Manmarziyan…A Saga( chapter 19)

Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 19
Hi friends nice to see you back again, I missed you people so much and regret the time I stayed away, I had injured my finger by mistake and so only was not able to type for some time and after that I had some classes and I just could not write…I am really very sorry but I would like to compensate for the lost time by posting a long update, so come on lets continue with the story, Happy reading.
Sam was very happy, she had completed a mega project and had got a big lump sum of amount, she wanted to celebrate her success , it was the first time that she had completed a mega project on her own…
Alone…Aarthi and sam had together celebrated many success but now it was only sam, she felt very bad thinking about the betrayal Aarthi had done to her, sam still wanted to go and speak to aarthi and ask her why she had done that to her, but couldn’t summon up enough courage for it.
Neil knew what was bothering sam, she was a very friendly person, and the thing that had backstabbed her had come in the relationship she believed the most…friendship.
He decided to organise a party to celebrate sam’s success, he decided it would be a private affair with only the 4 of them. Radz, sam, Arjun and neil…he wanted to make the evening special for sam, he knew in his heart that she too loved him but was afraid to express her feelings so he decided to take the first step that he would express his feelings for her tonight.
He invited Radhika and Arjun as well as sam, and to sam he told her that it was just a small party organised for radhika. He wanted to surprise her. Meanwhile Radhika and Arjun were planning for the evening party…
Neil was scratching his head not knowing what to buy for Sam, he had gone to the shop but didn’t know what to buy for her, everything seemed way too normal and finally a old modal flip alarm clock which was made up of brass, caught his attention, he knew about sam she never woke up on time, this gift would be useful to her he thought and he bought it. He also got a diamond ring and a big size teddy bear almost as big as sam and he purchased it for sam, but he forgot the most important thing , Rose … rose.
Radhika got ready to attend the party she had carried her dress and accessories to the hospital she knew she had to go to the resort directly from hospital, and on the way she planned to get a gift for sam… Arjun had already got a gift for sam because last time he had forgot to get sam a gift for her birthday and she had got mad…well almost.
Radhika got ready she wore a simple yet elegant pink floral anarkali chudidhar with golden ear rings and completed her look with a fishtail plait. She went to a shop and hurridly got a gift for sam, she knew what sam would like and got the perfect gift for her.
Sam meanwhile had already got a gift from an antique shop for Radhika she knew she liked antiques and anything which had a history behind it, she got ready and wore a blue high neck designer suit.
Arjun wore black pants and a well fitting white shirt with a blue coat while Neil wore a light pink coat which Radhika had gifted him with matching trousers and a pair of designer shoes.
Neil was the first one to arrive and he made sure that the venue was perfectly decorated with red and white flowers and red was the colour that dominated the day…
Arjun arrive next and got very happy seeing how much Neil had planned for his sister which sometimes in his work he had failed to do.
Radhika arrived next and they unwrapped the big teddy bear and made it hold the gift with both hands it also had a recorded message “CONGRATULATIONS ”in it which would automatically switch on when someone bumped on it they arranged the teddy at the entrance and switched off the lights as soon as the heard the noise of sams car.
After two minutes sam arrived inside and was shocked to see the darkness and then she bumped into the teddy and was shocked to hear “ CONGRATULATIONS SAM” which the cute teddy was repeating again and again. Then Radhika and Arjun started lighting the candles which were mounted on the walls of the room and then Neil cam holding a red rose and a ring in the other hand and came near her and whispered “ I love you, sam.”
Sam was totally shocked she had never expected all this would be done for her and now here was her love expressing his feelings for her she was shell shocked even to respond and slowly went near him and hugged him and whispered “ I love you too Neil.” And the Radhika came and broke their hug…”come one give me a hug too” Arjun too joined them and the party began.
The waiter brought in a three tier cake on it the words congratulations were written and then sam started cutting the cake and marked a new beginning. And then one by one radz, Neil and Arjun gave their gift to radhika and sam gave the gift that she had brought for radhika thinking it was her party. Sam opened the gifts one by one and was shocked to find that all three were the same old style brass alarm clock which she had got for Radhika too and when Radhika opened her gift she found the fourth version of the clock.
All of them were pleasantly surprised and exchanged the gift each taking one one clock and made a promise that they would cherish this evening and their friendship along with the clock for their whole life….

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