Manmarziyan…A Saga (Character Sketch)


Manmarziyan…A Saga (character sketch)
Hi friends…hope you like my plot…this is my first story…I have never written stories before, so it will take some time to develop it into a nice one…please comment whatever you think, like or dislike about this story…enough of my talk lets continue with the story.
Happy reading 

Character sketch of all main characters:-
Radhika Mishra :- A very hardworking, and intelligent but soft spoken girl who always cares for others happiness before hers. She wants to become an author but decides to become a doctor to fulfil her parent’s dreams. Has an elder brother and is ready to sacrifice anything for him, she is his world…his essence…his chashni.
Neil Mishra :- A very nice caring brother who is ready to fight against the whole world for his sister…loves to tease and play pranks on her. Has completed his engineering and MBA and now works in a successful MNC…but is not happy or satisfied …earns a lot of money…dreams of starting his own company someday.
Arjun Khanna (Mishra later):- A young, hardworking and determined doctor, totally immersed in his work. Medicine is his profession and passion. He is very ambitious and has a sense of air around him.Considers a doctors job as any other job fails to notice his jobs speciality. Is business minded wants to run a successful hospital…has secret ambition which he never discloses to anyone…wants to climb the ladder of success soon. A very serious person focused on his goals
Samaira Khanna:- Fondly called as sam by everyone. A very fun loving type of girl who loves to enjoy her life. Always decides everything by using her heart not her brain…tries to convince her brother not to overstress himself but in vain…loves him dearly. Takes one step at a time…Wants to pursue a career in media and mass communication. Is very creative and good in art and language…but for now she has no plans just to enjoy her life…

Credit to: Divya

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  1. intersting yaar…….arjun ,radhika doctor mmmmmmmm update soon…

  2. quite interesting and nice …..continue yaar

  3. waiting 4 the story. Very nice character sketch.

  4. Thank you soo much for your comments they really matter to me!

  5. Looking forward to u …………all the best……;-)

  6. Wow divya superb yaar, ardhika doctors, its very interesting pls update soon dear…

  7. Awesome, waiting for the story. 🙂

  8. Nice intro dr

  9. Awesome, marvellous intro….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the first episode, love you loads

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