Manmarziyan – Seasons Of Love – Chapter 2

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Chapter – 2

“Anki..Pls…Am I not your dear Radhi..”,she pleaded pouting her lips with puppy dog eyes,while Ankush was busy finalizing the design for his recent project..

“Radhi..why don’t you understand….You said you will comeback once you finish the course.,then you said,some temporary job for this…whats this Radhi…”,he spoke without glancing her…

The prevailing silence instead of some more plead,made him to turn to her side and he saw her sitting disappointed looking the carpet beneath…

“Radhi..look here..what’s the need to work somewhere?..”,Ankush asked holding her chin…Radhika’s brown orbs by then got filled with thin film of tears….

“Radhi..whats this? Ankush Mishra’s sister to work somewhere?Never..We will setup a new one for you..Ok..?!!”.,he turned his face,fearing himself to dissolve in her tears…”Being in Delhi.,you got more adamant.,forgot your status..what will people say about us..and that too working in that AR..”,he fumed a little…

“The fellow Arjun.,is way rude from everyone I had seen..his attitude and his mannerism…Radhi..we met in the meeting today.,he was thoroughly displeased with my points only because his dad praised me..wasn’t that stupid..”,Ankush was irked recalling the incident..

“Bhai…that jerk is always like that..I have heard.!”,she placed her palm on his shoulder…

“Then why to work there..will he respect you.?”,he asked immediately..

“Anki..he never steps inside Trendz…he comes only for launches,then while conducting interviews,else he will be in AR only..”,she saw his face..

“Radhi…I will set up a fashion house for you”,he said..

“No.!I wanna learn it..and when I get accolades from India’s one of the best fashion house..Its a Privilege..I want my talents and myself to be held with esteem…I want to prove that..”,she was cut in the middle..

“Whats the need to prove and why to..and to whom”,Ankush asked worried..

“Dad!!”,her orbs shone with freshly formed tears… “Bhai…Am I an unsuccessfu..”,Ankush placed his palm on her lips nodding negative….

“You still din’t forget all those…Radhi…Parents scold when we disappoint them on something.,but that doesn’t imply,they literally mean every word,they said…”

“No..Papa said thrice..”,She pouted like a kid..

“Okay!! Radhi..but..think you want to work with AR..”,he asked…

“ ask Sam..that fellow never comes there..and Btw…why was that stupid here? what he knows about construction and building?”,she asked looking his face with a doubtful brow raise..Ankhush couldn’t help but laughed at that…

“Poor boss of yours..Jerk..fellow..stupid..and what else Radhi?..and he studied architecture in London it seems..his dad said and our dad..”,

“would have looked puffed with pride and happiness.,isn’t? off ya…If only Dad had let us,we too would have pursued degrees in abroad..isn’t..His dad would have paid in lakhs..but our dad was stuck up Merit..! Marks!! yuck!!”,she animated a throw up making Ankush to guffaw at that…

He patted her head..he knew.,their father always compares them with others and treat them inferior.,and even today he did feel bad when his dad praised Arjun..and his little sister is now saying all this, just to brush off his let-down…

“I din’t feel bad at all”,he shook his shoulders nonchalantly…

“Yea..yea..we know it..”,she mimicked like her dad and they laughed aloud,next second both placed fingers on each other lips “sshhhh”…

“Anki..plzz..”,she asked with her fingers holding his chin…

“You wanna leave your Anki alone! okay!!”,he pouted sad..

“Dramebaaz..!”,she smacked his cheek surprising him…

“Help me with the design..I will speak with dad..Interiors too..Give me a rough one Radhi…”,he pointed the design before them…

“How would I..”,she was cut in..

“I can get your talents praised here too….I won’t reveal, its your idea until it gets completed…That’s a promise..!!”,he held her palm.. “Being a brother.,I hold few responsibilities…Am not like dad.,we don’t need others to acknowledge our talents…still…if its your wish..As like always I will be,by your side…but Radhi..only one should come more jobs..”,he said in a strict voice and she nodded her head after listening with utmost attention…

“Thank you”,she hugged him…


She sat with half done Mehendi on her hand,watching her friends to dance around Riya….Her smiled widened looking Neil there…she smirked mischievously and walked to him…

“Do you have an invitation.Mr..?”,she asked and Neil turned surprised…

“Oh..hey!!”,he greeted…” should ask that,to the groom coming down today”,he said….

Before she could react,she saw Groom’s dad to welcome them with much respect.. Neil made a face to her..She smiled wide standing next to him..

“Hey..Am were in party yesterday for Riya.”,he asked pointing the bride who was dancing a little, with her friends..

“Yea..and Am Radhika..”,she swayed her Mehendi clad hands…

“Why not finished?”,he asked..

“Well..I was bowled over looking you here…What a handsome man! how could I leave the chance,you see”,She chuckled and laughed when Neil gave a amused reaction…

“God!! you are with a plan I guess..Any ways…have we met anywhere before?”,He asked…

“Mumbai Rifle club..”,She wiggled her brows…

He responded high after a minutes,,”Ankush!! you are his sister!! My god! Naughty one…”,he pulled her ears… “I did try to remember a lot.”,he shook his head…”I met your brother yesterday..”

She stood smiling.,”So.,Neil when is your marriage?”,she asked..

“Hmmm..the moment I find my girl….do you have any suggestion?”,he looked around and smiled at few men..while she stood worried thinking about Sam’s love…

“Why? don’t love anyone? or you din’t get any proposals till date?”,she asked and he furrowed his brows at that….

“Why are you behind my marriage now?”,he thinned his lips and she tried to be cool…

“Seems no one is interested in you…see…Other than me,none bothered to see you…so..I advice.,you should catch hold of the girl who proposes you with heart..”,She spoke carefully choosing the words that would favor Sam..

Neil faked a dejected sigh…”Am not noticed because.,we have another handsome hunk behind…”,he just gave a thumb indication,and she saw Arjun to converse with a person…

She quickly turned around.,”Neil..I will finish the Mehendi..Bye”,she ran as fast she could….

Arjun who came to Neil,searched her..she was there till then.he looked around to see her…Just from the moment,he stepped in he noticed her to converse with Neil,he had his eyes glued on her,though he spoke with one of his dad’s acquaintance whom he unexpectedly met there…

“Will you be here till marriage?”,Neil asked..

“ moving today…thought to meet Rohan here..Seems the fellow is late..”.Arjun sighed as he rejected the refreshment offered for him..

“The flight got should be happy that none cursed you for having the groom on his toes till the last minute of his wedding … could have send some other person”,Neil sat next to one of their friend..

“Neil..Marriage is tomorrow..and he is coming today..And..People are crazy to celebrate it like a festival…”,his eyes scrutinized every inch of that wide hall searching the girl in peach color lehanga..There he caught her,applying mehandi…He couldn’t see her face,still he glanced the mix and match lehanga she wore..his brows raised in surprise at her confidence level to try such,for a mass gathering..peach with olive green..He was confused if its actual match or a mixed one…

“Radhika do you know him?”,Riya’s dad asked..and she blinked… “You were speaking with a person isn’t”,he helped her in recognizing..

“He is my brother’s friend”,she smiled..

“Seems he know Rohan’s boss too”,Riya’s dad said..

“Rohan’s boss?? He is here?? how dare,he kept jiju busy,with loads of so not going to leave him…Uncle who is that idiot?”,She got up instantly…

Arjun saw her to get up.,his eyes quickly snapped to Neil and made sure he wasn’t noticing him…Just when she was about to turn a guy came again with a plate of soft drinks..Neil being in his self,enquired about each juice..”This..?”

“Its grape sir”


“Its orange sir”


“Neillll!! Are you a kid?”,Arjun growled and crooked his neck a little left to see her,Neil tried to catch his gaze,but Arjun caught hold of his face and turned it to the guy before and gestured to choose a drink..

“No thanks!”,Neil said and Arjun gave a look surprised….

“Then..”he was cut in

“Time pass..and whom are you trying to kill with your looks”,Neil tried to turn his head..

“Am leaving…”he adjusted his coat,he saw her standing with her back to him…the 10 feet distance is not a thing,but still why to cross that…


She stood still,listening the word Arjun Mehra….She din’t dare to turn around…So.,Rohan is working for Arjun’s fashion line in Paris..well.,how the devil have a business there too…She stood wondering about the possibilities while Riya’s dad pleaded her.,”Beta pls..don’t do any such..what if he fires Rohan in anger…pls beta..”..

She looked him wide mouthed..Ah..he thought I would go even after listening the name..Never..Leave Rohan….now she needs to work in peace for next 1 year..So..Forget the Jerk..!!

“I understand uncle..!!Just for Jiju and You..”,she raised her brows and gave a serious face to the already stressed elderly man.. He smiled wide…

“God bless you!”,he left…

Sunaina muffled her laughter.,” din’t get his note.,he..he..was feared that you would pull a problem..the blessing was not out of love..its..its..because of fear”,she slouched on that diwan holding her stomach…

Radhika fumed..”Shut up Naina!! I know uncle..And Just for Riya..I forgive everyone!”,she tried to sound unaffected…

“Thank you beta…God bless you”,Sunaina and others mimicked and laughed aloud gaining attention on them..

Neil and Arjun turned listening the laughter riot overflowing,just like every other person on that hall..Arjun saw her to stand raising her palm asking them to stop and next sec,he was surprised to see her to run like a kid chasing one of her friends….

“Neil..Ask Rohan to call me..and Inform him that I did come here..”,he said..

“Arjun…You could wait isn’t”,Neil asked..

“I came for Akhilesh….Party over..Work over..and Am moving..”,Arjun walked ahead and stopped before Rohan’s dad…

“Sir..Inform Rohan..I have to leave”,he said politely surprising Neil… The elderly man would have lost his mental balance if none was next to him.,after a minute of chitter chatter,Arjun gave a gift and they immediately called Riya for a mutual introduction..Of course.,yes..the girl needs to get the wishes from her husband’s boss..The one who pays for their bread and butter…He stood with his chin high enjoying the view before him..Riya’s mom was ushered to bring her.,”ask her to come with her friend atleast’.,one lady among the crowd said..

He did want that..she would definitely come with that girl…He waited surprising them…

“Something wrong with your health?”,Neil whisper asked to him.,and Arjun returned a saintly smile and fiddled his mobile,

Soon his smile vanished when he din’t find her…that girl..the bride.,Riya..,She came with a gang..his eyes though on his mobile could get the visuals of all colors of lehanga to whisk at a,blue.,orange,yellow..every shade.,every color sans peach came swaying towards him.,and his jaw clenched in annoyance…He raised his head and gave a pleasant nod when her inlaw gave a lecture about him…

He turned around and had his shades on,and smiled to Riya’s dad.,now when he turned he could see every girl,including elderly ladies gaze to fix on him.,but only she..that girl was missing..Ah..Whats her name..Radhika..!!.His dark orbs behind the shades went a quick,safe leisured glance while his lips smiled acknowledging their praises..

As though receiving his anger signals,his foot marched swift towards the gate,but halted listening a voice..

“Neil…your number please”,his fingers turned into fist..Its her voice..hers…Where the hell was she? and why the hell he gets disturbed? Damn..She isn’t that worthy to annoy Arjun Mehra..!!..

“Hey..Where were you?..and here”,he heard Neil giving his number….If he takes a step behind and turn to the corridor he could see her,but No….he wasn’t ready for that..He marched to his car…


“Radhika..See you then..”,Neil smiled…

“Call me Radhi or Radhu…Neil…I wanna ask you something”,she lowered her voice…and on his nod she spoke further,”Tell me about Rohan’s boss? Is he troublesome person?”,her face got a shade of worry…

“He is a good person…No worries..and he is my friend..So, If you feel anything odd do inform me,okay”,Neil smiled politely..

“ are still the same..Polite..cute…and will you be this nice to every girl you meet? or only to me?”,she pouted throwing a doubtful look…

“Not to everyone…My god! then who could save me?”,Neil rolled his eyes…

“Why me then? are you trying to please me..umm..impress me…”,she yelped when he caught hold of her ear..

“I will ask Ankhush to get a guy for you…Pulling my legs”,Neil was cut in when his mobile rang flashing Arjun’s number..

“What the f**k you do there? Am getting late..”,he barked..

“Whats wrong…”,Neil stopped looking Radhika to lean towards him just to hear his talk…Neil laughed a little..

“Ok am coming..”he said.. “Naughty lil one…see ya”,he said to her and Arjun sat fuming listening that..

“Who is she?”,he asked…

“ of Riya’s friend…”,Neil stuttered and drove fast….Arjun already wasn’t in good terms with Ankush for no good reason…So.,Neil thought better not to reveal about her..and why to..Arjun will leave today..

“Her name?”,he asked again…

“Ah..umm..some…”,Neil feigned to be forgetful..

“Leave it…Not so important..”,Arjun turned his face to the other side…

Neil sighed relaxed…

“Arjun…next time bring Sammy,Man..I envy her workaholic nature”,Neil spoke to ease the moment…

“If so.,why don’t you come there..”,Arjun replied sharp..

“Whats wrong?? Rohan’s dad’s speech about you?”,Neil asked…

“May be”,Arjun sagged closing his eyes…the side profile of hers wearing peach color lehanga flashed a second and he sat upright..


2 days later…

“Anki..Its almost good..I guess..see..this way.,we can utilize more space..So have the balcony south faced”,she said as she saved her work again with the last minute changes in his system..

“Superb”,he smiled…

“Now??”,Radhika raised her brow…

Ankush nodded with a tensed breath..”Come down”,he walked hand in hand with her and as they descended his grip moved to her arm..

Dilip saw Ankush dragging Radhika to their hall..”She wants to work with our interiors team,it seems..Dad!! Ask her to leave”,Ankush looked irritated…Looking his dad’s confused face,he continued,”You learnt something in Delhi isn’t..why don’t you work there? Din’t get job I guess?”,he moved to his dad’s back..

“I bagged one..But..why should I work.? Radhika Mishra won’t work for any stranger”,She said arrogant..

“Shut up!! why won’t you work? because you can’t…Listen..don’t interfere in constructions anymore…You can never be a part of are good fo…”

“Daddd..!!!.”,Ankush called in a raised voice.,but wondered what to say when Dilip saw him..

“Ah..umm..What will people say if she works somewhere?”,he asked..

“I don’t care! Let her work for someone..I hope at least then she will learn some manners and responsibilities..”,Dilip moved annoyed..

Mala came and gave a smack on Ankush’s back..”You din’t get any other made her to listen all this”,she moved to Radhika who stood in tears..

Before Mala could hug,Radhika saw them with a smile..”Anki.,Mission success”,she masked her tears…

“So.,the tears was a part of plan..”,Mala gave a playful slap on her cheek.,and Radhika smiled before running to her room…

She stood looking the packed bags.. Her fingers caressed their family picture hung on the wall,and she got the image of Ankush on its frame..Ankhush stood leaning on the wall,smiling with folded arms..

“Bhai”,she rushed with tears… Ankush caressed her hair gently…

“Radhi…don’t cry..My sister is born to rock..not to cry..what will Anki do now if his chota bheem cries”,he spoke like a kid and she giggled through tears..

“Lucky Anki will eat all pooris and aloo parthas without a competitor”,she smiled..

“Argh….Food….You will travel with these thoughts..Now I got it.,why I get frequent stomach upset..seems being in Delhi.,you curse me for having your share too”,Ankhush nodded thoughtful..

After a sec,they giggled like kids with tears…

“ careful with Arjun…Don’t speak anything harsh..Call me at any hour of need…Daily twice you should call me..No excuses for that… well..”,Ankush repeated the same as they drove to Airport..

Dilip watched the car to leave their compound.,”Stubborn..Arrogance..”,he gritted his teeth..

“Just like you”,Mala said from behind…

“Can’t I scold her as a father..Don’t I have those rights.? You din’t see how she spoke with elders that day?”,he was cut in

“It happened 2 years back..still you scold her..Is that correct?..She comes once in a while and you still hold the grudge..”

“She din’t even apologize..Why can’t she ask sorry to me..Am I a third person?”,Dilip looked her pic on the wall.. “Too Stubborn…you are…But Mala…you see..she will definitely prove me wrong..wonder.,with what plans she is going”,Dilip said with a smile..

Mala saw him annoyed..”She cried you know..I won’t make any of your favorite dish until my daughter comes back”,Mala went downstairs…

Dilip stood with his gaze fixed on their family portrait…”Stay safe My child”..he said with a faint smile..


He sat annoyed inside his car in that lonely road…Its been two days and still his mind is haunted with her image..her standing figure on that table looking somewhere above,with hopeful eyes… Was that hope her eyes exhibited or his exaggeration??

“Where are you bhai?”,Sam asked when he attended her call…

He looked around..who knows..he drove aimlessly to the outskirts..”Am coming,Maira”,he hung the call..

Is he that stupid to roam with a girl’s thought for two days?.. that too a random girl??….Highly ridiculous….He never like girls….Thats the reason…The atmosphere he was in,where he saw girls to have dates with numerous guys,never let him to have a positive approach about love and any relationship that involves a girl…He has seen his friends making fun on Neil for not dating girls.,well Neil is work-centric unlike him..but none dares to make fun on him…its not like he not only hates to move with girls.,he simply had no interest on any girl…

He laughed himself recalling Akilesh’s words about them 3 days back..

“How man!! Tell me!! Do you have any problem in that issue?or prefer something else?”,he asked to Neil..while Neil sat with extreme displeasure…

“Is there another topic on earth?”,Arjun raised his inebriated voice…

“No..Tell come you don’t get aroused looking a glam chick before you..I mean..those curves..”,Akhilesh was cut in..

“Just think.,she beds with other man,who had the same feel like won’t be..”,Arjun took another shot..

“And you?”,Akhilesh looked Neil…

“I am not interested..”,Neil shook his shoulders…

“Useless guys..What you did in London”,Akhilesh asked…

“Studies..Games..Fun…”,Neil gulped a shot..

“What fun?..I will take you somewhere,where you will see the paradise down on earth…”,he said with dreamy eyes…

Arjun and Neil saw each other and laughed…”No use”,Arjun twisted his lips…

“Why..Neil..are you..a Gay!!..”,Akhilesh asked but before he could finish Arjun slipped from the couch laughing…he wiped his tears and gulped the contents of another bottle…

“Why you ask me alone..Ask him”,Neil gestured towards Arjun…

Arjun with half of the bottle stuffed inside his mouth rolled his eyes to Akhilesh…

“Ask him..After his reply..I will say mine”,Neil promised on that wooden table…

Other friends and the helper looked Akhilesh with curiosity…

“Neil…Where is my Pistol”,Arjun sing sang and snapped his fingers for next shot..

Akhilesh looked around helplessly…”Arjun…”

“Yes…My dear..lovely…clever…manly friend”,Arjun said with tipsy voice.. and Neil giggled…”Manly..Man..!!..Dishyoom..”

“Arjun..Good night”.,he got up…

“What about that question…I want a answer”,Neil drummed the table…

Arjun got up laughing…”Good night Akhi..May god bless you with more manliness”,Neil spat his drink listening Arjun…

He now laughed thinking those..He stopped his car abruptly when a small girl ran across the road…He saw someone lying on the other side of the road…

Before he could reach the place.,the victim was taken away to hospital..It was an accident…he saw a girl to argue with a guy…And the guy being in his drunken state looked her inappropriately…He seemed to be a wealthy one..Its was clear,there won’t be any case filed…

“ come you can be this lenient with criminals…”,she asked..

“Madam ji…let the victim himself complaint…Sir says.,that fellow was in a drunken lets see..”, a officer over there said..

He was now sure,the guy will definitely attack the girl.,Arjun saw the guy to leer on that girl..,he took a step forward..,and before the guy could touch the girl..,he gave one hard blow on his face….She staggered when she stepped back and felt something to support her back….like a rod..No.. a arm like in a defense to support her from falling back..
She could see someone to stand behind her.,she turned a little and raised her head to see the person.,her eyes failed to widen itself in shock and surprise and Arjun averted his gaze to her just then..A smirk crept on his face…

She saw the officer like guy to look them shocked..She snapped her look back to Arjun….he gently withdrew his arm,and supported her back with his open palm.,he saw her eyes to roll in uneasiness,his fingers clutched her waist a little and she looked him back…

“what the f*ck..who the hell man”,the fellow scowled wiping his blood..

“Arjun..Arjun Mehra!”,he said with a smile,looking her face….


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      Aasthaaaaaaaaaaa…….finally…..Am replying…girl…I so loved your comment and I read many times…love you loads my friend….Mama bear hugs!! Aww…..AAja…Glad you enjoyed dear..yaar…yes…typical dramebazz…maa blackmails with food…cant she do something big….

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      Anaaaa….Thanks a lot ….kyun dear..just 20 days…laptop prob tha,,thats why…sweet mistake I already i was able to post..will try to be regular in this too dear…gay…thanks for pointing those dear… it…hide and seek hehe..hereafter she can’t ..isn’t πŸ˜‰ zordar..wah..chap 2 got its credit i would say…thank you thank you…my dear lil siissy…love you tons…muahhh….bye….

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