Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 16)

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Chapter 16

Malhotra’s Apartment
Prena was trying Pranay’s phone for the nth time but it was still unreachable “Neil…” she screamed exasperated “Neil…” she called again upon getting no reply. Neil came rushing out worried by her tone and asked her what happened “Pranay isn’t home yet” she said.

“awe, missing your hubby” teased Neil.

“shut up Neil” Prena scolded “look at the time, it’s almost 12 and your dad never takes this late. I have called the office and security told me he left in the evening but he didn’t attend the welcome home party at the Mehras and he is not home yet… where could he be?”

Neil sighed “relax mum, he will be here” he tried to console but he himself had started to worry since Pranay always made sure his family knew his of whereabouts so it was strange they haven’t heard from him yet.

“how can I relax, I have a really bad feeling about this” she said worriedly “why don’t u call Arjun and see if he could help us?”

“what can Arjun do?” he said “u need at least 48hrs to declare someone missing, dad will turn up don’t worry” the mere idea of his dad being missing made him shiver. The doorbell rang and Neil rushed to the door hoping to find his dad even though he knew Pranay had keys of the house “Arjun…?”

“I have news about your father” Arjun said and Neil ushered him in, one look at Arjun and Prena knew there was bad news, call it intuition but her heart said so. Arjun looked at Neil for a second and turned his eyes away not able to face his childhood friend, he looked at Prena and took a deep breath “am sorry aunty but uncle is no more, he has been murdered”

“what do u mean murdered?” she screamed “I just saw him this morning, how can he be murdered?”

Arjun turned to Neil who was frozen to the ground “bro… am sorry” he said but Neil didn’t respond. Prena felt her world spinning and collapsed on the floor. “aunty…” screamed Arjun breaking Neil’s trance, they picked her up and laid her on the sofa. Arjun put a bottle of whiskey under her nose and she regain conciousness with the strong smell “are u okay aunty?” he asked concerned.

Prena cried “how can I be okay, nothing is okay now… he is gone… he is gone” Neil hugged her comforting her all this while he didn’t speak a word nor shed a tear.

Since Devendra Sareen had a criminal record it was easy for the police to track him down. They found out that after serving his time for embezzlement charges Devendra didn’t leave his criminal life behind, he had been in and out of jail for most of his life mainly for fraud charges and so it was even easier to find out that Devendra was living in York. After a three hours train Edward reached York, he was welcomed by the local police and they went straight to Devendra’s house. It was around five in the morning when they reached the house, it was a small isolated house with a well kept garden on the front yard. Edward with the other officers approached the house and rang the bell but didn’t get any response. They tried for several times, they even tried knocking but only got silence as a reply so the police decided to break the door and were shocked to see what was inside. An old man probably on his late sixties was sitting lifelessly on a rocking chair with blood from his left wrist all the way to the floor. The blood had already thickened indicating that he had been dead for a while. There was a small knife laying on the floor by his right foot that the police thought must have the knife that wounded the victim.

On the coffee table there was a paper under a flower vase, Edward took the paper out that turned to be a letter and read it.

I Devendra Sareen was the one who killed Amrish Khanna, Amrish had cheated me out of my company. He first killed my brother Jagath and claimed it to be an accident and later falsely accused me and sent me to jail and I have been keeping an eye on him since then. That night of the party I sneaked into the palace and attained his home office door password when his servant punched in the numbers, the password is 5183. I got into his office and killed him, it felt so good to give him a piece of my mind. I have done a lot to delude the police and get this crime off me but I have failed and now that the police are nearing me I would rather die than go to jail again so I choose to commit suicide.

Another officer after reading the letter said “so its a suicide then, our work here is done” Through a fingerprint match the York local police confirmed that Devendra Sareen was dead and after three days of investigation Edward took the letter and other evidence he had found back to Kensington.

Notting Hill
It had been five days since Pranay died and Neil still didn’t cry or talked about his father, he didn’t go to work he just kept to himself. His friends knew he needed them and they had ben trying to cheer him up but had no positive results so they decided to take extreme measures. Radhika called Neil to the penthouse lying about some danger she was in and Neil concerned rushed to her penthouse. The frantic ring of the doorbell made them realise that it was Neil, Radhika opened the door and Neil held her shoulders “are u okay, are u hurt?” he asked panicky and then his eyes fell on Arjun and Sam who were also in the penthouse “what’s going on here?”

“am fine Neil” said Radhika “we just wanted to get u out of the house”

Neil without a word turned to leave but Arjun locked the door “open the door Arjun” he said sternly but Arjun nodded negative, Neil tried to snatch the keys from him but Arjun threw the keys to Sam “give me the keys Sam” he said but she didn’t answer him when he tried to get the keys from her she threw to Radhika who in turn threw them to Arjun. Neil ran from one person to another until he was tired and irritated “what the hell is wrong with u guys?” he screamed and they let him, he needed to vent “if u don’t let me out now I swear I will jump out of the balcony” he threatened.

Arjun strode to him “if u think we don’t care about u, then u are free to leave” he hissed placing the keys in Neil’s hand.

Neil looked at the key then at his three friends who looked at him with love and care, he walked to the door and unlocked it, he opened the door to leave but stopped and closed the door “u don’t understand” he said without turning.

“then make us understand” said Sam “please let us help u”

Neil sat on the sofa, tears started welling up in his eyes “let it all out Neil, let the tears out it will lessen the pain” said Radhika.

Arjun placed his hand on Neil’s shoulder “I promise u Neil, I will make whoever responsible pay” he said.

“will that bring him back?” he asked.

“No, but it will give u closure” said Sam sitting next to him.

Neil broke down “it hurts, it hurts so much… I feel like a sword has pierced in my heart” placing his palm on the left side of his chest “I feel a huge hole here in my heart… do u think I don’t want to cry… I want to cry so much but I look at mum and know that I have to be strong… she wakes up everyday and makes breakfast for dad… she calls his number and sends him messages asking him if he would be late… every night she goes to sleep holding her phone hoping that he would call her… I have to be strong for her”

The four of them were in tears, Radhika knelt before him and held his hand “u don’t have to be strong Neil, u have us”

Neil sobbed more “why him Chashni, why couldn’t it be anyone else, why did it had to be dad… I know it’s selfish of me but I would have given anything for someone else to take his place”

“we all are selfish when it comes to the people we love” coaxed Sam.

“I understand the pain of losing a parent, I know exactly how u feel” said Arjun.

Neil now a bit calm and composed leaned back on the sofa giving out a sigh “will this pain ever end?”

“it will eventually… no wound is ever too deep to take a lifetime to heal” said Radhika.

Arjun chuckled “seriously, u have got to stop reading so many books u are turning into a philosopher”

Radhika rolled her eyes at him causing Sam and Neil to chuckle “am paid to read books” she said in defence.

Neil smiled “thank u guys I feel much lighter now”

“OMG, he has manners now and know to say thank u” Sam teased.

Neil looked at his friends trying their best to make him feel better, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy, he wouldn’t get over the pain of losing his father that soon but also knew that he had his friends along the way ready to catch him if he ever falls thus he didn’t fear now he knew it was okay to cry.

Kensington Police Station
Edward was in Marks office reporting about his York findings, Mark put the file down and sighed “Arjun shouldn’t know about this” he said.

Edward frowned “it’s his case, he has the right to know”

“I know that” he said “but I also know he is sensitive and will take things to the extreme if he comes to know this”

“but Devendra is dead, what more can Arjun do?” argued Edward.

A knock on the door made them quiet, Arjun entered and greeted them both, he sat next to Edward and gave Mark the file he came with “according to ballistic report Pranay was killed by a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, it’s an unregistered gun… forensic said the gun hit him on the major valve causing his an instant… we searched the car for fingerprints but found none, in this case also there are no signs of struggle… my guess he knew his killer and was probably not expecting to be shot… we haven’t found the gun yet but found the same message again you will pay for your sins”

Arjun finished giving his report turned to Edward asking him what he found in York, Edward gave him the suicide note “well Devendra killed himself and admitted to have killed Amrish Khanna” Arjun read the letter thrice “nothing will change if u read it again and again, it’s over”

Arjun shook his head “I just don’t believe this letter to be true, I mean a man who held a grudge for decades then took a major risk breaking into the palace and later steal files from the private investigator’s office after killing him can’t give up so easily… I don’t think this is suicide”

“what are u trying to say son?” asked Mark

“can I see the crime scene photographs?” Arjun asked and Mark handed the file to him.

While Arjun was studying the pictures Edward said “the knife he slashed his wrist with has his fingerprints, it’s a suicide case Arjun”

“not it’s not” Arjun said emerging from the file “he was murdered and then made it look like a suicide”

“how can u be so sure?” asked Edward.

Arjun smiled took a plain paper and pen and gave them to Mark “write something on it” Mark looked confused “trust me” Arjun said “write trust me” Mark wrote the two words and Arjun took the same paper and pen and gave Edward “now u write the same words” Edward did what he asked. He then took the paper and smiled at what he saw.

“would u share your discovery today or will we have to make an appointment?” said Mark causing Arjun and Edward to laugh.

Arjun placed the paper on the table and began “u are left handed chief and Edward is right handed, I had once read that most lefties when writing a letter T will usually end the stroke with the point ending on the left while a right handed person the T bar points right… now look at what u two wrote” they both observed the paper and saw that Arjun was right. Arjun then showed them Devendra’s suicide note “now looking at this note what can u conclude?” he asked them.

“he is a lefty” said Edward “Devendra was left handed” he concluded. Arjun then showed them the photographs taken at the crime scene that clearly showed Devendra had his left wrist slashed. “u are right Arjun, if he was left handed how could he have slashed his left wrist?”

“so what?” Mark said “I am left handed but I use my right hand in other chores I only write with the left”

“I know that chief” Arjun said and held a pen as a knife in his right hand resting his left hand on the table with the palm facing up “if I were to slash my wrist with my right hand, I would slash it from left to right… it’s common when using a right hand” he said demonstrating with the pen.

“so…?” Edward asked getting impatient causing Mark to glare at him.

Arjun continued “so, the left side that is the side with the thumb will have a deeper cut than the right side” both Mark and Edward agreed that he was correct. Arjun showed them the forensic report “according to this forensic report it’s the right side of Devendra’s wrist that has a deeper cut which leaves a possibility of someone else to have cut his wrist apart from him so we cant be 100% sure that it’s a suicide and if u ask me, he was murdered” Mark and Edward sighed, in their hurry to close the case they had left miniatures details that were weighed heavier than they could have ever imagined “Devendra was arrested several times we must have his handwriting in records… get a graphologist to examine if the suicide note was written by Devendra himself or his murderer”

“am on it” said Edward and took his phone out making the arrangements.

Mark leaned back on his chair “if what u are saying is right then the murderer is still at large”

“two murderers” said Arjun shocking them again “Pranay was murdered on Saturday btn 9 and 9:20 at night here in London and Devendra was murdered in York on the same day btn 9:30 and 10 at night so unless the murderer has teleportation powers he or she couldn’t have committed both murders”

“so what do we do now?” asked Mark.

Arjun took the cufflink from his pocket and put it on the table “one of the murderers is in Taste Farm and was wearing the company’s blazer when the murder took place”

“but Taste Farm has more than a thousand employees, how can we find that one person?” Edward said.

“and that blazer must be deep in the sea if not already burned” added Mark.

Arjun leaned on the table “that’s what we want the murderer to do, from what my sister told me only few of the head office employees get those blazer and we can obtain a list of those employees for each year… for someone who have attended all expos needs to have 9 blazers in total one for each year so whoever is missing one…”

“is one of the murderers” completed Edward.

“what about the other one?” asked Mark.

“if we catch one then other will follow suit” said Edward.

“get on it boys” said Mark.

Edward got off the chair but Arjun caught his hand “now what was chief telling u to hide from me?”

Edward stammered, Mark sighed “I didn’t want u to take it personally and lose your head”

“stop beating around the bush and come to the point” Arjun said.

Edward held Arjun’s shoulder “Devendra was the man behind the accident… that took your mum’s life” he said.

It all came back to him, the accident that haunted him for life, the car blast, the reason he joined the police, he remembered it all “what…!?” he said confused and shocked.

“that’s the truth son” said Mark and showed him the evidence.

“Oh! it’s personal alright” he said “this sh*t just got personal”

Mehra Mansion
Ajay sat in his room thinking about the huge turn his life took, he was not a Mehra but a Sareen. Growing up Ajay was never close to his mother or the woman he thought was his mother. Balraj Mehra believed in boys being strong as he believed men were responsible in providing for their families while women were supposed to stay home and take care of the house and he rubbed his male chauvinistic thoughts in Ajay. Ajay grew up with the same beliefs and attitude Balraj instilled in him. Money, success and status honours a family and a family is respected when the son of that family achieve those three things that was what Ajay grew up believing in. When his father would hug him saying that he was proud of him when he had passed in his exams or won a trophy Ajay would be happy, deep down he would crave to be hugged by his mother too but Balraj had a saying that a man who runs to his mother for any simple thing was not a man but an emotional sissy and Ajay tried to pass over the same beliefs to his children but failed.

Ajay sat in his room staring into the oblivion, he was glad his children were stubborn and didn’t believe the stupidity he was made to believe in since he was a child. He silently thanked his wife for giving his children good values. He also thanked God to have given him a chance to spend time with his mother, his real mother. He was a Sareen now and was going to do everything he wanted to do with his mother like he wanted when he was a child but most importantly he was going to mend his relation with his children especially with his daughter.

Hopeful he walked out of his room and saw Priya making dinner in the kitchen with Ruby helping her, he smiled at the scene. He cleared his throat to get their attention, Priya was surprised to see his father in the kitchen “do u need something papa?” she asked.

Ajay moved closer “yes, your forgiveness” he said softly further shocking her.

“what are u asking forgiveness for?” asked a confused Ruby.

Ajay turned to his mother “for being a bad father” he said and turned to Priya again “and in your case for never being a father” he added. Priya didn’t know what u say and kept mum, Ajay held her hands “I know I have hurt u a lot that even sorry won’t be enough to absolve the damage I have done but am still hoping u can forgive me and we can start afresh” Priya opened her mouth to speak but only air came out ad Ajay continued “if there is one thing I have learned from all that has been happening recently is that pain in inevitable bcoz as humans we are bound to make mistake but it takes just one person to realise his mistake to banish all the pain away… Pranay was my never my good friend but he was of my age… his death made be think that, that could have been me or anybody else… life is too short and I don’t want to go before repenting for my mistakes… I wish I could have befriended Pranay but now it’s too late… so I hope am not too late to mend my bond with u… my daughter”

Priya was crying profusely choking on her words, she was beyond overwhelmed she wanted to hug him but hesitated recalling that Ajay had always pushed her away when she tried hugging him before “papa I…” she started to say but Ajay hugged her instead and she hugged him back, she hugged her father for the first time.

Ruby looked on with tears of happiness as her son and granddaughter had become family for the first time, they broke the hug after a while both of them crying. Ajay wiped her tears and cupped her face on each side “am proud of u my daughter” he said and Priya hugged him again for it was a dream come true for her “please forgive me my child”

Priya wiped her tears “I never held any grudge against u so there is nothing to forgive u for papa” she said and Ajay felt like he had achieved the world, they were all happy now.

“one more thing dear” said Ajay.

“what is it papa?” Priya asked.

“would u teach me to make your special spice tea, I will miss it when u leave after the wedding” he said causing Priya and Ruby to laugh.

Taste Farm Offices
It was the company’s first ever charity day thanks to the new president Radhika’s idea and it was strictly her orders that all employees should participate in the charitable event. From the board members to the labourers in the factories all were asked to participate. The company had chosen ten different charity organisations to come receive the donation, Taste Farm had urged it’s employees to bring food, money or clothes for donation and Radhika had especially told all employees who had ever attended the food expo to donate all of their blazer and in turn the company will gift them new designed blazers for the upcoming food expo.

Many employees turned up and enjoyed the event as well, there was music and food were the donors and donees came together and celebrated the event. Undercover police officers attended the event too disguised as event organisers and charity workers ready to catch the culprit. Hidden cameras placed at every corner to catch the culprit without mistake. The murderer was aware it was a plan to catch him for it was strange for Radhika to plan an event a few days after Taste Farm had just lost one of it’s board member and employee. What made it more suspicious was the silly reason Radhika gave for the employees to donate their blazers.

“all this ruckus just to catch me?” he said amused “what a stupid plan” when nobody was looking he sneaked into the truck that was transporting the charity clothes, he knew if he hadn’t brought his blazers he would throw suspicion to himself directly, he thought of donating then later removing his bag but that would also raise suspicion. He got into the back of the track and opened one of the bag that belonged to someone else, he took out one of the blazers and added that into his bag and quickly left before anyone could notice him. He got back to the event and smirked that he will be able to fool the police.

The event came to an end and all dispersed, the truck left Taste Farm premises and stopped at Kensington Police Station were the police had been waiting for it “all good?” asked Arjun and the officer who had disguised himself as the charity organisation member nodded positive.

After what seemed like an eternity the police found the employee missing a blazer “bingo…” said Mark in excitement.

“we finally caught him” said Arjun “no surprise here” he added. Mark informed the higher officials and an arrest warrant was issued.

El Milagro Palace
Magdalene was surprised by the sudden visit of Prena and her son considering that they were still in mourning, the Mahotras parked their car and moved to the palace, Magdalene went to inform her bosses about the visit soon after welcoming them in. “Prena what a surprise, it’s good that u left your house u need to go out more” said Piyali as she was walking down the stairs.

Before they could settle down, Mala and her family entered as well “is there a surprise for me?” asked Piyali bewildered by their sudden visit.

“how are u Prena?” asked Mala concerned.

“am getting there” answered Prena sadly. Mala went and hugged her offering her support, lately Mala had been visiting Prena every single day to cheer her up.

They all gathered in the huge living room, while Magdalene worked the servants to serve the guests.

“where is Arjun, he called us here” asked Dilip shocking Piyali and Samrat who didn’t know about that and before anyone could answer the Mehras joined in the others.

Piyali was scared, what if Arjun was going to tell everyone about her truth. No it can’t be he promised to keep her secret then what could be the reason of gathering everyone at the palace. Her thoughts came into a halt when Kabir entered “what are hell are u doing here?” asked an angry Ridhima.

“can ask u the same question, dear” said Kabir shamelessly.

“this is my grandpa’s house” she hissed.

“well honey, since we aren’t officially divorced this is technically my grandpa’s house too” he said and started greeting others who just remained silent in return. He walked up to Piyali on the pretext of greeting her “what’s going on here?” he whispered asked.

“u tell me, what are u doing here?” she said in a low voice that only reached his ears.

“u texted me to come here” he answered in an equal low voice.

“what?” said Piyali shocked “I never sent any message like that… sh*t it’s a trap, it’s Arjun, he called everyone here” she added.

“do u think he knows about us?” he asked worriedly but Piyali just glared at him and moved away from him to not create any suspicions.

“does anyone know when will Arjun be here?” asked an irritated Samrat. The doorbell rang and Magdalene opened the door, Arjun had arrived but he hadn’t come alone, he brought three more police officers with him. “why did u call everyone here?” asked Samrat.

“to catch the murderer” Arjun said grabbing attention “we have found the murderer, he killed both your father and Pranay uncle” he added.

Hearing Pranay’s name Prena became alerted “who is that bastard?” she gritted and Neil placed his hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

“he is among us” Arjun said “he is here right this moment”

“quit the suspense and spill it out” said Jai impatiently.

Arjun walked up to Kabir “will u speak or should I?” he asked him shocking everyone.

Kabir stuttered “what… what… what are u talking about” Arjun glared him “I didn’t kill anyone, I didn’t kill anyone” he said repeatedly “don’t listen to him, he is lying… I didn’t kill anyone”

Arjun smiled “u must have thought that our charity event plan was so stupid, right… indeed it was… u see, to catch an idiotic criminal police has to use idiotic plans… that stunt u pulled by taking someone else’s blazer and putting it in your batch proved just how stupid u are bcoz that blazer u took was two size larger than yours”

Kabir closed his eyes feeling stupid and Arjun smirked at his reaction “u can’t arrest him bcoz of that, that’s not enough proof” said Piyali in attempt to save her brother.

Arjun turned to her and Piyali retreated a step back seeing the anger in his eyes “we have solid proof against him… the guy that sold him the unregistered gun recognized him and this guy is so stupid that after shooting Pranay uncle returned the gun to the same guy not knowing where to dispose it… we got the gun and the ballistic report proved it’s the same that killed Pranay uncle and most importantly CCTV footage from Taste Farm showed Kabir wearing the blazer whose cufflink I found in the Pranay uncles car” he turned to Kabir “u tried to dispose the blazer but your nosy neighbour stole your garbage and when she found your blazer stained in blood she called me and DNA results showed it was Pranay uncle’s blood… and u tied your own noose by leaving the same letter u left in Amrish’s office pinning yourself to both murders”

Kabir wanted to defend himself but before he could speak he was slapped hard by Prena “I hope u rot in jail for the rest of your miserable life” she said btn her gritten teeth.

Neil tried holding her back but Arjun stopped him “let her Neil” turning to Prena he said “give him one more” but Prena gave him two more slaps instead.

Piyali looked on helplessly as her brother was taunted and looked on with disgust and hatred, it pained her but she remained quiet sobbing silently. “just take this piece of sh*t out here” said Ridhima and Kabir was officially arrested after his rights were read to him.

Before getting into the police car Kabir turned to Arjun “when u had all the evidence why did u put up all this drama, why humilate me like this?”

Arjun clutched his collar “it was payback for once humiliating Radhika” he said in a threatening tone. He left his collar and punched him on his stomach making him groan in pain “and that for eyeing my girl on the first place” Kabir tried to return the punch but Arjun caught his hand and punched him again “better luck next time, oops! there will be no next time, u are going for good” Arjun mocked.

He was about to put him in the police car when Neil came rushing out “Arjun…” he called and when he reached them he looked at Kabir pure hatred and anger in his eyes.

“go ahead” Arjun said understanding what Neil wanted to do.

Getting the permission Neil punched Kabir on the face so hard that his tooth fell out. Kabir spitted the blood and glared at Neil but that only ignited Neil’s desire to punch him and so he did till Arjun stopped him. A groaning in pain Kabir was tossed into the police car, Arjun warned the other officers to not say what he and Neil did to the chief and they drove off taking Kabir to the station.

Piyali who had been watching everything from the window couldn’t stop her tears now, when Samrat asked her why she was crying she just ran to her bedroom leaving everything bewildered.

Kensington Police Station.
Arjun reached the with Kabir, Mark seeing Kabir’s condition turned to Arjun “what did u to him?” he asked angrily.

Arjun rubbing the back of his neck spoke “he fell down the stairs, he tried to resist arrest and ran but fell down the stairs and hurt himself badly”

Mark shook his head “do u think am stupid?… I know u did that to him”

“then why did u ask when u already know the answer” said Arjun.

“what if he reports u, don’t u know that will be bad if it goes into records?” scolded Mark.

Arjun sighed exasperated “he won’t report and I don’t care if he does” Mark started to leave but Arjun stopped him “don’t tell me u don’t feel like punching him yourself”

“Arjun…” stressed Mark.

Arjun smiled mischievously “this guy had us running around for two months chief, he deserves a slap atleast… go ahead and get that itch off your hand I won’t say anything”

Mark sighed “u are impossible”

They were interrupted by Edward “we got another clue” he said breathlessly.

“what is it?” asked Mark.

“it’s proven, that suicide note wasn’t written by Devendra”

“we know that, what’s the clue?” said an impatient Arjun.

Edward showed them a photograph of a man standing holding a hand of a little girl probably aged btn 6 to 8 yrs the photographs was taken in a photo studio “Devendra had a daughter” Edward said “this picture was sent to us by York local police, I had informed them that Devendra was murdered and they should keep on with the investigation and this is what the police found”

Words DADDY AND I were written on the back of the photograph “where is this child now” Mark asked.

“no news about her as of yet but the police are still looking at it” replied Edward.

“she could be the second murderer” said Arjun.

“it’s probable” Mark said “but do u realise that u are related to her if she is real Devendra’s daughter” Arjun nodded “and u still want to go through with the case?”

“yes chief” Arjun answered.

Mark took a deep breath “bl**d against bl**d”

Precap: Piyali tells Samrat about Kabir, Sam in trouble, Arjun gets closer to solving the mystery or he thinks.


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