Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 8)

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Chapter 8

Mishra/Kapoor Residence
When u love someone what do u expect, u only expect loyalty, trust and honesty and that’s what Ridhima expected from her love and husband Kabir. Four years ago when they met she didn’t fell in love with him on first sight or with the way he looked and carried himself, she fell in love with his words that she believed were honest and straight from his heart, she fell in love with the way he stood up for her dreams, she fell in love when he assured her with his actions that he loves her and her alone. Though her heart was reluctant that the man she loved so much can kill a soul she had to put her mind at ease “did u kill nanaji?” she asked again her heart in fear that he will say yes and her eyes clearly showed what was running in her mind for tears were welling up in her eyes.

Kabir was nervous not bcoz she asked him if he was the muderer but bcoz his lie was caught, the Kabir Ridhima knew and loved was far from the real Kabir that he always kept behind the mask of his lies. “If u don’t trust me then there is no need for us to stay married” he threw the bait for he knew Ridhima feared the society eye and wouldn’t opt for divorce.

Ridhima’s cheek got wet with hot tears “why do we have to come to divorce?… don’t I have any rights on u?… am I wrong wanting to clear my doubts?”

Kabir saw victory in her tears, she was breaking down, she was weak, he had hit the arrow right at the target, his mind screamed “bulls eyes” it was time for phase two. He cocked his fake anger face “that’s exactly what am talking about… am done with u doubting me… do I ever doubt u that u question my every move?”

Ridhima let her tears flow with no inhibition now “am doing this to not let any doubts live btn us… why can’t u just answer my question?”

Kabir: “it’s not about answering your question… the matter here is that u don’t trust me… u are accusing me of being a murderer… a murderer Ridhima” he instisted on the word murderer pouncing more on her wound determined to make her feel bad for questioning him, he wanted to make sure she never arises her doubts again. “but then let me tell u… that day of the party I did went to the washroom… when I got out I heard some sound and went to check but I saw nothing and the keys Samrat uncle left those in his office but I forgot to return them to him… that’s it”

She wasn’t satisfied with his answer, what about the nervousness she read on his face that night of the party, what about the nervousness she read on his face when she asked him about it and how can he forget to return the keys when Samrat said he lost them months ago bcoz Kabir wasn’t forgetful that she was sure about. Uncertainty remained but still she convinced herself she was worrying for nothing “am sorry for doubting u… I didn’t mean to make u feel bad… if it’s any consolation am feeling terrible too”

Kabir wiped her tears and hugged her mentally smirking for making a fool out of her yet again “promise me that u won’t doubt me ever again” he demanded.

Ridhima faintly smiled “I promise” she said and she meant that too. Love is indeed blind but often lovers pretend to be blind too and that was the case with Ridhima, she knew she had to question but kept quiet for the sake of her marriage or better said so called marriage.

Samrat was a confident man but there was something in Arjun’s eyes that flushed all the confidence out of his system, he had always been careful about his steps so there was no need to be afraid but he was, maybe it was his sixth sense or maybe it was just his nerves but he couldn’t stop worrying. Kabir scowled at his sight, Samrat had woken him up in the middle of the night “what do u want?” he asked annoyed.

Samrat forwarded his hand “give me my keys… I need to get rid of them… I lied that I lost them so I need to vanish them”

Kabir chuckled irritating Samrat “u really are more stupid than I thought”

Samrat grabbed his neck ready to throttle him and spoke with gritted teeth “listen u a*shole, I don’t have time for your silly games… give me the keys, it’s my house damn it”

Kabir removed Samrat’s hand around his neck, he still wore an unaffected expression on his face “u can’t get rid of the keys now, Ridhima already saw them … she knows I have the keys”

Samrat panicked “what…?” he banged his fisted hand on the car “how could u do that… do u want this blame to fall on me…?”

Kabir sighed and rubbed his eyes “relax… I made up a story for her and she believed me… I will stick to my story, u are fine… no one is going to blame u”

Samrat calmed a bit “are u sure?” he asked and Kabir nodded calming his nerves more “okay, then let’s go to Westminster and get rid of any evidence u may have left behind”

Kabir was now frustrated listening to him “are u crazy?… u want us to go there now?” he sighed exasperated at his stupidity “Arjun is not stupid to have a search warrant in his hand and grant u time to go get rid of evidence… he is probably waiting for u there… he wants to trap u” then realisation dawn on him “sh*t… what if he has u followed… I let myself be seen with u… f**k”

Samrat’s calmed nerves started dancing again “what are we going to do now?”

Kabir calmed himself and spoke “nothing … we are going to do nothing” Samrat didn’t get that plan so Kabir explained “don’t u read the news?… Arjun is one of the best detectives the Met police has… if he had any evidence it would have been a totally different scene now… he is bluffing” he then smile “I always clean my tracks, he won’t find anything in that house” Samrat was also calm again “u go home and have a nice good sleep… u will see Arjun has got nothing to pin u with… and we need to have a similar story if asked why u came to meet me at this hour” After a few minutes discussion a plan was made, Samrat opened his car door to leave but Kabir held his hand stopping him “one more thing… quit saying my house, my house… that’s my house now… remember we had a deal” Samrat just got in his car and drove off without answering but Kabir smirked at the irritated face he had before driving away “got u Samrat Khanna” he said looking at the disappearing car.

Taste Farm Offices
THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF THE FOOD INDUSTRY it read on the morning leading business newspaper, after the press conference introducing the two young and now bold and beautiful heirs of the leading food company in London, a parade of congratulations followed. Radhika felt awkward with everything, she still had that feeling of not belonging creeping in her heart. Amrish’s office was the biggest in the building, surrounded by glass that let’s one see the city behind them and covered with a mirror that let’s u see who is coming to u. It was big enough that it even had a bathroom attached to one end and secret relaxing room on the other. It was spacious enough to fit a king size bed and sofa Radhika thought and it all now belonged to her. Though she would have preferred to take any other cabin, Neil instisted that she takes that one and even Jai supported the same.

Radhika stood near the glass staring at the busy city, she had her arms crossed on her chest trying to gain the confidence that everyone saw in her. Neil entered and saw her lost in her own thoughts, he smiled mischievously as he tiptoed towards her and screamed near her ear, Radhika jumped scared screaming too and collided with the glass window in the process. “Ouch… ” she said as she turned to his laughing form rubbing the corner of her head “are u done… if so then please leave” she said annoyed.

Neil stopped laughing but he still chuckled lighty “what are a feisty boss” he remarked and started to laugh again but this time Radhika joined in too “I thought u were going to start dancing” he spoke mid laughter. “how’s your first day at work?” he asked when he was done laughing.

Radhika sighed “so so” she said while taking her seat “the thought of going back to my favourite job on Monday keeps me going”

Neil smiled “drama queen aren’t u… but I must say… u look great behind this desk… just like a boss… and quit being a sissy am here with u… no decision is made in this company without my advice, u just take a chill pill” They were disturbed by a knock on the door, office messenger brought Radhika a parcel and a bouquet of roses “I didn’t know u have an admirer” Radhika just smiled at his words, the roses were sent by Arjun there was a card attached to it where he wished her all the very best for her new job and the parcel was from Sam. Sam had sent her a handmade clay pen holder that she had herself made and decorated it by drawing a cute pig and a giraffe with the letters BFF written on it, there was also a card inside the parcel where Sam’s best wishes and apology was written and it touched her heart. After putting the gifts aside Neil asked “what’s this about u leaving my house?”

Her smile fell, she pretended to be busy on her laptop avoiding to meet his eyes “what about it?… my stay was supposed to be temporary but now that it’s permanent I think it’s best I move out… am staying at nanaji’s penthouse at Notting Hill… well now it’s my penthouse”

Neil knew her well, avoiding her gaze meants lying, she was lying to him “did Dad asked u to leave?” Radhika was shocked and denied the allegations but Neil knew it was all pretense, she didn’t leave on her own accord, she was asked to leave. Bidding her bye, he left her cabin and collided with Tina in the hallway “sorry… ” he apologized and when he saw her he was stunned “my… my… Tina… u look ravishing” Tina thanked him smilingly and went to Jai’s cabin.

Tina was happy, she was happier than Jai himself, she was the president’s PA and now that Jai was the president there was nothing more she could ask. She didn’t need work excuses to go see him, she could barge into his office anytime asking if he had lunch or if he needed water to drink, she could feed him as much muffins as she wanted, she could join him in his meetings and she could just stay in his cabin staring at him all day.

Jai’s new cabin was opposite to Ankush’s cabin, he could see who was coming and going from his office through the glass door. He had been sitting staring at his watch, Priya entered Ankush’s cabin thirty minutes ago and there was no sign of her coming out and that was eating him inside. “may I come in Sir?” said Tina peeking from the door.

Jai smiled “Sir sounds good but we are friends above all so Jai will do” Tina was happy that power didn’t change him but Jai was surprised seeing her outfit, high stilettos, body hugging dress, perfectly made curls and heavy make-up made her look totally different from the Tina he was used to. “don’t u think u are too dressed up for office?” he asked raising his eyebrow. Tina was red in embarrassment, she had her eyes fixed on the floor, Jai got off his chair and walked up to her, holding her shoulders he said “u are beautiful Tina, u don’t have to do all these”

Tina asked him to repeat his words, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t dreaming and he really said that she was beautiful, Jai smiled and repeated the same words, elated she ran out of his cabin saying she was going to make him coffee. Jai saw from his door Tina running and smiled but his smile was wiped off his face when Ankush walked out of his cabin with Priya, Ankush had his hand around her waist and was whiphering something on her ear making her giggle, he turned his face away envying the couple and when he turned again to watch them that was when Priya pecked Ankush’s cheek and left for her cabin while Ankush smiled at her retreating back, Ankush turned to look at Jai but Jai immediately turned away giving him the view of his back and Ankush returned to his cabin.

Holding the table for support Jai shed tears that wet Radhika’s image on the newspaper that was on his table, wiping his tears he glared the newspaper, it had his and Radhika’s picture taken from the press conference, he remembered her words saying that she didn’t want the presidency and smirked “if u really didn’t want this u would have already resigned leaving me as the sole master of this company…but no u are still here bcoz just like everyone else u also wanted power… atleast I never lied I admitted that I wanted this and worked hard for it… but u… u hid your true motive behind your innocent face and took my dream from me… not fair… not fair Radhika… u even took dadajis cabin from me” He tore the newspaper in half separating his from hers image, he crumbled the half with her face and tossed it into the dustbin. Now only THE DUKE remained with his image “not any more… am not going to suffer any more… I will take what is mine come what may…” he spat the words filled with anger and jealousy “your game is over Radhika” he thought as he smiled to himself.

Kensington Police Station
Arjun standing outside the interrogation room watched Samrat sitting confidently without a speck of worry on his face, he smiled for knew he got Samrat right where he wanted. After a thorough search of his Westminster house Arjun told him that he needed to match his fingerprints sample with the one he collected at Westminster and that he will interrogate him after he get the results the next day but instead he was called for questioning a week later. Samrat knew he hadn’t been to Westminster for sometime so Arjun couldn’t possibly have found his fingerprints and bcoz Arjun took more
time in calling him to the station then he has no proof also Kabir’s words gave him confidence, Arjun has no evidence whatsoever he was just bluffing so he sat there with an enormous amount of confidence in himself waiting to see Arjun’s defeated face.

Arjun could read people, he had the capacity to figure out what was going on in someone’s head by the expression they had on their faces, call it experience or a gift but he could make anyone and absolutely anyone spill the beans even though they don’t intend to. He could read Samrat’s confidence was made up, it was a cover up, he was hiding something. That was the problem with people, if someone was innocent they will be worry free, if someone was guilty they will panic and if someone was guilty and smart they will be confident and Samrat’s over confidence sold him out so easily that Arjun felt like laughing. “u dont know what’s coming your way”

Entering the interrogation room he smiled at Samrat who didn’t smile back “its about time… am a busy man so please make it quick”

Arjun sat facing him and placed a file he was holding on the table “I thought u will bring your lawyer with u… but anyway” he left the words mid air and his tone carried an air of pity that made Samrat shift uncomfortably on his chair and Arjun mentally smiled for he was successful with strike one. “s*x… money… revenge… these are the main motives for any crime… whats yours here?”

Samrat was angry, he had a frown on his face “are u saying I killed my father for s*x?”

Arjun leaned on his chair “OH…” he exclaimed “so u do know u are here bcoz u killed your father… so why did u kill your father?” Samrat stuttered and cursed himself for panicking Arjun saw him struggling with words and continued let’s make this quick like u wanted” he opened the file and took a paper out, showing it to him he said “this is Joseph Trudeau’s statement… your dad’s lawyer… he stated that u tried to bribe him, u wanted his help to defraud your father” he took out another paper from the file “this is Tina’s statement… she stated here that one day before his death u had an argument with your father … the argument was so heated that your dad threatened to kick u out of the company and u told him u will kill him before that happens” taking another paper from the file he said “this is Abbey’s call list… this proves that he was contacted from your Westminster house” he took a picture from the file and showed it to him “I also got an anonymous envelope but instead of a letter I found this picture” it was a picture of Samrat standing besides Edison Abbey aka the stinger outside some local casino and the picture was taken one day before the murder “now tell me why shouldn’t I charge u with first degree murder”

Samrat panicked all evidence pointed at him, he was doomed and Arjun continued “let me tell u how it went down… u thought with the help of Trudeau u were going to inherit everything of your father… but that day when u argued with your father u saw your dream breaking when he threatened to disown u… so u made a plan… u met with Abbey that night and told him to deliver the letter bcoz u wanted the police to think it was an outsider’s job… and at the party when u got the chance to killed your father… but there was one person whose testimony could pin u to the murder… Tina… she was the only one who witnessed the argument btn u and your father and is also a witness to the threat u made to him … so it was convenient for u to get rid of her and again used Abbey… is that all or did I miss something?”

Samrat broke “I didn’t kill him, believe me Arjun I didn’t kill… dad found out about my secret… gambling… I lost 50 thousands Euros in an illigeal bet and dad found out about it… I was at the casino that day but I went there bcoz I owe the owner a huge some of money, I went to ask for time… this Abbey u are talking about works for the casino owner… I didn’t kill dad… I know am a terrible son but I didn’t kill him”

It was the first time Arjun saw Samrat that vulnerable, it was as if he was somebody else but Arjun wasn’t anyone to be deceived by looks, he had seen many criminals and everyone pleads not guilty “then what about the phone calls made from your Westminster house?”

Samrat hesitated a bit but then spoke “Kabir… Kabir found out about my secret long ago and was blackmailing me… so I gave him that house, he has the original keys… I haven’t been to that house for more than 2 yrs now” Then it struck him “wait a minute…” he screamed “that day this picture was taken I found out that Kabir was following me… he must have clicked the picture”

After some more questions Arjun got out of the interrogation room and went Mark who was listening in on the questioning “I think we should let him go… atleast for now”

Mark wasn’t expecting that “I knew it… I knew u weren’t the right person for this case… u know these people and that is making u weak… u are friends with this man’s daughter so u are turning soft on him”

Arjun: “there is nothing like that chief… I just need more time… I need to question Kabir first… and it’s not like this is my first case… u know I always get my men”

Mark pointing towards Samrat from the glass window “there is your man what more do u need… we have enough evidence to take him to court… if we don’t act on time we will lose credibility”

Arjun: “we have circumstantial evidence… I want to convict him on solid evidence and there are still things that don’t make sense to me… I promise u I will not disappoint u… trust me” Mark agreed only on his persistent and asked him to deliver his words and so Samrat was let free.

Notting Hill
Radhika had moved into the penthouse situated at the beautiful Notting Hill, it was on the top of the 25 floor building that gave a view of London’s eye, it fully modernly furbished and Radhika had to appreciate her nanaji’s taste in furniture. It had just been five days since she moved in and was still trying to get used to the atmosphere, she had bought groceries and was scratching her head on what to make for dinner when the doorbell rang. Sam stood in front of her door holding a huge giraffe toy that was taller than Sam herself “may I come in” she asked smiling wide at Radhika.

Radhika moved aside letting her in, since their meeting at the ice cream parlor Sam had left no stone unturned in her road to redemption, she had told Ridhima the truth 3yrs ago when Radhika left and did the same now in front of Radhika, she tried patching up the two sisters and would always send Radhika gifts and kept on asking for forgiveness continuously “what’s with the giraffe?” she asked as she closed the door.

Sam: “since u are in your new house I thought of giving u a house warming gift” she placed the toy in the living room “it looks great here… what do u think?” Radhika just smiled in returned, Sam took a deep breath and began “Radhika… that day when u and Louis….”

Radhika huffed annoyed “MY GOD!… are we still talking about him?… Louis was a mitch”

Sam: “that day I saw u two but I didn’t know u were recording it and… ” then her words settled in and she looked on confused “a mitch… what’s a mitch…?”

Radhika sighed “a man b***h or a man wh*re… that’s a mitch”

Sam couldn’t help but laugh “did u just come up with that?” Radhika nodded and they both laughed hard and ended up hugging each other while laughing “am sorry… tell me what I need to do to gain your forgiveness and I will do it… I will do anything to make up to u”

Radhika raised her eyebrows “anything?” Sam nodded and Radhika smiled mischievously and spoke “first u have to wear your underpants on your head and make me dinner… no… no… no… u have to make me dinner while standing on one leg…can u do that?” Sam smiled if Radhika made those absurd demands then she was forgiven but still she asked if she was forgiven “u earned it… now give me a bear hug I missed my giraffe” she said as she opened her arms for her. Sam hugged her tight and they both cried in each other’s embrace.

Sometime later Radhika asked again about dinner and Sam answered “what about a party?… a house warming party” Radhika was confused but then the doorbell rang and Sam quickly went to open the door. Radhika was surprised seeing all her college friends entering one by one and turned to Sam, Sam explained “bcoz of me u left and missed our college’s farewell party so I brought the party to u… I want to mend all my mistakes… I will give u all that u missed these three years” Radhika was overwhelmed and hugged her again.

Ian one of their friend spoke “are these hugs only reserved for Sam?” he teased and Radhika went and hugged him. Ian broke the hug and looked at her “looks like Americans are treating u well”

“what about me?” said Candice “well u didn’t attend my wedding so just stay away from me” she said trying to fake anger but Radhika just smiled and hugged her too and welcomed all her friends warmly with hugs.

All friends started to mingle reminding each other of their college days laughing hard, it was a party of about ten people, they all caught up with each others lives, some were working, some were married and some were still living in the past. Radhika then realised she didn’t have enough grocery to feed everyone so took Sam aside “Sam what about food”

Sam: “relax… I have ordered both booze and food, I have got everything under control”

Radhika sighed “what if I hadn’t forgiven u, where would u have taken everyone”

Sam: “I actually didn’t think about that” Radhika laughed at her silly plans when the doorbell rang again and she asked who has she invited now “its probably food or Neil and Arjun… have invited them too”

It was Neil and Arjun who came with the food and drinks and after a few rounds of beers the party was on full swing Sam had taken the role of a DJ too and some were dancing to her playlist. “am getting a divorce” announced Candice shocking everyone, Sam killed the music and it became silent “am getting a divorce” she announced again.

Nita: “why are u getting a divorce… what happened…?”

“is he cheating on u?…if so am are going to chop his balls off” said Sharon angrily making every guy present gulp hard.

Alex: “now I know why u don’t have a boyfriend Sharon”

Sharon: “and for your information I dont need a boyfriend, bcoz all men are dog, men are so stupid… f**k u men and f**k u Alex”

Alex wanted to retort but Teji beat him to eat “oh! F**k u Sharon… and stop your I don’t need a boyfriend mantra when u were obsessing over me in college… u even broke me up with Maria”

“Aah! Teji I think we broke up bcoz u didn’t want to meet my parents” said Maria and Teji backed out.

Zubin got in the middle and spoke “ladies relax… Maria no boyfriend of three months would want to meet your parents, u scared Teji away” and Teji stood up straight as he got his confidence back and Zubin continued “and I think we can all agree that Sharon hasn’t got over me still” pointing to himself “I know u are missing this babe but that’s no reason to be bitter” but his statement only earned him a glare fro his new girlfriend Kritika that he invited to the party.

Sharon fumed and picked a small knife that was in the apple bowl “what the f**k did u just say?” and trod towards Zubin.

Ian screamed “watch out for your balls man” and Zubin quickly crossed his legs and when he thought that wasn’t enough he pulled Kritika to his front as a shield against a mad Sharon. Arjun got a hold of Sharon before she could do any harm and gave the knife to Radhika to put it away.

Sam made Sharon relax and spoke “I think we should let Candice speak first” they all agreed and every eye turned to Candice who was busy gulping down her beer all these while. Candice looked at them confused and asked why they were all staring at her. Sam huffed and spoke “u were saying u are getting a divorce but u didn’t say why”

Candice tried to open her drunken eyes “OOOH!… THAAAAT!” nodding her head vigorously “yes… am getting a divorce”

And they all screamed in unison “WHYYYYY?”

Candice started to cry and Radhika went near her rubbing her back to calm her down “it hurts… it hurts so much… my husband Chad… he reeks… he smells so bad that it stings my eyes… I can’t sleep on the same bed with him… he just smells so terrible”

Maria: “did u try deodorant?”

Nita: “or perfume?”

Teji: “or air freshener?”

Candice nodded negative to all questions causing them to laugh at her, Neil who had attended Candice’s wedding with Sam recalled something and spoke “wait a minute… isn’t your husband’s name Liam?” everyone’s eyes went wide open realising that Neil was right, Candice was married Liam.

Arjun already frustrated with the drama asked “then who the hell is Chad?”

Ian who knew where Candice lived said “u stupid Candice, Chad is your neighbour” and turning to everyone else “and indeed Chad smells terrible”

Candice who looked disoriented asked “am not married to Chad?” and they answered in a unison NO. Candice placed her palm on her chest breathing deeply as if she just escaped a big accident.

Radhika snatched the beer bottle from Candice “thats it, no more alcohol for u… I will make u some lemon water” and went to the kitchen “Sam please call Liam to come pick her up” Sam nodded and took her phone out to make the call. The party got resumed laughter and music was heard among the friends. Radhika was talking to Sam upon getting no answer from her she turned to her and found her busy staring somewhere, following her gaze she saw that Sam was staring at Neil and smiled “he is going to burn to ashes if u keep staring at him like that” she whispered in Sam’s ear.

Sam caught red handed tried to divert the matter “I wasn’t staring at Neil” she said and then face palmed herself for blurting out too much and Radhika asked her what was btn them. Sam shrugged “I don’t know…sometimes I think am attracted to him but sometimes I think I like him… I think I like him… I don’t know… I… I don’t know”

Radhika laughed “then found out… u don’t want to wake up one day and realise that u love him but then its too late” Sam just looked at her helplessly and Radhika made a plan “guys, do u remember our camping trip” they all smiled recalling the good times they had during that trip “then what about reliving those moments… how about a truth and dare game” everyone agreed and quickly formed a circle on the floor for it was always fun to play that game.

All but Candice sat down ready for the game, Radhika brought a bottle and was the first one to spin it and the bottle stopped at Neil “truth or dare?” she asked

Neil without a second thought answered “dare…”

Radhika smiled “I dare u…” looking at Sam “I dare u to get locked in the pantry room with Sam for a whole seven minutes”

“OOOOOOH………!” said all in unison teasing them that they were getting some alone time, Neil accepted the challenge and they all cheered him. Radhika locked them in the pantry room and went back to the game.

Inside the pantry room Sam was nervous, she kept mentally cursing Radhika for putting her in that position “why are u so nervous?” asked Neil “don’t mind Chashni u know she is like that and am sure once we get out she is going to nag us on what we did in here”

Sam relaxed all that she wanted to say to Neil, Neil said the same to her “u are not mad that she dared u to do this?”

Neil: “what’s there to be mad about, its not like she asked me to kiss u” feeling awkward on his own words he spoke again “not that am not going to enjoy kissing u” embarrassed at his own words he turned his face away “the party is next Saturday” he spoke again after some time.

Sam was baffled “what party?”

Neil: “are u drunk?… what do u mean by what party?” Sam didn’t know what he was talking about and asked again, making him frown “have u lost your memory?… I asked u to accompany me to the fundraiser and u said yes… u agreed to be my date…” Sam still didn’t get anything “u came to see Chashni at my house and I asked u then, remember?”

Sam now got why she didn’t remember, she was engrossed in her own thoughts about him that day “oh!…yeah… I remember… so it’s next week huh?” Neil just shook her head “will u really enjoy kissing me?” she asked after a minute of silence. Neil was shocked and surprised but before he could answer the pantry door was opened by Teji who told them that seven minutes were over.

The game was still on, Zubin was doing a catwalk in heels as a challenge and surprised everyone at his balance. It was his turn to spin the bottle that landed on Radhika and he dared her to kiss Ian, she accepted the challenge and Ian was elated but Arjun was irritated and angry. Radhika leaned in moving her face close to Ian’s and Arjun felt like snapping Ian’s neck into two pieces with his bare hands. There faces were merely inches apart and everyone looked on intently when a harsh sound of breaking glass startled them Arjun threw a beer bottle on the wall as his only attempt to stop the kiss in progress and he succeeded. Liam came to pick Candice up Nita and Maria hitched the ride causing the party to end.

Sam was going to stay the night at the penthouse, she was cleaning the mess they had made with Neil’s help, Radhika went to see off her friends down at the street and was shocked to see Sharon and Alex making out in his cars. “u have crazy friends” said Arjun standing behind her.

Radhika: “u are among those friends” Arjun laughed at her words “why did u break the bottle?” Arjun wasn’t expecting that question and didn’t know what to answer “let me guess… u didn’t want me to kiss Ian, right?”

Arjun: “I would have done that if it was any other guy… I didn’t think it was appropriate that u kiss any random guy”

Radhika: “would u have said the same if I was dared u kiss u?” Arjun with great difficulty answered yes but Radhika wasn’t done in teasing him “really… let’s see” she said placing both her hands on his shoulders and standing on her toes she slowly moved towards his lips. Arjun didn’t move or say a word, he didn’t even blink and stood like a statue, their breath mingled and Arjun closed his eyes ready to be kissed when Radhika whispered on his ear “wasn’t going to kiss him any way” and moved back.

Arjun now pink in embarrassment at the way he acted quickly took his leave while Radhika laughed hard. Radhika was going to head back to her penthouse when she saw an erdely woman hesitant to cross the road and went to help her, “let me help u ma’am” she said smilingly holding her hand but was shocked when the woman pushed her and she landed on the middle of the road. She hissed in pain for she had scratched her hands, she look at the woman but couldn’t see anyone there and wondered if she was dreaming. She stood up dusting off her dress when a bright light blinded her, adjusting to the light she saw a car speeding up towards her, there was no horn to warn her and it looked as if the driver was gaining speed with every second. Her heart raced, her feet turned numb, fear overtook her and her mouth went dry. She tried to scream but couldn’t, she wanted to run but couldn’t move her feet and the car’s headlights became brighter and brighter and she closed her eyes defeated as a lone tear escaped her eye.


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