Manmarziyan……. Second Chance Life 15

Hello guys…….. finally my exams are over n now I can relax n write……..
Only two more episodes left after this one.
This work is just written for a fun reading experience. Any resemblence to real characters n situations is purely coincidential.
Enjoy guys………..

Second chance life….
Episode 15: Masked Faces

All six of them reached the place well before time. The country house was visible from the place that their van was parked. Arjun helped Sam with all the camera feedbacks. They were all wearing tiny ear pieces so they could communicate with each other. After everything was set they once again went through their plan.

First Neil, Manya and Jai will go in as they were posing as the staff. Then when other guests begin to arrive, Arjun and Radhika will also enter as guests. They will all try to find why the party was held and if it has anything to do with the human trafficking. They will also try to get any evidences against Paul. They decided to try to record anything suspicious and if anyone of their cover is blown, they will try to make Paul speak out on his own, while they will record it through camera.

As planned Jai, Neil and Manya went inside. And when other guests started arriving Arjun and Radhika also went in.

Arjun, who had done these type of undercover works before, knew that there will be an identity check. And sure enough they were made to submit their invitations and ID proof. They were posing as Mr and Mrs Alexios. Fortunately all went well and their cover was not blown.

The room was decorated subtley with classic drawings and flower vases. There were some security guards standing alertly away from the guests. Arjun continued to scan the room and saw Neil, Manya and Jai doing their roles. He turned and saw Radhika standing stiffly. Even though her mask kept him from reading her expression he knew she was really tensed about something going wrong.

Arjun: Radhika relax. Everything will be fine. We will get something useful and escape without harm.

He placed his arm around her to soothe her worry. She turned to him.

Radhika: I know. But its just that I know how dangerous he is.

Arjun: Wait for sometime…… once we get the needed evidences he will go to prison for a long time. Trust me.

She placed her palm on his hand and they mingled with the other guests.

Neil was discreetly looking around for anything suspicious as he served the guests champaign. He was at a previlege as he could approach people pretending to serve them and catch part of their conversations. But all he heard till then was irrelevent. Just the society vultures catching up with each others mundane boring life.

Then the host of the party arrived. Paul Gilbert. He descended the curved staircase at the center of the room with elegence. He walked up to the elevated area used as a stage and while going there occasionally stopped to greet guests. Paul stepped on to the stage and smiled graciously at the people gathered.

Paul: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We all know why we are gathered here. I hope my selected group of guests are all generous enough to make this auction a success after all, it is for a great cause.

He paused to chuckle and some of the guests too shared his humour.

Now Neil was confused. Auction? That too for a great cause? What was being auctioned? He looked around but could not see any bargaining pieces.

Paul: Well we will go into the auction after the formal dance. Enjoy.

Just then the orchestra standing at one corner of the room started playing a slow dance music and couples started to slow dance.

Neil saw Arjun and Radhika also joining the dance. He saw Jai and Manya also doing their parts. He resumed to his duties.

After half an hour the orchestra winded up their music and left. Paul again took the stage.

Paul: Now, the moment we all were waiting for. Lets start The Grand Annual Auction.

After this Paul left the stage and took a seat so did all the guests.

A make shift ramp was attached to the stage and a beautifully dressed lady came to the fround and bestowed all gathered with a smile. She introduced herself and took her place near left side of ramp.

“So ladies and gentlemen. Here is the first package.”

Then all lights dimmed and only a spot light focused on the ramp. Along the ramp a girl slowly made her way to the front and the loght followed her movements.

At first Neil thought that the girl had some expensive piece with her to be auctioned. But as she stopped facing the guests he took in a sharp intake of air.

“Our first material. 18 years old.”

Now it was all clear. The makeup on the girl’s face couldn’t conceal the bruises on her cheeck. She stood their with an aloof expression as if she was not aware about her surroundings or as if she stopped to care anymore.

Neil as well as the other four understood what this was. It was like a market where Paul sold all those girls. This was beyond what they all had expected. This was inhumane and animalistic. No not even animals are this cruel. They were all stunned inyo stillness.

They all heard static sound through their earphones and then Sam’s voice.

Sam: Guys what’s going on there? All I heard was auction. But of what?

Neil was the only one who could recover enough to reply.


Next episode: A betrayal.

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  1. Hey, hope ur exams went well was waiting for this, amazing update. This Paul guy is an animal and don’t think even jail is enough for him argh! But loved the update. Stay blessed

    1. Amy

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    Amy nice one….. Update Nxt part soon

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    Hope exams went well. Loved the update.

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  5. Who will betray??? I have a great doubt on jai or manya…. Like this chapter…?

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  6. Awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode. 🙂

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  7. Hey Amy.. superb update.. but wondering who will it Jai? Coz manya wont risk sam’s life when she loves her like her mom.. else someone frm police or khannas have a hand in this… am thinking a lot… will they escape safely or.any dishyum dishyum… waitingggg 4 ur next update with lot of questions running mind… hope ur exams went well.. take care.

    1. Amy

      Thank u so much jessie 🙂 you will get all answer in next episode…… there will be some dishyum dishyum….. 🙂 🙂
      Take care dr

      1. swetha kannan

        will any one die amyor is jai or manya

  8. Good to see you back Amy 🙂 and as usual good one… loved it waiting for the next one 🙂

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  9. At last ur back amy . Missed ur thriller. Paul oh my gosh what a kind of person is he and what these 6 gonna do and how they are gonna get out from there safely pls update fast dear. Love u lods

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  10. Sweetie

    Amy dear..It’s an awesome update and finally you are back..How did your exams go??
    This Paul cannot be even compared to an animal..Ughh..
    Who will betray in the next episode??Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and be happy.. 🙂

    1. Amy

      Thank you sweety 🙂 ….. xams were ok….. will update soon dr n u will get answers for ur doubts 🙂 luv ya 🙂

  11. How did your exams go ????????? chechi plzzzzzzzz don’t compare this ass hole Paul to animal……even they have some dignity……………I was very shocked hearing that lady announce first piece 18 years old…………….ehh I felt as if my skin peeled off………… can some1 be sooooooooooooooo devil…………..avide vannavarkarkum ammayum pengalmarum elle ??????????????? etra kruramayi ethina behave cheyunne ????????????

    1. Amy

      Hey aastha dr 🙂 adyathe 3 xam ok ok but avasanathe 3 easy…… 🙂
      Hmm i knw dr….. njn ithiri dramatic aaki ezhuti…… but human trafficking is despicable…….kidnapping okke eppozhum nadakkunu…….. n thats cruel n sad….
      Will update soon n take care dr…. luv ya

  12. nice dr..waiting for nxt one…precap is making me more nxt one

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  13. Hey Amy…. it was fabulous….. but worried about…… precape…….who is going to betray and to whom…. plz update soon…… love u tc

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  15. Superbbbbbbbb dear 😀 loved it 😀 DAT scoundrel should get nice punishment……pls do punish them well love it Dr 😀 😀

  16. Awesome, wowwww, superb episode. …Amy darling it’s really very thoughtful n interesting story ….ardhika, nesam n jai manya all ready for this secret to reveal n collect proofs for it….human trafiking…n auction of girls….omg…how inhuman n cruel. …I’m very curious to know how they gonna punish Paul for his dirty deeds….mind blowing narration. ..keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 😉 😀

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