Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 6


Second chance life….
Episode 6: an ugly past

Radhika was trying hard not to enjoy the feeling of being with arjun. She knew it was all pretence but she wanted it to be true. She wanted to have the pleasure of being the centre of his attention. Presently, he was showering her with sweet smiles and words of concern. She knew it was all a part of their charade but she couldn’t help but wish for this to be true. But wish as much as she wanted. This was the truth. That a man like him, a man so perfect, a man with all his charming excitement for life, was never going to want someone like her. Someone with half a life. With more baggages than she can hold. This was all sham and it will do her good to remember that.

Arjun: radhika do you need something?
Radhika: no thanks, i am fine.

Arjun: don’t be so stiff and formal with me. People would never believe i am your boyfriend that way.

Radhika: i am sorry i don’t have that much experience in this sort of mission impossible undercover thing.

Arjun laughed.

Arjun: even i don’t have experience in this boyfriend thing. Real or pretence.

Radhika stunned: why? I thought a successful handsome guy like you will have had atleast one girlfriend.

Arjun was now satisfied.

Arjun: so you think i am handsome? Thats a start for our relationship.

Radhika flustered: i… i didn’t…. wait, what do you mean start of our relationship? This is a charade right?

Arjun now irritated: ofcourse. Whatever you want.

They were silent for a while.

Arjun: look things are never goimg to work if we go on like this. I know a fantastic way for us to ease into this.

Radhika: and what is that?

Arjun pointed towards the dance floor were couple were dancing.

Arjun: a slow dance.

Radhika panicked: no!!

Arjun: what is the problem? I know you took dance classes.

Radhika: it was five years ago. I haven’t danced since…. since the…

Arjun gently: since the accident.

Radhika feebly: yes…

Arjun gently took hold of radhika’s chin and tilyed it to make her face him.

Arjun: i am with you. Don’t worry. I will catch you if you fall. I won’t leave your hand. We will take a step a time. You may even step on my feet and i won’t complain. Trust me. May i have this dance?

He extended his hand to her. She looked at his hand then into his beautiful intense eyes. She took a huge calming breath and placed her hand on his.

Neil was watching radhika slow dance with arjun. He was quite stunned seeing her dancing again. He had tried everything he could to bring dance back in her life after the accident. He took her to her dance class. Bought her new accessories. Pleaded with her. Even threatened her. Nothing worked. But now…. he don’t know what magic arjun had done to change her mind. Jealousy and relief fought with each other in his mind. His sister tristed a stranger to bring dance back to her, not her brother. That made him envious. But that fire of jealously was put out by a dose of cold water by relief. He always feared the accident had took his sister’s spirit away but now he could see that coming out from its dormant state. And arjun was to be thanked for that.

Neil was brought out of his train of thought when he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. Without turning he knew who it was. Samaira khanna. He carefully made his face emotionless and turned. There she stood before him. Beautiful as ever. But he knew the poison of that beauty.

Samaira: neil, i wanted to talk to you.

Neil: about what? If it is a business matter i am afraid you have to make an appointment with my secretary, ms khanna.

Samaira flinched at his cold tone.

Samaira: neil, how long are you going to punish me for something that was not even my fault?

Neil leaned forward to her.

Neil hissed: not your fault? The fault you are talking about so blandly is the death of my parents and brother. You see there? That is my sister. Do you recognise her? Maybe not. Because the radhika i knew is now replaced by a broken half person because of your so called mistake. And don’t even try to say that it was not your fault. I know you and your manipulations well.

Sam’s eyes filled with tears of hurt. Neil was affected seeing those tears. He was disgusted with himself. Even after every thing her tears affected him. He turned to leave but was stopped by her soft spoken words.

Sam: you don’t know what he is planning. I know. I know very well what my father is planning. Please trust me. Let me help you and radhika. Please neil.

He turned around. He say the pleading expression on her face.

Neil: this better be good and true.

An hour later, arjun was sitting beside radhika in the study of mishra mansion. Samaira was talking and neil stood beside radhika with his hands folded across his chest glaring at samaira.

Samaira: five years ago, two months before the accident, i was send by my father to neil. He told me to get some important business deal leaked from him. He had made all of us as children except jai that our mother left us because of sharat mishra. He told that she had an affair with him and when she demanded him to leave his wife, he didn’t. Then my father came to know about the affair and he was willing to forgive her. But she left us all for sharat. This was the story that our father made us believe. Saral, manya and i believed him but jai didn’t. He blamed our father for her absence. Then jai left us all. Father again drilled it into us that that was also due to sharat and that we need to teach him a lesson. He filled our young minds with poison against the mishras. Then i was send for this mission to neil.

Samaira looked at neil, who remained motionless before continuing.

Samaira: i became friends with neil. He first was vary of me because i was a khanna but i made him believe me. Then when i came to know more about him and his family, i started doubting my father. Then with time i fell for him. We loved each other and neil, it was true. My feelings were true from my heart.

Neil didn’t say anything remaining unfeeling.

Samaira sighed: i know you won’t believe me. But i never betrayed you. When the accident happened, the media said my father was a main suspect and neil began doubting me. One day he overheard my conversation with my father and thought i was betraying him. I was just asking him if he had any hand in the accident. My father declined. Then i talked to father about the file he send me to get and was about to deny doing his dirty works. But neil heard about the file and lividly accused me of fraud and even the accident. Whatever i said made no difference on him. And after trying for two years i thought it was better if i left it alone.

Neil suddenly snapped: no one needs to hear your sob sorry. Oh how the little spoilt rich girl was sad. Just say what your father is planning now.

Radhika rebuked: neil-

Samaira: no radhika don’t. Maybe i deserve it. Anyway, yesterday i went to meet jai and he said that what our father had said was wrong. That mom left because of father not sharat. That father just wanted to get his greedy hands on the mishra’s wealth. I went home and overheard father talking to some one on phone. He was saying that he was planning something big and that after that everything that has mishra name is going to be khanna’s. I don’t know anything more but i am willing to help. Please neil trust me…

Neil was about to say some thing when arjun stopped him.

Arjun: neil think smartly this may help us keep radhika safe.

Neil: but i don’t trust her.

He looked at samaira when saying this. Samaira looked pleadingly at him.

Arjun: okay then we just need a plan…. a well executed plan.

Neil looked at arjun then at radhika. If this helped radhika then he will do anything, even accept help from samaira khanna.

Neil looked at arjun and nodded in a determined way.

Next episode: the plan

Credit to: Amy

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  1. Silpa k sivadasan

    Just like always superb

    If u can then plz upload long updates…

    Epi was very gud
    Update soon

    1. Thanks silpa… 🙂
      I will try to make it longer…… 🙂

  2. Wowww awesome dr

    1. Thank you so much dr… 🙂

  3. Amazing..mind blowing…and thanks for quick update…loads of love 🙂

    1. Hey gauri…… thanks so much dr….. 🙂

  4. Good amy…

    1. Thanks ammu 🙂

  5. Amazing update dear …keep going ..well done…pls ur another story to upload soon dear..lvu

    1. Thanks susi.. 🙂 will update soon

  6. Literally waiting for this……n trust me it killed me….plz post longer update na…suspense thriller n friendship is a very first choice for me…

    So Sam first went to Neil on her father’s advice…what’s that rascals plan …to gain property again…how cheap…i want to kill him by myself…don’t mind…actually m very much into ur story…n my thoughts running here n there….amy dear plz b soon b4 I loose my patience…luv you…tc??

    1. Hey rosie…. thank you so much dear…. 🙂
      Yeah suspence is the best….. and since i am writing it i already know the story and so no impatience… but trust me i know how you feel…… i will update soon and try to update daily………
      I have a story in mind…. just thinking how well to express.. a little worried if it is effective as it is my first time writing a suspence….
      Loads of luv and tc dr 🙂

      1. U can see from the response u got…surely its effective…don’t know about others…but me gone…plus never worry about if u got lil response…u have abilities…so why worry….show it….tc…gd nt??

      2. Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. So the story takes a turn now. Wow yaar amazing work continuous updates. U r mindblowing and i really enjoyed ardhika as i always like those moments. Neil and sam hope everything gets well and arjun’s plan hope it gets success. Amy u rocked pls continue ur suspense as u always do, take care.

    1. Thank you so much sv… yeah the suspense will continue for more time and there will also be twists 😉

  8. Wow mind blowing episode. 🙂

    1. Thanks brin 🙂

  9. OMG! OMG! OMG! Just read all the chapters in one go! It can’t get any better ! You know how to hold readers breath till last moment, right? 🙂 Suspense, action, thriller, mystery, drama, romance this story have everything which make us go crazy for you. It’s perfect. Very extraordinary plot. The title and the intro itself are so captivating. I just loved it. Can’t wait for next episode.

    1. Thank you so much ameena…. this story has been in my mind for sometime…… to uploading it here i made it into a fan fiction and made the main characters from mmz… my friends have been asking me to write seriously and i finally sat down and wrote…. keeping fingers crossed for good response….. 🙂

  10. amazing episode. ..keep writing.

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    “Happy Easter!”

  13. Oh… My….. God

    Amy… Really, i didn’t expext this….. Very first, when i saw the title as intro( i didn’t have any interest to read)…. Don’t have a good thought over it….. I didn’t impressed….
    But when i start to read a intro… Continuously i read all ur updates…. Becoz it creates that much interest, finaly i was impressed by ur update….
    Dear , pls forgive me that i didn’t read it(when u post for first time).. I m being sorry for that…. If u can….. Pls forgive me…. Forgive. Now, completely i m ur big fan for this fiction…. Awaiting for ur nxt update…. Ur story(secod chence) really differ from others… There s no doubt in that

    It made crazy over it… Pls update regularly… And pls don’t spoil the uniqueness of the story (sam despirating for neil.. Most importantly radhu likes arjun @ first sight)..

    It really really awesome ?? love u loads??

    1. Thank u abi……. 🙂
      You don’t need to say sorry because i am the same way…. i overlooked some books because of title and the intro i wrote was too deep i guess. I like that you are being honest and please continue to give me honest reviews…..
      Thank you for your support….. it means a lot……
      The plot is very close to my heart so i am going to continue with it…..
      First i thought this much loss and pain will be too much……. but i believe overcoming loss and living after pain is a good story….. sorry for blabbering.
      Anyway thank you so much…. luv u and take care… 🙂

  14. Awesome, wowwww, superb, marvellous. ….loved it my dearrrr amy….m in love with this story. .it’s very beautiful n outstanding refreshing n unique interesting filled with excitement. …the past was really ugly…n I liked Sam’s love for neil. …anxiously waitingggggg for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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