Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 22)

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Chapter 22

St. Mary’s Hospital
It was dark with only a dim yellow street light coming from the glass window. Ankush was sleeping on his hospital bed, he was still under observation. The door slightly opened and the bright white light in the hallway reflected a shadow on the floor. A person dressed in all black walked in wearing the same exact clothes like his attacker on the day of his wedding. The attacker pulled out a gun pointing it towards his chest. Ankush opened his eyes and came face to face with the attacker. He tried to get up but his hands were tied on the bed, he screamed for help but no one came. He was sweating in fear, he knew he was going to die, the attacker cocked the pistol and BANG went off the lethal bullet puncturing his chest giving him immense pain with the impact.

Ankush woke up with a jerk, he was sweating profusely, he checked his hands and weren’t tied, he sighed realising it was only a dream, a nightmare. Lately he has been having these nightmares, the attack made on him scarred both his body and mind. He sat on the bed for he wasn’t going to fall asleep again after that nightmare, his hospital room opened a little and he saw a shadow entering just like in his dream. He panicked and looked for means to protect himself, he saw a small knife kept besides the fruit basket Mala had brought for him. He took the knife and got ready to attack, the figure approached him and before he could be attacked he grabbed a hand of the figure pulling the person down and raised the knife ready to stab. A scary shriek was heard and he saw the face of the person under him with the help of the light coming from the window, it was the nurse.

Immediately the light in the room was switched on and a few more nurses came into the room “what happened?” asked one of the nurse seeing Ankush holding a knife.

“he was going to stab me” cried the scared nurse leaning on the bed.

Ankush put the knife away and let the nurse go “am sorry” he said looking apologetic “I thought u were someone else”

“what’s going on here?” asked the doctor who had just entered into the room. The nurse told her what happened “u may go” she said to the nurses and they left them alone. He turned to Ankush “are u okay?”

Ankush nodded “I just had a nightmare and I thought that the nurse was going to attack me so I tried to defend myself” The doctor made him lie down “doctor… when am I going to be discharged?”

“soon, very soon” she said smilingly “do u need anything else?”

“can I ask u a question?” he said.

“go ahead” she answered.

“what are the side effects of what I went through… apart from the headache?” he asked.

The doctor knew why he asked that question, she smiled “u have none, apart from the headaches” she said and left the room leaving him to rest.

The next day Ankush was going through some tests that his doctor recommended, after getting the results he doctor decided that it was best she discharged him on that same day. Ridhima who had come to visit her brother was very happy with the news, she immediately called home and gave them the good news and Mala started the preparations for his home coming.

Ridhima completed the formalities and Ankush was getting ready with the help of Dilip who had come to pick him up after Ridhima had called him. Ridhima finished paying the bills and was called to the doctor’s cabin “is there any problem doctor?” she asked worriedly when she got into her cabin.

“sit down please” the doctor said gesturing with her hand “and u can call me Nora” she added. Ridhima took the seat, Dr. Nora sighed “it’s about your brother”

“he is fine right? that’s why u are discharging him” Ridhima chimed in.

“physically yes… but physiologically no” said Dr. Nora

“what do u mean?” Ridhima asked.

Dr. Nora “look, what he went through was traumatizing and though physically he has been able to overcome that ordeal he won’t fully recuperate if he doesn’t get over that trauma mentally… right now he is very weak emotionally and needs proper care to get well… so I suggest that u have him see a psychiatrist”

“a psychiatrist?” she asked flabbergasted.

Dr. Nora told her what happened last night leaving Ridhima shocked “he has these nightmares that leave him restless and insecure… he needs help bcoz mental health is as important as physical health… he needs counselling” The doctor opened a drawer of her desk and took out a small notebook, she wrote down something on the paper, tore it and gave it to her “here is a name and number of a friend of mine… he is renowned psychiatrist but prefers to stay away from the limelight… give him a call he will be able to help your brother and I can guarantee that”

Ridhima thanked the doctor and walked out of her cabin, she went to Ankush and Dilip and saw them laughing and talking. She put the piece of paper inside her purse and entered the room “shall we leave?” she asked trying to hide the worry from her face.

“yes please” exclaimed Ankush and they left the hospital room. “is everything okay?” asked Ankush noticing that she was lost in some kind of thoughts, Ridhima just nodded negative smiling to him so they got into the car and left for their house.

Taste Farm Offices
Radhika was in her office humming some song while doing her work, she was happy and anyone could tell that by just one glance at her. Sam went to her office so they could go for coffee together and found her dancing with a file, Sam laughed and remembered her own condition when she had agreed to be Neil’s girlfriend “someone is happy” she said getting her attention.

Radhika smiled “bhai got discharged” she said but Sam could tell there was something more behind that happiness of hers.

“that’s great” Sam said and went to sit on her table “u look different today, anything special?”

“no, nothing special” she replied and turned to hide her blush that would adorn her cheeks everytime she reminisced about last night.

Sam looked at her with suspicious eyes, she was definitely hiding something “how did your date go last night, did Arjun like the food u made for him?”

“uh-huh” she answered without turning.

Sam got off the table and turned her to face her holding both her shoulders “and what happened after that?” Radhika couldn’t hide her smile at her question and Sam gasped understanding the meaning of her blush “u mean Arjun and u… u and Arjun… u did… did u do what am thinking?”

Radhika nodded “yes we had… we took our relationship to the next level” she repeated Arjun’s words and chuckled at her own answer.

Sam squealed as if she saw her favourite movie star, Neil who was passing by Radhika’s office dashed in hearing Sam’s scream “what happened?” he asked but both the girls looked at him as if he was an alien “u screamed so I thought… never mind” he shrugged understanding that the girls were screaming in excitement. He was going to leave but then turned to Radhika “u look different Chashni… did u do something to your face?… new make-up or something…?”

Sam giggled and Radhika turned red in embarrassment “umh.. it’s a new face cream… is it good?”

“yeah.. ” Neil nodded “u are glowing, u should use that often” Sam couldn’t hold it anymore and burst into laughter earning herself stares from Neil and Radhika “what’s so funny?”

Sam controlled herself and looked at Radhika “what did u say the name of the cream was again?… AR…?”

Radhika glared at her causing her to start laughing again further confusing Neil, she turned to Neil and spoke “Neil I need to discuss something with u” turning to Sam she added “in private” Sam just rolled her eyes and started walking towards the door, but before she left her office Radhika spoke again “don’t worry Sam, I will give Neil the name of the cream and make sure he gets it for u” Sam narrowed her eyes at her while Radhika laughed. Neil was now completely confused seeing their weird actions but he just shook his head staring at them.

Few feet away in Jai office, Jai was sitting staring at his laptop but his mind was elsewhere, his heart wasn’t in his work any more. His ambition, his zeal, his dreams had all taken a dip into the big sea of disappointment. He was disappointed with hid choices, he was disappointed with himself. His grandfather and his brother Ankush were all victims of Tina and though he didn’t know the reason behind Tina’s attack on Ankush he couldn’t help but feel he was somehow responsible for that, he couldn’t help but feel that he was the one who brought suffering and disappointment in everyone’s lives.

Jai was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he didn’t hear a knock on his office door, when she didn’t get an answer Priya welcomed herself into his cabin and found him staring into the oblivion. It wasn’t until she knocked on his table that Jai noticed her presence “Oh! Priya, am sorry… I didn’t see u there”

“u have been apologizing a lot lately” she said and he just sighed in return “Ankush has been discharged, we all going to see him in the evening u should come too”

Jai picked up a file that was on his table “I can’t I have work to do”

“stop lying, I know u don’t have any work” she stated “if it’s because of what I said that day at the hospital then am sorry but come see him please he misses u”

“please u don’t have to say sorry, I behaved like a jerk I should be sorry” he said.

She smiled “so then u are coming?”

Jai nodded negative “I can’t, I don’t know how to face him when I was the one who brought Tina into our lives”

“she was already in our lives” she said “she has been since the day she started working here so u don’t have to feel responsible for her actions”

“but I do” he chimed “I can’t help but feel guilty”

“Jai…” Priya started.

“am sorry Priya” Jai interrupted “am the reason for your unhappiness”

“as I said, u have been apologizing a lot these days” Priya said, she took a deep breath “can’t we go back to the way we were, can’t we be friends again?”

“u will always be my best friend” Jai said.

Priya forwarded her hand to him “best friends”

Jai shook her hand “best friends forever”

“so it’s decided, u are coming to see Ankush later with me” she said and he nodded agreeing with her.

Kensington Police Station
Mark went to Arjun’s cabin and found him smiling to himself, he shook his head in disbelief seeing him daydreaming at a time like that. He cleared his throat to gain his attention “come in chief” said Arjun.

“am already in” he replied taking a seat opposite him “what did the computer guy say?”

Arjun took a deep breath of disappointment “nothing, we found nothing… we checked her computer, her phones her mails but there is nothing suspicious there… we even bugged Edwards phone and computer but still got no information there… it’s all clean… I think whoever this is, doesn’t call them or email them… they must have another means of communication with her that doesn’t leave any traces behind… I must say she is good”

Mark rolled his eyes “if u will praise a criminal then we will never catch her”

Arjun chuckled “don’t be stingy with compliments chief, as a criminal she is good but as the police we are better than her… we are the best”

“whatever” Mark said “so what are we going to do now, do we just wait?”

“I was thinking of talking with Ed, maybe I could get something from him” Arjun proposed.

“don’t mention that traitor to me” Mark explained “I feel like strangling him with my bare hands” and Arjun just laughed at his reaction “by now he must have found out that there was no arrest warrant issued against Tina so he knows u have taken her… he is already alerted, there is no use of talking to him now”

Arjun nodded “u are right”

Mark continued “and if this mysterious person is as dangerous as Tina said that day then I suggest we put some sort of protection for your family… we don’t know what a crazy criminal will do so we should be prepared”

“already ahead of u there” Arjun said “I have people watching over every member of my family”

“and your girlfriend?” Mark asked.

“her too” he said with a sweet smile on his face.

Mark laughed “I can’t believe this is the brave detective Arjun Mehra who is blushing like a school girl just with the mention of the word girlfriend”

“at least I don’t get scared like u when somebody mentions your wife” Arjun teased.

“don’t mention her son, she might remember to call me and I can take one headache at a time” Mark said worriedly making Arjun laugh. “okay now jokes apart let’s get to work… I wish we would solve this mystery soon”

After a short discussion on their next move Mark left, Arjun was also going out and collided with Edward just outside his office door. “are u okay?” asked Arjun.

“why do u ask?” he asked back.

Arjun smiled a fake one “u look disturbed and worried like u have lost something very important to u… by the way were u listening in on my conversation with chief?” Edward stuttered but Arjun smiled wider and patted his shoulder “u know if u want any information about the case u can come and ask me anytime… we are friends after all”

Edward nodded “by the way u don’t look worried when u were possible suspect is nowhere to be found… is there something I don’t know about?”

Arjun chuckled “am not worried because there is no reason to worry… she can’t hide forever she will have to come out one day and I will be here waiting to catch her the minute she steps out of the shadows”

“so confident, huh?” Edward smirked.

“am surprised by your lack of confidence” Arjun replied “I think u have forgotten that she is a criminal and we are the police… remember one thing Ed, no matter how smart a criminal is they can never outsmart the police… I will catch her and make sure she is duly punished” Edward just nodded, Arjun smiled “take care… friend” he stressed on the word friend and left leaving him stunned with his words.

************* Flashback ****************
The Night of the Engagement Party
El Milagro Palace
It was star studded night, where everyone went to have a good time and share the happiness of the lovely couple, Tina went with a mission. She didn’t attend the party to enjoy neither did she want to celebrate Ankush and Priya’s love, she had only her mission on her mind that she was going to fulfill no matter what. The party was going on well, the couple exchanged the rings as the symbol of their love and all guests rejoiced the moment and she couldn’t help but wish to day be on that stage with the love of her life, Jai Khanna. Her eyes automatically searched for him and she saw him gulping down a glass of red wine, he was smiling but his smile didn’t reach his eyes and she knew he was just pretending to be happy.

After dinner couples were invited on the dance floor, Priya and Ankush had their eyes glued on one another, anybody could tell they were very much in love with each other, she smiled and wished to have that one day. A thought strike her, why can’t she have that now, she looked for Jai and walked up to him. Jai had his eyes glued on the dance floor, she followed his gaze and figured that he was staring at the couple with love filled eyes for Priya. It pained her but like always she gulped down her pain and approached him for a dance but before she could reach him Jai stormed out of the party and she ran behind him.

She caught up with him when he was near his car “where are u going Jai?” she asked breathlessly due to all the running she has been doing behind him.

Jai: “am going out for some fresh air”

Tina: “can I join u?” she asked again this time hopeful that he might want her to accompany him but Jai gave her a clear cut no and screech off his car out of the palace gate. She stood hurt looking at the gate when a bike halted at the gate, the man riding the bike was wearing a helmet so she couldn’t see who it was. The bike rider threw a white envelope at the gate and zoomed off before the guard could reach him.

She took the envelope from the guard and read the letter inside, it was a threat letter addressed to Samrat, she put the letter back in the envelope and walked back into the palace. She had just taken a few steps from the entrance when she was pulled aside “what are u still doing here, u need to go to Amrish’s office” the woman who had pulled her aside said.

“I was just going there” Tina said and showed her the envelope “someone dropped this for Samrat sir”

The woman took the letter from her “leave this to me and go to his office now” Tina nodded and started to walk towards the home office but she stopped her “u know what u have to do right?”

“find the papers, I know” Tina replied.

“u got the gloves?” she asked again.

“in my purse” Tina answered tapping on the small black clutch she was holding.

“all the best” she said and Tina smiled “the password is… ”

“5183” Tina chimed in and went to Amrish’s home office.

Radhika walked out of Amrish’s office fuming, Tina halted for a second but after a minute of contemplating she punched in the password and got in, to her luck Amrish was in the bathroom. She took out the latex gloves from her clutch and wore them, with no chance of leaving her fingerprints behind she started searching for some papers inside the office. She opened drawers, flipped some books but found nothing. She was about to leave before Amrish caught her but then noticed a white envelope peeking from his computer keyboard on the table, she sled the envelope out and found a letter inside it YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS it read in bolded capital letters.

“It’s him” she whispered as the truth was right before her “he is the one who has been blackmailing me”

Still in shock Amrish came out of the bathroom and saw her holding the envelope “so u found out” he said breaking her chain of thoughts. Tina took off the gloves stuffing them back in her purse “good, now that u know the truth u can as well leave to wherever u came from”

“u know about me?” she asked still in shock.

Amrish smirked “I know am old but that doesn’t mean am stupid… Tina Bedi, nice name u chose… but I started to doubt u first when Taste Farm lost the juice deal so I had u investigated… and what did I found out… u are a Sareen, Tina Sareen and coincidentally I don’t like the Sareens”

“then why sent me these anonymous letters… why didn’t u just confront me…?” she shouted.

Amrish shook his head “I can see u a still raw when it comes to these games… this is called tit for tat… u faked your identity, lied to me so have to pay for that because I don’t forgive neither do I forget anything”

Tina laughed “and what a great choice of words… you will pay for your sins when u are the only sinner between the two of us”

“look, don’t waste my time and just leave” Amrish commanded.

Tina looked at the man who was asking her to leave, everything was in the out now there was no point in lying anymore “I will not leave till I get what’s mine back” she said in her firm tone her eyes twinkling with determination.

Amrish chuckled sardonically “and what is that… Taste Farm…?”

“not whole but 25% of it” she replied in the same tone.

Amrish scanned her from top to bottom with with his eyes holding no respect at all “u don’t deserve even 0% of my company… Taste Farm is my company, I have brought it to the position it is now with my sweat and blood… and if u think I will just give u rights to my company because u are a Sareen then u are completely mistaken little girl… Jagath was a lowlife living off his wife’s money and that criminal Devendra was even worse than his brother… neither those bastards nor any of their f**ked up descendants deserve to even step a foot in my company… the sooner u get that into your head the better it will be for u”

Tina looked at him as tears started to well up in her eyes, she clutched the letter and envelope in her hand with anger running through her veins “if u think u will send me these threat letters and I will be scared then u are wrong because…” before she could complete her sentence they heard the sound of the door being opened.

“sorry for the delay sir” said Magdalene as she kept the coffee tray on the table.

She glanced at Tina and she looked disturbed and Amrish looked worried so Magdalene couldn’t help but ask “is there a problem sir?”

Amrish: “there was but isn’t anymore”

Magdalene asked Tina if she needed anything but Tina remained quiet “do u want coffee or tea miss Tina?” she asked again but instead of Tina, Amrish answered asking Magdalene to just leave them alone and she left.

Amrish sat on his chair and sipped his coffee “what are u still doing here?” he asked when he put the cup back on the table.

“why are u doing this… why are u so greedy…?” she asked trying to understand how can a human being be so cruel “the company had four founders and u know that, why is so hard for u to give my grandfather his shares… his part of the company…?”

Amrish laughed out loud “your grandfather Devendra?” he laughed at her face enraging her, then as his laughter stopped abruptly his eyes became sharp again “over my dead body” he told her and picked his coffee cup for another sip “I knew Devendra was stupid and now I see he has his stupidity rubbed on his family as well”

“you…” Tina started

“you listen to me” Amrish shouted “Devendra is a fraud who lost whatever rights he had on my company and am very glad for that because now I see what kind of craziness I would have to deal with if he didn’t… if he really deserved even a cent of my company he would have confronted me like a man… but no, he sent his puny granddaughter to steal from me, to defraud me just like he did” Tina was on the verge of tears, her whole body was shivering trying to tame the anger rising in her head, she was breathing heavily with her eyes reflecting nothing but pure hate for the man sitting before her. Amrish was also no less, he was angry at the little girl calling him a sinner, when he had done nothing but justice for his company when he had sent Devendra to jail. Amrish spoke between his gritted teeth “u Sareens are nothing but fpilth, u are worthless people… I don’t see much difference between u and the bugs I crush under my feet because that is the place u belong, under my shoes… you ungrateful fools… how did u even think that u can own my company… my Taste Farm… you are nothing but a bunch of gold diggers dreaming too high above your standards… your so called grandfather, your father and your entire family are all fools”

“you-have-no-right-to-talk-about-my-family” Tina hissed as a lone tear escaped her right eye.

Amrish wanted to crush her, crush her spirit and soul so she could never even in her craziest dreams ever think of coming back to Taste Farm after that “Oh, but it’s the truth and the truth always hurts… I told before that I investigated you… I know for a fact that your grandfather Devendra raised u with the money he never worked hard for, he stole the money because that’s what he was a thief… and your father… an alcoholic, a sick sadist… and your mother was no saint either… do u know why your father beat your mother so much”

Tina pointing her index finger at him with fire like rage burning in her eyes “one words against my mother and u will regret it” she gritted.

Amrish smirked “your dear mother was sl*t, slept with so many men that I doubt u are even a Sareen… crushed by her infidelity your father drowned himself in alcohol… you are a bundle of dysfunctional fools” he spat venomously.

Streams of tears were flowing from her eyes, the 70yrs old man had tarnished the memory of the person that was most dear to her “you are evil” she cried but Amrish was least affected by her words, he dranked his coffee watching her cry.

That was what he wanted, see her in tears, see her defeated because according to him enemies were supposed to be defeated no matter what. Crush your enemies so mercilessly that they never stand up again that was what he believed in, still holding the cup in his right hand he spoke again “now leave before I have u sent to jail or in your case an asylum because I also found out that u suffered depression for years and that u are not well in the head” he said and laughed putting the cup back on the table.

Tina was horrified with what he said about her, she stepped back and her clutch fell from her hands scattering it’s contents on the floor, she looked down and saw the gloves, she looked back at him and saw the knife on the table. She bent down to pick her purse and after a few seconds she stood back again. Amrish couldn’t decipher what her eyes reflected, the tears were still there and anger was vivid in her eyes but there was something else her eyes said that he couldn’t understand, she looked different as if she was possesed. She walked up to his side and that was when he saw that she was wearing her gloves again, Tina took possession of the knife her eyes never leaving him “what..? are u going to kill me?” he said mockingly.

Tina smiled “yes but too bad no one is going to miss u” she said her voice was gruff from her crying but it wasn’t shaky, her eyes were red with rage. Amrish looked her in the eyes, she wasn’t joking, she was going to do it, she was going to kill him and for a second that thought brought fear into his eyes but that was his undoing. His fear gave her strength, it encouraged her and without Amrish expecting it she stabbed him on the chest. She put all her might, all her anger and pain in that attack and stabbed him repeatedly venting her frustration with each stab. His pain, his screams echoed and died in the sound proof room as she stood watching him bleed to his death.

Still in her outrageous form, the office door opened, the woman was horrified to see the scene before her eyes “Tina” she screamed in shock “what did u do?… u were not supposed to kill him” Tina was still engulfed watching Amrish die that she didn’t hear what the woman said “Tina… ” she said shaking her. Tina dropped the knife and turned to her “why did u do this?” Tina started to cry and she held her hand tugging her towards the door “let’s go from here now” she ordered and Tina was pulled out of the office with her.

Hiding at a corner far from everyone’s reach she repeated her questions, Tina started to cry “if u had heard what he said then u would have killed him too, Jiya”

Jiya sighed exasperated “u were not supposed to kill him… how are we going to find the papers now… the plan was simple, get the papers and get out but u screwed up everything”

“am sorry Jiya” Tina cried “I couldn’t take it, he called mum cheap, he said that we are filth… and he called me crazy… do I look crazy to u… am I crazy?”

Tina became agitated, she was getting angry again remembering Amrish’s words but Jiya calmed her down rubbing her shoulders “u are not crazy… u are not crazy… relax… take a deep breath and relax” Tina started to calm down, Jiya removed the green gloves from her hands and put them inside a small pocket of her apron “don’t worry we will find some other way”

Tina wiped her tears “those anonymous threat letters saying YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS I have been receiving came from him”

Jiya was shocked “do u mean…?”

Tina nodded “he knew about us”

Hearing that then Jiya was slightly glad that Amrish was dead “now listen to me… u go back to the party and don’t leave till the party ends, I will come home later and we will discuss what our next move will be”

Tina smiled faintly nodding in agreement to her words “thanks”

She smiled too “but please stop calling Jiya, am your di” Tina smiled, took a deep breath and walked back to the party in the west wing looking calm and collected as if she hadn’t just committed a murder.
********** End Of Flashback **********

Tina curled up herself on the cold floor, she didn’t want to sleep on the mattress she was punishing herself. She had given up hopes of being rescued, it was her mistake that landed them in trouble, she shouldn’t have killed Amrish and now she was paying for it.

Mishra/Kapoor Residence
Mala welcomed Priya, Jai and some of Taste Farm employees who had come to see Ankush home but unfortunately they couldn’t talk to him for long since he got tired and fell asleep due to the heavy medication. They left after a while but Priya and Jai stayed back, Priya wanted to see him alone and Jai wanted to apologize for Tina’s doing all this while Ridhima had been thinking how to approach Ankush about his nightmares and possibly seeing a psychiatrist.

It was evening, Priya went to check on Ankush if he had woken up so he could have something to eat since a proper diet was very important for him while recuperating. Priya opened his bedroom door slightly and peeked in, she saw him sitting on the bed supporting his back with a pillow staring to the wall, he looked lost in thoughts. She tip toed and leaned to give him a kiss on his right cheek but feeling a hand on his shoulder made him jump off the bed “stay away” he warned breathing heavily.

“Ankush..” call Priya in bewilderment, she might have startled him she thought but the way he jerked himself away from her was shocking, she saw fear in his eyes and walked up to him “It’s me, sorry I startled u” she said. Ankush didn’t reply he was still trying to calm his racing heart, he had just woken up from the same bad dream again and Priya sudden closeness had scared him. He went and sat back on the bed leaning on the headboard and Priya joined him facing him.”look what I brought for u” she said taking a ring out of her pants pocket. It was the ring she made him wear during their engagement party which was removed when he was taken to the operating room.

Ankush looked at the ring and remembered the promise he made to her the day he proposed to her, a smile formed on his face and she smiled too. He forwarded his palm out to her but she held it and turned wanting to make him wear the ring herself. Ankush looked at her, she had love in her eyes, love that was only meant for him, fear stroke him and he pulled his hand away surprising her “I can’t do this” he said.

“I don’t understand” she said with her brows furrowed in confusion.

“I can’t marry u Priya” he said sighing “am too messed up right now”

Priya smiled masking her shock and pain “of course silly, we will marry after to get better… who is talking about now?”

Ankush got off the bed “Priya am not well”

“but u are going to be” she said trying to catch his gaze for Ankush was avoiding to look her in the eyes.

He pulled his hair frustrated “u don’t understand…”

“then make me understand damn it” she shouted, she took a deep breath calming herself and walked near him, she cupped his face “I love you and I know u love me too… then what’s wrong, tell me please” Ankush remained silent but Priya was adamant to find her answers, she knew he loved her then what was coming between them. She threw her arms around him taking him into a hug but he didn’t reciprocate her hug, she broke the hug and looked at him with wet eyes his indifference was hurting her “I promise to understand u, just tell what is the problem please”

Ankush took two steps back further increasing the distance between them “am not in a right frame of mind” He sighed taking two more steps almost touching his back to the wall “I need time”

“time from what?” she asked instantly.

“from u” he replied “I think we should break-up for now”

Priya took in a painful shaky breath as his words reached her ears, how could he just say that after all that they been through, she couldn’t stop her tears now. Ankush who was looking down raised his head and met with her tears filled face, his heart pained so he turned to his right unable to see her in pain. Priya was more confused, she understood he turned away because he couldn’t see her in tears then why was he so hell bent to make her cry “Ankush…” she called out, her voice was shaky and hoarse “u are breaking up with me?”

Her voice showed how hurt she was, Ankush felt like someone was squeezing his heart, it hurt him to see her hurt but it hurt him because he gave her that pain. He wanted to take back his words but then his eyes fell on the vase on the table before him and he recalled what ran in his mind few minutes ago. When she surprised and he jumped off the bed and was going to throw the vase on her head if he hadn’t seen her face. He knew he was damaged and didn’t want to hurt his closed one because of his fears. Priya called him out again but without turning he said “just leave please, leave me alone Priya” she tried to touch his shoulder but he just became agitated “leave me alone please” he shouted.

Priya placed the ring on his table “am leaving but am not giving up on you” she said and walked towards the door, she opened the door and came face to face with Ridhima holding a tray of food, Ridhima had tears in her eyes and Priya understood that she heard what Ankush said to her, without a word she left. Ridhima looked at Ankush holding his ring as tears ran down his face and decided it was time he made an appointment with the psychiatrist.

Ankush was keeping silent, he didn’t talk to anyone, he thought the only way to keep his family safe was staying away from them but that only hurt his family and himself even more. Ridhima talked to him about seeking help but Ankush was stubborn, he had given up on himself they were cut from the same tree after all. Taking the matter in her own hands Ridhima made an appointment with the psychiatrist and went to see him just the next day.

“Indian” was the first thing that came to her mind when she read the name Hrishant Dixit from the piece of paper she got from Ankush’s doctor, she researched about him and got only positive results further encouraging her to meet him. Ridhima walked out of the elevator on the fourth floor of the corporate building in Harley Street, with the signs on the wall she found his office easily. It was not a large office but spacious enough, brown metal chairs were at the waiting area which she found empty much to her surprise, she only saw a man behind a wooden reception desk who was engrossed in playing games. She sighed and walked to the reception “excuse me” she said.

“yes” answered the man shifting his gaze from the computer screen to her “wow” he said when he laid his eyes on her.

Ridhima went into thoughts, his face looked familiar “am… ” she started hesitantly.

“an Angel from sky” he said getting up from his chair and walked to stand next to her.

“excuse me?” she asked in confusion.

He smiled “did it hurt when u fell from heaven?” Ridhima frowned but he just smiled even more broadly “am sorry, u are just so beautiful that I couldn’t help but sound cheesy”

She rolled her eyes looking annoyed with him “am here to see Dr. Dixit” she said.

“at your service Angel” he said giving a bow. Now she realised why his face felt so familiar, she saw his picture while researching about him but what was he doing at the receptionist desk “my receptionist is on a break and I was bored in my office” he said as if he had read her thoughts.

“I have an appointment” she said.

“this way please” he said pointing towards his cabin, Ridhima walked behind him and entered his cabin. It was not a typical doctor’s cabin or it was not what she was expecting to see, two small pink sofas at one corner near a water dispenser, a pink bookshelf, pink chair and a bed covered with pink bedsheets. The only thing which was not pink was the white walls and his many certificates of his achievements hanging on the wall. He offered her a seat on one of the sofa and he sat on the other one facing her, he took out a notebook from under the table between them and observed her for a second before speaking “so how can I help u help yourself, feel free to talk please”

Ridhima blinked for a minute before understanding his words, she waved her hand before him “no…no… no… no… am not here for myself, I need your help with my brother”

“are u sure?” he asked but she just rolled her eyes in return “cute” he said making her frown “u look cute when u roll your eyes like that” he added surprising her. “did u do a research on me before coming here?”

“yes” she said.

“and did u happen to see my picture?” he asked.

“yup” she replied.

He smiled “oh I see, u saw my picture and fell in love with me so u came here to see me in person but now u are too shy to speak about your feelings, right?” Ridhima gaped at the audacity of the man, she stared at him stunned “I know am handsome but please stop staring” he teased.

Of course he was handsome, she thought. Light green eyes in that perfect chiseled face of his, his toned muscles visible from his shirt and that smouldering smile he kept giving her, she couldn’t deny the fact that he was indeed handsome. She came out of her thoughts and spoke in a stern voice “am here because I was recommended by my brother’s doctor but if u are not willing to help I will just leave”

Hrishant apologized and let her speak about Ankush, he listen and she couldn’t help but feel awkward at his constant stare on her. He agreed to help her and she ended up making an appointment for Ankush’s first meeting with him, she promised to bring Ankush on time. By the time they finish the receptionist had already come back, Ridhima greeted her before leaving. He escorted her to the elevator “am sorry if my words had made u uncomfortable, the thing is this is my first time”

“first time?” she asked confused.

He smiled “yes, first time I have seen such a beautiful woman”

The elevator door opened and she got in, she turned to face him and spoke “and if u thought what u were doing all this time was flirting, then u need to see a psychiatrist” she said smiling cynically before pressing the ground floor button and the elevator door closed but he just laughed in return.

Precap: Tina and Jiya’s back story, final showdown.

Okay, before u start cursing me for breaking up Priya and Ankush let me just tell u, it’s temporary. Jai will help them get back together as the way for Jai to find closure and sort out his feelings for Priya.

Planning to end the story in two more chapters and maybe an epilogue after that, am getting busier by the day and I don’t want to leave this incomplete.


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    • Gianna

      |Registered Member

      Aastha my dear don’t be confused now that everything is out in the open, Ruby n Jagath had two sons, twin boys. One is Ajay given to the Mehras that’s Arjun and Priya’s dad and one is the boy Devendra took, that boy had two daughters Tina and Jiya but Tina and Jiya think that Devendra is their grandfather and not Jagath so did Amrish.
      When Amrish was insulting Tina’s grandfather he meant Devendra, and when he was insulting Tina’s parents he meant the son Devendra stole and the woman who gave birth tk Tina and Jiya that I haven’t mentioned yet in the story.
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      Thank u Farjana, u got it right. Will give the backstory of the two sisters in the next one. Will try n update soon since I don’t get enough time to write at once I take two to three days to finish a chapter bcoz I write in small parts whenever I get time.
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