Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 5


Second chance life….
Episode 5: the vultures descend

Sound of gun shots. Exactly three shots. It ringed through her head. Then a faint light filled with smoke and smell of burnt plastic as she opened her eyes. A black attired person faintly visible among the smoke. He pointed a gun at her. The taste of blood was on her tongue. Salt mixed with rust. The pain in her entire being too heavy for her to bear. She lost consiousness slowly. The person before her disappearing into darkness slowly.

Radhika opened her eyes. As usual after a nightmare she was breathing heavily and sweat covered her. Even her bedding and pillow were damp. But there was something unusual. This was not the usual one this was a new one. A new memory. She thought about it and her eyes stinged with unshed tears.

Neil was sitting at the dining table going through the newspaper when radhika came down. He looked up and immediately knew she remembered something new. Her large amber eyes were brimming with tears. It will fall down any moment now and then it would not stop. It will be like a rainfall nonstop. He went around the table and hugged her. She sobbed into his shoulder. He didn’t ask anything and she didn’t say anything other than,

Radhika: it was murder, Neil…

His arms tightened around her and his whole body tensed up.

Radhika remembered. Murder. The accident was actually planned and so it was murder. He could only imagine the pain she must be going through now. Arjun wanted to soothe her. Hug her. Hold her. Reassure her that he was there. But he couldn’t. After all what right did he have to do that. Boyfriend? Yeah right…. A pretend boyfriend. What a stellar position! He could imagine how it would go down if he tried to hug her. The ever present over protective neil will skin him alive. And radhika? She would probably slap him left and right. So he better keep his arms or any other part of his body to himself.

Arjun was getting himself polished up to attend a posh party today. Their charade was starting tonight at the party that a wealthy socialite was giving. The mishras and khannas will be there. He wanted to observe the khannas around the mishras. Wanted to note if there was anything amiss.

He suited up with a black blazer over his white shirt tucked into his black pants. A shiny black shoe adorned his foot. He styled his black hair into obedience and got his badge, pistol and wallet all tucked in safely. He was meeting neil and radhika at their home. After yesterday’s events he was moving in with them temporarily. Close to radhika. Too close to temptation. He picked up his bag and got into his car and drove towards mishra mansion.

When he reached there ramu kaka took his bag with a smile and he waited at the drawing room. He heard someone approaching and turned around. His jaw dropped. He felt like it will hit the floor any time now.

Radhika was coming down the stairs. He was watching as if in a dream. He felt that she was gliding down the stairs. She wore a peach colored dress. It had a corset styled body that clung to her. It was covered with peach and gold colored shimmering stones. Then it flared into flowing peach skirt to her foot. It was a sleeveless dress. Her long black hair was open and falling straight down her back like a flowing waterfall. He was adorned with delicate diamond jewellery.

He came out of staring when neil came beside him and cleared his throat. Arjun looked at him and neil was glaring at him.

Neil: remember just a pretend boyfriend.

Arjun: i know.

They reached a convention centre for the fundraiser party. And their charade began. Arjun placed his hand on radhika’s back. And they looked stunning together. Soon every women were envious of radhika or was eyeing arjun. Every men wanted to be in srjun’s place. Many papparazies snapped their pictures for the latest socialite gossips. All wanted to know who had captured the eye of the single beautiful heiress. Arjun did his duty. He continuously ran his eyes around discretly to rule out any dangers for radhika. Neil was with them. Arjun looked around and saw samaira khanna standing at a corner looking at them.

Neil hated these parties. It was all in the name of helping the poor or destitudes but what really happened was rich society vultures gossiping or showing off. His bored gaze went around the room and got locked onto a pair of soft brown eyes. It has been two years since he had seen those eyes directly. The eyes in which he once lost himself. The eyes which once he thought of as a sign of innocence. The eyes that used to laugh with his. The eyes that signified betrayal. The eyes that he hated more than anything. He took in her face all the while keeping his face expressionless.

Samaira khanna. Samaira with her soft brown eyes with a hidden hardness. Samaira with soft sweet smiling lips that could manipulate even an angel ruthlessly. Samaira with her slim build that could tempt anyone. Samaira khanna who symbolised betrayal hatred and manipulation for him. He had been foolish enough to fall for her once, foolish enough to trust her….. but no more. He denied to be a fool. His eyes filled stilled with such iciness and hatred on her before turning away.

Samaira felt a sharp pain go through her at his disregard of her. But she kept the serene smile on her lips. No one should see the great actress samaira khanna in pain. When was he going to believe what happened between them was not a manipulation. Was not a betrayal. Was not a game. When was he going to believe her. She had tried so many times. She will try once more today. If noy to save her love for her peace of mind. He had to believe her. He just had to. Or else? She didn’t know the answer to that anymore.

Next episode: an ugly past

Credit to: Amy

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  1. Loved the episode. Please update soon.

    1. Thank you kavina….. 🙂

  2. good one

    post next one soon

    1. Thank you so much manju….. 🙂

  3. Wow…..amy that is fanatic….so nesam were in love in past….arjun…bechara…pretend bf…k I know he will become a real one later….update soon…tc??

    1. Hey rosie thank u…. there is a history between nesam…. it will be revealed on next episode….. 🙂

  4. Amy can u pls upload the entire story fully. U r making a nail biting episodes. Arjun falling for radhika. neil and sam . Soo there something between them. Arjun and radhika scene is super.pls can u upload the next part soon. Amy take care

    1. Thanks sv…… i will try to update soon….. next i have to update redefined after that i will update this one 🙂

  5. Nesam know each other

    1. Hey hayathi yes they know each other 🙂

  6. I am gonna die because of this suspense…please update soon…waiting…love u 🙂

    1. Hey gauri….. 🙂 will update soon don’t worry 🙂 🙂

  7. Super fast update hats off to ur hard work , mindblowing update, i enjoyed every scenes, can’t wait who is the black attire person, pls….sssss update soon dear..lvu…

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  8. 🙂 nice amy..i too like investigative and ofcours delective novels.i am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes series.being a writer is not an easy task and an investigative story writer…too difficult!.all the best dear:-)

    1. Thank you so much ammu……… thanks for your support…… 🙂 🙂

  9. am so much blown away by your story…so nice…very intriguing..didn’t expect that ardhika story can be a thriller too..but you have nailed it perfectly…but my bad luck..all my comments are not showing up..hope atleast this reaches you…I have become a fan of you since the first day of your story…now am waiting for the next episode…I just love it ….please do continue..

    1. Thanks lavanya i saw your earlier comment but couldn’t reply…. sorry

      And please support and give your honest opinion and suggestions……

      1. sorry if my comments were bad..but trust me…I was indeed honest..

      2. Hey lavanya your comments were honest and i appreciate it very much……. it is always good to suggestions and support…… i need it to continue……… 🙂 🙂
        Luv u and take care dr 🙂

  10. The suspense is awesome. 🙂

    1. Its just started brin….. thank you 🙂

  11. awesome yaar…

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  13. Wowwww it’s superbbbbb n mind blowing. ..your narration is outstanding. …suspense is killing me. . . . keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . .

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