Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 15)

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Chapter 15

El Milagro Palace
Sam stormed out of Neil’s car running towards the palaces entrance her face showed that she was pissed off, Neil jumped out of the car too running behind her apologizing profusely “really Neil u call that a surprise?” she hissed.

“babe, am sorry” Neil said softly.

“don’t babe me Neil” she gritted “what were u thinking… that I will be happy with your stupid surprise?”

“that was the intention, to make u happy” he said “I know u love dancing since u were little so I thought of entertaining u babe”

“with strippers?” she muttered “u thought I will be entertained with strippers Neil?”

“they told me they were exotic dancers, I didn’t know that is a cool name for strippers” he said in defence.

“u didn’t know, wow what a surprise” she said sarcastically“and u were sitting there ogling on them totally siding me out…. and that girl was clearly throwing herself on u and u just kept smiling like an idiot… yes u are an idiot”

“Amanda” he said and Sam was confused “that girl has a name and her name is Amanda” he added.

Sam huffed “u know what Neil Malhotra, we are over so u are free to go to your Amanda” she said with hints of pain in her eyes and strode inside the palace leaving him shocked not able to process what has just took place.

He got into his car but couldn’t leave with Sam angry at him, he thought of going in but discouraged that idea since Sam was still angry and might start a scene in front of her family. He tried calling her but she didn’t answer, he messaged her “am sorry Sammy” and waited for her reply, few seconds later his phone beeped with a her reply “go to hell” her message read. He sighed “won’t find u hell babe” he replied her and got her message instantly “then go to Amanda” he laughed at her reply “I got eyes only for u” he messaged her again but this time Sam didn’t reply, minutes passed but he didn’t get her message.

He turned the ignition on and his Bentley purred into life but saw Sam walking towards his car from the rear view mirror and his face brightened up with a wide smile attached on his face “leaving so soon “ she said and then gasped “u weren’t going to Amanda, were u?”

Neil stepped out of his car “a thousand Amandas are nothing compared to u”

Sam blushed “how about ten thousands of them?”

Neil pretended to be thinking causing her eyes to widen in shock and he laughed at her reaction, he cupped her face and kissed on her forehead “not even a million of them matters” Sam hugged him in return burying her face in his chest and he cocooned her warmly. They talked for a while then Neil wished her for the night and got into his car again, he rolled down the window and she leaned on it and pecked his cheek wishing him goodnight. His phone rang, it was Prena but just to tease her Neil answered the call “yes Amanda am coming” he said puzzling his mum on the other side.

Sam gasped “Neil u idiot I will kill u” she screamed but he quickly drove off smiling to himself.

Mishra/Kapoor Residence
Since his arrest Kabir knew the entire family must have known about him already so he didn’t return home instead he had been leaving in the Westminster house afraid of what her wife’s family will do to him. On the other hand Ridhima had turned into a lifeless statue, she went to work like usual, she did her chores but wouldn’t talk to anyone unless necessary and her silence pierced her family, it hurt them all.

Breakfast was ready and Mala called all to come eat, Ridhima already dressed for work sat on the table eating her breakfast silently “will u be late from work today too?” asked Dilip “I was thinking we could go for a movie later and have some quality father daughter time” he added.

“only father daughter?” said Mala “what about me… don’t I want to watch a movie?”

“Let’s make it a family night out, we will watch a movie and then dine outside, what say?” chimed Ankush

“that’s perfect” exclaimed Mala “I’ll book a table at the Fera at Claridge’s, Ridhi’s favourite restaurant but which movie are we going to watch?”

“let Ridhi pick” said Dilip and placed his hand on hers on the table “so which movie are we going to watch, dear”

Ridhima took her hand off Dilip’s, her eyes clearly showed how hurt she was, the state of her broken heart was written all over her body language “am fine u don’t have to do all this” she stood up, picked her purse and car keys and started to leave. Mala called out to her she stopped at the door “I will be late, don’t wait for me” she said and left.

Ridhima literally ran out of her house, she hated the way they looked at her she hated to be pitied on when she knew she was responsible for her conditon on the first place. She saw a huge bouquet laying on the car’s bonnet and a sorry card attached on the car window. She moved closer and read the card it was from Kabir, she detached the card from the window and was going to tear it when she heard his voice “am sorry baby” she didn’t turn and stayed put on the same spot. Kabir moved closer and she saw his image on the car window and she lovingly caressed his image but then she remembered his deceit and wasn’t she in love with his image, the image that he created in front of her? She braced herself and turned to face him she was determined to not fall weak before him “am really sorry Ridhi” he said again but that only fuelled her anger, she tore the card into pieces and threw the bouquet away and Kabir knew he had a tough road ahead.

She unlocked her car and was going to get in but Kabir held her hand, she jerked her hand off “don’t u dare touch me with your filthy hands” she warned him.

“Ridhi I know I have hurt u but believe me am really sorry” he said with fake tears welling in his eyes.

Ridhima crossed her arms over her chest “okay, if u are really sorry then I guess I have to forgive u right” she said and Kabir smiled thinking he got her again but she continued “but before I do that would u mind listing all the things that I have to forgive u for?” Kabir wasn’t expecting that she would be that stubborn and stuttered out of words “let me list them for u” she said “u defrauded me, u won my trust and love with lies… u lied about everything about yourself… u never kept any of the marriage vows… u cheated on me with other girls… u never cared for my feelings or our marriage… then tell me why should I forgive u Kabir”

Ridhima was fuming, her chest was heaving up and down in anger “I never lied to u Ridhi, this is all Arjun’s plans he is trying to create a rift btn us… he falsely arrested me… u just think if I had really commited any crime how could I be free now… Arjun lied to u and he is doing all these bcoz Radhika… she failed getting me so she is creating problems btn us”


Kabir held his cheek in shock. More than the pain he was shocked to realise that Ridhima had slapped him “not one word against my sister” she warned him and that was another shock for Kabir, Ridhima was taking Radhika’s side “u know what Kabir… I can forgive u for what u did to me but I can never bring myself to forgive u after what u made do to my sister”

Kabir still thought he could save his sinking ship “don’t be blind Ridhi, she is the one who kept throwing herself to me… she is jealous of u, she is jealous of us”


Ridhima slapped him again “I told u not a word against Radhika” she said btn her gritted teeth.

Kabir didn’t give up yet he still had hope that he will convince her “didn’t u hear her?” said Radhika who had just arrived there “your game is over Kabir, so get your stupid a*s out of here” Radhika said standing besides Ridhima.

Kabir was now angry too “Oh, I see the two sisters are together now, but u can’t get rid of me that easily” he warned them and held Ridhima’s hand tightly “I am not leaving u sweetheart” he said in a threatening tone. Radhika intervened but he pushed her away, he was going to hit Ridhima when Ankush held his hand, he loosened his grip on Ridhima and Ankush punched him so hard that he landed on the ground with blood dripping from his cut lower lip.

Ankush then kicked him on his stomach making Kabir groan out loud in pain, he was going to hit him again when Ridhima stopped him “he is not worth it” she told him and looking at Kabir she said “u will get my signed divorce papers as soon as possible and the next time u show your face around here I will report u to the police” The three siblings stood together showing their unity that was their strength and Kabir knew that he had lost the battle by just looking at their faces. He collected himself up and left. Ridhima turned to Radhika and folded her hands before her but Radhika hugged her instead and Ridhima broke down, she broke her silence and her tears knew no stopping and they let her cry her sorrows out.

Taste Farm Offices
In the office canteen Tina was waiting for Jai so they could have lunch together, they were getting to know each other better and they both enjoyed each other’s company but people always find something negative in any good things and that was what was happening with them. Gossips were running around the office about them, there were some who claimed that Tina was a gold digger only interested in Jai’s position and not Jai himself and there were also rumours that Jai was a player and it was just another rich brat having a fling with his secretary.

Seeing her alone in the canteen other office workers started to gossip about her saying that she has been dumped, having enough of their mean words Tina stormed into Jai cabin “are u coming for lunch?” she asked her face showing annoyance.

Jai who was eating pizza for he had completely forgotten that he promised Tina to lunch with her swallowed the pizza piece in his mouth and forwared a slice of pizza to her “pizza…?” he asked naively.

“u are having pizza?” Tina huffed “I have been waiting for u for half an hour and u here having pizza?”

Jai got off his chair “I forgot, sorry” he said.

Tina’s anger was then replaced by hurt “are u ashamed to be seen with me?”

“why would u say that?” Jai said “u are my girlfriend”

Tina averted her gaze hiding her tears from him that were welling up in her eyes “be honest with me Jai, am I just a time pass for u… or worse are u with me bcoz u want to forget Priya…?”

Jai cupped her face and turned her gaze back at him “am with u bcoz I want to be with u” he said honestly.

“do u still love Priya?” she asked with tears on her face.

Jai took his hands off her face and bowed his head, Tina understood his answer she wiped her tears and turned to leave but he held her hand “I want to be happy… u make me happy… u make me so happy Tina… and I do love u, I know it will take time but I want to love u more than I love Priya… I want to make u happy”

Tina sighed “Jai, its better that I accept u can never love me and get this over with”

Jai pulled her to himself “don’t leave me Tina, please I need u” he kissed on her forehead “help me fall in love with u I want to deeply fall in love with u and am trying”

“that’s the problem Jai, u don’t try to fall in love u just fall in love” she said.

“I know am being selfish but please don’t leave me Tina, I implore u” he said and kissed on her right cheek and then on her left cheek “I won’t make u cry again I promise” he hesitated at first but then kissed her lips lightly and she melted kissing him back with all the love she had for him “wow” he said when they parted making her bury her face in his chest hiding her blush.

Kensington Police Station
“what?” whispered asked Priya it was all so confusing, they were not Mehras but Sareens the same Sareens who may be out for revenge so how did they become Mehras on the first place “am not getting any of this” she expressed her confusion and Arjun explained the story to her again. “u think dad can be the murderer?”

“going to question him right now” Arjun said “we will find out today”

Priya sighed leaning on the chair “what if he is really the culprit?” Arjun tried as much as he could to look normal but those who knew him understood the turmoil he was going through “must u do this, must u be the one to question him?” Priya asked.

Edward then came to his cabin and informed him to go to the interrogation room Arjun nodded and stood from his chair, looking at Priya he said “am just doing my job”

“I’ll wait here till u finish” Priya said giving him an assurance smile.

Ajay was asked to come to the station for something regarding Amrish’s murder case he was unaware of the other facts the police knew about him. Arjun entered the interrogation room looking as calm as he could possibly try and sat opposite Ajay. Ajay relaxed a bit to see Arjun he thought his son was on his side “what’s going on Arjun, why am I here?” he asked.

Arjun took a deep breath and began “let’s start with the basics… what’s your name?”

“are u kidding me, am your father” said Ajay.

“my father is Ajay Mehra but u are not even a Mehra… so who are u?” Arjun said.

Ajay laughed “are u high or something?… bcoz if this is a joke then its a bad one” he said “I was asked to come here for Amrish’s murder case so come to the point”

“that’s what am telling u, I know u killed Amrish to avenge the injustice done to your family but it will be nice if u give us the back story” said Arjun looking sharply at him for any signs of worry but Ajay was unfazed. Arjun then showed him the DNA results that clearly prove Ajay to be a Sareen and not a Mehra and Ajay was shocked with the news if not totally surprised. He tried every tactic but Ajay showed no sign of having any knowledge about what Arjun was talking about so after an hour in the interrogation room Arjun and the other detectives had come to a conclusion that Ajay was innocent. For Arjun and Priya that was a relief they had been hoping for, they felt that their prayers have been heard.

Dr. Murray’s Clinic
From the police station Arjun took both Priya and his father to Dr. Murray’s clinic so they could both meet their long lost family member. “u can’t meet her” said Dr. Murray “last time to met her u left her with hope that u will find her son, I can’t let u destroy her like this”

“I brought her son” Arjun said “if I can’t meet her then at least let her son meet her”

“u found Ruby’s lost son?” asked Dr. Murray bewildered.

Arjun took out the DNA results and showed them to Dr. Murray who was astonished with what was written on that piece of paper “this is a miracle, never thought I will see this day” he said and allowed them to meet Ruby but asked them to be cautious bcoz shock may worsen her condition.

The three of them were escorted to Ruby’s room, the old woman sitting on her bed by the glass window smiled seeing Arjun in front of her “I have been waiting for u young man” Arjun went and gave her a warm hug, Ruby didn’t know the reason of his actions but hugged him back anyway and she felt peaceful holding him “did u find my son?” she asked him when she broke the hug.

Arjun knelt before her and pointed towards his father who unknowingly was having tears in his eyes as well “there is your son” he said “I found him”

“really!?” whispered asked Ruby.

Arjun nodded “yes, and I got DNA results to prove it”

Ruby slapped him lightly “do u think I won’t believe your words, silly boy” she said smilingly

Arjun held both her hands “that’s not all, your son is also my father” he said shocking her “and am your grandson… grandmother” he added and hugged her again. Ruby stayed frozen till her brain registered his words and when she understood she cried, she cried tears of happiness and also realised that it made sense why she felt connected with Arjun when she first saw him and hugged him back.

After Arjun it was Priyas turn, she also went down her knees and hugged her grandmother and couldn’t help but be happy at the thought that she finally had a motherly figure in her life. All this while Ajay kept silent and watched everything, all that was happening was confusing yet soothing to his heart. He wasn’t an emotional man but Ruby’s tears squeezed tears out of his eyes too. There was something about her pain that pained him too, he felt an unexplainable happiness seeing her smiling to his children. Ruby walked up to him with tears in her eyes and opened her arms to him “won’t u give me a hug son?”

Ajay hugged her with all the emotions he could gather in himself while she lovingly caressed him making her hands believe what her eyes were seeing. Dr. Murray and other nurses who were witnessing the family reunion couldn’t help but shed tears of happiness for finally a mother had found her long lost son “u need to rest now, too much excitement is not good for u” said Dr. Murray walking up to them.

“not now doctor, this is not time to rest” said Ruby happily.

“we will take care of her” said Priya placing her on the chair “just sit and relax we are not going anywhere” she told her while seating next to her.

“who is responsible for your this condition” asked Arjun causing Priya to roll her eyes at him that he couldn’t keep himself from being a cop even at a situation like that.

“Arjun…” said Ajay “don’t u think that’s is inappropriate”

Ruby turned to Ajay “it was my brother-in-law Devendra Sareen… Dev took u from me”

“Jagath Sareen had a brother?” asked Arjun.

“don’t call your grandfather by his name” said Ruby reprimanding him and Arjun apologized “he had a younger brother but they didn’t quite get along… Dev was always jealous of Jagath… he even cut ties with his brother until he found out that Jagath was married to me… he apologized and Jagath forgave him and that was his mistake, he shouldn’t have trusted him”

“then how is Amrish Khanna or Taste Farm connected in this?” Arjun asked again and Ruby had to narrate the whole story to quench his curious mind.

********** Flashback **********

50 Yrs Ago

Amrish Khanna, Prateik Malhotra and Balraj Mehra were common labourers at Michelson Industry, what kept the three men connected was their friendship, their origin and most importantly was the dream and hope for a better life. Balraj knew Jagath for they both belonged to the same village and when he introduced Jagath to his two friends the four of them became friends immediately. Amrish’s wife Amrita was a really good cook and everybody loved her food one day during lunch Prateik joked “if we could sell bhabhi’s food am sure we will be rich in no time and won’t have to work like this anymore”

It was a joke and they laughed it off but Amrish being the smart one took Prateik’s words literally and saw a future for himself and his friends. That day Amrish didn’t sleep, he stayed up the whole night making a business plan and his determination paid off. Next day at work Amrish told his friends about his business idea, turning his wife’s recipes into ready made food “so what do u guys think, we can start with home made masala mixes” he said enthusiastically he had every detail about his plan figured out.

“its a good plan but I don’t think we can pull it off” said Prateik.

“where will we get the money to finance such a business?” asked Balraj.

“am glad u asked” said Amrish “I was thinking u could ask your friend Jagath to give us a hand, he married the boss’s daughter who is loaded with cash… no bank can give us a loan bcoz we don’t have papers but she can give us loan… we will pay her every cent” Amrish was able to convince his friends, Balraj talked with Jagath and Ruby was ready to finance their business if Jagath would be a part of that business, they agreed and that’s how Taste Farm came to be.

They started from the bottom, made the products at home and would personally distribute to homes but their hard work slowly bore fruits and the business grew with time and the first Taste Farm Factory was born. But with money comes greed, one day while in the factory the four friends sat discussing on how to split the profits “40% for me and 20% for each of u three” said Amrish.

“I agree with u” Jagath said “but 40% should be mine since it was my money that started this business”

“correction, your wife’s money” Amrish said “and lets not forget this business was my idea” and just like that an argument rose btn them, Balraj and Prateik supported Amrish bcoz he deserved more for he had worked the hardest so seeing that he was alone Jagath threatened to withdrew the funds if they don’t give him 40% but none of them knew that it was Devendra instigating Jagath against his friends.

With bad blood already btn them the argument turned fatal when Jagath slipped and fell down the stairs resulting in his death. A pregnant Ruby refused to have any shares of the company that took her husbands life so Devendra became Jagaths heir and owner of 20% of Taste Farm. Devendra was greedy and tried to embezzle Taste Farm money but was easily caught with Amrish and was sent to jail, with the crime he committed Devendra lost his rights over the company which was now officially owned by three friends and the Sareen name was permanently erased from the business.

********** End Of Flashback **********

“now do u understand?” asked Ruby looking at Arjun who had been quietly listening.

Arjun gave out a sigh “I don’t understand one thing, if your brother-in-law was the one who snatched dad from u how did he end up with the Mehras?”

“I don’t know, I just remember seeing Dev taking my child from doctors hands… I don’t remember anything else after that” Ruby said.

Arjun still had more questions to ask but the doctor asked them to leave to give Ruby time to rest, so Ajay left with his children after starting the process to take Ruby home where she always belonged. All the way Arjun kept contemplating on the case, the case had once again turned towards another direction,another person and he just hoped that Devendra be the man he has been looking for so he could end the case for once and for all.

Mehra’s Apartment
Happiness had returned to the family, the bad wind had passed and only happiness resided in their hearts. Ridhima has filed for divorce and she was determined to erase all memories that had Kabir in them, she was stubborn in nature and her family knew she will get over this ordeal too especially now that she had realised her mistakes. Ridhima had apologized to Radhika and Radhika had already forgotten the past so the Mishras and the Kapoors were are a happy and united front.

On the other hand Ruby was being discharged from the clinic and was coming back home, Arjun and Priya had noticed a tremendous change in Ajay’s attitude towards them and towards life too, he was a changed man. Priya and Ankush’s wedding was approaching to add to their happiness and the preparations were on full swing. The Mehras apartment was decorated with balloons, flowers and a welcome home sign for Ruby and all their close friends joined the Mehras in that happy occasion. Ajay brought his mother home to a loving surprise “welcome home mum” said Ajay feeling content seeing her smile.

Priya introduced her in laws and her would be husband to her grandmother “and this is Radhika, Arjuns girlfriend” Priya said while introducing Radhika to Ruby.

Mala and Dilip were shocked with the introduction “girlfriend?” they said in unison causing Priya to bite her tongue while Ridhima laughed.

Mala turned to Radhika for explanation but she pretended hearing Sam calling her and flee from there “will talk about it at home mum” said Ankush turning the attention to him.

“so u knew about this?” asked Mala irritated that her children kept that fact from her “why are u kids hiding things from us, we are your parents and only wish the best for u” Dilip took Mala away before she could start her drama over a simple thing. Making Ankush sigh of relief.

“where is Arjun, anyway?” asked Ridhima.

“at the station, his police work never ends” said Priya and took Ruby to her room to rest.

Piyali and Prena standing at a corner observed how close Neil and Sam were, they couldn’t keep their hands from each other and would be whispering sweet nothings into each others ears. “they make a good couple” Prena said smilingly and Piyali agreed with her

Radhika walked up to Neil and Sam “u do realise that u are not invisible and we can all see your lovey dovey session”

Sam blushed and Neil scowled due to her disturbance “don’t be a hater Chashni, Arjun messaged me he is on his way so u will soon get him and u can have your own lovey dovey session” said Neil causing her to blush “this is a rare sight, Radhika Mishra is blushing” Radhika rolled her eyes and left the couple alone.

The party had come to an end when Arjun arrived, most of the guests had left. Priya put her hands on her waist seeing him coming that late “I’ll make it up to u I promise” was the first thing Arjun said when he saw her.

Priya shook her head “u are impossible” she said and then smiled.

Arjun smiled back at her “and grandma?” he asked.

“sleeping in her room” Priya answered.

“I have put away the silverware” said Radhika coming out of the store room but seeing Arjun she frowned “u are back” she said casually and picked her jacket and purse “am leaving goodnight di” she hugged Priya and walked to the door.

Arjun sighed “Radhika…” he called her but she played deaf “Radhika wait… wait please”

She opened the door but Arjun pulled her hand off the door knob and slammed it close “what?” she shouted when she turned to him. Holding her hand he opened the door and took her outside before she woke anyone up with her shouting. Radhika pulled her hand out of his grip “don’t touch me u jerk”

“stop shouting woman” he said “am sorry”

Radhika folded her arms over her chest “tell me something I don’t know” she replied.

“how are you?” he said but this time his voice was soft and caring.

“uncruel unlike you” she answered.

“I have been busy u know how my job is” he coaxed.

“anything else?” she asked.

“may I drop u home?” he said.

“I have a car, thanks but no thanks” she said and turned to leave.

“let me take u to dinner then” he tried again.

“am full” she said without turning.

“ice cream… how about an ice cream trea?” he said and that made her stop and turn “am sorry my sweet sugar plum”

Radhika rolled her eyes “don’t sugar talk me am still mad at u” Arjun moved closer and she clenched his shirt collar “I thought I told u to not ignore me and what did u do… u ignored me”

Arjun smiled “there’s something se*y about u going wild on me like this and I love it” he said huskily making her blush “so am I forgiven?”

Radhika left his collar and pushed him and he was lost in her that her small push made him stagger and his back hit the wall. Plastering her front to his “nope, still not forgiven” she said.

He looped his one arm around her waist and caressed the contours of her face with the other “still not forgiven?”

Radhika wrapped her hands around his neck attaching her more to him “nope” she said.

Arjun pecked her cheek “not even now?” he asked and kissed on her earlobe making her go weak on her knees.

She brushed her lips against his “not even now” she mumbled against his lips and gently pecked him on the lips. Arjun cupped her face with his one hand and captured her soft juicy lips with his hot and hungry ones and she kissed him back. His lips moved hotly and passionately over hers and she matched his movements with equal vigour deepening the kiss each of them wanting to show how much they have missed the other.

They broke the kiss Arjun brushed his thumb over her lips “and now?” he asked.

Radhika licked her lips and said “u are sweet but I prefer ice cream” Arjun chuckled at her words and held her hand walking to his car.

He started his car and his phone rang, it was Edward asking him to respond to a murder scene that was reported a few minutes ago since he was closer to that place “alright I’ll be there” he said ending the call. He turned to her “duty calls”

“am coming with u” she said stubbornly and he had no other choice but to take her with him. “where is your gun?” she asked excitedly when they had reach the said place, other police cars were already present, the place was sealed with a few officers taking pictures and collecting evidence while other officers protected the crime scene from social media frenzy spectators “this is so cool, right in the action” she squealed.

Arjun gave her an unbelievable look “stay in the car” he ordered and got out but stubborn Radhika followed him behind “Radhika stay in the car please, this is no place for u”

Radhika narrowed her eyes at him “let me remind u I haven’t forgiven u yet, now let me see the crime scene or I will embarrass u in front of your colleagues” she warned him and walked ahead of him as if she was the detective the police had been waiting for and Arjun trailed behind her. She suddenly halted in her tracks and he asked her the reason “that’s Pranay uncle’s car” she said pointing to the car in the middle of the crime scene inside which a dead body was found. An officer who was taking pictures of the dead body moved aside to click pictures of the car and gave them a clear view of the dead body “oh no” she said seeing Pranay lifelessly covered in blood, her stomach churned she felt dizzy and was about to fall but Arjun caught her in time, she tried to speak but felt nausea and threw up while he held her in his hands.

Minutes later a distraught looking Radhika was sitting in the passenger seat of Arjun’s car covered in a blanket with a paramedic checking on her, Arjun was at the crime scene with other detectives. Pranay was shot point blank on the neck, Arjun wore his gloves and took out a paper that was in Pranay’s shirt pocket YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS the paper read cleary even with blood stains on it. He closed his eyes feeling helpless “the murderer strikes again” he muttered. Pranay’s body was taken out for forensic and the detectives started to search the car for any clues. Under the driver’s seat where Pranay’s dead body was Arjun found a small diamond shaped golden cufflink. On the back of the cufflink there were letters TF engraved on it “Taste Farm” he said as he had recognized the cufflink. Each year Taste Farm gave it’s employees who were chosen to attend the food expo black blazers that had a Taste Farm label on the top left side and the same looking gold cufflinks like the one he was holding, he knew that bcoz he had seen Priya’s many times that he can recognize the blazer anywhere. But Pranay wasn’t wearing that blazer, he ran to the ambluance and confirmed his suspicions Pranay was wearing a grey shirt over a black trousers. He checked the car and there was no blazer in the car so he concluded that the cufflink belonged to the blazer of the murderer “caught you” he said looking at the cufflink, the murderer is in Taste Farm.


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