Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3

El Milagro Palace
Radhika went to Amrish’s office and was surprised to find the door open, she entered and was shocked to the deepest core by the sight. Amrish lifelessly sitting on his chair with a knife stuck on his chest, his clothes drenched in blood. She quickly ran to the dead body “dont touch anything” came Arjun’s warning from behind.

Arjun had noticed that the office had a password protected door and so left the door open not wanting to be locked with a dead body “we need to take him to the hospital” she said worriedly.

Arjun: “I have checked his pulse already… he is dead” he stated

Radhika felt her knees going weak, brimming hot tears were blurring her vision, she felt an intense pain in her chest and something heavy in her head, she felt dizzy it was the first time in her life she had seen someone dead, Arjun supported her now weak body. She hugged him tightly drenching his tuxedo with her tears “how did this… who… when… Oh! My God!… he is dead… he is dead” she mumbled btn her sobbing.

Arjun had already informed Neil about the murder, so Neil made all guests leave early only family and those close to the family were at the party but Neil didn’t break the news to them until the police arrived. Mala couldn’t handle the news and fainted on the spot, they took her to a room and called a doctor, Samrat rushed to the office to witness the said incident, Sam, Piyali and Ridhima were crying inconsolably, Ajay and Pranay just looked on unaffected. The police asked them to wait elsewhere while they conduct their initial investigation.

It was a large office, there was a bookshelf on the left side with a small metal safe that appeared untouched, there was no sign of forced opening attempt. The large table in the middle appeared neat with every equipment on its proper place unless for a white envelope and a half drank coffee cup. The huge windows behind the table were locked from inside with curtains drawn, the bathroom attached to the office also was clean, the only out of the ordinary scene was Amrish’s dead body on the chair and the blood stained tile floor.

Fingerprints were collected from every nook and corner of the place, pictures to help with the investigation were taken and Amrish’s body was sent to forensic for further investigation.Mark Clarkson was leading the investigation at that moment turned to his team “it all looks neat and at its proper place… there is no sign of a struggle… and nothing was stolen either… Mr. Khanna must have known his murderer”

Arjun: “even the windows are closed from the inside… whoever did it came through the door”

Mark: “so its possible the murderer was or still is in the palace” he then opened the envelope they had found on the table and found a letter inside it. An A4 size white paper with large letters written in bold “YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS” just six words but they were enough to send shivers down the detective’s spine “what in the world is this?”

Arjun took the letter from him and read it “is this a warning?” at that moment the detectives knew there was more to the story than just murder.

Mark came to the family seated in the living room and informed them that they can’t conclude anything just as yet since they needed to wait for the forensic report first. He wanted to start questioning them on their whereabouts when the murder was taking place but Arjun cut him in btn “chief, it’s very late and the family is tired and devestated… I think we should postpone questioning them… until we get the forensic report”

Mark agreed and the police left promising to solve the case as soon as possible.

It was late at night but no one was going to sleep that day, it felt like a nightmare to some and it was like a blessing in disguise for others. For those who loved Amrish it was a tragedy to them but for those who despised him and thought of him as a roadblock his death came to them like christmas in mid summer.

Piyali had been trying to get a hold on Jai for the past hour with no avail, his phone was switched off and he hadn’t answered any of her messages or voice mails. She went and checked on Mala who was staying there for the night due to her condition and Dilip told her that Mala was still sleeping due to the medication. She retired to her bedroom and found Samrat happily trying on suits “what are u doing Samrat?” she asked bewildered.

Samrat turned to her holding two black jackets in his both hands “Tom Ford or Armani… which one of these looks better on me…?”

Piyali was confused, an hour ago Samrat was shocked and looked devastated by his father’s death but now he was so calm and composed and even trying on clothes “what’s going on… am not getting any of these…?”

Samrat hanged the jackets back in the closet and turned to her “I need to look good for the press release tomorrow… I should look a million bucks”

Piyali: “Samrat your dad just died and u are concerned about your looks?”

Samrat: “my dad was a billionaire and now I will be” Piyali didn’t understand what he was saying and Samrat continued “I should call Trudeau”

Piyali: “Trudeau dad’s lawyer?”

Samrat looked at her confused face and smiled, he made her sit and explained “remember when Mala married Dilip?… dad was so mad at her that he disowned her… he didn’t stop there… dad took her out of his will and named me his sole beneficiary… I will inherit everything that has Amrish Khanna’s name”

Piyali: “but dad forgave her and he must have added her in his will again”

Samrat; that’s the best part… he did try that but I was not going to share my fortune with Mala, no way… I promised Trudeau a good percentage of the company’s share if he tricked dad and he agreed… dad’s new will never reached court, it doesn’t exist… the only will that is known and legal is the one that names me as the one and only beneficiary of the entire Khanna estate”

Piyali was dumbfounded “u cheated your own father?”

Samrat: “I just did what was necessary… I deserve all these for bearing that bitter old man my entire life… now its just a matter of time till I become the new president of taste farm… Samrat Khanna from COO to CEO… sounds good right?”

Piyali: “but will the board give u presidency?”

Samrat: “with dad’s shares in my name I don’t think they can risk angering me”

Piyali was shocked, confused and flabbergasted, she certainly didn’t expect such news from him and at a moment like that. Then it struck her and immediately without hesitating she asked “did u kill him?”

Samrat stared at her for a second and then went about his work without giving any reply to her but Piyali was adamant on her question “oh! so u are serious?” he asked and started to laugh “u are so dramatic Piyali… I have no plans of going to jail and leave u to spend all my money… I didn’t kill him but whoever did it… did me a favour”

Mehra’s Apartment
Since the day Amrish had announced about his retirement Ajay had been busy trying to get the board on his side, he had gathered information about each and every board member. Counting out Jai, Samrat, Pranay and Neil he had a plan to get all other members in his favour by hook or crook, his only concern though was the boards blind trust on Amrish Khanna but now with him out of the way what else could a man ask for. He poured himself a whiskey sitting on a chair in the small bar in his luxury apartment and today the whiskey felt considerably different for he was not drinking to wash away worries but to celebrate.

Priya who also sleepless that night came out for a glass of water and saw her dad at the bar smiling to himself, he looked happy and she wondered how can someone be happy at a moment like that. Startled with Priya’s footsteps Ajay came out of his happy thought bubble “you are still awake?” he asked but he didn’t sound displeased like he always does.

Priya: “yes, I can’t take my mind over the tragedy that has befell us”

Ajay laughed surprising his daughter “tragedy… u think what happened was a tragedy…?” Priya didn’t know what she was supposed to answer so she just kept mum “u really are naive Priya… this isn’t a tragedy its an opportunity”

Priya: “opportunity for whom?”

Ajay: “for your father to live the life he deserves… the life of a king… I have worked so hard for the company, I gave the company my all… and now its time I be rewarded for my efforts”

Priya: “but isn’t it wrong to take advantage of someone’s death?”

Ajay shook his head not believing that she was his child, he thought how can someone be so stupid “that’s why I said u are naive… for greater goals some must be sacrificed… your so called nanaji’s death is a stepping stone to the throne” Priya was shocked but more than being shocked she was scared seeing her father’s true colours. She always knew how tough and rough he was when it came to business but that moment she saw how cruel her father can be in the name of power. Seeing her lost in thoughts Ajay continued “if u think I killed him then u are wrong though I would have if the murderer didn’t beat me to it” Priya just wished her father for the night and went back to her bedroom, if she was not sleepy earlier she was definitely not sleeping a wink now after hearing her dad’s confession.

Malhotra’s Apartment
Radhika woke up in the middle of the night from a terrible dream, she was sweating profusely even with the AC on, everytime she closed her eyes Amrish image would flash in her mind, his lifeless form drenched in his own blood was haunting her. She sat on bed giving up on sleep when Arjun called her asking her to meet him at the apartment’s lobby and she obliged due to the urgency in his voice though it was 2 in the morning.

Arjun was still in his party clothes, he had just removed his jacket and tie and had rolled up his shirt’s sleeves “what happened?” asked Radhika as soon as she reached the lobby.

Arjun brushed off the urge to laugh at her cute form in gummy bear pajamas “it’s urgent that I talk to u… it’s about the murder… what did u do after u left the party?”

Radhika: “why are u asking me like that?”

Arjun: “u left the party with him and later he turns out to be dead… that’s very suspicious u know”

Radhika: “are u saying that I killed him?” she asked horrified by the thought that he suspected her to be murderer.

Arjun: “am not accusing u Radhika, I just want to know what happened… I want to protect u from any blames”

Radhika: “I can protect myself”

Arjun flinched at her tone, he closed his eyes to not let anger get the better of him. He held her shoulders “u were last seen with him and everyone knows u two didn’t get along…he later turns out dead and that automatically makes u a suspect… please tell me what happened so I can help u”

Arjun knew the depth of the matter he was a cop after all and had handled similar cases but she misunderstood him, she thought he was concerned bcoz he thought she was a murderer and his help was about assisting her in washing her blood stained hands and she was hurt that he thought like that about her “I told u already I can protect myself” she said in a pained voice, Arjun wanted to explain further but the tears that were filling her eyes causing them to twinkle stopped him and so he left but he had her best interest still.

Radhika returned to her bedroom and recalled the event after she had left the party with Amrish.

*************** Flashback ***************

Amrish was walking towards his office with Radhika behind him, as they both reached his office they saw Magdalene coming towards them “can I get u anything Sir” spoke Magdalene humbly.

Amrish: “get me coffee please”

Magdalene: “right away sir”

Amrish punched in some numbers and opened the door of his office and they both entered, sitting opposite to each other Radhika waited impatiently to hear what he wanted to say. Amrish cleared his throat and began “I want u to join the company… I think u will be a positive addition at taste farm”

Radhika: “I have a job… and I love it, why would I want to work at taste farm?”

Amrish: “that’s bcoz I don’t want u join as a simple employee… I want u to be my successor… I want u to be the new president and CEO of taste farm”

Radhika was stunned, like a fish she opened and closed her mouth but only air came out, she wasn’t able to form any word and when she finally spoke “whaaat!?” was all that came out of her mouth.

Amrish: “I will transfer some of my shares to your name making u a board member and then president of the board”

Radhika: “what has gotten into u all of a sudden?… how can u think I will agree to such an absurd proposal?… I know nothing about running a food company… am sorry but I decline your offer”

Amrish: “am not asking u am telling u”

Radhika: “u can’t order me around”

Amrish: “I have power and connections strong enough to get u fired from the publishing company and make sure u are not hired by any other company for that matter… I made the decision and it’s final… u are joining taste farm starting next week”

Radhika stood up leave “I will not let u bully me like u always do” and left the office in a huff. She was so frustrated that she didn’t want to return to the party so went to the garden for some fresh air where she got a call from Isabel, when she returned to his office hoping to get him to change his decision she was already too late.
********** End Of Flashback **********

Radhika came out of her thoughts and wondered what could have happened in that short span, who could have killed her nanaji?

El Milagro Palace
Sam was still twisting and turning on her bed,she was not able to fall asleep thinking about incident that took place just a few steps from her room. She decided to take a strall in the garden and left her room, she had just reached the first floor when she heard some rumbling across the hall and went to check. The sound bacame more vivid as she approached Amrish’s office, she brushed off the silly thought that her grandpa’s ghost was now haunting the office and walked faster to reach the sound.

Sam almost screamed from the top of her lung as she saw a male figure coming out of the office “bhai… u scared the hell out me” she said with her palm placed on her chest calming her thudding heart.

Jai who did not expect anyone to be awake at that time stuttered looking for words “I… I… I was just looking”

Sam: “the police forbade us from entering there… didn’t u see these barricade tapes?… and where were u, mum and I have been trying your phone the whole night”

Jai: “I did… but since I was not here earlier I thought of checking it out”

Jai quickly started to leave and Sam noticed that he was wearing white medical gloves “why are u wearing gloves?”

Jai stammered again at her question “umh… I… ” while taking the gloves off hurridly “didn’t want to get my finger prints on the crime scene… I don’t want to be a suspect, u know” wanting to avoid more of her questions he left declaring he was tired and wanted to rest.

Sam was baffled at his excuses, yes he was not present when they discovered the tragic incident but why would he go to such an extent just for a mere curiosity? And most importantly how did he get the password to open the door of the office since only Amrish and Magdalene knew about it?

Precap: forensic report, the funeral, police interrogations, the will.


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