Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Epilogue)

Epilogue – The Prequel to the Sequel

Malhotra’s Apartments
The sun peeked through the cotton like clouds turning the sky into a beautiful shade of blue, spreading its rays throughout the city, the glass windows were are no much for the morning summer sun, it passed through the cream curtains to kiss the skin of the couple entangled on the king size bed below. Sam shifted a bit from the sun burying herself deep in her husband’s bare torso and instinctively Neil wrapped his hand around her middle pulling her close to his warmth. The annoying sound of the alarm clock made Neil groaned irritably “turn it off Sam” he said groggily but she didn’t pay heed to his sleep talk, maybe if she ignore it will go off by itself she thought.

But the alarm clock was doing the only thing it was best at, disturbing their sleep and so it when on screaming with all it’s might. Sighing defeated Neil extended his hand towards the side table with his eye closed, he knew once he opened his eyes then the last bit of sleep he was clinging on would vaporate. With his arm behind Sam’s back he went on feeling the mattress and everything that came on his way till he touched the hard wooden top of the bedside table, he went on with his efforts trying to get the snooze button so he could slapped the alarm clock shut but the digital clock was far from his reach so he ended rolling them with Sam below him. “couldn’t you let me sleep for two more minutes?” she said said irritated as her sleep was ruined now.

“I was trying to turn the alarm off”

“Whatever, now get off me”

He rolled over setting her free, she got off the bed rubbing her eyes and stretching her muscles. She picked up their scattered clothes on the floor and smiled shyly reminiscing the night before “thinking about me, babe?” he burst her bubble of thoughts. She turned to him and he smiled seeing the tinge of pink across her cheeks, Sam threw his boxer briefs at him and walked to the bathroom to freshen up.

He joined her a five minutes later and found her brushing, pasting his toothbrush he stood next to her at the double sink. “but the way how did you end up in my t-shirt?” he asked when she walked to the shower.

“I felt cold and it was the only thing near my reach” she replied putting her hand under the running shower to check the temperature.

“I want it back, now”

Sam moved herself under the shower soaking the blue t-shirt in water “come get it” she told him smiling as if challenging him and smirked when he groaned at the sight of the wet t-shirt sticking to her body that he could see she wasn’t wearing anything under that light fabric. Putting his toothbrush away he sauntered towards her like a prey going for a kill and she knew they were going to be late for work that day.

One hour and a half later, they were in the kitchen having breakfast “I have to rush” Neil said gulping the rest of his coffee.

“you go ahead, I will drop Kiaan at the palace then go to the office”

He nodded and got up from the dining table checking his phone, she bid him goodbye but folded his hands over his chest “where is my kiss babe?” Sam smiled and pecked his lips but he was in no mood to let go, putting one hand on her back and another on the back of her head his kissed her to his heart content till breathing became impaired. He put on his jacket “Kiaan daddy is leaving” he shouted.

Their 3yrs old son Kiaan came out running to them, wearing his dad’s jacket over his underwear and covered in baby lotion and powder he resembled the friendly ghost casper. Sam gasped “what did you do, I just bathed you?”

“I’m going to the office like daddy” he replied making them laugh “where is my kiss, babe?” he asked his mom with arms folded on his chest imitating his father, he was Neil’s carbon copy.

Neil knelt to his height “buddy, that’s my wife only I can call her babe”

“but she is my mom” he replied furrowing his little brows and Neil sighed defeated.

“Okay enough” Sam intervened “Kiaan, kiss daddy goodbye and you can’t go to the office today because am taking you to Nani” he did what his mom told rubbing off powder on Neil’s shirt in the process.

Kensington Park
It was a calm summer afternoon, after lunch hours were parents took their kids out to the park for some fresh air and some fun. Kids mingling with other kids, some in the swings, some in the slides and some playing on the lash green grass. Laughter and cries both could be heard, some hands on parents yelling at their kids fearing they may hurt themselves and some laid back parents resting on the benches but still keeping a close eyes at their kids.

One of those parents was Jai, sitting on the bench he watched his daughter playing with other kids in the slides “careful princess” he told her when she slipped on the ladder.

“Dad, am a ninja princess” said Aria assuring her dad that she was fine and continued playing.

Jai laughed “Okay… ”

“You have got a handful there” said a woman who was sharing the bench with Jai.

Jai smiled “yeah, but I wouldn’t have it any other way”

The woman nodded in understanding “and her mother?”

Jai stiffened, Aria’s mother was a closed chapter in his life, his daughter and him didn’t need her. The mere thought of Tina brought back memories he had chosen to bury not because they affected him but because he didn’t want it to affect his daughter’s future “We are… We are not together”

“Oh, am really sorry” said the woman apologetically, Jai gave her a small smile and went back to watch his daughter “what happened exactly?”

Jai pretended he didn’t hear but the woman insisted, some people don’t know when to stop he thought. He turned to her again and just then his phone rang rescuing him “excuse me” he told her and moved away to talk. “You are a lifesaver Priya” he said when he answered the phone.

“Where the hell are you?” Priya barked.

“At the park, why?”

“You ordered the wrong the cake”

“That, can’t be. I strictly remember to order a vanilla cake with caramel frosting, just like you told me” Jai explained.

“I also told you to order a princess Elsa cake and you ordered some princess Ella. How are we supposed to have a frozen movie theme party without the frozen princess cake?” Priya scolded him over the phone.

Jai gulped, Priya had been planning for this birthday for months and he screwed on the most important thing in a birthday party, the cake “Priya… Am sorry I didn’t know”

“Sorry won’t fix anything Jai, I have everything ready and now am stuck with a cake with a face I don’t know… Who the hell is Ella by the way” she ranted.

Jai was sweating, he knew how close Priya was with Aria and how determined she gets to give Aria what she wants “Aria is a big girl now she will understand Priya, I will make her understand and there is always another birthday”

“No, my Goddaughter won’t compromise and this is a special birthday, it’s her birthday before kindergarten” she snapped.

“What can I do to help?” He said defeated.

“One hour, I need one hour to fix this so don’t bring her home till then” she ordered.

“Yes ma’am” he replied and ended the call. “Now what should do I for another hour?” He turned his gaze back on the slides but didn’t see Aria, he looked at the bench but the woman was also gone. She must be around here he thought not wanting to panic. He looked around the entire playground but there was no sign of her, he started to panic “Aria…. Aria… Princess… ” he called out as he searched for her. Where could she be? How could she got lost? Was she kidnapped? All these dreadful thoughts kept running in his mind as he asked around showing every person her photo he had in his phone and all of them giving the same answer that they hadn’t seen where she had gone.

He took out his phone to call the police “Dad.. ” he heard her voice before the phone got connected.

He felt his heartbeat being restored in his chest when he saw her petite form waving at him, she was holding an ice cream cone in her right hand while her left was holding a woman’s hand that had her back to Jai. Who could it be? He asked himself as ran-walked to them. He knelt down to her height and took her in a tight embrace “why did you leave my sight princess? Dad was so scared you know”

“Sorry Dad” Aria cooed not leaving the woman’s hands.

“And how many times have I told you not to talk to strangers” He said a bit loud for the woman to hear so she could show her face to him and she did.

“Am so sorry to have caused you trouble” said woman turning after paying the ice cream vendor “it’s just that your daughter is so cute that I couldn’t resist myself” Jai sighed seeing an unfamiliar face “hi, am Preeti” she said extending her hand.

“Jai.. ” he said shaking her hand. “How much for the ice cream” he added taking out his wallet.

“No.. No.. No.. It’s okay” she protested.

“It’s not okay to me miss Preeti”

Preeti smiled “I know I made you worry and am sorry but the ice cream is my treat for the birthday girl”

“How do you know it’s her birthday?” He asked suspiciously.

“I told her dad” Aria chirped in licking her ice cream that was melting to in her hand. Jai nodded and took his daughter away “bye Preeti” Aria said waving her hand to her and Jai didn’t like it one bit.

“Are we going home now?” she asked when he buckled the seat belt on her.

Jai sighed, he had to keep her away from home for one more hour “I have some work in the office and you are coming with me”

Mehra’s Apartment.
Arjun sat impatiently on the bed waiting for Radhika, he kept tapping the tile floor with his left foot biting his nails, it wasn’t his first time but still he wasn’t used to the nervousness of waiting. Finally his wait was over when Radhika came out of the washroom “so…?”

Radhika walked to him holding a digital pregnancy test stick in her hands, she sighed “it’s negative” she told him sadly and sat next to him.

Arjun took the stick and read himself to confirm that she wasn’t joking with him “okay then, lets take another one” They had gone through the false alarms so many times that one test was never enough for him now.

“this is the third one, Arjun”

“I know, but lets take one more to be sure”

“it’s negative Arjun, am not pregnant” she shouted a little irritated and got off the bed. “am not pregnant…. Again” she said softly.

Arjun closed his eyes for a second, it was frustrating for both of them “we just have to keep trying…”

“No Please” she cut him in “don’t give me this sympathy talk Arjun, I don’t need it” and walked out of the room.

Arjun followed her a minute later and found her in the kitchen taking things out of the fridge, chopping tomatoes and doing whatsoever “sweetheart, what are you doing ?”

“making breakfast” she answered while taking eggs out of the refrigerator.

“but we just had lunch” he said trying hard to keep the humour out of his voice. She sighed and leaned back on the kitchen counter “are you calm… Is it safe for me now to come there?” She looked at him confused “honey, you are holding a knife” he teased.

Radhika threw the knife in the sink “bad joke detective” he smiled, if she called him detective then she wasn’t mad any more. He went close to her and took her in an embrace and she hugged him back holding on to him tight.

He broke the hug after sometime without taking his arms off her “what are we doing next?”

She closed her eyes for a moment “I don’t know, we have been trying for so long and no results”

“it hasn’t been that long” he tried to sound optimistic.

“three years Arjun, it has been three years and that’s a long time” She buried her face in his chest again, the only place that made her feel safe and secured, Arjun rubbed her back to calm her down, being parents was a dream they both shared but years of unsuccessful had taken a toll on them, more on her than him. They had visited several doctors, undergone several tests and all came back with the same result that they were both physically fit to bear children giving them hope but everytime they took a pregnancy test their hope was shattered. “maybe we should look for other means or maybe we should just stop trying” she said when she broke the hug “maybe this is not for us, maybe we are not meant to be parents”

“and I got your back, whatever you decide to do I will support you” he assured her.

“even if that means we won’t be parents?”

He cupped her face “Radhika you are important to me, your smile is important to me and I will do whatever makes you happy”

“will you do anything I say?”

“anything you say” she laughed and that made him smile “so what do I have to do?… Walk on fire or jump from the roof top?”

She placed her arms around his neck and planted a soft kiss on his lips “kiss me Arjun” she whispered against his lips. She leaned forward to give him another soft one and he groaned in return, his left hand automatically went to her nape to keep her where she was. He deepened the kiss by opening her mouth with his and coaxing her tongue to play. What ensued after was a sensual dance between their tongues, with moans and groans as their background music.

He gently lifted her up carrying her without breaking the kiss making her squeal against his mouth, he smiled though he continued kissing her as he laid her gently on the counter top. They separated when air became a necessity, their foreheads touching, eyes closed, her hands still on his neck and hair, his on either sides of her caressing her. Arjun began to plant soft kissed on her cleavage taking her sanity away “what if dad walks in on us?” she said in between her moans.

Arjun while still kissing her answered “he went to play golf and will go straight to the party”

He leaned forward to capture her lips again but she placed her finger on his lips stopping him “the party, we will be late” she stated concerned.

One of his hands now caressing her thigh inside her floral dress “we still have time” he was getting annoyed that his spell on her was breaking.

She smiled seeing his annoyed face, raking her hand in his hair she pulled his face close to her “then what are you waiting for?” His reply was crashing his lips on her to not let her speak one more word.

El Milagro Palace
The palace gates were open today, it was the Khanna’s princess birthday and the Khannas did know how to throw a party. The entire backyard garden was decorated like a theme park, slides, bouncy house, pony rides they had it all. Light blue and white floating balloons were everywhere, from the table settings to the streamers everything reflected enchantment, elegance and royalty, and that’s exactly what they were looking for. Priya who had taken the responsibility of organising the party left no stone unturned in making the birthday a special one for Aria “ma’am where should I put the cake?” asked the cake shop delivery boy who had now brought the right cake after getting an earful of scolding from Priya.

“put it on that round table” she instructed him pointing at the table standing right before the big banner that said HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY PRINCESS ARIA.

Priya looked at the fruits of her efforts and smile “perfect” she mumbled to herself satisfied with what she had done, if her princess wanted a frozen theme party and a frozen theme party she would get, she was her God daughter but Priya loved her more than a mother would ever love her daughter. She looked at the time and gasped, only thirty mnutes till guests start to arrive. She ringed Ankush “where are you, the party is about to start”

“just turn around wifey” he replied. Priya smiled when she saw Ankush, he walked up to her “good job” he complimented her looking at the decorations.

“did you bring my dress”

“right here” he said giving her a gift bag that had Priya’s new baby blue sari to match with Aria’s new baby blue frock, the two loved to wear matching outfits.

“okay I will go change” she told him and started to leave.

Ankush pulled her back wrapping his arm around her waist “do you need any help with that?” he said huskily.

Priya smiled “yes” she said making Ankush raise his brow teasingly “I need you to go get your sons ready” she added bursting his bubble. She laughed at his helpless face and went inside to change.

Ankush sighed getting anything done with their twin boys was hell of a task, the identical 4yrs old twins were mischievous to the tee always pulling pranks on people and Ankush was their favourite victim. “here goes nothing” he mumbled before going inside the house and found his boys already giving Ridhima a hard time with their hide and seek game “Aarav… Aarush… Come out now” but none of them came out “come out or am telling your mom” he threatened and with that he found the twins before him even before he could take another breath “good” he said proudly and took them to change.

Ridhima heaved a sigh of relief when they went with their dad, she walked to the kitchen since she was in charge of the food to be served in the party, her steps halted at the entrance hearing the voices coming from the kitchen “what are you doing Neil, do it properly” she heard Sam say and contemplated if she should step in or not “Put some pressure on it … Do it harder” she heard Sam’s voice again and her arm that was going to push the kitchen door open froze in mid air. A tap on her shoulder took her out of her shock, Hrishant asked her what was going on and before she could answer their attention was drawn back in the closed kitchen with Sam’s voice “yes… Like that… Aah yes”

Hrishant wanted to laugh but one glare from Ridhima was enough to make him understand that that was no laughing matter, Ridhima banged on the door “are you guys decent? Am coming in” she announced before entering the kitchen with Hrishant behind her only to find Neil standing behind Sam massaging his wife’s shoulders. “am sorry” was all Ridhima could muster to say making Hrishant laugh his lungs out confusing Neil and Sam.

“Did we miss anything?” asked Neil confused.

“Nothing much” Hrishant said “just that my wife has a dirty mind” he added jokingly.

Ridhima glared at her husband and apologized again “you were making these sounds Sam and I thought… I thought that you two were…were you know” she stuttered” Sam gasped in surprise when she finally understood what Ridhima was trying to say followed by Neil’ roars of laughter which they all joined a second later.

The party was about to start, most of the guest had arrived and it was a matter of time till Jai and Aria came. “where are Radhika and Arjun?” asked Priya looking at the time, they were never this late much less to a family gathering.

“you know the love birds, they have to get their hands off each other first to get here” Neil teased, Ankush cleared his throat at that showing he was uncomfortable to hear things like that about his sister and Neil understood “speak of the devil” he added pointing to Arjun’s car that was approaching them.

“You are late” Priya told them with her hands on her hips.

“Its her fault” Arjun threw the blame on his wife.

Radhika looked at him agape “sorry Di, I had work”

“But you left the office before us” Neil said, he loved to tease her.

“I had work at the publication office” Radhika replied defensively and that was the last of that topic.

Radhika and Arjun went to place their gifts at the gift table, noticing that they were alone Arjun leaned on her ear and whispered “I didn’t know what we were doing it’s how you publish a book… So what book did you publish this afternoon…. 50 shades or Grey or Kamasutra”

Radhika smiled a fake one “I will tell you that tonight when I will be publishing how to get away with your husband’s murder volume II, be sure to be there” she said in a fake sweet voice fluttering her lashes.

“Iron Man” came screams of three boys seeing Arjun, the twins and Kiaan ran to Arjun, he was their favourite uncle. Arjun would always tell them stories about police and fighting fascinating the kids with bits of imaginations here and there, Arjun and the three boys together called themselves the avengers with Arjun the ‘Iron Man’ being their leader. Arjun instantly took the kids with them to go enjoy the party.

Jai and Aria finally came and the party officially started after Priya got Aria changed into a beautiful baby blue princess gown, kids if not in the bouncy house then they were taking turns to ride the pony or getting their faces painted with colourful designs. Cake was cut, pictures were taken, the food was great and everybody including the parents who came with their children were enjoying themselves.

Mala came to Radhika who was watching her husband lovingly as he played with the kids “he is a natural with kids” Mala said taking her out of her cloud. “he will be an amazing father for sure” Radhika nodded smilingly. “Then why are you depriving him of this joy?”

“what are you saying mom?”

“am saying for how long will he be just an uncle… Till when will he have to settle with playing with other’s children?” Radhika looked at her mother confused “you have been married for more than four years now and you still don’t want to be a mother, why?” Radhika turned her face away before her eyes watered, talking about why she wasn’t a mother yet was a sensitive topic for her that she hadn’t shared with anyone but Arjun.

Mala turned her face towards Ridhima and Hrishant who were playing with their daughter Riya “look at Ridhima, she married way after you and she already has a child” Ridhima took her time with Hrishant, she married him only after dating him for two years, she didn’t want to repeat her mistake and even though Hrishant was a good person it took her time to trust again but Hrishant as patient as ever earned her love and trust. They were now happily married and happy parents of a two years old daughter, Riya.

“mom, you dont understand”

“I understand that work and career are important to you” she cupped Radhika’s face “but dear marriage doesn’t work that way, you have to keep the balance….. you can’t have your wants and needs alone be met all the time…. You have got to give his dreams and needs importance too…. don’t take advantage of the love he has for you…. You married when you wanted to, only when you wanted to now don’t deny him the right to be a father when he wants to” Mala planted a warm kiss on her forehead “I know I don’t have the right to say anything about your life now since you are old enough to make your own decisions, but if you can then please think about what I said…. If you hold him back too much then he might get tired of waiting for you”

Radhika swiftly wiped a lone tear from her left eye when Mala walked away, she looked back at Arjun who was laying down with Aarav and Kiaan tickling him, she looked at Neil who had Riya around his neck running behind Hrishant, Ankush and Priya were making Aria swing between their joined hands and Ridhima was pacifying a crying Aarush. Oh! What she wouldn’t have done to have that joy they were experiencing. “why all alone?” asked Sam taking her out of her reverie. Sam followed Radhika’s gaze and smiled “you know sometimes I envy you”

Radhika snapped her gaze to Sam “what?”

“yes, I mean you and Arjun have all the time in the world to be together, no kids no hassle” Radhika smiled a sad one “but sometimes I think how cool would it have been if you also had a child and our children got to grow up together like we did”

“I would have love that too”

Sam could easily pick up the sadness in her voice, she took her into a tight hug “all in due time, when the right time comes you will get your share of the hassle don’t worry and am sure you are going to be a great mother” Radhika smiled in return.

Radhika suddenly felt a strong grip around her legs, she smiled when she saw the source of the hold “I have tried everything but he won’t stop crying, only you can do this” said Ridhima tiredly pointing to a crying Aarush who was holding Radhika.

Radhika bent to his height and wiped his tears “now why my strong baby is crying” she said in baby voice.

“mom doesn’t want me to open the presents” he cried.

“but it’s not your birthday baby” she cooed.

“I don’t want birthday I want presents” he whined.

“you are her brother right?” he nodded “well a brother is supposed to protect his sister’s presents and not take them”

“really?” he asked innocently.

Radhika smiled “yes really, tell you what I will buy you presents” He squealed happily and hugged her tight “only if you promise to be a good brother” Radhika put out her pinky finger “promise?”

“promise” he replied joining his pinky fingers with hers.

“now lets go play”

Ajay was walking out of the washroom in the first floor of the mansion when he met Dilip holding a tray, he smiled. Over the years he had grown very close to Dilip and the two had become the best of friends, they even played golf together. “what’s with the tray?”

“I made tea for Mala, she was complaining about a headache”

“But I just saw her taking pills for it” Dilip shoulders slumped in disappointment “I saw her take them before I came in to got to the washroom” he added. Ajay laughed at Dilip’s helpless face “don’t worry buddy, I won’t let your efforts go to waste, I will have that tea” he offered.

“No, you don’t have to do this”

“Am not doing anything, besides I was going to have something sweet anyway I feel my blood sugar level has dropped”

“then in that case you should have some glucose or something”

Ajay picked up the cup and sipped the tea “this tea will serve just fine” Dilip smiled and the two went back to the party outside.


Every good things eventually must come to an end so did the party, all the guests had left and the family were packing up to retire to their homes. Arjun walked to his dad who was sitting by himself since Dilip had already left “it’s time to go dad” Ajay nodded and got off his seat and staggered but Arjun caught him just in time “how many pegs did you have?” Ajay opened his mouth to speak but didn’t say a word, he looked as if he was he was struggling to speak and that worried Arjun “dad, are you okay?”

Arjun worried more seeing that he was sweating so much, he checked his temperature with the palm of his hands and he was normal “what happened to dad?” asked Priya who had walked to them.

Ajay suddenly started to struggle for air, he was not able to breath, Arjun who had been holding him all this time sat him back on the chair “dad, whats going on?” he panicked.

Ajay who was still struggling to breath held tightly onto the left side of his chest taking in high pitched breath, by that the time the other people who were still at the palace were surrounding them “he is having a heart attack” announced Hrishant and quickly stepped in to offer assistance, he turned to Arjun “call for an ambulance, now” he said while opening Ajay’s shirt buttons to give him some air, he did the necessary procedures while Arjun called for help.

Priya was already in tears and Ankush stood behind her to calm her down “Dad…. Dad….” she cried out as they heard the siren nearing the palace.

Mehra’s Apartment.
It was quiet, the atmosphere was gloomy, dressed in white the family and friends gathered at the Apartment to give their final respect to the man they once knew as their father, friend, mentor, colleague and confidant. Two days had passed since the fateful passing of Ajay Mehra. Priya was in her former bedroom sleeping, the pain of losing her father for too agonizing for her that they had to sedate her to keep her calm and Ankush was by her side giving her his unconditional support. Arjun on the other hand was trying to depict a picture of a strong man before the world but would cry bitterly once away from the eyes of the people surrounding him but Radhika knew him all too well to understand his pain.

A doorbell rang and Arjun offered to go open the door but what he saw before him was the biggest surprise of all. Edward standing besides Tina was at the door, he froze for a second but then let them inside “we came as soon as we heard, sorry for your loss” said Edward offering his condolences, Arjun nodded in return.

He looked at Tina “how are you?”

“fine” she replied softly, there was a moment of silence between them but then Tina did the unthinkable by taking Arjun into an embrace “am sorry for what you are going through” Arjun hesitated, he looked at Edward who nodded at him in return and reciprocated her hug finally.

Everyone who saw Tina didn’t know how they should react, some smiled at her while some ignored that she was there. Jai froze to his feet seeing her before him “how are you Jai?” she said smiling.

“am okay, and you?”

“you can say am fine” Tina bit her lower lip nervously “and how is…” she hesitated.

“she is fine, my daughter is just fine” he replied emphasizing on the word ‘my’ and Tina didn’t need a degree to understand what he was implying.

Arjun and Edward walked to a side catching up on things, on one hand Radhika was happy that Edward came since she knew his presence will make Arjun forget the ordeal even if its just for a few minutes. “so how did it happen?” Edward asked.

“heart failure, that’s what the autopsy says” Arjun sighed “but am waiting for the toxicology report”

“you think someone might have wanted him dead?”

“maybe am over thinking things but dad was healthy and strong plus he never had medical issues with the heart…. A sudden heart attack seems odd”

“any suspects?”

He nodded his head in negative “none… none so far”

Edward patted his shoulder “well, you can count on me on anything” Arjun smiled and they went back to catch up on each other’s lives.

El Milagro Palace
All the kids were staying back at the palace with Piyali looking over them, she had just made them to take their afternoon nap and went to her room to take a shower since Aarush had poured an entire glass of orange juice on her sari. She took a quick shower and changed into a new sari, she applied make up and was going to step out of her bedroom when she remembered she hadn’t worn her diamond earrings but strangely she couldn’t find them on her dressing table “maybe I left them in the bathroom” she thought and she was right, she found her earring on her bathroom sink.

She put them on and walked out when she was startled by a figure sitting on her bed “am baaaack” the deep manly voice echoed inside the four walls.

Her eyes widened, her lips quivered and her throat suddenly had gone dry but she still managed to spell the name “Kabir….!?”


Well in Kabir’s words “I’m baaaack”

Missed you guys all too much 😞😞😞 I hope you are not mad at me for disappearing, forgive this helpless friend of yours please……… Pretty Please…. With Cherry on top please…… 😘😘😘😘😘😘

So the prequel to the sequel, always wanted to say that. If you are all up for another mystery ride I would love to entertain you all once again. The sequel will be called CHASING DESTINY.

So how do you think this was?


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    The best end to the beautiful story!! do you any plans for season 2? waiting for served cold

    Love you loads

    • Gianna



      Thanks Shree, missed u guys a lot. Yes planning a season 2, it will go by the name Chasing Destiny, will be posting served cold later today.
      Love u loads

  5. Sathya


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    • Gianna



      Missed u so much dear, I know I have a lot of catching up to do in your stories. Thank you and u will be posting both the stories.
      Love u dear.

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