Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1

Taste Farm Company
Tina was pacing nervously back and forth in the office corridors, she would walk up to the sales manager’s cabin, stare at the door and then walk back to the corridors, thank goodness the glass windows weren’t transparent. She took a deep nerve calming breath and held tightly the paper bag in her hand, walked up to the cabin but this time she had mastered enough courage to knock on the door “u can do this” she mentally reminded herself and entered the cabin “good morning Jai” she said in her sweet voice.

Jai without turning his gaze away from his work answered “good morning Tina… take a seat”

Tina sat and placed the paper bag on the table, smiling broadly at Jai she said “I brought u muffins… your favourite blueberry muffins” and slid the bag towards him “I baked them myself” she added.

As the word muffins reached his ears Jai stopped his work and looked at the bag, he smelled the muffins from the bag “u are a darling Tina” he said elated with the sweet odour causing her to blush pink. He quickly opened the paper bag almost tearing it, his eyes were closed as he relished the heavenly bite in his mouth “I love u Tina… I love u for these muffins” he chimed btwn the chewing.

Tina on the other hand was staring at Jai as if he was the most mouthwatering thing she had ever seen, her heart leaped when she heard those words that she had longed to hear from him but her joy was short lived when he added he loved her solely for her muffin baking skills. Disheartened she said “I have to go” and got off the chair.

Jai: “why so soon… enjoy these muffins with me”

Tina: “I already had them… you enjoy” and left his cabin mentally cursing herself for being so hopeful when it was obvious Jai was blind when it came to her.

Later that day inside the boardroom board members gathered in a meeting going over different new projects that the company wanted to engage into. At the end of the meeting Amrish Khanna addressed the board with a new agenda. “I have an announcement to make” he spoke in a clear firm voice that grabbed earnest attention of the board “I have decided to retire… Its time someone else run the company”

Samrat: “so we have to elect a new president of the board”

Amrish: “yes, u are all eligible for the position… In the next board meeting we will nominate possible candidates… each nominee will get a fair chance to prove their capabilities before we vote and chose the new president… so may the best man or woman win”

Many board member requested Amrish to not leave since they trusted his judgement but Amrish had decided and he was not going to change his decision but he promised to always keep an eye on the company. Soon the boardroom was empty except for four people to whom the presidency mattered the most, Amrish, Samrat, Ajay and Pranay. Amrish without wasting a second spoke “I know u all want the presidency… and its anyone’s game now… just make sure the reigns stay in the family… and by family I mean Khannas, Malhotras and Mehras… we are all one family… so all the best gentlemen” his toned carried a warning, a warning that told them to not do anything that can cost the company in their race to presidency.

Samrat’s POV: “If I get dad to nominate me then the board will surely vote for me since they all respect him, I have to do something to make dad take my name in the next meeting. If there will be a new president then that will be me”

Ajay’s POV: “I know by family u meant Khannas only Amrish uncle, u just want us to support all your decision but I will not let u get your way this time. If there will be a new president then that will be me, I will make sure u don’t nominate Samrat.

Pranay’s POV: “its high time u Khannas step off the throne, nomination or not Samrat wont be president, with his bad track record and all the secrets I have against him he has no chance. If there will be a new president then that will be me.

Kensington Police Station
Arjun was in interrogation questioning a suspect when he was summoned to the detective chief inspector (DCI) cabin, he knew what it was about. Once again in rage he had gone over board and crossed his limits as a police officer. DCI was a nice man, he was fond of Arjun too, but this was his third misconduct in just two months, Arjun knew he was in trouble.

DCI showed him a picture of a guy who was almost unrecognisable “what is the meaning of this inspector?” he asked.

Arjun could make out the anger in his voice, he even called him inspector instead of son like he usually did “this guy deserved it”

DCI: “do u comprehend the depth of this matter… u thrashed the chap black and blue… how many times do I have to tell u that we are the police… we enforce law and order not abuse it”

Arjun: “this guy is a bl**dy rapist and a murderer… he raped a 12yrs girl and then murdered her before dismembering her… how can u expect me to not beat him…am sorry chief but am not sorry for beating the hell out of this guy”

DCI: “u can’t take everything do personally Arjun… we all have to answer for our actions” he took a minute pause and continued “am sending u on a leave… take a holiday or whatever but I don’t want to see u at the station for at least a month”

Arjun: “I cant go chief… I have unsolved cases”

DCI: “u are supposed to be suspended for your bad behaviour… Its bcoz of me that u are only taking a leave… Edward will handle all your cases…now leave before I change my decision” and Arjun had no other choice but to leave.

Los Angeles
Radhika was tired of all the calls she was getting, she would get three to five calls in a day from her family and all asking her to go home. She too wanted to go back, she missed London but the way she was betrayed by her own had turned her feet cold and now it looked as is that coldness has reached her heart. She hated refusing them, she knew she was hurting them and that hurt her too but every time she would think about home those painful words would ring in her ears that made her adamant to not return home, besides when she left 3yrs ago she vowed to never go back.

It was midnight and she was in deep slumber when her phone rang, without looking at the screen she answered the phone and was greeted by a familiar voice “Neil… Its early there but its so late here… we will talk tomorrow”

Neil: “I will keep pestering u until u give me an answer chashni”

Radhika: “Neil seriously I was sleeping… we will talk tomorrow”

Neil: “why are doing this chashni?… who are u trying to punish?… I know u are still hurt by Ridhima’s accusations and probably don’t want to face her or that stupid Kabir… but what about us… what about us who love u so much… Its one Ankush’s biggest moment in life… will u punish Ankush bcoz of Ridhima’s mistake?… pls come chashni we miss u… I miss u”

Radhika: “I will think about it”

Neil: “so u can come up with more excuses”

Radhika: “Neil…..”

Neil: “I want an answer and I want it now… are u or are u not coming… decide now and I promise u we will not bother u again about this matter… nobody is asking u to settle back here we just want u to share this happiness with us… so what do u choose… do u choose staying in the past or moving on.

Radhika was silent for a minute, she was in a dilemma, going back meant revisiting the past, get constantly taunted by her sister. But Neil was right, Ankush shouldn’t suffer in this. Damn, she shouldn’t have answered this call she thought “okay I will come for the party… but I will leave soon after… I will book my flight first thing in the morning” and Neil couldn’t be happier with her decision “now can I go back to sleep please” she added before ending the call.

Heathrow Airport
Walking out of the airport Sam had her eyes searching for one person, her best friend Neil. Her colleagues asked if she would like to ride home with them but before she could answer she felt two hands clamping on her waist and in a flash she was sprang up and being twirled in the air causing her to squeal in surprise.

Neil let her slide off him and showered her with kisses on her cheeks turning her pink with blush “am so happy Sammy” he said joyfully.

Sam: “wow! So much excitement just to see me?”

Neil: “first congratulations for winning the award… and I have great news… guess what?” Sam tried a few guesses but then gave up since she was getting it all wrong “chashni is coming” screamed Neil happily and took her in a hug.

Sam’s smile fell, her heart started to race in a mixture of excitement and guilt “she… she is coming” she asked hesitantly hoping that she had made a mistake in her hearing but Neil confirmed her query Radhika was coming for the party.

Neil broke the hug and took her luggages to where he had parked his car with Sam following suit. He loaded the luggage and turned to her to say something but found her lost in thoughts and waved his hand before her eyes to bring her out of her cloud “what has gotten into u?” Sam just nodded negative “u have to give us a treat for your win… the four of us just like the old times” and Sam just gave a small smile in return, they got into the car and drove off.

El Milagro Palace
Sam was filled with thoughts about Radhika’s trip back home, she was happy but she also feared that Radhika was still mad at her. She knew in one way or another she was the reason Radhika doesn’t wish to come back home, she had driven her away. 3yrs ago ruled by anger and misconception she said very hurtful words to her but when she realised her mistake it was too late, Radhika had already left and wouldn’t answer any of her calls.

Being cousins Sam and Radhika grew up together, but there were more than cousins, more than friends, more that sisters, they were inseparable. They loved each other, they would also fight and irritate one another but at the end of the day they had each other’s back. No matter how angry they were on each other they would still hide each other’s mistake and cover up for one another. It has been three years they haven’t talked a word to each other and that killed them both.

Scrolling her picture gallery she couldn’t help but smile at their photos, she landed on their last trip together with Arjun and Neil, the four of them were a gang who enjoyed fun getaways. Her mind was brought back to a particular memory during that trip.

*************** Flashback ***************

Henley-on-Thames – 3yrs Ago
Just a few hours drive from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle of the city of London, a small town of Henley laid calm along river Thames attracting viewers with its beautiful scenery. Exploring these kind of small towns was a passion that the four friends shared. Having explored enough of the town’s markets, local restaurants and even the famous Henley royal regatta, Arjun, Neil, Sam and Radhika took a day hiking to get close to nature admiring the green Henley hills and valleys.

It was late in the afternoon, Sam and Radhika had a bet as who can run faster with the backpack which only resulted in the both of them being dead tired. Panting heavily Radhika slipped off her backpack and slumped on the ground all sweaty “I cant move an inch more” she complained.

Sam did the same and supported her head on the backpack “me too” minutes later when they had caught their breaths Sam asked “why are u so gloomy today?” for she had noticed her off mood since morning.

Radhika: “why are u so cheery?” she counter asked.

Sam: “u know Louis right… he asked for a date and I said yes” she said cheerfully but Radhika was not pleased.

Radhika: “there is no way u are dating that guy… he is such a snob and a playboy… he has dated almost every girl on campus… u are not going anywhere near him” she stated.

Sam: “that’s just rumours there is no proof… and i like him chashni”

Radhika: “but I hate him” sensing that she was not in the nicest of moods Sam changed the subject and asked her the reason for her bad mood. Radhika gave out a sad sigh “I have been accepted for an internship… but in LA… I don’t want to go that far, I dot want to leave home”

Sam: “its just internship… nobody is asking u to move there”

Radhika: “still I don’t want to go… I will refuse when we get back” smiling at her she said “I cant live without your bear hugs my giraffe” and hugged Sam.

“wow! giraffe is giving bear hugs to piggy… this should go into the world records” remarked Neil as Arjun and he approached them. Growing up Radhika was a chubby child while Sam was tall and slender so the girls had nicknamed each other piggy and giraffe.

Sam: “only I can call her that idiot”

Arjun: “okay, lets move now the sun will set soon”

Radhika in a sitting position raised her hands and arranged her face to a helpless kitten expression and asked Neil to carry her but he refused stating that he loved his back too much to attempt to break it by carrying her “please Neil… If a take even a step my sole skin will tear” she lied trying to gain sympathy.

Sam shook her head in disbelief “I have known u my entire life yet u never fail to amuse me”

Radhika smiled “thank u for the complement” and got back to her drama. Arjun threw his backpack to Neil and asked her to get on his back, Radhika happily stood up and threw her bag to Neil as well and hoped onto Arjun’s back.

************ End Of Flashback ************

Mishra/Kapoor Residence
It was late at night but the housed seemed as lively as ever, Radhika was arriving in two hours and everyone but Ridhima was awake waiting to go to the airport. Neil, Sam, Jai and Priya had also joined them and that made the atmosphere more euphoric. Mala wanted to pamper Radhika so was making her favourite food and Priya was helping her. Neil and Sam were decorating Radhika’s room wanting to surprise her, everyone wanted to do something for her but Kabir was sitting doing what he knew best, nothing.

Walking out of his room Ankush was stopped by Kabir “u are really lucky man”

Ankush: “what are u talking about?”

Kabir: “Priya… She is really hot man… I envy you”

Ankush slammed him on the wall clutching his collar tightly, anger vivid in his eyes “listen u douche bag… I tolerate only bcoz of Ridhi… so better stay in your limits or else I will do something that u will regret all your life”

Kabir: “easy… easy… I was joking and u took it seriously man”

Ankush: “that story u cooked up that Radhu tried to seduce u… only Ridhi believes it… none of us do… Radhika denied to say anything then but now that she is coming I will ask her again… and if I find out u tried to lay your hands on her … I swear to u, I will crush every single bone in your body”

Kabir straightened his shirt as Ankush’s back disappeared from his sight and wiped the few drops of sweats on his forehead with the back of his hand “why did I ever agree to sign the pre-nuptials, I would have already been out of this hell hole” he asked himself frustrated.

Jai had joined Mala and Priya in the kitchen engaging them in random conversation “what do u think about the new president of the board… who are u going to nominate…?”

Priya: “I will not nominate anybody, what about u?”

Jai: “I will nominate myself” Priya was shocked by his announcement, she first thought he was joking but Jai was serious “look, our parents have been running the company for fifty years… and they did a good job… I just think the company needs a youthful approach… I think its time for us to take over so I will nominate myself… I expect u to vote for me”

“u got my vote” chimed Ankush as he entered the kitchen.

Priya turned to him “u are encouraging him?”

Ankush: “I don’t see anything wrong in that… there is no rulebook that says the president can’t be a young a person… I think its a good idea… and Jai is not alone, he has us for support”

Priya turned her gaze back at Jai “Samrat uncle also wants the presidency… will u go against your father?”

Jai: “I will go against your father as well and Pranay uncle too… am confident I will win if u guys are on my side… I want this presidency and am going to get it”

Priya was worried, she knew how bad her father wanted to be the new president and she was expected to vote for her father but Jai had complicated things by asking for her support. Ankush gave her an arm hug seeing her worried face and assured her that nothing will go wrong. Kabir standing at distance observing them noticed the pained expression on Jai’s face when Ankush had hugged Priya and smirked as the meaning of the situation sat in his head “this is going to be fun”

Precap: Radhika in London, friends night out, engangement party that marks a night they will never forget.


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    • |Registered Member

      Thank u Rosie my baby, Kabir is just a pervert and Sam misunderstood things and hurt her piggy but they will patch up soon. Indeed Arjun is going to be blown away when he sees her. Love u baby and tc ????

      • Rosie

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      Thank u Deepu, yes Arjun will be our James bond in this one. Yes I do play the piano, actually I studied and now teach music so I can play few instruments. Wish I could play for u one day. Stay blessed ???

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      Thanks Sammy, Tina will her love don’t worry Jai just needs to open his eyes first. I can’t tell u which character is negative and which isn’t coz that will spoil the fun. The president post will bring out the best and the worst in people, so stay tuned. Love u and tc ?????

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      Thank u Gauri, even I hate Kabir ? will post the next one soon. Stay blessed my dear ???

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      Thank u so much, yes Kabir is the reason u will find out more as the story progresses. Will update soon. Love u ????

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      Thank u so much Roma u always lift up my spirits with your words, thank u so much swthrt. Already posted the second chapter check it out. Loads of love to u ?????

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