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Hey guys….. i know, i know that i am once again late in updating. I am sorry for that. I was not well thats why i was not able to update. A special big sorry to abi as i broke my pinky promise to you 🙁 But please forgive me and to say sorry i have included two chapters together in this update filled with a lot of twists,turns, confessions and suspense. So guys enjoy this rollercoster ride…. and one important thing last episode of scl will be episode 20.

Second chance life….
Episode 10: Tornado Strikes

Arjun just wanted to smash the fool’s head. How dare he? The nerve of the man to touch his radhika. Whoa! HIS radhika? Where did that come from? He took a deep breath and decided to let go of that thought. He was treading on dangerous grounds. He will think more deeply about his preference to radhika later. Now he had to deal with saral khanna who was seated forcefully on the chaor by a furious neil and himself. Seriously this man was a fool if he thought he can come here and harm radhika when neil and arjun was present. Arjun had already made a decision to charge breaking and entering and also trespassing charges on him. Now neil was asking him questions. And saral….. well he was not exactly answering.

Neil: you have some guts to enter my house uninvited but as usual your foolishness got in the way. Did you think you can touch radhika when we’re home?

Saral glared at him from his position on the chair.

Saral: who are you to say anything? After all you are just her adopted brother. A stranger.

Neil bristled and his hands curled up into fists. Arjun could see that neil was going to punch saral. He got hold of neil’s hand. Eventhough he wanted to punch the man himself, he had a duty to do. He couldn’t let neil take law into his hands. Luckily just then the officers came to take him away. Before going he smirked at sam.

Saral: you are also with them. Does dad knows this? You know what will happen when he knows, don’t you?

Sam: yes i know. But i am not afraid. I am not afraid to stand beside neil and radhika. Truth always wins. Whatever you are planning won’t work. So you are free to tell our father whatever you want.

Saral: you will regret this sam. You will.

After the officers have taken him away, arjun too left for office to question him. He wanted to solve this as fast as possible.

Even though sam had stood strong in front of her brother she was a little afraid of her father still. She was aware what he was capable of. She was not afraid for herself but if her father decided to take out his anger on manya…. she couldn’t even complete that line of thought. She took a deep calming breath before entering the house. She was sure that her father won’t know about her involvement that night as he was away on business. He will be back after two days… two days of calm for her.

She entered the drawing room with this reassuring thought but was startled to see her father sitting on the couch. His face was emotionless. Calm. But it didn’t fool her. She knew this was the calmness before the storm. She had witnessed this same posture from him before. He looked up at her with a cold smile graced upon his cruel lips. And she knew then and there that he knew everything. And also the posdibility that she may not be able to see neil again. She closed her eyes as her father stood up from the couch. She saw neil’s handsome face adorned with that dimpled smile in her mind. A small smile graced on her delicate lips as she prepared for the tornado that was about to strike.

Radhika was worried, something was not right. She was restless but could not pinpoint the reason of her behaviour. Arjun had returned from office and informed them that saral was not behind her first attack. From the looks of things he was just a crazy stalker, mad about her. Nothing else. So the threat still loomed large. She know that something big was going to happen and her thoughts were confirmed when she heard a crash outside. She rushed to the hall to see the flower vase in the drawing room lying broken on the floor. Neil eas standing near it with his fists clenched. Arjun was standing beside him with a hand placed on neil’s shoulder. She gasped whenshe saw the blood rushing out from the clenched fist of neil. She rushed to him and took his hand in both of hers. When he lifted his face she saw his eyes brimming with tears and pain.

Radhika: what is it? What happened?

Neil just whispered: sam

She looked at arjun in confusion. He looked at her with a grim face.

Arjun: something happened. Sam is in hospital.

Episode 11: a new beginning

Neil hated this place. Hospital. And that too the waiting room. He had spend too much time here in the past. The sterile scent. The quite calm atmosphere. The occasion rush of doctors and nurses to attend emergencies. The gloomy faced family members waiting for their loved ones to be alright. He hated it all. But the thing he absolutely loathed was the wait. When radhika was hospitalised it was a never ending era of waiting for her to open her eyes. Now it was sam in there. And neil was standing with arjun, radhika and manya outside in the waiting room. First when they arrived the authorities denied to let them know anything as they were not family. Then manya arrived and told the nurse to let them in as they were with her. The fact that arjun was a detective worked on their behalf. He looked around. Manya was sitting with her head resting on radhika’s shoulder. Radhika had her arm around manya. He was truly shocked to see her behaviour. Whenever he had met her, she came across as a spoilt rich girl who didn’t care much about anyone or anything. Sam had once told him that her behaviour was a facade to conceal her pain and loneliness. He knew sam cared for her as if she was her daughter not sister. But it was the first time he was seeing the same love and compassion reflected in manya’s eyes. Sam……. that name gave pain to his heart as if it was split open. She had to be alright…… for him….. for them. There was many things that he wanted to say to her. There was their whole life for her to live with him. Above of all he had to look her in the eye and say….. i love you.

Manya was taking comfort from radhika even though she didn’t knew her before. But she trusted these people because of sam. The conversation she overheard was proof enough for her to choose the right side in this battle of life. The incidents that happened earlier flashed through her mind.

Manya was upstairs in her room when she heard her father’s angry voice. She slowly came to the stairs and saw the whole thing. Sam was standing in front of her father saying something about choosing the right path. In no time manya understood that they were arguing over the mishras. Manya knew about her father’s rivalry with them. She also knew about the whole neil sam fiasco. But sam loved him. Manya had seen it in her sister’s eyes. Sam may have gone to neil on their father’s instructions but she fell in love with her father’s enemy. Their argument was escalating and she could see that soon sam would get hurt. Then sam accused him of plotting against radhika and neil and vivek slapped her. Sam was thrown back to the floor a feet away. Manya was about to rush to her when sam saw her and indicated with her eyes to don’t come. She understood that sam wanted her out of danger and hide. But she couldn’t see her sister getting hurt. When vivek’s attention was diverted sam indicated with her hands for manya to call police. Manya rushed and dialled the emergency contact and when she crept back downstairs she saw that sam was curled up on the floor with blood all around her. Just then the police arrived and seeing the light of vehicle vivek escaped somehow. The rest of the incidents were a blur as they admitted sam and then neil and others came. But now manya has decided. She was not going to stay silent anymore. She too has chosen a side and that was with these good people.

Arjun along with radhika came to the cafeteria to get coffee for all. Neil and manya denied to leave from there so he volunteered to go. Radhika came along with him. He knew she was tired. First all that happened with saral and now sam. She must be stressed. He made her sit at a vacanttable and went to place their order. When he returned with coffee he saw her asleep with her head pillowed upon her folded arms on the table. She was a cute little thing. He didn’t want to wake her up but he knew she would be uncomfortable if she slept in this position. So he woke her up and they had their coffee in comfortable silence. Then they got coffee for neil and manya and went back. As soon as they reached there radhika took a seat and he knew she was really tired. He sat next to her and guided her head to his shoulder. She didn’t protest as he placed a hand along her shoulder and she immediately fell asleep. Arjun also felt an astonishing sense of calmness due to her presence. He also fell asleep with his head resting on hers.
Atlast the doctor came to tell them that sam was out of danger. She had lost a lot of blood and her leg was broken. She had fractures in ribs. The thing that made the doctors worry was the wound on her head and her internal bleeding. The doctor informed them that she was awake now as she is totally out of danger but she’s a little disoriented. He also said that they can visit her but only one person at a time.

Neil wanted to go first and he turned to look at radhika. He was astonished to see her peacefully asleep on arjun’s shoulder. Arjun was also asleep. His poor sister must be worn out from all the rush of the day. He liked presence of arjun in her life as he was slowly bringing out the old radhika. Now he had to confess hislove to his sam.

He went in and saw sam amidst all the bed side monitors and machines. She looked incredibly small and vulnerable in that hospital bed. She had bandages on her head arm legs everywhere. Tubes were attached to her which connected her to the machine. It hurt him to see her like that. Neil rushed to her side as she opened her eyes and smiled at him. He took a seat beside her bed and took her small hand in both of his. He looked at her intently as if to see if she is in pain.

Sam: neil…. this is nothing….

But before she could finish he kept his finger on her lips and shushed her. He leaned his forehead on hers and looked adoringly into her eyes.

Neil: i love you

Sam was shocked then shock gave way to happy tears that leaked out of her eyes. He wiped the tears and smiled at her with his eyes wet.

Neil: i love you sam. I never stopped loving you. Yes i was angry and felt betrayed but always i kept you in my heart. You have made your home in my heart. Today… today i could have lost you. You don’t know whati felt when i heard you was hospitalised. If anything happened to you…. i would have stopped breathing.

He took a deep breath.

Neil: sammy i am sorry for the way i behaved to you for the past years. Please forgive me. I promise to make it up to you for the rest of our lives. Sammy…. why are you not saying anything? Say something…..

Sam placed her palm on his face and he leaned into her touch.

Sam: neil you are my best friend, my saviour, my life, the air i breath, my knight in shining armour and above all my love. I don’t need to forgive you as you have done nothing wrong. For me you are epitome of right. I love you…..

He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes, safe in the knowledge that everything was going to be alright.

Arjun woke up from his sleep by the vibration of his phone. He opened his eyes andlookedat radhika’s beautiful face. He wished he could wake up everyday to this sight. He got his phone out and saw that matthew was calling. He took the call and listened as his subordinate told him all about the search result for similar letters like that radhika was threatened with. There were two similar cases. Both culprits were found and punished. But the most important thing was the letter they got was traced to a person and the name shocked arjun. Jai khanna.

Next episode: hide and seek

Credit to: Amy

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