Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 11)

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Chapter 11

Kensington Police Station
Two sides of a coin can never be one, each side has its own image and identity but when u are detective Arjun Mehra and desperately want to solve a murder mystery u need to have an eye keen enough to be able to see both sides at the same time so u can figure out which side has a face of an angel and which side has a face of the devil. There is a perfect thin line btn the innocent and the guilty, he very well knew innocents can be framed and criminal cover up their deeds so it was up to him to make sure that no innocent in wrongly accused and every guilty one is deservingly punished. Three murders, two motives, one unidentified murderer and a line of suspects, now that the case had turned into a new angle of revenge every person that attended the engagement party was a suspect regardless of any alibi they may have.

“lets go over the suspects” declared Mark to his team, the whole serious crimes and homicide department sat together to discuss about the case. The Kensington police had a good reputation when it came to these cases, their team was one of the best team in London Metropolitan Police but it has been five whole weeks since one of the richest man in London was murdered and they haven’t been able to make any arrests, pressure was rising high and every day the case would just turn on a new page that brought them back to the drawing board.

Arjun who was heading the meeting since he is in charge of the case stood before the white board filling in his colleagues on the case “we have two motives and each has its own set of suspects… If we look at money as the motive of the crime family members fall in the line of suspects bcoz they mostly benefited in this… first of in this line we have Samrat Khanna, son of the victim and a gamgling addict… we have evidence against him but not very strong evidence, we can only charge him with fraud and illegal betting… and honestly I don’t think he is that smart to commit a crime and cover it up this good”

Arjun pinned Kabir’s photo on the board and continued “next we have Kabir Joshi, married Amrish’s granddaughter… works in the company… he is insolent, a complusive liar and greedy… blackmailed Samrat and even got Samrat’s house as a bargain to keep his secret… this is the same house where the hired killer was called from… like Samrat we still have to find solid evidence against him as well… but from what I gathered his wife knows something but she is keeping it to save him”

“how will we get her talking then?” asked detective Edward.

Arjun: “Kabir is a womanizer and he is cheating on her, if we get proof of his infidelity and show it to her I think her loyalty towards him will come to an end and we can get her talking then”

“what about Jai Khanna… he lied about getting a call from that secretary” asked Mark.

Arjun: “according to the phone records, Jai did get a phone call from Tina that night… but Tina claimed to have left her phone in the office that day… so someone else called him using her phone or he had her phone and made that call to himself that we can never know but what restrained us from questioning him is the fact that he was not present at the time of the murder”

“what about his other partners, there were at the party and I heard that they didn’t get along with Amrish Khanna” asked Sophia one of the detectives.

Arjun knew she was asking about his father, only he and Neil’s dad didn’t get along with Amrish “Amrish Khanna didn’t get along with anybody… and dont worry I wont act blind to save my father just bcoz he is my blood… there is no proof against him that’s why I didn’t mention him”

Mark: “okay stop it u two… now lets talk about the other motive, revenge”

Arjun: “according to the P.I… Taste Farm was co-founded by four friends, one of the friend dies and the remaining three cut him off from the company… company shares get divided btn three people who now lie to the world that the company had three co-founder and three rightful owners… three friends stabbed their friend in the back”

Edward: “that’s why the murderer said YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS”

Arjun; “its a sin indeed, I checked how the other two partners died and found out that Prateik Malhotra was found dead in his farmhouse, he had a bullet wound on his head and since he was found holding the gun the police declared it a suicide… and my grandfather died in a car accident due to failure of the car brakes but the police concluded it was a faulty wiring… but now that I think about it they could have all been murdered the difference is there was no letter found at those scenes”

Mark: “so the game is over then”

Arjun: “the game is far from over chief, with the help of my friend Neil I was able to do a bit of a history check…i t turns out what was common among the four friends wasn’t only the fact that they were Indians, they were all immigrants working in Michelson Industry… Ruby was the only child and heir of the Michelson Industry who happened to fall in love with her employee Jagath Sareen… since all four guys were poor I am sure that it was her money that started the company… but after her husband’s death she disappeared and nobody knows where she went or what happened to the child she was expecting” Arjun took a second pause and continued “my guess is Ruby gave birth to that child and told her child the injustice done to her and if that child is really after vengeance then murder isn’t the goal but getting the company is… that’s why Amrish wasn’t killed all theses years since he was the majority shareholder of Taste Farm… but things went wrong when Amrish with the help of Wolf found his nemesis and so it was either getting exposed or…”

“murdering Amrish” finished Sophia “who is on the line of suspects in this motive?”

Arjun: “it could be anyone, we don’t know if Ruby had a daughter or a son we are suspecting Trudeau only on the basis that he knew about Wolf… but it could be anyone,an employee in the company or a close friend of the family”

Edward; “or it could be someone who is now part of the family”

Arjun: “that’s why we are investigating both sides and we are starting with Kabir Joshi and Joseph Trudeau”

Taste Farm Offices
Radhika loved creativity, she loved books and so chose a career that brought her close to her passion but nobody knows about the future like she had never even in her wildest dreams thought that one day she was going to run a food company. She worked as a assistant editor at Sun Publications London during the day and at evening she will go to Taste Farm and learn a few things about the business, truth be told two jobs were taking a toll on her. “did u sign the papers already?” asked Jai standing in front of her table.

Radhika who was going over some files looked on confused “what papers?” she asked.

Jai sighed and picked a file from the pile that was on her table and forwarded it to her “this file” Radhika took the file from him and opened it with the intention of reading “don’t tell me u haven’t studied it yet… Radhika u are lagging us behind” he said irritably.

She was surprised at his attitude but didn’t answer and started to study it but couldn’t comprehend some business terms “I get it that its about a new product launch but I don’t understand some things here”

Jai: “look I need u to sign those papers asap, I don’t have time to start lecturing u bcoz unlike u I work here and I have goals to meet”

Radhika: “why are u talking like that… this is your proposal what’s hard in u telling me about it and u are aware of my situation… I have two jobs for God’s sake its hard for me to keep up”

Jai: “then its time for u to get your priorities straight… its either the presidency or your job at the publication firm… nobody forced u to do this u brought this difficulty upon yourself so don’t expect me to be here and wait for u to finish your day job so that I can teach u how to run this company… am neither your secretary nor your tutor”

“aren’t u my brother?” asked Radhika and her question hit him right at his heart, he went there to give her a hard time so she would consider quitting but she had reminded her of the bond they shared that was above any presidency post “cant a brother do that for his sister?” she asked again but Jai without a word got off the chair to leave “Jai…” she called him and made him stop at the door “wait, I will sign the papers” she took her pen and signed her name on the paper giving her approval for the new project and extended the file to him, Jai avoiding eye contact with her took the file from her mumbling a low thank u. Radhika smiled “we are having a get together this Saturday u are coming right?”

Jai wanted to say yes to make up to her but his ego didn’t let him “I cant, I have a date this Saturday” he said and left before she could ask any more questions.

As soon as Jai left Dilip entered her cabin, Radhika was so overwhelmed to see dad there that she leaped on him making him stagger, Dilip was surprised by her actions but held her for a while “looks like I came at the right time” he said when he broke the hug. Radhika just held him again, her dad was her strength and she needed his strength the most at that time and Dilip let her compose herself, he held her till she was the one who broke the hug. They sat on the sofa in her office and Dilip placed his hand on hers “what’s wrong?” he asked her.

Radhika sighed tiredly, she was tired with everything that was happening, Jai was giving her the cold shoulder and she found out from Arjun and Neil that their grandfathers had snatched from a woman and her unborn child a lifetime of happiness, it was hard enough to think that she didn’t deserve the position and now the fact that what she had rightfully belonged to someone else was nibbling on her concious “if I ever quit in life will u still be proud of me?”

Dilip read worry on her face but he couldn’t exactly tell if it was guilt or just work pressure “I will always be proud of u no matter what and I know I haven’t raised a quitter but if u have to leave something midway I will still trust that its all for the best” Radhika smiled a sad one and leaned on her dad’s shoulders “u can trust me, share with me your problems” he said and he gently patted her head.

Radhika took a deep breath and told them what they had recently discovered while he listened intently “what should I do dad am confused”

Dilip: “do the right thing”

Radhika sighed, she remembered Trudeau had told her the same words that her nanaji believed that she will do the right thing “what’s the right thing?”

Dilip: “repentance… forgiveness… justice…whatever u want to call it” Radhika’s brows furrowed in confusing so he explained further “u have never known what is like to be poor bcoz I made sure of that… but I have been poor and I know how it feels… feeling restless unaware of what tomorrow will hold for u, if u die poor or sleep hungry… u have this unexplainable desire to change your situation… to become better but then at the same time u feel helpless at the hands time… u wake up everyday with a new hope, full of zeal only to see your dreams get crushed to dust before falling asleep every night…i t scars u… it scars u for life” Dilip spoke each word with utmost honesty that it was painful to listen to him, Radhika detached herself from his shoulder and could vividly see pools of unshed tears in his eyes that panged her heart. Come to think of it, she was seeing that side of her dad for the first time in her life, she knew he was poor for he had told her so but she never imagined it would be so agonizing for him to go down the memory lane. She had never seen him so vulnerable, she had never seen him so hurt and concluded that she actually didn’t know her dad like she thought she did “when all that torment is caused by someone else… do u know what keeps u moving?”

“what?” she asked innocently

Dilip smiled “revenge… when someone else is responsible for your pain u find solace in revenge… it drives to survive.. .motivates u to win and frankly once the fire of revenge is ignited it can never be put out unless the goals are met… those responsible must pay their dues for peace to be restored”

Radhika observed as the pain in his dad’s eyes was replaced with anger, the hurt was still noticeable in his voice but the vulnerability was overtaken with an expression she couldn’t decipher. Yes he smiled but his smiled resembled a devilish grin, he was talking about revenge and yet he seemed to enjoy talking about it, it was almost as if he didn’t just say the words but have lived them. She even for a second thought he was talking about his own revenge story and that unknowingly scared her so she changed the subject altogether “u didn’t tell me the reason of your surprise visit” she said with a forced smile at him.

Dilip: “just wanted to see how my baby looks like a boss” he said the sentence so comically that he made her laugh and the father and daughter spent the entire evening together.

Notting Hill
“ooh! u should take this one” said Sam enthusiastically

“no, that is so bland… this one is better and it has orange… orange is your favourite colour right?… take this one Di” said Radhika.

“I don’t like your choice and if it about orange then she can wear that designer sari” Sam explained.

“my dear sweet giraffe… this is not about u or your choice and nobody knows Di like I do, she will wear this lehenga” said Radhika stomping her foot.

Priya looked at them as they went back and forth, Sam will show her one dress on her laptop and Radhika will show her another on her Ipad and each would claim they knew her taste best. Days ago when she informed her father that the marriage date has been set Ajay let alone congratulate didn’t even smile at her, he couldn’t even pretend that he was happy for his daughter. Priya cried the whole night holding her mother’s photo and wished that she was happy for her wherever she may be, she recalled how low she felt thinking about shopping for her wedding alone but these two girls have vanished all her sadness away. Sam and Radhika were now fighting on whose choice was the best, they both looked at Priya waiting for her answer “both choices are good, so I will wear Radhika’s choice for the wedding ceremony” Radhika showed Sam her tongue teasing her but Priya finished “and I will wear Sam’s choice for the reception” now Sam showed her tongue to Radhika. Priya laughed at their childish acts and said “that’s only for the wedding day what about the pre-wedding functions… we have to choose dresses for Sangeet and Mehndi functions too”

Sam and Radhika squealed in joy and started their searching again, Ankush looked at Priya and smiled seeing her happy, he knew how badly she missed her mother these days, he recalled when they were kids Priya wouldn’t were anything that wasn’t bought by her mum whether it be a hair band or shoes, she loved to be dressed by her and so Ankush was happy that her sisters made her happy. Neil fake coughed to bring his attention back to them but it didn’t work Ankush was lost in Priya’s thoughts, he was staring at her like a kid staring at candy on hallowen and TING on went Neil’s teasing mode. Neil cleared his throat and started to sing “tere chehre pe… tere chehre pe… nazaar nahin hath thi… naazare hum kya dekhe…”

Neil’s singing made them all stop what they were doing and stared at him amusingly while he mimicked Rishi Kapoor’s avatar and dance with Priya as his partner while Sam and Radhika cheered for them, Ankush too joined them and the couple danced as Neil sang for them. When the dance ended due to Neil’s terrible voice Priya slapped Neil lightly on his shoulder “u are crazy Neil”

Neil had his mouth wide open pretending he was offended by her words making everyone laugh “me… crazy?” he asked in shock “madam, crazy is your fiancé who cant get his eyes off u” he finished earning himself a glare from Ankush. Seeing Arjun who was silently watching everything he decided to tease him too, looking at Ankush he spoke “I was thinking why don’t Arjun and u exchange sisters?” Arjun got what he was talking about and gave him a angry look but Ankush who didn’t understand asked him to explain “since u are marrying Arjun’s sister why don’t u let Arjun marry your sister in return”

Arjun waited nervously for Ankush’s answer, he looked at Radhika to see her reaction but she looked unaffected. Ankush placed his arm around Radhika’s shoulder clutching her protectively to himself “no freaking way” he shouted sucking all glow from Arjun’s face “she is too young to get married or have a boyfriend for that matter” he insisted.

Arjun recalled what she did in the hotel room in Bradford and chuckle to himself. His POV: “if u knew what she aroused in me u wouldn’t say that she was young”

Sam laughed hard at Ankush’s statement “bhai.. she was away for three years don’t u think she had a boyfriend or boyfriends then” Both Ankush and Arjun looked at Radhika panicky but she just rolled her eyes for she knew Sam was just kidding “OMG Radhika u haven’t told bhai about your adventures?” said Sam with a fake shocked expression.

“what adventures?” screamed Ankush and Arjun in unison causing Neil and Priya to laugh hard joined by Sam and Radhika, soon after Arjun and Ankush caught up with the joke and laughed too.

When they were done laughing their lungs out Ankush turned to Radhika “promise me u will not date anyone until I approve him first, I have to make sure he is right for u” looking at Sam “this goes for u too Sam”

“promise” said both Sam and Radhika in unison.

Arjun’s POV: “great, I haven’t even impressed the girl yet and now I will have to impress her brother too”

“where is Jai?” asked Ankush.

“Oh! I forgot to tell u guys, he told he wont be able to make it he is going on a date” said Radhika

“WHAAAAAT!?” they all screamed.

Radhika: “he is on a date, what’s the big deal?”

Sam: “I never knew bhai had a girlfriend”

Priya: “Jai went on a date and he didn’t tell me? No way”

Ankush: “am just glad he took the initiative, I had started to worry about him… I have never seen him with a girl”

Neil: “how are u sure that he is on a date with a girl?” they all gasped when the meaning of his words sipped into their minds and reprimanded him but he just shrugged in return “am just saying” he defended himself.

Rose Garden
Meanwhile in a restaurant Jai and Tina were having their food quietly, Tina was ecstatic when Jai asked her out for a date she saw her dream coming true but it has been more than an hour since they reached the restaurant and he hadn’t said more than nine words to her and she knew the number bcoz she counted it was only “hi… u look nice… are u ready to order” that was it and she started to wonder if it was a ever a good idea to say yes to him.

Jai on the other end was cursing himself for ever asking her out, he regretted his decision the moment she show her jumping with joy, her excitement, her smile was eating away his concious bcoz he knew he didn’t love her and building her hopes was no less than a shameful sin. He shouldn’t have done it, he shouldn’t have asked her out only to keep the lie he told Radhika, he should have told her the truth the moment she said yes or at least he should have cancelled rather than dressing up and showing at the restaurant only to keep mum. “am sorry” he said jerking her up from her thoughts “am sorry Tina… I shouldn’t have asked u for a date”

Tina forced a smile on her face “well at last u got it out… tell me one thing… I know u didn’t want to attend the get together probably don’t want to see Priya and Ankush together… u could have just go to a bar for a drink or watch a movie… why did u take so much trouble?”

Jai had his eyes on the table he couldn’t meet her hurt eyes with his guilty ones “am sorry” he mumbled and then looked at her surprised “u know I love Priya?”

Tina flinched at his sentence and soaked down the watery substance that was on the verge of falling from her eyes by blinking repeatedly “one has got to be blind to not see that”

Jai smiled “and still u love me?”

Now it was Tina who looked at him in surprise “u know about my feelings?”

Jai: “one has got to be blind to not see that” they then laughed at their situation, it was the first time that they talked that freely “so what are we going to do… what are we going to do for our hurt hearts?”

Tina sighed “I don’t know, I don’t know if I will ever love anyone else the same way I love u”

Jai: “I can relate to that feeling… I want to not love Priya but I don’t know how”

Tina: “maybe we are not destined to have the ones we love”

Jai: “or maybe we are destined to find love elsewhere”

Tina decided to lighten the mood and joked “we just need Ankush to fall in love with me and we will have a love square instead of a triangle” and they both laughed the night out. They later went out dancing and Tina saw that Jia opened up to her more and thought maybe it was not a bad idea after all.

Notting Hill
They had all left expect for Neil who had left behind with some excuses or the other, his real intention was talking to Sam about the kiss they shared two weeks ago but he couldn’t get a chance to talk to her alone since Radhika was with her and he knew if Radhika got a wind about the issue she will tease them to no end. Finally he got the opportunity he was waiting for when Sam went to the kitchen to make coffee while Radhika went to take a shower. He followed her to the kitchen but the second he saw her all the speech he had bee rehearsing for the past days vanished from his head and he stood frozen neither going out nor approaching her.

Sam who was unaware of his presence or the storm of confusion going on inside him was going about her work without a care to the world. Looking for coffee she had stretched her right hand in an attempt to reach the glass container in the top shelf exposing her lower back to him that turned his storm of confusion into a storm of passion. Unknowingly his legs as if possessed moved towards her his eyes not leaving the waist chain hanging just above her jeans waist. A sudden warmth behind her neck made her freeze, Neil held the counter top on each side caging her in his arms. Her heart displaying the condition of her mind was beating a million times faster than normal as he moved closer and closer to her back that her fronts touched the cold black marble counter top. “nice waist chain” he whispered in her left ear as he brushed his fingers around her waist touching the chain.

Sam collecting enough courage turned to face and looking straight in his eyes she asked “what…what are u doing?”

“I don’t know” came his immediate reply surprising both of them.

“Neil… that night… that kiss… I…” her voice was lost in his mouth as he pressed his lips against hers in a long hard kiss, he saw her surprised eyes, her hand s were froze in the air not knowing what to do with them but he thought her lips tasted the same way or even better than the last time. He broke the kiss and she looked at him bewildered “what was that for?” she asked annoyed that he didn’t let her finish her sentence.

Neil who was also bewildered at his own actions was out of words and could come up with another “I don’t know” irritating her more. Sam stared at him observing his face, he read confusion in his face, her eyes then fell on his lips and she remembered how they felt a second ago, hot and chappy and wanted to feel his lips on hers again so she pressed her lips against his the same way he did. When she broke the kiss Neil thought if he should also ask her what was that for but instead captured her lips in a hot searing kiss sending a current through her body with his warmth. His hands left the counter top and went around her waist travelling up and down her back while hers found their way to his neck running her fingers through his hair as their lips mingled in perfection. Sam parted her lips to catch a little air but Neil took that chance and his tongue invaded her mouth forcing a soft moan out her mouth surprising herself that was followed by his groan of pleasurable satisfaction that further added to his confusion.

“is the coffee ready?” asked Radhika as she was about to enter into the kitchen causing them to pull away from each other before she caught them. Radhika came in and saw them looking different but couldn’t tell why “is the something wrong?” she asked still puzzled by the way they looked at each other. Both mumbled nothing and Neil left soon after while Sam went back to making coffee, but Radhika had noticed Sam’s smudged lipstick and traces of the same pink lipstick colour on Neil’s mouth and figured what took place behind her back but she decided to play along with them and kept quiet.

Kensington Police Station
The case was turning numb and numb with each passing day, the plan of following Kabir didn’t bear any fruits, Kabir was laying low acting like a saint and that didn’t give the detectives anything. On the other hand they had found out that Joseph Trudeau was an adopted child of Victoria and John Trudeau, John was Amrish’s legal adviser and Victoria was a housewife. John Trudeau was not only Amrish’s lawyer but also one of his close friends, Amrish had helped him set up his law firm and even after his death he had taken care of his family day to day needs until Joseph was old enough to wear his dad’s shoes. Amrish had paid for Joseph’s law school tuition, he had cleared all debts Trudeau law firm had when John died, paid for Victoria’s cancer treatment that ran for years till her demise and even gave Joseph the same position his father once had and so the Trudeaus held a great deal of gratitude to Amrish Khanna.

John and Victoria were happily married but the only thing that was lacking in their happy life was a child but that happiness also came into their lives when they adopted a month old Joseph from an orphanage “what’s the name of the orphanage?” asked chief detective Mark Clarkson as Arjun gave him the feedback.

Arjun: “that’s the strange part… those close to the Trudeau family said that the couple were married for many years but couldn’t conceive but one fine day John came back home with a baby boy that the couple raised as their own… they said that they had adopted the child but there are no records of the adoption… no name of the orphanage no anything”

Mark: “how can that be, what says on Trudeau’s birth certificate?”

Arjun: “John and Victoria are mentioned as the parents”

Mark: “that’s obvious but they would have needed to present an adoption certificate in order to make that birth certificate… John Trudeau was a lawyer he must have known that”

Arjun: “exactly… he is a lawyer and he had Amrish Khanna as a friend am sure it was easy for them to bend the law to their ways”

Mark: “ so does that means he is our guy?”

Arjun: “not so soon chief, this could all be a coincidence… I think in order to find the Sareens we need to find Ruby first… for all we know she could have given birth to a girl”


Striving for greatness is human nature, its what makes us human and so we run all our lives, we run behind love, we run behind happiness, we run behind money, we run behind success, we run towards a better life, a better us. But no matter how fast or how far we run we cant run from our shadows. Shadows, dark images projected onto a surface when light is blocked by the shades of an object, shadows that’s our companion even in the loneliest of situations, shadows that will never say goodbye to us and just like shadows the past is forever the part of us. Its our best kept secret when we reside in the dark but as they say all that is kept hidden must come to light and so at one point of our lives we will have to face the dark image, we will have to face our past no matter how deadly or how painful it may be for it is only after a painful sob that we can truly smile.

Every muscle in her body was made aware of the pain, it was torturous, it was tormenting, the pain was so extreme that she thought she would die. Her entire body was covered in her own sweats, her long blonde hair stuck on her face due to the sweat, she was shaking her head left and right warding off the pain, even her skin hurt. But it was of no use, the pain kept growing and growing and so did the agony and her will to overcome the pain went less and less with each passing second.

Her vision started to faint, she was losing her energy, she was giving up “u can do it Ruby… u can do it…” she heard a male voice say and in her blurry vision due to the heavy tears in her eyes she saw him, he was wearing white hospital gloves that were covered in blood, her blood. He had a face mask around his mouth and she could only see his eyes, green eyes that she recognized, she knew to whom they belonged to “u can do it Ruby” he repeated his motivational words but she didn’t even have the energy to to tell him that she couldn’t “u can do it… just one push… one last push… do it for him… do it for your Jagath”

And that was all she needed to hear “for my love… for my love” she told herself mentally and she remembered how happy he was when she told him she was pregnant, she remembered how he picked her up and twirled her around joyfully, she remembered his laugh, his twinkling brown eyes, his smile. Filling her mind with his memory she held on to the sides of the metal bed and gnashing her teeth she gathered all her strength,the strength she didn’t even know she has as a loud painful wail filled the dim lit the room and she pulled herself up with the force she was pushing and a small weight left her body. She slumped her head back on the bed as she breathed heavily calming the tremors of her body, all the pain left her, it didn’t pain any more, her toes were numb and her face that was red a second ago became pale and she laid exhausted. Soon she heard a cry, a baby’s cry, her baby’s cry and the sound was soothing and energetic to her tired body. She looked at the man who understood her curiosity and turned the baby to her to show her the face “its a boy… u have a son” he told her and she cried but this time there were tears of happiness.

All of a sudden the door of the room was smashed open and a tall dark devilish figure loomed over them and before she could understand what was going on the devil snatched the baby from the hands of the man and turned to leave. She screamed, screamed from the top her lung, she cried for help but her cries were silent. Her mouth was wide open and her lungs were going to burst with the strain she was putting the through, her whole body was trembling with her screams but no sound could be heard, no sound came from her mouth.

The white room only furnished with a small bed covered in white sheets were she laid echoed with her painful sobs causing a young woman dressed in light green scrubs rush to the room. It was the same scene again, the old woman laying on the bed was crying in her sleep. The young girl woke her up from her dream, it was the only way to ease her pain “my son… my son… the devil took my son” she screamed the second she opened her eyes, the young girl failing to calm her down had to inject sedative in her body to make her sleep again. Once again the room was calm, the girl pitied the old woman and wondered what she always dreamed about that made her cry even in her sleep. She wiped the traces of dried tears on her face and left the room.


It was getting really long so Prena’s confession and Radhika’s surprise will be in the next one, sorry for any inconvenience that may have arise.

So when I had this plot in mind I hadn’t had any possible titles and after a short brain storming I came up with ‘Shades Of Love’ but honestly I don’t feel this title is apt for the story. Usually titles just come to me but not this time around, I scratched and scratched and scratched my head but nothing came up. So Sunday I sat my siblings down and read them the story so far and asked them to come up with new titles, Oh! They took their job so seriously that they came up with hundreds of titles many of which were really funny. So am listing some of the good ones and I need your help friends in telling me which one is apt for this story and if u find all of these to be bogus don’t sweat just give me your suggestions and I promise to sincerely consider them.

The anonymous letter
Recipe for Murder
Served Cold
Shades of Sins
The Perfect Crime
Post Murder
The Deadly Darkness
Taste Farm Diaries – as suggested by my dear Rosie
The Domino of Deaths
Read between the lines
Cold Case
Written in Blood
Murder Blues
The (Death) Murder Factory
A, B, C, Dead
Beneath the Shadows
The Murderous Effects


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      Oh u visited baker street Watson, that’s so nice let’s go together next time just inform me and I will join u, it will be so much fun. Thank u dear, missing u so much. You always make me type n type n type even when am tired coz I knw u will pester me if I don’t update. Love u

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      Thank u so much Karnika, u hv lifted me up with ur comment. That’s why am confused with the title coz I don’t know if it should reflect the past or the future. Tnx again for u suggestions. Stay blessed

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    • |Registered Member

      Hi Ramya, hw r u. About ur confusion, u are tyt Trudeau is only a suspect bcoz he directed them to Wolf but that’s not convincing enough that’s why I have showed the police only investigated but didnt question him. Also Trudeau only helped Rads to knw who Wolf is only after contacting Wolf did Arjun come to knw that the P. I knws who is the murderer and according to what they know only Trudeau apart from them knew where Wolf was. Hope that clears ur doubts.
      Thank u so much dear n stay blessed

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      Thank u Sree n yes u did confuse me but what to do will have to come out of this confusion soon otherwise I will be forced to mail u the story 😄😄😄 am just kidding u will have to wait n read to knw more. Will try n update soon. Love u

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      Thank u so much Brin for ur lovely comment and suggestion. Ruby’s son could be anyone, u will know him very soon. Will try n update soon. Love u n tc

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    5. tina and jai……again one sided love and blind also for tina
    6. arjun with his father……uncared love
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    when you love your kids..that is also a love…ahhhh and blah blah blah

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    • |Registered Member

      Thank ubso much Ritu, actually what u said was my initial reason to name this story shades of love but then I came to think that with all the murders it might not be appropriate but u have reminded why I titled this story on the first place thank u so much for that.
      Neil will realise his love but am planning to give them a bit difficult times. I have plans to make Rads open her eyes so Arjun can be happy finally so don’t worry his life will be a bit easy very soon.
      Love u n tc

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    title itself..hw is my suggestion😉each of d title wud match d scenario here oly wit d suspense u had kept away frm us u can choose d perfect..Awesome suggestions from dem.. TC n loads of love along with my loads of comments lol..

    • |Registered Member

      Oh I see my swthrt has become a detective analyzing the story and all, not bad, not bad at all. Am so happy to knw that my story turned u into a detective. Ruby is alive, I showed that in this chapter the last part of the chapter, that woman who dreams of her baby being taken is Ruby. And don’t worry Arjun will soon be happy.

      Even I thought of writing a story with the title served cold, same pinch.

      Thank u so much swthrt. Love u loads

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      Thank u so much Jewel for ur lovely comment and thank u for taking the time to comment. It means a lot. Stay blessed

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      Thank u Nina, u don’t know how happy I am to know to read ur comment. Tnx a ton. I would really love to update regularly but my current situation doesn’t allow me to. It’s only after I get back from work and am not tired that I can get the time to write, sorry for that dear. Tnx again n stay blessed

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      I remember u said that Ritu, I knew u will all be shocked to read about Dilip’s past but that is just a glimpse not the full story so just fasten ur seatbelts coz the ride is going to get bumpier.
      Haven’t even started on the next one yet so forget the double chapters for now but I may surprise u later.
      Thank u, love u n stay blessed

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      Thank u dear Deepu, it’s my intention to keep the suspense if u r not able to figure out who could be the culprit that means I have succeeded in my mission. Tnx for the suggestions. It was getting too long so couldn’t squeeze in Ardhika u will get them in the nxt one.
      Love u n tc

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      Thank u darling Gauri, awww ur fav Nesam kiss, am so happy to knw that. LOL u find the deadly darkness s*xy. Will try to post soon. Love u n tc

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      Thank u so much Myra dear, u brought the broadest smile on my face with ur beautiful words. Thank u so very much. Will try n post soon. Love u n tc

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  21. Rossy


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    Now m again…too busy???k…when you get time reply me in chat n type ..type….type…m doing my zingalala huhu wild dance…coz I already lost half of my brain…so to regain my brain I’ll eat ur brain in next time…see u soon…be available…don’t forget me in ur family union mastis..😝😝 …minion ,mi Amiga,gracious…te queiro

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