ; who is blushing i was inhaling what is my mother is making. She breathes in and says aaah super gulob jamun hmmm and then some pakoda and ……..inhales vadai my fav. Arjun ; how do u know that ??
Radhika ; spy nose is mine i can smell food petrol and also new book smell. So i can smell my mother’s food. Arjun laughed hard at her cute antiques and hugged her and she for the first time hugged her man…….

Thats it guys lml next love u stay blessed and dont forget to smile.

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  1. Brin

    Awesome shot, love it to the core, well done. 🙂

    1. S.v

      thank u brin

  2. arti viswanathan

    Sv dear awesome yaar.. I luvd ur story. Arjun was stalking radhika wow and finally going to marry radhika… Excellent work sv dear…

    1. S.v

      thank u arti hope u enjoyed it

  3. Myra

    cupcakeeeeee…….chalo instant request ki purti…..glad….loved it….amazing…..splendid….so finally radhika has her Arjun as well…
    this is how you complete a story…..ardhika and nesam…..easy and brilliant..
    love you so much…

    1. S.v

      he he he meri teddy abb kush ?? yup rads has her arjun. Love u so much and thank u so so much

  4. Starz… amazing..loved it to the core…. love you and take care di

    1. S.v

      thank u so much starz love u so much

  5. Jessie

    Sam slapped Arjun..heheh..Punch queen ka kwaish!! Super one Baby…He stalked her n Radz scared lol…Arneil prank..naughty ones..Arjun made all marriage arrangements too..wah..
    Hero ho to aise..loved it ya…Last part..she finds the dishes..hhaahha.. did it girl…
    Nice one…Lovely ending… TC n loads of love

    1. S.v

      he he he baby why should boys have all the fun ?? let sam can smash as well lol he is the hero so he will do it… im so happy that u enjoyed it . LOve u baby

  6. Gauri

    Cutie Pie 🙂 you are really amazing …perfect shot….soul sisters are just amazing ,,,,funny naughty and loving update …..Arjun bechara…but all was splendid 🙂 stay blessed and keep smiling 🙂 love u

    1. S.v

      thank u so much didi. Love u so much di waiting for all ur updates. Love u so much

  7. Meen

    D first thing that came to my mind after reading this was bechara Arjun…..hehehe……but phew …..aradhika scenes were grt…..& arneil prank simply awesome…..& woooooo Arjun got slapped….hehe….amazing update Darling……waiting for d nxt….muuuha

    1. S.v

      he he he bechara arjun….. why should boys have all the fun ?? lol love u so much

  8. mindblowing………

    1. S.v

      thank u

  9. Roma

    Awesome wowwww SV my lovely special friend. …it was very beautiful n marvellous shotm…I wasn’t expecting but it’s bonus. …yayyyyy…..wowwww. …rads the refree between nesam……I loved that…..n arjun’s entry was so dhamakedaar with sam’s slapping ceremony. …hehehe…lol…rolf….it was soooo cuteeeee n mind blowing. …Sam’s care n love for rads was amazing. ….arjun acted in front of rads as she is dreaming for him….lol……very lovely…..last scene was so beautiful. …it was very fresh n sweeeeeet lovely shots….ur amazinglyawesoooooome writer…….keep it up honeyyy. . . I love you soooooooo muchhhhh my sweeeeeethearttttt. …muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug n lots of kisses ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. S.v

      thank u so much my spl friend. Even i did not expect that i was planning to finish with the first shot then u know they wanted a love story for radhika so i came up with this im so happy that u are happy muhhhaaaa, he he he wanted to make arjun a cute person. thank u so sooo much love u tons bear hugs muhhhaaaa love u lods.

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