Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life

Second chance life…

Second chances….
Its a nice feeling to get a second chance. Sometimes you look back on your life and pauses at some points and just wishes if you had a second chance to redo or undo things. For some life or destiny grants them a second chance….. second chances to untwine what fate had twined. There are others who just won’t get that chance,they simply lives regreting or sometimes cursing life for never giving them a second chance. When the lucky few gets the second chance they feel a rush of something, name it relief,happiness or even adrenalin, but that rush will be the essence that helps them to live their second chance to the fullest.

But what if the second chance you get is a half life that you never wished for. What if it is burdened with so many baggages that you curse life for giving you that second chance. What if that same second chance that every one wishes for is nothing but a pain for you. Will you still want it? Or will you take that half chance and show life that you can win, that you can be happy and that you too can be complete?

This is a story of second chances…. this is a story of pain…. this is a story of finding big joys in small things…. and this is a story of pure unconditional love….

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