Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 7)

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Chapter 7

Taste Farm Offices
Jai stood in the middle of Amrish’s office looking at his chair, he imagined himself sitting on his chair and smiled for he had achieved what Amrish thought he could never achieve. “look at me… look where am standing… am standing right where your feet were… u called me useless… imbecile … good for nothing… but look at me now, am somebody… am the president of Taste Farm… am right where u thought I will never be and I hope u are rotting in hell like u deserve” He laughed thinking that Amrish’s soul must be in torment at that moment but little did he know that it was quite the opposite.

Growing up poor as the eldest of five children Amrish had to take upon his family’s day to day responsibilities at a very young age. Providing for his mother and four siblings where boys of his age were running around playing had scarred him for life. His alcoholic of a father died when he was thirteen and the void his father left had to be filled with his little tender feet. And in one of those toiling days he had vowed that if he had children he will never let his children go through what he went through, and so he worked and worked and made himself a life worthy enough to be respected by masses and gave his children all he was deprived of but that only resulted in his children going against him, when Mala married Dilip he thought it wasn’t the fault of his upbringing but when Trudeau told him about Samrat’s plan to betray him he was forced to question his parenting methods. He came up with a plan to atleast not let his grandchildren go astray and the only way he knew was being strict with them, put them down so they can learn to stand, lash them with harsh words so they withstand the strongest of hurricanes, he loved them all but he toughed his love for their own benefit.

“Congratulations” said Priya bringing him out of his victory bubble “congratulations … u won… and am sorry I didn’t vote for u like u wanted”

Jai smiled “u don’t have to apologize… I don’t have anything against u, I know the situation btn u and your father”

Priya: “u must be really happy… u got what u desired most”

Jai: “second most desired thing”

Priya: “what’s the first?”

Jai smiled a sad one “come… I will give u a treat…” he said taking her out of Amrish’s office avoiding her question “where is Ankush?” he asked as soon as they reached the canteen and called him to join them for lunch.

Radhika escaped the rain of congrats she was being showered on, their smiles and hopeful faces that she was the right choice for the position was giving her a migrane, she felt anxiety attacking her and ran to the roof top for some fresh air. Neil came behind her and placed an arm on her shoulder “scared?… ”

Radhika still gazing the big city of London majestcally visible from the roof that made her feel so small “why didn’t u want to be president Neil?”

Neil: “I wouldn’t have won and I have so many things to take care of already” Radhika turned and gave him an unconvinced look “okay… okay… didn’t want to against my old man… dad really wanted the position, can’t hurt him like that”

Radhika: “I can’t do this… I really can’t Neil … get me out of here, please” she pleaded almost in tears.

Neil hugged her offering her his support “calm down, I know u are scared but there is nothing to be scared of… am here, Ankush is here… we won’t let u sink the company” he joked. Neil told her a few words of encouragement boosting her confidence and she was calm in sometime and like always he even made her smile with his charm.

Radhika collected her things and got into the elevator, pressing the ground floor button she was waiting for the doors to close when Kabir joined her but she chose to ignore him. “did u miss me sweet sister-in-law?” asked Kabir but Radhika pretended she hadn’t heard him wanting the 15 floor ride down to go as fast as possible. “Oh! So u missed me so much that u can’t even explain” he arrogantly but she just gave him a disinterested look in return. “BTW congrats… now that u are president, we will be seeing each other all the time… let’s see how are u going to ignore me then”

“and my first task as president will be getting your ass out of this company” said Radhika in stern voice.

Kabir smiled or more like smirked “why my ass alone… there more places on my body that am willing u let u touch” he sneered the words at her causing her to fume in anger, they reached the ground floor and she hurried out but not before hearing Kabir’s next set of words “it will be just like the old times”

Radhika got into a taxi feeling disgusted with Kabir’s words, why can’t her sister see him for a jerk that he was, she wondered as her mind traveled back to the day she met this side of Kabir for the first time.

*************** Flashback ***************

El Milagro Palace – 3yrs Ago
Radhika after getting Louis’s footage was eager to show it to Sam so they can together come up with a plan to give back to Louis and with interest but Sam was nowhere to be found, she wasn’t at college and wasn’t picking her calls so Radhika went to look for her at Milagro and at the same time Kabir and Ridhima who were back from a trip went to visit Amrish. In search for Sam, Radhika went to the drawing room but instead of Sam she found Kabir.

Kabir let his eyes scan her creamy thighs in jeans short but she wasn’t aware of that fact “Oh! u are back… where is Di?” she exclaimed for Ridhima and Kabir had come straight to Amrish’s house and she didnt know that they were back from their trip.

Kabir: “so all this excitement is for your sister alone… aren’t u happy to see me?… come give me a hug” he said smilingly opening his arms for her.

Radhika didn’t see a problem in that, she hugged Ankush all the time and Kabir was like a brother to her so she went near him and gave him a brotherly hug but Kabir had other things in mind. Radhika felt uncomfortable at the way he was hugging her and rubbing her back, she tried to get out his embrace but he tightened his grip around her making her more uncomfortable. Placing her hands on his chest she somehow got out of his hands “what are u doing?” she asked perplexed as she took a concious step back from him.

Kabir smiled seeing her retreat “u smell so good,I just want to eat u up” She didn’t say a word and decided get out of there but before she could leave Kabir spoke again “u know u are more beautiful than your sister, if given a choice I would want u instead of her” Radhika was mortified that he would say something like that, taking advantage of her frozen form in shock, Kabir went close her and looped his arm around her waist plastering her front to his “if u want I can show u how s*xy of a woman u are by being your man… I can take u to a world where no man can… ask your sister if u don’t believe me… I will love u so good that u won’t need any other man but me”

The afternoon sandwich was making its way to her throat, she could feel her stomach turning, she felt sick, disgusted and humiliated as hot tears ran down her cheeks depicting how angry she was, getting herself out of his grip for the second time she let her fingers leave a mark on his left cheek with a tight slap. “how dare u… u are so despicable… I am going to tell Di about this, I will make sure she kicks u out of her life” she spat angrily and Kabir warned her that Ridhima won’t believe her words. It was true that Ridhima and her didn’t get along on many occasions but she was a woman too and her sister after all she will definitely trust her.

Radhika turned to leave and met with Sam at the door and Kabir turned the tables on Radhika blaming her of trying to seduce him. Ridhima came to the drawing room and asked about what was going on and they both gave their own versions of the scene that had taken place a few minutes ago. Ridhima was left to decide on who was right and who was wrong, she was already in tears, she turned to Sam “u were here… didn’t u see anything?”

Sam was already hurt by Radhika’s betrayal or what she thought was a betrayal, Sam hadn’t heard or saw what had happened btn Radhika and Kabir but she was angry at Radhika and thought if she could try to seduce Louis and she could do the same to Kabir too “I saw everything… Radhika came onto Kabir and tried to seduce him” she lied thinking that as the best punishment for a traitor like Radhika.

Kabir thanked his stars for whatever came over Sam and made her lie while Radhika looked at Sam in utter shock, Ridhima slapped Radhika for seducing her husband and then lie about it, she went on ranting about how shameless she was but all that while Radhika had her eyes glued at Sam in disbelief of what she had just done.

As soon as those words left her mouth Sam regretted lying and wanted to correct her mistake but Ridhima won’t let her speak and Radhika’s hurt eyes were filling up her heart with guilt. Ridhima left with Kabir breaking all her ties with Radhika, Sam wanted to explain her reasons but Radhika was too hurt to listen to her and left too without a word from her mouth.

Ridhima made a commotion about how she can’t live under the same roof as her sister and asked her parents to choose btn them, when Radhika was asked to explain her side of the story bcoz none believed that she could do something like that she said nothing, Radhika refused to explain herself, she accepted the internship in LA, packed her things and left London for good but before that made sure to send Sam Louis’s video clip showing her his true colours adding more guilt to Sam’s already guilty heart.
********** End Of Flashback **********

El Milagro Palace
Arjun had summoned the entire family wanting to disclose what he had found from the investigation, the Khannas, the Mishras and the Kapoors were all present at the meeting. “we have found the murderer” said Arjun scrolling his eyes in observation in each face present. “the murderer is someone among u” he declared giving rise to some shocked gasps and frowned faces.

Dilip: “what do u mean the murderer is among us?”

Arjun: “one of u killed Amrish Khanna”

Samrat: “what nonsense is this?”

“let’s start from the beginning” said Arjun and he narrated the murder mystery “the night of the party, when guests were busy on the dancefloor, Amrish took Radhika to his office, they met with Magdalene at the door and Amrish asked for coffee…. Meanwhile at exactly 9:58 a black Honda motorcycle made a stop at the palace gate and the driver threw a white envelope that had a message YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS…. Tina who witnessed that took that letter to Amrish when she reached his office she saw Radhika coming out of the office angry, Radhika had a disagreement with her nanaji and went to the garden where she received a call from her friend at eaxctly 10:09…… Tina showed the letter to Amrish and while there were discussing about it Magdalene brought coffee and left a few seconds later and according to her watch it was 10:12 when she left his office and Tina claims to have left soon after……. According to forensic report Amrish died btn 10:20 and 10:25, when Magdalene discovered his dead body it was 10:32 on my watch”

Everyone inhaled a deep breath after he finished with the precise timeline but Arjun wasn’t done yet and he continued “according to CCTV footage no one else came inside and all the guests have been cleared of all suspicions after questioning them so we are left with the family alone…. there were no fingerprints on the murder weapon neither any DNA traces and everything was clean and on it’s proper place, so the murderer had an ample amount of time to not only clean his tracks but also clear any sign of a struggle…… But that was the mistake for who else would know what is kept where unless it’s someone close Amrish, and who was closer apart from family?”

Piyali: “that’s not enough evidence to incriminate any of us”

Arjun: am not done yet”

Mala: “there is more?”

Arjun nodded and continued “the man who was hired to deliver the anonymous letter that night was also hired to kill Tina but we caught him….. the murderer tried acting smarter and shot him but before dying he told me who hired him” he lied waiting for a reaction he wanted but he got none.

Ankush: “who did he name?”

Arjun: “Jai…. ”

And he received mixed reactions, shocked and unaffected expressions combined while some who clearly didn’t believe him at all. Jai without panic spoke “if this is a joke, then it’s a terrible one”

Arjun smiled “what he told me was inaudible and didn’t make sense but what made complete sense was the phone calls from which he received his instructions and those calls were made by someone from the family….. The calls were made from the Westminster house that belongs to Samrat uncle”

Piyali looked at Samrat, first bribing the lawyer and now the phone calls, the Westminster house was a birthday gift to Samrat by Amrish, Amrish kept his name on the house deed prohibiting him from selling the house. Arjun noticed the look Piyali gave Samrat confirming his theory that murderer is indeed from the family but he was still not sure if Tina was covering for Jai or Jai was covering for Samrat. “I… I… did not kill my father… I haven’t been to that house in years” said Samrat nervously.

Arjun: “that u will explain at the station… I have a search warrant for that house, u need to come with me to Westminster”

Samrat: “I… I.. I lost the keys months ago and the spare key is very far, it will take time to get the keys”

Arjun: “first u said u haven’t been to that house in years and now u said u lost the keys months ago… which one is it Samrat uncle?” Samrat stammered again not finding the correct words to get out the sticky situation but Arjun continued “tomorrow 6am sharp I will be expecting u there, come with the keys or I break the door”

Radhika took Arjun aside “are u sure it’s someone from the family?”

Arjun: “am positive” he stated and after a second pause he changed the topic seeing her worried face “congratulations, Neil told me u won”

Radhika: “I didnt even compete… I didn’t deserve to win” she sighed “I just wish to disappear from all these”

Arjun smiled “come I will make u disappear, am a magician” Radhika rolled her eyes at him but still got into his car and went with him.

Malhotra’s Apartment
Sam went to the Malhotra’s to meet Radhika, to congratulate her and mend the gap btn them but Radhika neither Neil was there and so she decided to wait for her. Pranay came back home and scowled seeing her, he didn’t even reply to her greetings and went straight to his room. She was going over a fashion magazine cutting time when she heard some sounds coming from the bedroom, she recognized the voices as Prena’s and Pranay’s and it was evident they were arguing. She started to pay attention when she heard Radhika being mentioned, she could make out that Pranay was displeased with Radhika about something, the voices then became muffed and she couldn’t hear clearly so she went a little closer “I can’t let u do this, I can’t let u do this to my son” she heard Prena say. “Oh! don’t go mother India on me and since when is he your son?” she heard Pranay speak and froze right on the spot, eavesdropping is a bad habit and today she knew why.

Composing herself she decided to leave before they came out from the bedroom, she opened the main door and came face to face with Neil, she almost screamed in shock for she wasn’t expecting that encounter. Neil smiled “hi, are u leaving?”

Sam nervously returned the smile “yeah, I came to see Radhika but she’s not here”

Neil faked an angry expression “she is your only friend and am nobody to u right?” Sam looked at him with guilt causing him to laugh “I was only kidding, let’s have coffee while we wait for chashni” he stated and dragged her inside again, not wanting to hear what she wasn’t supposed to hear she suggested that they wait for Radhika in his bedroom.

Neil got into the washroom to freshen up while Sam sat on the bed trying to make sense of what she had heard. Neil walked out of the washroom only in his tracks pants, he was comfortable around her but the matter wasn’t the same with Sam. Sam stared at his perfect toned body and felt her cheeks heating up, though the weather outside wasn’t that hot but inside the room she felt as if the temperature was running up,Neil took a towel drying his hair giving her a steamy look of his muscled arms and back. Sam’s POV: “wouldn’t it be nice to run my hand just like those water drops along his back?” her eyes flew wide open in shock at her own thoughts “control yourself Sam” she took a deep breath and looked around everywhere but at him.

Few seconds of staring at the furniture her eyes fell on Neil again who was now giving her the view of his torso, Sam felt her heart racing looking at his perfect abs and all decent thoughts flew from her mind. Sam’s POV: “Oh! How I would have loved to count each ab with my lips” and licked her lips, realising what she was running in her mind she closed her eyes altogether and scolded herself “OMG Sam what are u thinking?”

When she opened her eyes Neil had worn a t-shirt already and she sighed for the tempting view was gone but that was until her eyes fell on what was written on his t-shirt, the white v-neck t-shirt had black bold letters reading BOYFRIEND MATERIAL and Sam couldn’t help but think if he was kissing material too and blushed at her own silly thoughts. Neil was telling her something but her mind was elsewhere and didn’t hear a word “Sam…” screamed Neil getting her out of her bubble “I asked u something, so is it a yes or a no?”

Sam was clueless on the topic he was asking her about but if she said she wasn’t paying attention to his words and if he asked where her attention was when she had her eyes glued on him all this while what would she say “yes…yeah…sure…” she answered hesitantly.

Neil smiled wide giving her his signature dimpled smile, he was happy with her answer, he pecked her left cheek “u are a sweetheart” he said smilingly. It burned, she felt her cheek burned and wondered how would it feel if he had missed her cheek and kissed her a few inches to the right. Sensing that it was getting dangerous to stay with him since all rational thoughts were probably on vacation Sam thought it was best that she left. She jerked up from the bed startling Neil “what wrong?” he asked bewildered but she couldn’t form a word, she stood in front of him opening and closing her mouth as if she was exercising her lips for a second and the stormed out declaring that she had work leaving a confused Neil behind.

Parliament Hill
Radhika had fallen asleep in Arjun’s car before they even got to where he was taking her, after a long drive he had parked at a beautiful Parliament hill from where the entire city of London was visible. Arjun stared lovingly at her sleeping form that curled his lips upwards into a content smile, he could spend his entire life just staring at her. She stirred up in her sleep causing her hair to fall on her face, he tucked her hair behind her ear and planted a chaste kiss on her forehead. He recalled how she had asked him if he was in love with her and chuckled “yes Radhika, I am deeply and madly in love with u… will u laugh if I told u the truth… will u run away or will u say that u love me too… I love you Radhika”

Arjun got out the car and woke her up with the sound of the closing door, she rubbed her eyes and stretched herself and followed him out. It was getting dark and the lighted city below them looked magnificent, she smiled admiring the view “wow…” she remarked as she went near him.”I didn’t know London could look this beautiful… the city looks so far yet so close”

Arjun smiled at her “slept well?” she nodded in return “I bought pizza on our way here, tell me if u are hungry” her eyes sparkled for he had guessed her mind.

Sitting on his Jeep’s bonnet they enjoyed the pizza “first crush… who was your first crush…?” asked Radhika btn her munching.

Arjun thought for a minute and spoke “Audrey Hepburn” and she appreciated his choice “first kiss…?” he asked the question this time.

Radhika quickly answered “Xavier…” Arjun felt his breath caught up in his lungs, his smile fell, he thought she would she hasn’t had her first kiss and asked her if Xavier was her American boyfriend “was… Xavier was my third grade boyfriend” she answered mischievously causing him to laugh at his own exaggerated thoughts. “who is your first love?” she asked after a minute of whole hearted laughter.

Arjun stared at her for a second making her wipe her mouth thinking that she had something on her face, Arjun smiled at her that move “she is not my first love” and she raised her eyebrow at his statement “she is not only my first love, she is my one and only love”

Radhika felt a certain warmth in his honest words “she must be really lucky to have you”

Arjun chuckled “believe me, am the lucky one and if she would love me just an ounce I will be the luckiest guy on earth” Neither Arjun nor Radhika was ready to discuss about his love life at that moment, they both individually thought they should tackle the topic some other day. They sat like that for hours as the night took it’s turn for the day, gazing the twinkling stars above and the dazzling city below them was calming and peaceful.

Mishra/Kapoor Residence
Since the moment they came back from the palace Ridhima had been quiet all the time, she was deep in thoughts, she sat on her bed waiting for her husband who was using the bathroom. “where did u go that night of the party?” she asked him the moment he came out but Kabir simply answered that he went to the bathroom. Ridhima asked again “u said the same that night but when I came looking for u bcoz u were taking long I didn’t find u, instead I saw coming from the East wing where nanaji’s office was and u looked nervous… where did u go Kabir?”

Kabir didn’t seem interested to answer her questions, he got on the bed and covered himself with the blanket “if u done playing detective can I sleep?” he said and closed his eyes but she pulled the blanket off him “what the f**k… what do u want?”

Ridhima raised her hand showing him some keys, there were house keys and had an oval metallic key chain with the word Westminster engraved on it. “these are Samrat uncle’s house keys, the same house Arjun is going to search tmr… how did these keys get u to u?” Kabir was shocked and looked nervous “how did u get a hold of these keys Kabir?” she asked, she was trembling in both fear and anger. Kabir stammered lost of words and she dropped the million dollar question on him “did u kill nanaji… are u the murderer…?”

Precap: Arjun questions Samrat, Samrat confronts Kabir, Sam-Rads patch up, somebody in danger.


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