Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 4)

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Chapter 4

Kensington Police Station
The forensic report arrived, hemorrhage exsanguination was declared as the cause of death which simply means bleeding to death. The forensic officer miss Gloria Buenaventura sat opposite Mark giving him the report, the Latin origin officer spoke confidently “he was stabbed multiple times on the chest… one of the stabs damaged the aorta causing a traumatic aortic rapture making the attack fatal… he was in severe trauma… blood flooded in his lung and he died… I took him just a few mins to bleed to death… approximately 3 to 4 minutes”

Mark listened intently while Gloria gave her report “nothing in the coffee?” he asked

Gloria: “no sir, there was nothing in the coffee neither in the food he ate that day… we also tasted if he was being poisoned slowly but the results were negative”

Mark: “will that be all?”

Gloria: “no, these kind of stabbing shows the attacker was either enraged at the time of the assault or had immense hate for the victim” Mark frowned at her explanation and she continued “the amount of stabbing and the way he was stabbed suggests that… I have seen similar cases… the attacker didn’t want to murder him but wanted to vent… stabbing someone12 times and continuously on the same spot depicts a high degree of rage or hate”

The letter they found and the report Gloria gave somehow made sense, the culprit they were looking for had or has something very terrible against the late Amrish Khanna. Gloria took leave and Arjun entered Mark’s office “didn’t I order u not to be here?” asked Mark as soon as Arjun entered.

Arjun took a seat opposite him and greeted him intstead of replying. Mark asked him again why was he at the station “I want the case” he answered

Mark: “no way son, I can’t hand over the case to u… u know these people and that may affect your judgement… u can’t handle this case”

Arjun: “it’s precisely bcoz of that, that I want this case… I know these people and who will be better to question them but me?… they know me and they trust me, they can tell me things that they can’t tell other officers… think about that”

Mark thought for a second and spoke “okay, but I will be present at the initial interrogations… need to keep a check on u”

El Milagro Palace
MURDER CAME TO PARTY was the biggest headline in one of London’s leading daily newspapers, the story about how a multi billionaire was murdered in the comfort of his own home fascinated all but the news came as a shock to the food business industry and taste farm was on the verge of going through chaos bcoz many investors trusted in Amrish Khanna’s capabilities and the question that was running on everyone’s mind was who would be the lucky successor.

The funeral held at the palace was in itself no less than a party, hundreds of luxury cars were coming in and out of the palace. Rich people in designer whites adorning expensive shades conveyed their condolences to the family and none forgot the fake eye dubbing in front of media cameras.

Samrat leading the mourning family was on the forefront throughout, he wanted to been seen as a devoted and hurt son who was ready and fit on his father’s shoes, Ajay and Pranay saw that and they were both silently carving their ways to the throne, the power struggle though not visibly but was vividly brewing btn the three.

After the primary investigation procedures Amrish’s body was released and his family did the necessary to put him to eternal rest. They were gathered in the ground floor’s living room as the police gave their feedback, they also told them about the letter they had found in the office and asked if they knew anything about it but none had answers. Arjun introduced himself as the chief investigation officer of the case and asked for their full support and cooperation throughout the case.

After the meeting with the police Pranay left the palace, he had reached the entrance when Jai called out to him, he turned and asked “what do u want?”

Jai: “it was u, right?… u killed dadaji”

Pranay with an uninterested look replied “are u on drugs?… or have u officially gone crazy?”

Jai: “don’t twist the matter, I know it was u who did it… I saw u threatening him that day… u threatened to kill him and u fulfilled your vengeance at the party” Pranay without answering turned to leave, he opened his car door and was about to get in when Jai stopped him with his next set of words “u will pay for your sins, old man… these were your exact words right?… do u remember anything?”

Pranay closed the car door and turned to him “yes, I told him that, but that doesn’t mean I killed him… that doesn’t prove anything”

Jai: “Oh! it does prove a lot of things… u have a heated argument with him… u threaten to kill him… the man get murdered just two days later and the words u said to him turns out in a letter besides his dead body… what more proof do u need?”

Pranay gave a sardonic smile “that old man cheated me… he took 3% of my shares in deceit, so it’s obvious I would be mad… whatever I said, I said it in anger” Jai looked unconvinced so he continued “listen young man… I don’t have the energy neither the time to murder someone then sit down and write a letter that can get me convicted… am neither stupid nor vengeful… and frankly I don’t give a f**k about u or what u think about me… if u think am a murderer then go report me to the police otherwise stop wasting my time”

Jai watched as he drove off, he knew Pranay didn’t just flung those words to him, it was a warning and he wondered if he really was the murderer bcoz when he mentioned it Pranay didn’t flatter nor showed any signs of worry.

Radhika was avoiding Arjun, she was giving him the silent treatment but when Arjun said he was the one in charge of the case she was eager to talk to him. Arjun was talking to Mark, Radhika came to them and greeted them “may I talk to u Arjun?”

Mark excused himself leaving them alone “what is it Radhika?”

Radhika: “did u take the case so that u can save me?”

Arjun: “yes, I took the case so that u are not wrongly blamed… I know u didn’t kill him… u can never hurt anyone that am sure of… I hope u trust me enough to know that I can never think ill of u” Radhika realised the mistake she made by judging him too soon, Arjun understood her guilty filled face and held her shoulders “what happened that night?” he asked softly.

Radhika took a deep breath and narrated all that had transpired that night “and when I came back that’s when I saw that he was murdered”

Arjun: “we can get your phone records and if your friend vouches that she spoke to u all that time then u are good to go… we will be able to prove that u were not present at the time of the murder” and she was relieved to hear that but Arjun felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. “did u see anything odd, what was his mood like when u were with him in his office?”

Radhika: “u knew him Arjun… u know it’s next to impossible to figure out what runs in nanaji’s mind… he never show his true emotions”

Arjun: “did u see anything, like a letter or an envelope?”

Radhika: “no I didn’t see anything except for a knife on the table the same knife he was stabbed with”

Arjun: “till the moment u left Magdalene hadn’t brought the coffee?” he asked but she nodded negative. Arjun thought that since they found a half drank coffee cup then it means it’s not Radhika but Magdalene who had last seen Amrish alive, he had to question Magdalene next.

Arjun was still lost in his thought when Radhika called him “Arjun… ” she said softly and when she had got his attention she continued “am sorry… for misunderstanding u… sorry”

Arjun smiled mischievously “my feelings were hurt Radhika… a simple sorry won’t do”

Radhika: “what do u want then?”

Arjun without a second thought answered “you… ” Radhika’s eyes flew wide open at his answer and he quickly corrected his answer “a date with u… ” seeing her shocked face he corrected himself again “dinner… I mean dinner with u” He cursed himself mentally for sounding so stupid. He composed himself and continued “let’s have dinner sometime… I have missed u”

Radhika smiled “okay… let’s catch up over dinner”

Arjun now smiled wide “so dinner… Sunday?” and she agreed and he couldn’t be happier, he started to mentally plan about that day eager to impress her.

One week Later
It was the day Samrat has been waiting for, Amrish’s last will and testament was supposed to be read today in front of the the whole family. After a quiet lunch the family gathered in the garden, a wooden belvedere admist the beautiful rose bushes had a long rustic wooden table and chairs. They were sitting around the table waiting for Joseph Trudeau, the lawyer. Samrat was sitting impatiently, each second felt like an hour to him but nothing succeeded in wiping off the wide smile on his face, he was the happiest of them all.

Finally the lawyer arrived after an hour long wait and Piyali had to remind Samrat not to look so obvious otherwise others may suspect him. Trudeau stood facing them all, he introduced himself and started to read the will. Amrish had left everyone something or the other but that didn’t worry Samrat for he knew he could trust his friend and accomplice Trudeau.

After every name mentioned Samrat was eagerly waiting for the big reveak, Trudeau took a deep breath and spoke “I Amrish Amar Khanna, in complete sense of mind, I leave El Milagro palace, my penthouse in Notting Hill, my beach house in Miami…” he went on listing the wealthy properties causing Samrat to hold his breath with the anticipation of all the things he was going to inherit. “and including 51% shares of taste farm to…. ” Trudeau took a second pause and continued “to my granddaughter Radhika Dilip Mishra” finished Trudeau and took a deep calming breath.

A piercing silence ruled over them for a minute, the word shock would be an understatement, they were all frozen. Samrat wasn’t only mad that Radhika was the heir but also bcoz he hadn’t inherited a dime from his father “what kind of joke is this?” he asked angrily.

Trudeau: “there isn’t any joke in this, this was your father’s last will and testament… this was his wish”

Samrat: “what kind of stupid wish is this?… leaving everything to a child” looking at Radhika “what did u do?… what did u to inherit the entire fortune?”

Mala intervened “what are u saying bhai, what’s Radhika’s fault in this?”

Samrat: “shut up, Mala… u are saying this bcoz it’s your daughter who inherited all these”

Samrat turned Trudeau and held his collar “and u… how could u do this?… how could u cheat me like this?… we had a deal, didn’t we?”

Piyali stopped Samrat from revealing too much “get a hold of yourself Samrat”

Trudeau removed his hands on his shirt “before accusing anyone of cheating u better keep a check on yourself first” Samrat wanted to retort but Trudeau gave him a letter instead “your dad left this for u”

Samrat quickly opened the letter and the contents

You must have thought of yourself as a big player by cheating me but u forgot that am your father. The only reason that u are standing today and not in prison as u deserve it’s bcoz u are my son for I don’t forgive neither forget. I am ashamed of u and I was right all along u are a stupid excuse of a son.
Amrish Khanna.

Samrat tore the letter, he was now fuming, his father though already dead had yet again proved that he will always be in the loosing end when it came to these games. “I don’t accept this will… I will challenge u all in court” he turned to Radhika again “u will pay for this” he warned her and left.

Malhotra’s Apartment
Radhika had herself locked up in the bedroom since she came back from the palace, the events of the day were too tiring and complicated for her. First her nanaji wanted her to look after the company and now he left her everything of his, she wasn’t able to exactly figure out what her nanaji’s plan was or why he did all that. What was she going to do with all the money he left her with, she had questions, too many questions but didn’t know where to look for answers.

A knock on the door brought her out of her thoughts, Sam entered and smiled a small one at her “may I come in?” she asked and Radhika nodded in reply.

Sam went and sat near her on the bed and asked if she was okay “do I look okay?” she asked back.

Sam: “forgive dad please, he just didn’t expect dadaji would do that to him… we all didn’t expect that… he didn’t mean what he said… he can never do anything to hurt u”

Radhika sighed “I don’t know… am not sure anymore… this is all so confusing”

Sam gave her an arm hug “am with u, all the way… u can count on me” Radhika just smiled at her. Sam hesitated a bit but then asked “will u forgive me too?”

Sam felt Radhika’s body stiffened and removed her hand from her shoulder, Radhika looked straight in Sam’s eyes “are u here bcoz am rich now?… bcoz of the money I am going to inherit?”

Sam felt like a lance pierced right through her chest, unknowingly tears started to flow down her eyes “Radhika, how could u… ”

“it hurts right?” asked Radhika who also was about to cry “it does hurt when someone u trust accuses u of something so terrible… u hurt me the same way Sam”

Sam was going to say to something when Neil interrupted them, they both wiped their tears and Sam left instantly. Neil asked what happened btn them but Radhika didn’t divulge a thing “I need your advice Neil, professional advice”

Neil: “about the inheritance right?”

Radhika nodded “what if I don’t accept it … I have that right atleast”

Neil: “u do, but if u don’t accept it there are two options… the court may choose another heir or grant it all to the British government” Neil saw that she was more confused “look, why don’t u accept the inheritance first then decide what to do with it later”

Radhika: “what if I transfer it to Samrat uncle?”

Neil: “honestly, I don’t think that is a good idea… Samrat uncle isn’t quite the right person to manage so much money, he will lose it all… take your time don’t decide in haste”

Radhika just sighed, it was difficult to understand her nanaji when he was alive and it is difficult to understand him even when he was dead.

Kensington Police Station
Magdalene reached the police station as per the police’s call, wearing a black and blue suit she looked prim and proper. She was directed to Arjun’s cabin where Arjun and Mark were waiting for her. “Ms. Magdalene Hertzspring” she introduced herself to the two police officers before taking her seat facing them.

After the formal introduction btn the three Arjun without wasting a second went right into the matter and asked her about the night Amrish Khanna was murdered.

*************** Flashback ***************
Magdalene went to the Amrish’s office to ask him if he needed anything for she wanted to retire for the night and Amrish was only served by her and her alone. She met Amrish and Radhika near his office door and asked “can I get u anything Sir?”

Amrish: “get me coffee please”

Magdalene: “right away sir” she answered and went to the kitchen. She prepared the coffee and was about to head back to the office when Jiya, one of the staff collided with her causing the coffee tray to slip off her hands. She flinched at the clinging sound and stared sharply at Jiya “why in the world are u so clumsy?”

Jiya: “am so sorry commander” she said worriedly “I will clean this up and make another coffee”

Magdalene: “u won’t touch anything… I don’t want anymore accidents from u” she ordered someone else to clean the mess while she made another coffee. It took her time to make coffee twice so when she reached Amrish’s office Radhika was already gone but Amrish was not alone, he was accompanied by his secretary and PA, Tina. “sorry for the delay sir” she said as she kept the tray on the table.

Tina looked disturbed and Amrish looked worried so Magdalene couldn’t help but ask “is there a problem sir?”

Amrish: “there was but isn’t anymore”

Magdalene asked Tina if she needed anything but Tina remained quiet “do u want coffee or tea miss Tina?” she asked again but instead of Tina, Amrish answered asking Magdalene to just leave them alone and she left.
********** End Of Flashback **********

When Magdalene came to take the coffee cup she found him dead already.

Arjun showed her the murder weapon and she recognized the knife as it belonged to the palace, she told him that Amrish had received a parcel that morning and used that same knife to open the box with. “do u recall anything other than that?”

Magdalene thought for a while and answered “Tina was holding an envelope in her hands, a white envelope to be precise” he showed her the envelope they found on Amrish’s table and she confirmed it was the same one.

They thanked her for her cooperation and she took her leave. Arjun turned to Mark “so we are questioning Tina next” and Mark nodded.

Precap: Ardhika dinner, Tina’s version of events, race to presidency.


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