Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5

Sam was editing some video clips she had shot for an ad when her phone beeped indicating a new msg she had received. She swiped her phone, it was a video message from Justin. Justin had made a collage of Sam’s videos that he had taken without her knowledge, there were videos of her in Cannes, some of her videos when she was with her friends and some when she was working. Some watched the video and didn’t know what she should feel about the situation.

Her cabin door was knocked and Justin peeped in “may I come in Sam?”

Sam closed her eyes gathering strength to bare his not so interesting talks “God give me patience” she prayed quietly and turned to him “come in please”

Justin sat smiling at her “u saw the video I sent u?”

Sam: “I did, it’s nice but please don’t do something like that again… I feel uncomfortable when u do this”

Justin: “I have no intentions of making u feel bad… I just want to convey my feelings to u Sam… I love u”

Sam: “Justin, u are a great guy, a good friend and a good boss too… and I do love u but only as a friend… I can only offer u friendship, that’s it”

Justin who was happy to hear that Sam loved him, his dreams were crushed to nothing when she added the word friend “do u have a boyfriend?”

Sam: “what has that got to do with anything?… but if u must know then no, I don’t have a boyfriend”

Justin: “then give me a chance Sam, I promise u I will love u like no one will… u will learn to love me” he pleaded.

Sam: “please don’t make this more difficult than it already is… I don’t reciprocate the same feelings u have and if u will keep this on then am afraid I will have to quit”

Justin decided to not insist on the matter for the time being since Sam looked annoyed “u don’t have to quit Sam, am sorry” he was about to leave and bumped with Neil at the door “sorry… ”

Neil: “it’s okay… hey Sammy, came to take u out for lunch” Sam smiled her mood changed automatically with Neil’s presence. She happily picked her purse and left with him while Justin looked on with jealousy.

Kensington Police Station
According to the description he got Arjun was expecting to see a young confident girl but instead he saw a girl who looked young due to her choice of clothing only. Tina Bedi sat grimly in the interrogation room, her slumpy shoulders, her dark circled eyes and her haggard facial expression resembled someone who hadn’t slept for days, so the question was what kept her up when she was no scientist working on a new invention.

Arjun observed her for some minutes through the glass window, Tina looked worrried, she depicted a perfect example of a person filled with troublesome thoughts. Arjun entered the interrogation room and greeted her while taking his seat. “do u know why u are here?” Tina responded with a nod “do u know who killed Amrish Khanna?” Tina denied knowing anything about the matter. Arjun took out the letter they found at the murder scene and sled it her “what do u know about this letter?”

Tina looked at the letter and broke down, she started to cry vigourously, Arjun was confused by the sudden change in her behaviour but let her weep. “he… he will… he will kill me … he will kill me too” she said in btn her sobs.

Arjun gave her a glass of water and she drank it all in one go, when she was a bit calmer he asked “now tell me what happened the night of the party?”

************** Flashback ************
As the dance floor was officially opened Tina wanted to dance with Jai, she was looking for an opportunity to ask him for a dance. She walked to him and saw that Jai had his eyes glued somewhere, she followed his gaze and saw that he was staring at Ankush and Priya looking lovingly at each other. Her heart pained that he would look at everyone else but her, she was about to reach him when he stormed out of the hall and she ran behind her.

She caught up with him when he was near his car “where are u going Jai?” she asked breathlessly due to all the running she has been doing behind him.

Jai: “am going out for some fresh air”

Tina: “can I join u?” she asked again this time hopeful that he might want her to accompany him but Jai gave her a clear cut no and screech off his car out of the palace gate. She stood hurt looking at the gate when a bike halted at the gate, the man riding the bike was wearing a helmet so she couldn’t see who it was. The bike rider threw a white envelope at the gate and zoomed off before the guard could reach him.

Tina took the envelope from the guard and was shocked to read the message inside ‘YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS’ were the words inside the letter, she put the letter back in it’s envelope and thought about the next move, after a few minutes of contemplating she took the letter with her to Amrish.

Radhika left Amrish’s office in a huff, she was so mad that she couldn’t notice Tina who was approaching the office “Sir, someone left this at the gate” said Tina as she entered the office.

Amrish read the letter and placed it on the table “what should I do about this?”

Tina couldn’t figure out if he was unaffected or just pretended to be bcoz it was hard to decipher his true feelings, she picked up the letter from the table “someone unknown has left this and it looks like a threat, I don’t think it’s something to take so lightly”

Amrish: “u say it’s anonymous then how are u sure it’s for me… it could be for u or u could be the one who wrote it for all I know”

Tina: “why would I write u this kind of a letter, Sir?” before Amrish could answer Magdalene entered with coffee and asked if there was a problem.

Amrish: “there was, but isn’t anymore” Magdalene again asked Tina if she needed anything and Amrish just sent Magdalene off since Tina wasn’t answering any of her questions.

After Magdalene’s departure Tina kept the envelope back on the table “I don’t know why u said that to me but I thought it was my duty to give this letter to u since u are the head of the house… now it’s up to u Sir, to do whatever u want to do with it… goodnight sir” and she left the office and the party altogether.
********** End Of Flashback **********

Tina: “I left soon after Magdalene left, when I left he was still alive… I don’t know who killed him”

Arjun: “then why did u say he will kill u too”

Tina opened her purse and took out a white envelope identical to the one they found on Amrish’s desk and gave it to Arjun “the day u called me for questioning I received this”

Arjun took out the letter and was shocked to read the same words ‘YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS’ written inside it. Who could be the common enemy btn Tina and Amrish “where did u get this… who gave it to u…?”

Tina: “someone slipped this under my apartment door, I didn’t see who it was… am afraid I might be next… I don’t want to die… please help me I don’t want to die” she pleaded sobbingly.

Arjun assured her that nothing was going to happen to her and sent her off from the station, Mark who was listening in on the interrogation asked Arjun as soon as he came out of the room “do u believe her?”

Arjun: “not until we cross check her story… we have to question the guard she mentioned and there are cameras at the Milagro gates so we can get the footage if actually an anonymous sender with a bike came that night”

Taste Farm Office
An emergency board meeting was called, since Radhika had accepted the inheritance and was now a majority shareholder she was also present at the board meeting though she was willing to do anything not to be present there bcoz she was the least interested.

The meeting agenda was announced as an urgency to find the new president and CEO of the company as soon as possible before any harm dawns upon their market value and for how long can a company run without a head. Ajay cleared his throat and spoke “we were going to choose a new president any way… I don’t see what’s the fuss about”

Pranay: “I think we should do the nomination right now so we can send a positive message to the media that we are taking constructive actions”

Samrat: “what’s the need for nomination… I am Amrish Khanna’s son… who better than me can run the company?”

Pranay laughed “if u were any good wouldn’t your father name u as his heir?… bcoz I heard u haven’t received a cent from him”

Samrat scowled at Pranay’s comment, Mr. Iyer one of the board members spoke “I for one trusts Amrish’s decisions… he told me that he has someone in mind who will perfectly fit the bill…if he named his granddaughter his heir I think we should elect her as the new president”

Other board members nodded in agreement, few whispers circulated in the boardroom giving a positive nod to Mr. Iyer’s words. “I don’t think this is any time for jokes bcoz we can’t possibly handover the company to a rookie” said Ajay.

Pranay: “indeed naming Radhika as the new president is as good as throwing our years efforts to the gutter”

Neil: “Radhika owns majority of the shares, she practically owns the company… so I think we should consider that also”

“Radhika is intelligent and if nanaji wanted her to be his successor it’s bcoz he believed in her capabilities” stated Ankush.

“capabilities?” screamed Samrat “what capabilities… what does she know about running an empire like this… she is incompetent, feeble and an unfit for this position”

What started as small discussion took no time to turn into a heated argument, Radhika watched silently as the people she respected taunt and demean her as if she was a piece of garbage, she had only heard that a man thirsty for power was an image of evil and today she saw it with her own naked eyes.

Jai: ” I don’t see why we are arguing… the board had certain policies to guide us and according to them we need to nominate candidates… who will be given a chance to prove themselves then we vote… what’s so hard in that” And with that the meeting was adjourned with a date of another board meeting where possible candidates will be nominated.

Radhika went to the office canteen to relinquish her tired mind with a fresh cup of coffee, Jai joined her on the table “feels good to have u back Radhika” he said while sipping his coffee. Radhika just smiled in return “what have u decided… are u going to run for presidency?”

Radhika sighed sadly “I don’t want to be here… I don’t know what to do” she said concerned about the issue at hand. Jai asked her about her job in LA and she happily narrated about her job and how much she loved it.

Jai: “what happens then if u stay here?” seeing her silence he continued “I can’t let u do this, I can’t let u miss out on your dream job… I have a proposal… why don’t u grant me the power of attorney so I can look after your shares… but only if u okay with it”

Radhika: “u will be representing me?”

Jai: “yeah, u can go back to LA and continue your work while I take care of business on your behalf… don’t decide just yet… think about it first”

Malhotra’s Apartment
Radhika got ready in a blue thin strap dress, black wedges, light make-up and left her hair loose. She was looking at herself on the mirror appreciating her choice when Neil knocked and entered into her bedroom “wow, Chashni looking gorgeous”

Radhika smiled “thanks, having dinner with Arjun”

Neil jumped with excitement “Arjun confessed?” he asked joyfully since he knew about Arjun’s feelings and thought they were having a date.

Radhika boggled with his statement asked “confess to what?”

Neil bit his tongue for jumping over matters “umh! to have dinner with u… he wanted to dine with u for so long” he lied and though she wasn’t convinced she decided to let go of the matter, she picked up her black leather jacket and her purse, pecked his cheek and left.

As she exited the apartment Pranay called Neil “I have been meaning to ask u… now that Radhika is the heir what if something happens to her… let’s say she gets into an accident and dies”

Neil: “dad!? How can u say like that?”

Pranay: “am just asking hypothetically, aren’t u the legal adviser here? … so what will happen to her shares?”

Neil: “it depends, if she has a will then her shares will go to whoever she has named as her heir… but with no will and no marriage or children then her parents are entitled”

“that isn’t good either” he mumbled to himself and when Neil asked what he said he just brushed off the topic and left to his bedroom.

Roof Garden Restaurant
Arjun had booked a private table for them, it was set in a secluded area of the restaurant, red rose petals laid on the floor with lavender scented candles. Hundreds of bouquets of pink roses were placed at every corner giving the feel of an indoor pink garden, he had made simple yet mesmerizing setting. Radhika had her jaw dropped looking at the view, her favourite pink roses and the lighted candles twinkling in the dim lit room was magical. “do u like it?” whispered Arjun behind her ear.

Radhika without turning answered “I love it… ” she turned and scanned him from top to bottom “looking good” she remarked giving him an appreciative smile.

Arjun: “and u are as beautiful as always” Radhika just smiled and headed towards the table, Arjun pulled a chair for her like a gentleman that he was and ordered them drinks “so did u miss me all these years?”

Radhika chuckled “let’s talk about u first… since when are u this romantic, huh?”

Arjun gave his killer smile and leaning on the table he answered”since I met u” but she just chuckled again in return not taking him seriously while their drinks arrived.

When food arrived and she was devouring her favourite foods she went back to her topic “come on, tell me why did u do these arrangements… anyone can say we are on a date and not just having dinner… why this romantic?”

Arjun: “what’s wrong with two friends on a date… friends can fall in love with each other also”

Radhika quickly replied “everything about it… friends are supposed to be friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend”

Her reply didn’t sit well with him, he wanted to find out what was in her heart for him and here she was against the thought of friends turning into lovers “well, I beg to differ… I think friends make excellent couples”

Radhika: “then what happens when they fight… wouldn’t that affect their friendship… and what if they break-up, wouldn’t that end their friendship too…?”

Arjun: “if they fight they will patch up as friends and their friendship will make their love stronger there is no question of breaking up”:

Radhika sighed “why are u adamant about this?”

“and why are u such a hater?” he countered her and with that her questions came to an end. Few moments later a guy with a guitar came to them and started to play one of Radhika’s favourite song ‘Lovin You’ Arjun forwarded his hand to her “care for a dance” she placed her hand in his and they stood on the rose petals slowly moving to the sound of the strings.

Hand in hand, his one hand around her waist and hers on his shoulder, so close to each other Arjun saw himself get lost in her and wondered how was it possible to fall more and more in love with her everytime. He wondered how she would react if he told her what was in his heart, will she laugh at him or be get mad on him? Can’t she hear how his heart raced everytime she went close to him, can’t she see how much he loved her? He asked himself. “who is she?” her question brought him out of his cloud of thoughts “who is the lucky girl?” she asked again.

Arjun still bewildered “who are u talking about?”

Radhika stopped dancing “am not stupid… first Neil asked if u confessed … then u went on about friends being in love and now u were lost in your own thoughts and smiling to yourself… so my conclusion is… u are in love mister” she completed and resumed their dance.

Arjun’s heart was on the verge of winning a racing competition “she found me out, what shall I do, shall I tell her the truth?” he thought. Radhika waved her hand before him breaking his train of thoughts again, she shooed the guitarist and asked him again who was he in love with, he smiled “why don’t u make a guess since u are an expert in reading my thoughts”

Radhika: “from what I gathered she must be your friend” then her eyes bloomed with glee “do I know her?” she asked “I do know her that’s why u are hesitant” she answered herself. Arjun nodded and she leaped on him excited and planted a kiss on his cheek making him blush. “is it Soumya?” she asked but he just laughed and declared her guess wrong.

“Jessie?… it’s Jessie right” she guessed again.

Arjun: “nope… ”

Radhika: “Dipika…?”

Arjun: “no… ”

The rest of the night went like that, she would name a girl and he would say no, Arjun opened the door for her as they reached Malhotra’s apartment and she asked again “Aastha… Rosie… Gauri..?”

Arjun sighed “no.. no… and no.. ” she crossed her arms over her chest sulking at her wrong guesses making him chuckle “come on let’s go” he said as he gave her a push with his hand on her back. Radhika asked him if he was in love in Sam but he denied yet again and laughed at her being clueless.

Now standing outside the apartment door he bid her goodnight and turned to leave but she held her hand “are u in love with me?” she asked softly almost in a whisper. She wanted to ask that since the moment he agreed he was in love, his behavior throughout the night hinted that but was afraid he would say yes and she didn’t know how she should react if that was the case but now decided to take the plunge thinking that he lied about being in love for he rejected her every guess.

Arjun after a minute of silence opened his mouth to speak but his phone rang at the nick of time crushing down all the courage he had gathered to pour out his heart to her. It was Edward his colleague, he attended the call and Edward broke the news to him “Tina was attacked… we caught the man and taking him to the station as we speak… come fast” and he rushed off as soon as he ended the call.

Precap: another death, another suspect, Neil tries to patch up Sam and Radhika, new president elected.


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